NBA clips with steal

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Buddy Hield drains the three, steals the inbound and drains a corner three to bri… Sun 26th Mar 2017 6:04pm 10,818
Steph Curry steals the ball and hits the DEEP three with no hesitation whatsoever Wed 3rd Feb 2016 8:32pm 5,609
Paul George hits a clutch 3 then steals the ball from SGA and throws down a rever… Wed 17th Jan 2024 12:32am 5,587
Steph Curry steals the ball, lobs it up to James Harden who throws it down. Sun 15th Feb 2015 8:57pm 4,529
Tied game. Lebron hacks Lopez in front of two refs. They call a clean steal with … Sun 29th Nov 2015 8:47am 4,193
Spurs takes a 1 point lead with 1 second left Unbelievable sequence with Wemby re… Wed 1st Nov 2023 12:36am 4,038
Draymond with the steal of the year Wed 2nd Mar 2016 12:43am 3,112
Wade steals the ball from Rubio, hits the half-court buzzer beater Thu 5th Nov 2015 9:10pm 2,911
T.J. McConnell gets the steal and takes a seat to watch his team score Fri 17th Mar 2017 8:51pm 2,874
Klay Thompson steals Steph Currys ball during his pregame ritual Thu 12th Jan 2017 10:50pm 2,490
TJ McConnell beats the Magic with a jumper and game-winning steal! Thu 9th Feb 2017 9:40pm 2,466
LeBron's flop attempt on Curry's steal gets the "Shooting Stars treatement" Fri 9th Jun 2017 12:45am 2,114
Giannis gets the steal and throws down the massive windmill dunk Fri 24th Mar 2017 8:37pm 1,931
LeBron James gets back-to-back steals that lead to fastbreak dunks. Fri 4th Mar 2016 8:58pm 1,879
Game saving steal by Draymond Green Tue 13th Dec 2016 10:27pm 1,864
Stephen Curry with the steal and the jam! Tue 29th Mar 2016 11:20pm 1,750
Dellavedova hits a 3, makes a steal and hits another three Tue 12th Jan 2016 9:34pm 1,698
Kawhi "The Claw" Leonard steals the ball from Curry and takes it to the other side Sun 5th Apr 2015 8:37pm 1,658
Kahwi steals it from Curry and slams it down Wed 26th Oct 2016 12:17am 1,631
DeAndre Jordan gets the steal during warmups and throws the ball into the jumbotr… Wed 8th Feb 2017 8:04pm 1,622
Curry misses the steal, Lebron throws down Sun 19th Jun 2016 8:27pm 1,553
Isaiah Thomas sends it over to Avery Bradley for a three, then Boston gets a stea… Sun 16th Apr 2017 6:51pm 1,549
Nerlens Noel steals the ball and matadors Dragic to get the slam Sat 21st Nov 2015 8:16pm 1,543
Draymond Green's face when he sees KD had 5 blocks and 3 steals tonight Mon 5th Jun 2017 3:04am 1,509
Lebron steals the ball and runs a fast break.... but no one follows. Tue 27th Oct 2015 9:24pm 1,495
Curry steal and DEEP buzzer beater to end the 3rd quarter. Wed 11th Nov 2015 10:57pm 1,458
Lowry gets the steal, throws it up to DeRozan behind him for the vicious one hand… Fri 13th Nov 2015 9:24pm 1,445
Gallo steals the ball from Steph on the perimeter to seal the game! Wed 13th Jan 2016 11:24pm 1,435
Tony Allen gets the steal, dunk, and proclaims himself First Team All Defense Wed 6th May 2015 1:02am 1,433
Wemby gets the steal then goes behind the back for the and-one slam Thu 4th Jan 2024 8:53pm 1,347
Nerlens Noel gets the steal and leads the fast break Mon 2nd Nov 2015 7:33pm 1,316
s All the last few possessions in the game tonight between the GSW and the Denver… Fri 5th Jan 2024 1:10am 1,281
Noah Eagle steals the show from dad Ian Fri 1st Dec 2023 8:29am 1,277
Evan Turner gets the steal and throws down a 360 dunk Wed 9th Dec 2015 7:44pm 1,025
Steph Curry steals the inbound pass and drills a three! Sun 14th May 2017 4:31pm 1,008
The Klaw strikes: Kawhi with the clutch steal and slam Sat 4th Mar 2017 12:01am 955
Curry steals and throws the football pass to Iguodala for the fancy finish! Sat 25th Mar 2017 12:17am 921
D'angelo steals the ball leading to a 4-point play by Nick Young Sun 6th Nov 2016 11:46pm 917
Kawhi Leonard steals the ball from teammate Pau Gasol Thu 5th Jan 2017 10:41pm 900
Middleton with the steal and monster jam Tue 6th Oct 2015 8:51pm 859
Joel Embiid gets the steal and takes it the length of the floor to get to 70 on t… Mon 22nd Jan 2024 9:30pm 845
Jalen Suggs steals the ball and lobs it to Cole Anthony and steals the D-Wade cel… Wed 29th Nov 2023 9:13pm 825
Kyrie with the steal and fastbreak alley-oop to Kevin Love Wed 21st Jan 2015 8:48pm 822
JR makes the steal and alley oops it off the glass for Lebron Wed 27th Jan 2016 8:32pm 797
D Wade seals the game with a steal and layup Tue 3rd May 2016 11:05pm 796
MCW puts an exclamation mark on the Bucks win with the steal and the slam Sat 12th Dec 2015 10:47pm 784
Kawhi steals the ball and Patty Mills finishes it. Thu 23rd Mar 2017 11:47pm 784
Jayson Tatum drains the triple to hit 43 points for the game in overtime vs the T… Wed 10th Jan 2024 9:40pm 783
Dion Waiters steals it and goes up the other end Wed 18th Nov 2015 8:35pm 770
Vince Carter hits buzzer beating three off inbounds steal to end third vs. Jazz Sun 8th Jan 2017 9:46pm 770
Donovan Mitchell steals the ball and then performs a behind the back pass to Dant… Wed 5th Jul 2017 10:20pm 764
Jaylen Brown steals the ball and finishes the sick alley oop lay up Mon 15th May 2017 9:52pm 760
Gordon Hayward steals the ball from Kobe, goes behind Clarkson's back, then feeds… Wed 7th Oct 2015 1:36am 731
LeBron gets the steal and poses as the Jumpman Fri 1st Apr 2016 11:54pm 728
Lebron with the easy steal and casual windmill dunk Thu 1st Dec 2016 9:10pm 725
Steph Curry gets some soda on him after he comes up with a steal and bucket he sm… Sun 15th Mar 2015 12:11am 703
JR Smith's steal on the inbound leads to a Lebron James alley oop Thu 5th Feb 2015 9:07pm 676
RJ Snapchat Dahntay Jones steals a Toronto Raptors playoff shirt Fri 5th May 2017 12:01pm 672
Patty Mills with a tenacious steal and save then sprints downcourt to finish the … Fri 27th Nov 2015 11:12pm 638
x-post Shawn Marion ends his last regular season game with a game-winning steal a… Wed 15th Apr 2015 10:54pm 607
Steph Curry throws the 360 behind-the-back pass to Moses Moody for the 1-handed J… Sun 17th Dec 2023 10:06pm 605
Terrance Ross with the huge steal and windmill dunk! Sportsnet NBA Fri 6th Mar 2015 8:36pm 592
Kyle Korver gets the steal, runs the break, and dishes it behind his back. Sun 11th Jan 2015 4:42pm 573
Obi-Wan Ginobili steals the ball and finishes with a yam to re-establish the 20 p… Sat 28th Nov 2015 10:25pm 561
Giannis steals it from Harden and throws down a powerful jam Sun 19th Feb 2017 8:36pm 553
Reggie steals it from Jimmy Butler and no look passes it to Drummond for the dunk. Tue 6th Dec 2016 8:34pm 540
Fox with a ridiculous transition steal Thu 16th Nov 2023 4:34am 526
Loud OG chants in the Garden as Anunoby checks out of blowout win over Denver wit… Thu 25th Jan 2024 9:37pm 521
Naz Reid tallies 10 points a rebound and a stealin 78 seconds Fri 19th Jan 2024 2:26pm 513
Steve Clifford shouts to Kemba Walker where to stand on defense, leads to Hornets… Sat 26th Mar 2016 9:18am 513
AD steals Lebron's pass and throws down a clutch dunk Sat 5th Dec 2015 12:05am 508
Curry with the steal, behind the back move &amp the finish Mon 25th Jan 2016 10:48pm 502
Sam Dekker gets a block, steal &amp layup in less than 5 seconds Credit to /u/blu… Tue 29th Nov 2016 10:44am 479
Marcus Smart gets the clutch bucket and steal on back to back possessions late in… Mon 20th Mar 2017 10:03pm 475
Terrence Ross steal and 360 SLAM. Mon 27th Mar 2017 9:45pm 475
Embiid steals the ball, runs the floor then slams it! - CSN Tue 27th Dec 2016 12:44am 470
Draymond with the clutch steal Sat 19th Nov 2016 11:13pm 468
Jaylen Brown with the block, steal, and fastbreak eurostep Sat 15th Oct 2016 10:01pm 467
Lebron steals the inbound Tue 9th Jun 2015 11:36pm 437
Paolo Banchero with the steal and poster over Jalen Smith Sun 19th Nov 2023 6:03pm 425
Terry Rozier gets the steal, goes coast to coast, and throws down the hammer Wed 26th Apr 2017 9:20pm 423
Love steals Ginobli's rebound and gives it to TT for the easy dunk then blocks Gi… Sat 30th Jan 2016 9:49pm 420
Iggy gets a steal and then threads the needle to a cutting Curry Sun 6th Dec 2015 6:38pm 414
Anthony Edwards steals the inbound and dunks it Bally missed the basket on the br… Mon 20th Nov 2023 10:20pm 411
Someone steals Dejan Milojevics tribute shirt Thu 25th Jan 2024 12:56am 409
Jae Crowder with a big three and maybe even bigger steal, then Avery Bradley with… Sat 28th Feb 2015 1:20pm 396
Curry steals the ball from Lebron, runs down the court and drains a step back thr… Thu 2nd Jun 2016 11:31pm 396
Ariza keeps Game 1 alive for the Rockets with a steal and a 3 Tue 19th May 2015 11:34pm 386
Andrew Wiggins steals it and takes off from the dotted line! Sun 15th Nov 2015 3:55pm 384
Caris LeVert grabs the steal then throws it down in transition Tue 14th Mar 2017 8:38pm 384
Jaylen Brown gets the steal and throws down a transition dunk Sat 8th Oct 2016 4:36pm 383
Bradley Beal fucks, steals and kills Tue 24th Jan 2017 9:41pm 380
Avery Bradley hits the step back 3, gets the steal, and finds Crowder for the tra… Sun 30th Apr 2017 3:30pm 379
Winslow steals the ball from Johnson and throws it DOWN Tue 22nd Dec 2015 9:09pm 370
Manu Ginobili with the clutch dunk, Spurs get steal off a trap! - ABC Sun 14th May 2017 6:09pm 365
Klay stealing Zaza's celebration in the Warrior's Snap Story Tue 13th Jun 2017 11:36am 357
Gradey gets the steal pulls off a 360 spin pass to RJ Barrett who slams it down a… Wed 17th Jan 2024 8:10pm 353
Lebron gambles on a steal, misses, but ends up down the court for a reverse slam … Wed 8th Apr 2015 9:26pm 341
NBA A look at Keldon Johnson's game-winning steal and layup through the eyes of P… Wed 1st Nov 2023 1:10am 339
Monk with the steal and 3 with under a minute left Followed by the very next poss… Wed 29th Nov 2023 1:44am 337
Kyrie makes the steal and drops it off to the trailing Lebron for the transition … Sun 13th Mar 2016 4:48pm 335
Jose 'Grand Theft' Alvarado comes from behind and strips LeBron James for the thi… Sun 31st Dec 2023 9:05pm 334
Lebron with the steal and slam Thu 31st Mar 2016 8:09pm 316
Butler steals the ball, takes alot of steps Tue 21st Mar 2017 9:44pm 299
Wemby get a steal and score Sun 7th Jan 2024 2:35pm 298
Harden and Ariza hug it out after Harden steals Ariza's transition bucket Fri 27th Mar 2015 10:43pm 296
Steph Curry with the impressive steal and save that leads to a Warriors dunk Wed 5th Apr 2017 12:18am 293
Bron gets the steal and the slam Thu 25th May 2017 8:51pm 290
Lebron with a steal and finish Tue 26th May 2015 8:37pm 288
Rudy Gobert gets the steal, runs the court, then throws a behind the back pass to… Mon 30th Mar 2015 9:56pm 283
Uncle P gets the steal, then the offensive rebound and drains the 3 Sun 27th Nov 2016 10:39pm 283
Russell Westbrook gets the steal and suprisingly chooses to dunk Fri 8th Jan 2016 11:01pm 282
Lebron with a steal and a windmill Thu 23rd Apr 2015 8:44pm 278
Draymond Green's 10th steal of the night Fri 10th Feb 2017 10:46pm 276
Naz Reid steal spin and then NAW lobs it off the glass to Ant for the slam Wed 8th Nov 2023 9:39pm 268
A late whistle ruins the Spurs' clutch steal Sun 29th Jan 2017 9:25pm 266
Mcroberts returns the favor: His steal triggers a Justise Winslow fastbreak slam Sun 8th Nov 2015 8:05pm 261
LeBron with the steal and RAISES THE ROOF Tue 12th Jan 2016 9:05pm 260
Jokic steals the ball from Ingram runs the break and throws the alley-oop to Mich… Tue 7th Nov 2023 1:34am 255
A sexy smooth steal by Mike Conley Fri 22nd Dec 2023 12:00pm 254
Hey can I steal you for a solo pic that I can send my mom - Jarrett Allen as the … Wed 10th Jan 2024 5:29pm 253
Andrew Wiggins with the steal and the and-one dunk to tie the game Tue 24th Nov 2015 12:11am 250
Nene with the steal followed by the eurostep against OKC Sun 26th Mar 2017 4:12pm 248
Manu Ginobili steals it then finishes through contact and lays it up with the rig… Sun 14th May 2017 4:20pm 246
Delly races down court after the steal and Mozgov with the one hand jam Mon 25th Jan 2016 8:46pm 245
Wes Johnson steals the ball from Harden and goes for the and 1 Thu 20th Nov 2014 12:02am 241
Galloway steals the ball and Derrick Williams throws it down Wed 13th Jan 2016 8:14pm 240
FURKSANITY Furkan Korkmaz with the steal amp the and one off an Embiid pass Thu 2nd Nov 2023 8:58pm 237
Lebron gets the steal and crazy fingerroll Sat 19th Mar 2016 7:59pm 234
Dame hits deep 3, then Harkless steals the inbound and slams it down Wed 14th Dec 2016 12:20am 221
ANT with the steal then throws it down Sat 4th Nov 2023 10:21pm 208
Ausar Thompson steals the ball from Lavine and then lobs it to Jalen Duren Sat 28th Oct 2023 9:36pm 205
Mama there goes that man Ant with the steal and dunk to help put away the Kings l… Sun 24th Dec 2023 12:27am 204
Chris Paul comes up with a ridiculous steal Fri 23rd Dec 2016 12:02am 202
Westbrook flies in for the steal, and throws it down! Sun 8th Nov 2015 7:25pm 191
Sam Merrill gets the steal and pulls up for a ridiculous transition three Mon 5th Feb 2024 8:00pm 188
Beverley steals it from Westbrook for the breakaway dunk Sun 16th Apr 2017 9:58pm 188
Alvarado sneaks up on LeBron yet again for his 5th steal and BI converts on the t… Sun 31st Dec 2023 9:08pm 187
Timberwolves miss multiple chances to steal the inbounds pass while down 1 Wed 11th Feb 2015 10:27pm 185
Curry steals the ball and drills the triple - ABC Thu 4th Jun 2015 10:05pm 184
Jonathan Kuminga muscles through Jalen Johnson for the finish then gets the steal… Thu 25th Jan 2024 12:07am 183
Jae Crowder gets the steal and Terry Rozier throws down the transition dunk Fri 21st Apr 2017 9:19pm 183
Derrick Jones Jr couldn't believe Luka had 4 steals and 3 blocks on a 50 pts15 as… Wed 27th Dec 2023 1:04am 182
Hezonja with the steal and the one-handed slam. Tue 13th Oct 2015 9:24pm 181
Julius Randle with the steal, Lou Will with the 3 Sat 5th Nov 2016 12:45am 181
Zion steal from Javale to monster dunk Mon 20th Nov 2023 10:01pm 180
KAT steal + dunk gives Minnesota their largest lead of the game - ESPN Tue 13th Dec 2016 9:56pm 178
Austin Reaves steals the inbounds and gets the and-1 as he extends the Lakers run… Wed 14th Feb 2024 10:48pm 175
Tyus Jones gets the steal, hustles down the court between two Celtics and hits th… Mon 22nd Feb 2016 11:24pm 174
Ginobili with the steal and deep buzzer beater 3 Fri 2nd Dec 2016 9:44pm 174
Talen Horton-Tucker A DNP in his last 8 games steals the ball down 30 with 6 seco… Tue 23rd Jan 2024 10:19pm 171
James Harden steals the ball and hits the 3 giving him 17 points in the first qua… Wed 29th Nov 2023 11:13pm 167
Russell Westbrook with the incredible clutch steal in crunch time Fri 3rd Feb 2017 10:43pm 167
TJ McConnell steal to Buddy Hield slam Mon 4th Dec 2023 9:25pm 164
Wagner's steal seals the game for the Magic to win their 5th game in a row Wed 22nd Nov 2023 9:37pm 163
Dwyane Wade steals the inbound pass and scores to put the Bulls up by 4 points wi… Tue 7th Feb 2017 12:59am 159
Kent Bazemore steals an inbound pass and converts a layup on the other end! - NBA… Sun 9th Apr 2017 6:25pm 157
Zion steal on Luka to dunk Tue 14th Nov 2023 8:23pm 155
Wade throws a lazy inbound, Lebron steals and throws the outlet to TT on the fast… Thu 2nd Apr 2015 8:58pm 153
Luke Kornet finishes 2 alley-oops blocks 2 shots and gets a steal all within a fe… Mon 4th Dec 2023 8:23pm 151
Raptors overpassing leads to a steal and open dunk by Tobias Harris Thu 2nd Nov 2023 9:19pm 150
Marcus Smart comes up with the clutch steal from Bradley Beal Sun 7th Jan 2024 10:39pm 150
Alex Caruso steals in the inbound and finds Patrick Williams for the slam to put … Thu 30th Nov 2023 10:45pm 149
Jalen Johnson goes behind the back and slams it over Giddey in transition after t… Wed 3rd Jan 2024 8:30pm 147
David Lee with the steal and the slam Mon 21st Nov 2016 10:09pm 141
The Celtics play an entire defensive possession with Jrue Holiday at center in a … Sun 7th Jan 2024 5:10pm 140
Rajon Rondo hustle steal leads to Mcdermott Dunk. Fri 3rd Feb 2017 10:14pm 140
Marcus Smart with the huge stealand one finish in OT Tue 26th Dec 2023 11:40pm 139
Lebron steals the ball and outruns the Magic for the slam Fri 18th Mar 2016 8:53pm 139
Ian Clark steals the ball and Durant drills the 3 on transition Thu 1st Jun 2017 11:24pm 139
Marcus Smart with the clutch steal from Jimmy Buter late in the 4th Thu 16th Feb 2017 10:18pm 138
Rudy Gobert steals the pass and takes it himself for the dunk Sun 4th Feb 2024 9:06pm 137
Lebron steals the ball from Curry and then makes a bullet pass to assist Kevin Lo… Thu 2nd Jun 2016 10:48pm 137
Joe Ingles with the steal and long-range assist while sitting on the floor. Wed 21st Dec 2016 10:12pm 137
Doug McDermott with the steal and huge dunk (credit MarcusD) Thu 14th Jan 2016 10:08pm 136
Jae'sean Tate steals the inbound to secure the victory against the Nuggets giving… Sun 12th Nov 2023 9:23pm 134
Last few plays, Ingram dunk and Lou William steal Sat 5th Nov 2016 1:04am 134
Jaden McDaniels with the steal and slam Tue 13th Feb 2024 12:14am 132
The Manimal punishes an Elf for stealing the ball back! Tue 8th Dec 2015 10:29pm 132
SGA gets the game winning steal Tue 23rd Jan 2024 10:25pm 131
Unbelievable sequence by Herb Jones - gets the block tosses the insane behind the… Tue 23rd Jan 2024 9:34pm 129
Ricky Rubio anticipated for Westbrook's pass for steal 2 seconds before it happen… Fri 13th Jan 2017 11:36pm 128
The reigning dunk champ shows off his skills after a steal! Wed 2nd Mar 2016 9:31pm 127
D'Angelo Russell catches Fred VanVleet lacking gets an easy steal and assist Sun 3rd Dec 2023 1:10am 123
Beverley steal and backwards behind the back pass to an open Capela slam. Career … Wed 7th Dec 2016 11:17pm 123
Norman Powell with the steal and the slam! Tue 24th Jan 2017 7:40pm 123
Josh Okogie with a monstrous poster on Jaxson Hayes off a steal with replays Thu 11th Jan 2024 10:46pm 121
Tim Frazier steals the inbound up 1 with 14 seconds left. Mon 14th Nov 2016 10:39pm 120
Kyrie Irving steals it and turns on the jets. Fri 29th Jan 2016 9:51pm 119
Kawhi Leonard steals the ball from Ennis then gets the and-one layup! - ESPN Sat 22nd Apr 2017 10:25pm 119
John Wall steals the ball and soars in for a dunk! Fri 1st Jan 2016 7:47pm 118
Sixers with the steal and the lob on the other end and then another Sixers stop l… Tue 16th Jan 2024 8:47pm 117
Irving's steal and layup Thu 4th Jun 2015 9:30pm 115
Wade steals the ball then lobs it to Winslow on the fastbreak Sun 22nd Nov 2015 12:02am 114
Blazers' Mason Plumlee sets screen for C.J. McCollum's 3, then steals inbound and… Mon 4th Apr 2016 10:46am 112
Curry steals it and Durant throws it down to cap off an 18-0 run! Sun 14th May 2017 5:24pm 112
Spurs get the steal on the inbound but Trae draws an offensive foul from Sochan Thu 30th Nov 2023 10:30pm 111
OG Anunoby grabs his 6th steal of the game and slams it down to reach 26 points a… Thu 25th Jan 2024 9:33pm 111
Enes Kanter gets hacked on the behind the back dunk attempt after the steal and W… Mon 14th Mar 2016 9:55pm 111
Jalen Suggs bursts from backcourt for the steal and off the backboard pass to Pao… Thu 9th Nov 2023 9:58pm 110
Spurs get the steal and have a chance to cut the lead to 4 after trailing by 35 b… Mon 15th Jan 2024 5:44pm 110
Lebron makes the steal and finishes with a thunderous dunk Wed 1st Feb 2017 7:39pm 110
Marcus Smart gets the steal and dishes it to Kelly Olynyk for the jam Fri 3rd Feb 2017 8:48pm 108
Lebron with the steal and the slam Sun 4th Feb 2024 12:20am 107
Michael Carter Williams steal, no look pass to Dwyane Wade who scores. (Credit - … Sat 31st Dec 2016 7:33pm 107
Rookie vs Rookie- Justise Winslow steals the ball and tries to take it by Cauley-… Thu 19th Nov 2015 8:15pm 106
Randle amp Brunson back-to-back high effort plays crashing off reb amp backcourt … Tue 5th Dec 2023 8:40pm 105
Herb Jones drains a 3 Alvarado gets the quick steal on the other end and Herb dra… Sun 31st Dec 2023 7:57pm 105
Avery Bradley steals it from John Wall then slams it down! - TNT Tue 2nd May 2017 10:54pm 105
Patty Mills steals the ball and great ball movement leads to a Kawhi Leonard slam! Tue 31st Jan 2017 10:15pm 102
Jimmy Butler forces the steal then lobs it to Bam Adebayo in transition Wed 7th Feb 2024 10:01pm 101
Oshae Brissett dives for the steal throws it ahead to Jaylen Brown who lobs it up… Fri 5th Jan 2024 7:30pm 100
Deuce McBride with the hounding defense and steal followed by a 3 to put the Knic… Mon 29th Jan 2024 8:59pm 100
Aaron Gordon gets a clutch steal before finishing the alley-oop! Fri 19th Feb 2016 9:37pm 100
Alex Caruso steals the ball from the inbound pass and Patrick Williams jams it Thu 30th Nov 2023 10:49pm 99
Oshae Brissett gets the steal and throws down the windmill to extend the lead to … Wed 14th Feb 2024 9:32pm 99
Lou Williams with the steal and finish! Sat 5th Nov 2016 12:37am 99
Dwyane Wade reaches 21,000 career points with the steal and dunk Wed 25th Jan 2017 8:33pm 99
Pacers rookie Ben Sheppard shows off the hustle by saving the ball from going out… Tue 23rd Jan 2024 9:11pm 98
Yuta Watanabe tops his steal with some SAUCE Sun 29th Oct 2023 10:14pm 97
Jamal Murray gets the steal leading to a MPJ lob and an Aaron Gordon slam Thu 8th Feb 2024 10:42pm 97
Cameron Payne gets the steal and throws it up for KD to slam! Tue 19th Jan 2016 9:53pm 97
Winslow steal leads to a Tyler Johnson dunk Thu 5th Nov 2015 8:40pm 96
Isaiah Thomas lays it up, Terry Rozier gets steal off of inbound then finds the w… Mon 15th May 2017 9:02pm 95
s Ben Simmons with a steal and breakaway dunk Mon 29th Jan 2024 9:48pm 94
All 8 of James Harden's steals against the Jazz Thu 24th Mar 2016 2:25pm 94
Brandon Knight absorbs Willie Green's inbounds pass for the game-clinching steal Wed 4th Mar 2015 9:32pm 93
Jingles get the steal then feeds Rudy for the big dunk Sat 21st Jan 2017 9:38pm 93
Lebron steals a pass, then shows everyone how to thread a needle Fri 8th May 2015 9:36pm 92
Terry Rozier with the steal, the slam, and the lead Mon 21st Nov 2016 11:52pm 90
Fox gets the steal to stop the fast break and then sets up Skal's dunk Fri 7th Jul 2017 11:32pm 90
Manu Ginobili with the steal and easy dunk on the other end Wed 28th Dec 2016 10:16pm 89
Brandin Podiezmski gets the steal on the in-bound and lays it in to cut the lead … Thu 23rd Nov 2023 12:55am 88
Gobert gets the steal and goes coast to coast! Fri 11th Nov 2016 9:56pm 87
Mathurin punches one home after the Sheppard steal Toppin follows it up with an a… Mon 29th Jan 2024 12:32pm 85
Hayward gets the steal and passes it between Wiggins' legs for a Lyles dunk Mon 28th Nov 2016 8:46pm 85
Dillon Brooks turns a steal on James Harden into a layup A couple plays later Dil… Fri 17th Nov 2023 10:56pm 84
Rudy Gobert gets the steal and breakaway dunk Tue 28th Nov 2023 8:24pm 84
Randy Foye steals it, spins round Harden, and hits Will Barton for the alley-oop! Fri 13th Nov 2015 11:22pm 84
Wall steals the ball 7x -- now franchise leader (764) Thu 15th Dec 2016 6:05pm 84
Utah Jazz "Globetrotter" play: Price steals the ball back, followed by two behind… Fri 7th Jul 2017 1:36pm 84
Brook Lopez gets a huge block and Malik gets the steal late in the clutch Wed 8th Nov 2023 10:32pm 83
James Young gets the steal and takes the loose ball coast to coast for the slam Fri 24th Feb 2017 8:47pm 83
Mavericks force the steal leading to the Dirk trailer to grab the lead in the clu… Tue 7th Feb 2017 10:54pm 82
Josh Richardson steal leads to some McStuffin' Tue 10th Nov 2015 9:37pm 81
Lebron is all in: steal, dive, big oop! Thu 9th Jun 2016 12:29am 81
Dion Waiters steals it, goes behind the back, and slams! Mon 23rd Nov 2015 10:14pm 79
Brandon Miller gets the steal and goes coast-to-coast for a one-hand jam Mon 5th Feb 2024 9:34pm 78
Winslow steal Porzingis lunch and go for the fastbreak Fri 27th Nov 2015 11:44pm 78
Russell Westbrook gets the steal and the slam Wed 15th Feb 2017 11:57pm 78
Jimmy Butler gets the steal and the and-1 breakway dunk Sun 8th Feb 2015 8:33pm 77
Mike Scott steals the ball then receives the Alley-Op for the jam. Mon 9th Mar 2015 8:21pm 77
Jordan Clarkson steals the pass and throws it down hard on the other end Thu 29th Dec 2016 11:33pm 77
Naz Reid hits an open 3 Anthony Edwards gets the steal and dunk to continue the o… Wed 8th Nov 2023 9:04pm 76
Lebron steals the ball and slams it home to end the half Mon 1st Feb 2016 8:11pm 76
Terry Rozier with a steal and slam so hard, he falls down Tue 5th Jul 2016 9:48am 76
SGA steals the pass from Curry forcing Warriors' 27th turnover and Holmgren with … Fri 8th Dec 2023 10:40pm 75
Westbrook throws down after the steal! Wed 28th Oct 2015 9:39pm 75
LeBron steals it, splits the defenders and puts a little english on it for the an… Mon 28th Dec 2015 9:43pm 74
Chet Holmgren 45 3PM 4 blocks 2 steals VS Detroit Pistons Tue 31st Oct 2023 2:22am 73
Lebron steals and slams it home plus the foul from Embiid Sat 5th Nov 2016 8:34pm 73
Crazy final sequence as Gordon hits triple and Nuggets keep getting looks but fai… Wed 14th Feb 2024 11:24pm 72
2 replays of Green's steal Tue 13th Dec 2016 10:31pm 72
Lebron steals the ball, runs full court and throws a great mid-air fast ball to K… Sun 9th Apr 2017 4:15pm 72
Jalen Johnson comes up with a clutch steal and hits a huge three to give the Hawk… Wed 10th Jan 2024 10:43pm 71
Scottie Barnes stretches for the steal followed by a no-look assist to RJ Wed 17th Jan 2024 8:34pm 71
Lillard lazy with the handle and Fox gets the easy steal to go up 6 in OT Sun 14th Jan 2024 9:48pm 69
KAT steal to Anthony Edwards throwing it down over Jaylen Brown Wed 10th Jan 2024 8:08pm 67
John Wall steals the ball and delivers a beautiful behind-the-back pass to Bradle… Tue 14th Apr 2015 9:53pm 67
Lowry steals the ball and generously gives his backcourt buddy the easy 2 points Fri 6th Nov 2015 8:45pm 67
Russell Westbrook gets the steal and throws down with a roar! Sat 23rd Apr 2016 9:25pm 67
Horford steals the inbound pass and takes it hard to the rack Wed 26th Apr 2017 10:44pm 67
Bulls clinch the game in OT with 2 steals on ATO possessions from Caruso and Patr… Thu 30th Nov 2023 10:50pm 66
Larry Nance gets the steal and CJ sends it to BI for the huge alley oop slam - BI… Sun 7th Jan 2024 7:02pm 66
Giannis makes the steal and breaks away for the two-hand dunk Tue 20th Dec 2016 9:34pm 66
Smart gets the steal and save which leads to a Boston break Fri 28th Apr 2017 8:52pm 66
Lowlight Dejounte Murray with the Hawks down 3 drives in for the layup after the … Tue 21st Nov 2023 10:11pm 65
Wembanyama covers the paint and 3 pt line and steals this inbound pass replay sho… Thu 30th Nov 2023 8:27pm 65
Rudy Hollywood Gobert steals from Alpren Sengun and goes solo for the slam Sun 4th Feb 2024 9:08pm 65
Steph gets the steal and then drills an insane relocation three Sat 3rd Feb 2024 8:54pm 64
Draymond steals the ball and lobs it to KD for the alley-oop Mon 8th May 2017 10:39pm 64
Cross-court pass to Strus for the layup followed by a diving steal by LeVert and … Sun 5th Nov 2023 8:42pm 63
Russell Westbrook with the steal euro-step and the and-1 in transition Tue 26th Dec 2023 11:15pm 63
Lebron steals the ball and slams it on the other side Fri 20th Feb 2015 8:45pm 63
Dwyane Wade steal, lob with Bobby Portis. (credit to /u/-MarcusD-) Thu 6th Oct 2016 7:54pm 63
Shai with the steal and assist He now has 5 steals 3 blocks and 6 assists in 16 m… Fri 2nd Feb 2024 9:01pm 62
Al Horford gets the steal turns on the jets and throws down a powerful two handed… Wed 7th Feb 2024 8:14pm 62
Draymond with the nice steal on Dellavedova but misses the easy layup Thu 11th Jun 2015 10:38pm 62
Lebron steals, dives, and passes from his back to a streaking Kyrie Wed 3rd Feb 2016 7:20pm 62
In a surprising turn of events, Russell Westbrook dunks after the steal Sun 6th Dec 2015 8:48pm 61
Drummond steals then completes the oop Sat 5th Nov 2016 9:18pm 61
Danny Green's steal leads to a big Kawhi dunk Thu 19th Jan 2017 9:58pm 61
Nene with the steal and the Slam! Tue 7th Feb 2017 9:33pm 61
Zion steals from Sabonis and throws a long pass for a Herbert Keyshawn Jones dunk Mon 20th Nov 2023 9:32pm 60
Jonathon Simmons steals the ball off a sloppy Rockets inbound, which leads to a P… Thu 11th May 2017 8:42pm 60
Curry steal leads to Livingston dunk - CSN Thu 22nd Dec 2016 9:40pm 59
John Wall steals Whiteside's lunch money and drops a dime on the fast break for G… Sat 8th Apr 2017 7:23pm 59
Dejounte grabs a steal and goes for the windmill JAM Wed 1st Nov 2023 10:23pm 57
Ausar fights over two Zubac screens recovers for the steal and Cade amp Duren fin… Sat 10th Feb 2024 4:31pm 57
Kyle Anderson with the steal and the coast to coast layup Sat 11th Jul 2015 6:16pm 57
Donovan Mitchell hits a three and then steals the ball and throws the hammer down Thu 8th Feb 2024 7:58pm 56
Carmelo gets the steal on Lebron and finishes with the Dunk. Sat 4th Feb 2017 10:51pm 56
Wiggins gets the steal, hits the fadeaway after bouncing off LeBron Tue 14th Feb 2017 9:46pm 56
McConnell steals and dimes for a Mathurin finish to give the Pacers a 5-point pos… Sat 9th Dec 2023 10:49pm 55
LeBron buries a LeFuckYou3 then gets the steal and throws up the alley for AD to … Sat 23rd Dec 2023 9:36pm 55
Kyle Singler gets the steal and goes coast to coast! Sun 9th Apr 2017 9:50pm 55
Wemby gets the steal on the pass and then THROWS it down over Lopez Thu 4th Jan 2024 8:53pm 54
Poke-away steal by Jordan McLaughlin leads to a fast-break dunk by Rudy Maladroit… Sat 6th Jan 2024 8:17am 53
Herbert Keyshawn Jones steal a three point shot from Malik Monk Mon 20th Nov 2023 9:46pm 52
The newly turned 39-year old LeBron with a lil jam off the steal on his born day Sat 30th Dec 2023 9:00pm 52
Point Gobert takes it up the court after the steal Mon 29th Jan 2024 8:57pm 52
Marcus Smart showing his strength with a nice steal and drive Mon 22nd Feb 2016 8:37pm 52
John Wall shows off his handles, gets the steal on the other end and finishes the… Sun 26th Feb 2017 5:55pm 52
During the 2nd half of Rockets-Spurs, Harden shot 2/6 with Kawhi (also had a stea… Tue 7th Mar 2017 2:48am 51
Zion gets the steal and Herb Jones FLIES in for the monster jam Thu 22nd Feb 2024 9:08pm 50
LeBron with the steal and the slam Sun 25th Feb 2024 5:31pm 50
Coby White gets the steal and follows with a spectacular finish through contact Mon 26th Feb 2024 12:09am 50
Wade steals the ball and lobs it for Green Fri 8th Jan 2016 11:05pm 50
Giannis steal and near free throw line dunk Sun 1st Jan 2017 7:46am 49
IT gets the steal, keeps it alive, and nails the pull-up three Wed 1st Mar 2017 9:13pm 49
Kawhi gets the steal, passes it ahead to Mills for the fastbreak 3 Wed 29th Mar 2017 10:02pm 49
Timberwolves Asst Coach Micah Nori The Grinch wasnt too interested in Christmas t… Tue 26th Dec 2023 9:27pm 48
Russell Westbrook reads the Bulls offense, comes up with a steal and the And-One Fri 25th Dec 2015 3:50pm 48
Wade gets a steal and slams it in on the other end Mon 30th Nov 2015 9:05pm 47
The K-Love steal leads to the JR and Bron fastbreak Tue 4th Apr 2017 7:34pm 47
Miles McBride gets the steal and punches home a nasty and-one dunk over Maxi Kleb… Thu 8th Feb 2024 9:43pm 46
Donovan Mitchell and Evan Mobley making impactful plays on defense amp offense 1 … Fri 9th Feb 2024 10:20am 46
Dion Waiters steals the ball from Paul Millsap and lays it right in Wed 1st Feb 2017 9:28pm 46
Adebayo gets the steal and goes coast to coast Sun 9th Jul 2017 1:38pm 46
Bucks apply backcourt pressure and get the steal for a Giannis dunk to get the le… Thu 1st Feb 2024 12:32am 45
Plumlee with the steal and reverse jam! Thu 15th Dec 2016 10:06pm 45
Westbrook steals the inbound pass and throws it down Sun 19th Feb 2017 10:28pm 45
Jalen Suggs diving steal feet inbound behind the back pass right to a teammate Thu 9th Nov 2023 10:04pm 44
Amen Thompson gets the steal and makes the clutch three pointer with under 10 sec… Sat 27th Jan 2024 8:33pm 44
Conley steal to NAW behind the back pass to KAT slam Thu 30th Nov 2023 9:44pm 43
Bitadze fumbles the steal leading to a rare Klay dunk Tue 2nd Jan 2024 11:55pm 43
Clippers get the steal then Russell Westbrook sinks a 3 Sun 7th Jan 2024 10:38pm 43
Brandon Ingram's clutch steal to give the Lakers a chance to win Fri 7th Jul 2017 10:52pm 43
Wembanyama steal leads to a Zach Collins no-look-over-the-shoulder dime Mon 27th Nov 2023 12:48pm 42
Jaylen Brown with the steal, and soars for the slam Wed 13th Jul 2016 10:49pm 42
Aaron Holiday hits a corner 3 gets the steal on a Paul George pass then blows by … Fri 17th Nov 2023 11:35pm 41
Anthony Edwards gets the block steal and the And 1 layup Hes up to 16pts Thu 28th Dec 2023 9:00pm 40
Kyrie steal leads to Sengun chasedown block Wed 29th Nov 2023 4:48pm 39
s Michael Porter Jr with a powerful dunk on two Celtics players for the And-One w… Fri 19th Jan 2024 9:05pm 39
Malcolm Delaney gets the steal and throws the 3 quarters court alley opp off the … Mon 27th Feb 2017 9:37pm 39
Roberson steals it and Westbrook finds Oladipo for the Alley-Oop! Wed 19th Apr 2017 9:16pm 39
Dillon Brooks gets his fourth steal in just 12 minutes then Jalen Green gets it t… Wed 1st Nov 2023 8:47pm 38
Spida Mitchell gets the steal and throws the hammer down Sat 3rd Feb 2024 10:19pm 38
Burke gets the steal, Hayward dunks on Sampson Fri 30th Oct 2015 9:36pm 38
Lou Williams with the steal and oop to Nance, WAS crowd go nuts Thu 2nd Feb 2017 8:59pm 38
James steals it from McGee and THROWS it down Wed 7th Jun 2017 9:33pm 38
Dyson Daniels defensive highlights vs Utah Jazz 6 steals 1 block Sun 26th Nov 2023 6:40am 37
Terry Rozier sneaks in for the steal off the inbound and grabs the offensive rebo… Wed 31st Jan 2024 9:48pm 37
For the second time tonight a Jamal Murray steal leads to an Aaron Gordon alley-o… Thu 8th Feb 2024 11:20pm 37
Patrick Beverley steals the ball from Westbrook but gets blocked by Roberson on t… Thu 5th Jan 2017 9:35pm 37
SLO-MO steal leads to a Gobert SLAM Mon 20th Nov 2023 8:51pm 36
Harden's steal leads to a ridiculous and-one by Brewer Mon 30th Mar 2015 9:29pm 36
DeMar DeRozan with a great finish after stealing it from Robin Lopez. Thu 28th Jan 2016 9:36pm 36
Lebron gets the steal, Irving finishes the break and gets hurt Tue 23rd May 2017 10:16pm 36
Jrue with a diving near-steal KP with the block and JB with the layup Fri 17th Nov 2023 9:27pm 35
Bilal Coulibaly gets the steal on Giannis and dunks it on the other end Mon 20th Nov 2023 8:15pm 35
Russell Westbrook steals the ball from D'angelo Russell in the first act of Russe… Sun 7th Jan 2024 10:12pm 35
Amir Coffey with the steal and pours it in the cup for an And-1 Sat 13th Jan 2024 2:43am 35
Waiters steals the ball from Wade, Durant dunks, Wade jumps over someone Thu 3rd Dec 2015 9:20pm 35
Kanter gets the steal and the slam Mon 5th Dec 2016 1:35am 35
Marcus Smart steal in OT and keeps the ball in play Sat 4th Nov 2023 12:41am 34
Mama there goes that man Ant with the steal and dunk to help put away the Kings l… Sun 24th Dec 2023 12:19am 34
Lillard gets the steal off the Ivey pass and then goes down the court for the and… Sat 20th Jan 2024 5:34pm 34
Ennis gets the steal which leads to the Clarkson to Brewer oop Sun 12th Mar 2017 11:35pm 34
Curry fumbles the dribble, Westbrook steals and Reggie Jackson throws it down Fri 16th Jan 2015 9:12pm 33
Exum steals the ball and goes for the dunk Thu 9th Feb 2017 6:22am 33
Blazers get the steal and Sharpe hammers it for the and-1 Tue 9th Jan 2024 8:15pm 32
s Trae Young and Bogdan Bogdanovic are the first two teammates in NBA's history t… Fri 12th Jan 2024 9:57pm 32
Eric Gordon steals a loose pass and goes up for the jam! Wed 18th Nov 2015 8:20pm 32
Delly steals and lobs to Mozgod for the one handed jam Mon 25th Jan 2016 8:46pm 32
Naji Marshall steals from Luka Tue 14th Nov 2023 8:31pm 31
Jalen Williams gets a pair of steals leading to back to back buckets for OKC Thu 18th Jan 2024 9:33pm 31
Dragic steals the ball and Green throws it down Fri 8th Jan 2016 11:15pm 31
KAT steals from Jokic and slams it on a breakaway Wed 1st Nov 2023 8:33pm 30
KAT steals the ball and slams it on the other end Sat 4th Nov 2023 9:08pm 30
Oladipo steals it and throws down the one-handed slam! Fri 18th Dec 2015 8:04pm 30
Russell Westbrook gets the steal and puts down the reverse! Thu 31st Mar 2016 11:09pm 30
Giannis Antetokounmpo deflects the ball off Derrick Rose for the clutch last-minu… Thu 5th Jan 2017 3:39am 30
Kent Bazemore steals the ball to give the Hawks a3 points lead and Paul Millsap d… Sun 9th Apr 2017 6:23pm 30
Wall gets the steal and hits the transition triple Tue 2nd May 2017 9:38pm 30
Donovan Mitchell with the steal and the slam (h/t:utahjazz) Thu 6th Jul 2017 10:24pm 30
Showtime Wolves Nickeil Alexander-Walker steal to Ant Slam Thu 21st Dec 2023 9:39pm 29
Grizzlies get the steal and Jeff Green ties up the game with 1.3 remaining! Mon 25th Jan 2016 10:16pm 29
Kawhi steals it from Steph and slams down the hammer! Wed 26th Oct 2016 12:25am 29
Dan Devine: Pacers-Bucks was tied at 38 mid-2Q. Over 2.5-min span, Indy goes on 1… Fri 7th Apr 2017 12:27am 29
Westbrook steals it and throws down a two-hand Jam! Fri 13th Nov 2015 9:44pm 28
Iguodala steal, K. Thompson layup Fri 26th Feb 2016 12:45am 28
Avery Bradley gets the steal and 3 on the other end to take the lead Tue 2nd May 2017 10:22pm 28
Nerlens Noel jumps the passing lane, steals the ball, drives the floor, and dunks… Wed 29th Mar 2017 9:38pm 27
Trendon Watford steals the pass then splits the Clippers defence to give the Nets… Wed 8th Nov 2023 9:13pm 26
Jabari Smith Jr gets the steal on Lebron then gets the dunk on the other end Sat 2nd Dec 2023 11:18pm 26
Huertas hides behind Spoelstra for the steal Thu 31st Mar 2016 1:08am 26
Blazers get the steal and Sharpe goes high to throw it down on the fast break Wed 6th Dec 2023 10:30pm 25
Markkanen gets the inbounds steal and Clarkson hits the dagger 3 as the Jazz come… Sat 23rd Dec 2023 9:48pm 25
s Terry Rozier III getting a standing ovation in Miami on his debut first points … Wed 24th Jan 2024 11:18pm 25
s Eugene Omoruyi steals the ball 3 times off Nikola Jokic in less than 2 minutes … Thu 22nd Feb 2024 10:54pm 25
James Harden steals the ball and hits the 3 giving him 17 points in the first qua… Wed 29th Nov 2023 11:02pm 24
All of Daniel Gafford's 'The Landlord' 4 steals and 6 blocks vs the Trail Blazers… Fri 22nd Dec 2023 9:13am 24
Westbrook steals it and feeds it to Durant for the slam. Mon 1st Feb 2016 8:50pm 24
CJ McCollum floater to CJ McCollum steal and floater Mon 30th Oct 2023 8:57pm 23
Refs mistakenly call Beal for a foul on Reaves on this steal Sat 11th Nov 2023 12:48am 23
Lillard steals ends in Giannis slam Thu 4th Jan 2024 8:29pm 23
Isaiah Thomas climbs on a ladder to get a steal and two points. Tue 22nd Dec 2015 8:42am 23
Julius Randle steals the ball then slams it! - NBATV Wed 4th Jan 2017 12:10am 23
Kyrie gets the steal and finishes with the crazy AND-1 Wed 8th Feb 2017 8:29pm 23
Jarrett Allen shuts down Haliburton 1-on-1 Hali steals it back Fri 3rd Nov 2023 9:21pm 22
Zion steal from Javale and dunk replay Mon 20th Nov 2023 10:02pm 22
Corey Brewer comes up with the clutch steal and slam to cut the Portland lead to 1 Thu 12th Mar 2015 1:00am 22
Iguodala gets the steal and Draymond takes it all the way for the dunk in crunch … Sun 5th Feb 2017 1:13am 22
Harden pushes it in transition off the steal and hooks a pass to Kawhi who has al… Wed 8th Nov 2023 7:59pm 21
Herbert Keyshawn Jones steals the ball from Kyle Anderson Sat 18th Nov 2023 7:43pm 21
Bucks force jump ball, win tip, and score in last 20 seconds to steal one from th… Mon 7th Dec 2015 10:50pm 21
Andre Roberson steals and slams Mon 25th Apr 2016 10:04pm 21
Herb Jones steals from Trae Young Sat 4th Nov 2023 7:19pm 20
Ross with the steal and slam over Zeller Tue 14th Apr 2015 9:24pm 20
Marcus Smart's hustle steal leads to the Jaylen Brown three pointer Sun 5th Mar 2017 7:16pm 20
Thabo with the steal, Thabo with the triple Wed 22nd Mar 2017 9:47pm 20
Andrew Harrison steals it from Aldridge then eurosteps on the other end plus the … Sat 22nd Apr 2017 8:49pm 20
amp Lowlight Rudy Gobert positions himself for a timely steal and then shaqtinly … Sat 9th Dec 2023 6:40am 19
Jonathon Simmons gets the steal and leads the fast break Mon 25th Jan 2016 11:04pm 19
Great hustle sequence from Pistons vs. Cavs: Bullock rolls his ankle and goes dow… Fri 10th Mar 2017 1:20am 19
An Otto Porter steal leads to a fastbreak layup by Bradley Beal Fri 28th Apr 2017 9:01pm 19
Cavs get a block steal and three pointer at the end of the half Wed 3rd Jan 2024 8:27pm 18
Westbrook again gambled for steal on Gay and left Darren Collison wide open who d… Sun 10th Apr 2016 6:29pm 18
GP2 throws a behind-the-back pass in transition to Jonathan Kuminga for a dunk af… Tue 27th Feb 2024 7:58pm 17
Westbrook with the steal, save, and dish to KD for the transition throwdown Sun 25th Jan 2015 5:00pm 17
Ginobili steals and passes to the outlet while on the floor (Again) Tue 5th Jan 2016 12:52am 17
Julius Randle gets the steal and throws down the reverse jam Fri 16th Dec 2016 9:16pm 17
Anthony Edwards pokeway for a Naz Reid steal -gt Jaden McDaniels to Ant alley oop Wed 8th Nov 2023 9:40pm 16
Jalen Green scores back to back to back while getting two steals and a rebound fo… Fri 26th Jan 2024 8:45pm 16
Kyrie steals and Lebron slams it home Sat 19th Mar 2016 8:21pm 16
2017 NBA draft prospect with the steal, crossover, and slam at the u18 Tue 9th Aug 2016 3:59am 16
T.J. McConnell makes a great steal and takes a seat Fri 17th Mar 2017 8:59pm 16
Cristiano Felicio steals DWade's rebound (and triple-double) as time expires Sat 25th Feb 2017 11:21pm 15
TNT "The deflection, the steal!" - GregAnthony50 The Klaw is active early for the… Mon 27th Mar 2017 8:32pm 15
Tobias Harris steals it, runs the floor, and dunks Fri 13th Nov 2015 9:04pm 14
Tobias Harris steals and slams! Wed 16th Dec 2015 8:23pm 14
James Harden steals the ball nicely and Dwight hits a nice hook shot Fri 15th Jan 2016 10:42pm 14
Russell Westbrook gets the steal, jumps beyond Felton and wraps a brilliant pass … Mon 18th Apr 2016 9:55pm 14
Brown steal, Lebron stops 3v1 fast break, Korver steal, ends in thompson foul sho… Sun 21st May 2017 10:27pm 14
Herbert Keyshawn Jones steals the ball that ends with a Jordan Hawkins dunk Sat 18th Nov 2023 9:02pm 13
Justin Hamilton steals the ball then finishes on the other end with a 2 handed fl… Fri 3rd Apr 2015 9:39pm 13
Westbrook steals it and throws it down with authority! Wed 18th Nov 2015 9:28pm 13
Lebron steals and slams it down with style Fri 1st Apr 2016 10:07pm 13
Elfrid Payton steals the ball and hits a buzzer beater 3 Mon 9th Jan 2017 3:06am 13
Kyrie with the steal, Kyrie with the alley, LeBron with the oop Mon 30th Jan 2017 10:09pm 13
Curry grabs a steal, then messes around and throws a no-look lob to Harden Sun 15th Feb 2015 8:58pm 12
LaVine gets the steal and then clears the runway for takeoff! Thu 3rd Mar 2016 1:00pm 12
Kyrie steal, JR alley-oop, LeBron SLAM! Thu 16th Jun 2016 10:54pm 12
Ross with the steal and dunk Wed 2nd Nov 2016 10:30pm 12
SC steals Lebron's pass from the ground (or was it KD) Fri 2nd Jun 2017 3:40pm 12
The Rockets cap off an 11-0 run with 3 steals and a Jae'Sean Tate lob to Amen Tho… Wed 1st Nov 2023 8:28pm 11
s Dennis Smith Jr missing a wide open dunk off a steal he had at the other end Wi… Sat 2nd Dec 2023 9:09pm 11
Timbewolves miss multiple chances to steal the inbounds pass down one. Wed 11th Feb 2015 10:22pm 11
Blazer steal leads to some pretty fast break passing and an easy finish. Thu 9th Apr 2015 12:52am 11
Lucas Nogueira steals the pass and takes it all the way for a slam dunk Mon 6th Feb 2017 8:49pm 11
Prince Luc Richard Mbah a Moute with the steal and reverse lay up Mon 13th Mar 2017 10:40pm 11
Oladipo with the steal, save behind the back, and dunk off the fastbreak Fri 21st Apr 2017 9:45pm 11
Durant trying to iso against Mills. Ends in McCaw getting the steal on Aldridge a… Tue 16th May 2017 10:01pm 11
Porzingis gets wrongly called for a foul after making a great steal but follows i… Wed 10th Feb 2016 7:17am 10
Best views of Draymonds steal Wed 14th Dec 2016 1:02am 10
Beverley with the steal and dunk on Westbrook Sun 16th Apr 2017 9:43pm 10
Podziemski with the Iguodala steal Sat 2nd Dec 2023 9:32pm 7
Jalen Johnson comes up with a clutch steal and hits a huge three to give the Hawk… Wed 10th Jan 2024 10:28pm 7
Michael Carter-Williams a great steal and a beautiful dunk Thu 26th Mar 2015 9:05pm 7
Willie gets the steal, Rudy with a nice bound pass ahead to Boogie for the slam! Tue 10th Nov 2015 2:26am 7
Wall makes the steal, gets it back and dunks it down Mon 11th Jan 2016 8:26pm 7
Matt Barnes with a huge steal and three on the other end Mon 30th Jan 2017 8:36pm 7
Mario Chalmers steal leads to Chris Bosh slam and ROAR Sun 1st Nov 2015 8:34pm 6
LeBron catches Tristan Thompson trying to steal his swag Thu 24th Mar 2016 5:00pm 6
Crazy sequence: Blake with the block, CP3 with the steal, Crawford with the save … Tue 27th Jan 2015 12:46am 5
Wade steals and ball the dunks from inside the free throw line for the dagger Tue 7th Feb 2017 10:21am 5
Felicio steals the rebound from Wade, denying him the triple double. Sat 25th Feb 2017 10:53pm 5
Marcus Smart gets the steal &amp finishes off the glass Wed 17th May 2017 9:19pm 5
Jalen Johnson comes up with a clutch steal and hits a huge three to give the Hawk… Wed 10th Jan 2024 10:25pm 4
Gradey gets the steal pulls of a 360 spin pass to RJ Barrett who slams it down as… Wed 17th Jan 2024 8:09pm 4
Eric Bledsoe steals the rebound from Goran Dragic to complete his triple-double Tue 23rd Dec 2014 11:49pm 4
Marcus Smart goes all out for the steal Mon 2nd Nov 2015 4:37pm 4
Herbert Keyshawn Jones steal a three point shot from De'Aaron Fox Mon 20th Nov 2023 9:42pm 3
Klay Thompson clutch late game steal Sat 19th Nov 2016 11:12pm 3
Lebron gets the steal and goes coast to coast for the powerful finish. Thu 19th Jan 2017 7:56pm 3
Javale dismisses all Tragic Bronson alerts with the transition bucket off a Draym… Wed 15th Mar 2017 2:43am 3
Spurs down 2 with 0006 remaining and Sochan gets the steal but Trae draws the off… Thu 30th Nov 2023 10:31pm 2
Lebron steals the ball and quiets the DC crowd Fri 20th Feb 2015 8:43pm 2
Westbrook steals rebounds and goes coast to coast for a layup Fri 13th Jan 2017 9:13pm 2
Curry gets the steal and drains the clutch three to put the Warriors within two p… Thu 9th Nov 2023 12:30am 1
Noah Eagle steals the show from his dad Ian Fri 1st Dec 2023 8:25am 1
Markkanen gets the inbounds steal and Clarkson hits the dagger 3 as the Jazz come… Sat 23rd Dec 2023 9:47pm 1
Alvarado sneaks up on LeBron yet again for his 5th steal and BI converts on the t… Sun 31st Dec 2023 9:07pm 1
Maxey with the steal and the score Sat 6th Jan 2024 8:13pm 1
Jalen Johnson comes up with a clutch steal and hits a huge three to give the Hawk… Wed 10th Jan 2024 10:37pm 1
Jalen Williams gets a pair of steals leading to a pair of buckets for OKC Thu 18th Jan 2024 9:32pm 1
Giannis Defensive highlights from last night's bout against the Nuggets where peo… Tue 13th Feb 2024 10:29am 1
Trent Forrest gets the steal and finishes the job Fri 12th Jan 2024 8:13pm 0
Draymond with the elite defense and steals the ball out of Vanderbilt's hands Sat 27th Jan 2024 9:16pm 0