NBA clips with reverse

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Black Mamba with the super silky reverse layup 12:00am Mon 10th Nov 2014 10
Blake Griffin has the ball knocked away mid-dunk but finishes with the reverse la… 12:58am Sat 17th Jan 2015 489
Zach LaVine goes between the legs for the reverse slam 10:31pm Sat 14th Feb 2015 6,067
Kyle Lowry lobs it up for LeBron James, goes reverse and dunks it. 10:17pm Sun 15th Feb 2015 1,042
Kyrie Irving with the and-one reverse layup, LeBron approves. 9:41pm Fri 20th Feb 2015 749
Will Barton throws down the one-handed reverse 9:50pm Sun 1st Mar 2015 43
Steph Curry hanging for the sweet reverse layup 4:28am Sun 15th Mar 2015 134
Evan Turner goes behind the back on Waiters and finishes with a reverse jam 8:43pm Wed 18th Mar 2015 328
Nik Stauskas with a sweet up and under reverse lay-up! 1:27am Thu 19th Mar 2015 6
Archie Goodwin flies in for the reverse alley-oop off the pass from Gerald Green. 11:09pm Thu 19th Mar 2015 10
Eric Bledsoe twists through traffic for the reverse layup 10:00pm Sun 22nd Mar 2015 5
Steph Curry blocks a shot, runs up the court and finishes with a smooth reverse l… 11:05pm Fri 27th Mar 2015 34
Lebron gambles on a steal, misses, but ends up down the court for a reverse slam … 9:26pm Wed 8th Apr 2015 341
Derrick Rose reverse lay-in along the baseline on Lopez Credits to -MarcusD- 8:58pm Mon 13th Apr 2015 64
Steph Curry left hand reverse lay in high off the glass, and 1. 4:32pm Sat 18th Apr 2015 675
Jimmy Butler uses a beautiful reverse layup to avoid the long arms of Antetokounm… 9:42pm Mon 20th Apr 2015 95
LeBron lobs to K Love for reverse dunk 8:42pm Tue 21st Apr 2015 715
Richard Jefferson reverse slam 9:52pm Tue 21st Apr 2015 25
Pau Gasol with a sick reverse throwdown 10:48pm Thu 23rd Apr 2015 103
Irving takes on the whole Bulls defense and goes reverse off the glass 7:57pm Mon 4th May 2015 189
Paul Millsap goes reverse for the And-1 7:50pm Mon 11th May 2015 48
Steph Curry dances on Tristan Thompson and hits the reverse lay-up 11:18pm Tue 9th Jun 2015 6
Lakers 5v5 Scrimmage Larry Nance Jr. with the nice euro step, reverse layup, and … 1:20am Fri 10th Jul 2015 8
Clarkson freezes his defender for the easy reverse 8:53pm Sat 11th Jul 2015 341
T.J. Warren with the circus reverse layup 9:48pm Sat 18th Jul 2015 25
Aaron Gordon hangs in the air for a reverse layup 10:44pm Tue 13th Oct 2015 437
Kevin Love to LeBron for the reverse 8:11pm Tue 27th Oct 2015 430
Chris Paul expertly utilizes the cut-dribble to create a lane for the reverse lay… 11:45pm Thu 29th Oct 2015 1,479
Jabari Parker goes baseline for the reverse slam 8:56pm Fri 6th Nov 2015 656
Giannis saves the possession and scoops it into Jabari for the reverse dunk! 9:17pm Sat 7th Nov 2015 105
Deandre finishes the alley-oop from Pierce with a reverse slam 4:25pm Sat 14th Nov 2015 131
Paul George casually throws down a 180 reverse jam 7:19pm Tue 24th Nov 2015 383
Wade loses his defender and throws down a reverse jam 9:08pm Mon 30th Nov 2015 64
Kobe ISOs, penetrates and hits a tough reverse layup 9:06pm Tue 1st Dec 2015 682
A young Steph Curry draining threes at the Air Canada Center when Dell was playin… 12:12am Sun 6th Dec 2015 2
Blake to DeAndre for the reverse dunk 12:38am Sun 6th Dec 2015 42
Westbrook with the halfcourt pass to Durant for the reverse layup 10:46pm Thu 10th Dec 2015 58
George Hill reverse between the legs pass to CJ Miles! 9:01pm Fri 11th Dec 2015 42
Blake Griffin hits a reverse dunk over 3 Pistons 10:49am Tue 15th Dec 2015 165
Lebron throws down the reverse slam off an outlet from Love 9:07pm Tue 15th Dec 2015 623
JaVale McGee turns the ball over after air balling a reverse layup and then catch… 10:14pm Wed 23rd Dec 2015 2
Anthony Davis beats Dwight Howard off the dribble for a tough reverse layup 7:44pm Sat 26th Dec 2015 19
MVP Rose returns for a possession as he explodes to the rim and violently makes t… 9:37pm Sat 26th Dec 2015 2
MVP Rose returns for a possession as he explodes to the rim and crazily makes the… 9:39pm Sat 26th Dec 2015 841
Mike Conley with the nice, off balance reverse finish 9:17pm Tue 29th Dec 2015 16
Derrick Williams reverse posterizes his defender 9:50pm Tue 29th Dec 2015 13
Derrick Williams reverse posterizes Anthony Tolliver GOOD QUALITY 10:06pm Tue 29th Dec 2015 133
LeBron with the reverse slam, Denver just watches 11:13pm Tue 29th Dec 2015 450
Okafor with the reverse layup 8:14pm Sat 9th Jan 2016 33
DeMar DeRozan with the nasty reverse oop 8:40pm Sat 9th Jan 2016 280
Lebron putting on a show with the double-clutch reverse! 7:44pm Sun 10th Jan 2016 691
McConnell with the deeep alley-oop toss to Noel for the reverse dunk. 76ers are r… 8:46pm Sat 16th Jan 2016 48
Steph Curry grabs the pass and nails the reverse layup with one hand in one motion 2:03am Tue 19th Jan 2016 222
Iguodala with the monster reverse jam 9:24pm Wed 20th Jan 2016 672
LeBron puts down the reverse on the fast break 8:35pm Mon 25th Jan 2016 64
Nerlens Noel channels his inner Dr. J for the reverse slam 8:37pm Sat 6th Feb 2016 473
Iguodala breezes past Westbrook and throws down the 180 reverse slam dunk 12:34am Sun 7th Feb 2016 3
Vince Carter continues to show us he's half man, half amazing with 2 reverse dunk… 4:20am Thu 11th Feb 2016 28
DeRozan with the reverse 360 dunk! 8:57pm Sun 14th Feb 2016 373
Lebron with an insane no look full court pass to Jefferson for the reverse dunk 6:21pm Sun 21st Feb 2016 364
Deandre Jordan finishes off a no look lob from CP3 with a reverse jam! 12:05am Tue 23rd Feb 2016 46
Smart throws it up to IT who hits the tough reverse layup 8:10pm Mon 29th Feb 2016 150
Aaron Gordon with the reverse baseline dunk! 7:49pm Tue 15th Mar 2016 160
Derrick Rose with the crossover leading to an acrobatic reverse layup 8:14pm Wed 16th Mar 2016 579
Kyrie to Lebron for the reverse slam 8:14pm Sat 19th Mar 2016 27
Lebron with the sick reverse dunk 8:39pm Wed 23rd Mar 2016 2,790
Lebron with the step and the reverse dunk 8:40pm Thu 24th Mar 2016 322
Derrick Rose with the sexy reverse 9:51pm Thu 24th Mar 2016 1,050
Russell Westbrook gets the steal and puts down the reverse! 11:09pm Thu 31st Mar 2016 30
Mario Hezonja evades Jabari Parker on the break and throws down the reverse! 8:42pm Fri 1st Apr 2016 64
KJ Mcdaniels with the nice reverse layup 5:54pm Sun 3rd Apr 2016 358
CJ McCollum draws a foul, nails an acrobatic reverse layup 12:33am Sun 10th Apr 2016 38
Whiteside puts down the reverse off the lob from Wade 7:26pm Wed 20th Apr 2016 125
Mason Plumlee with the reverse putback jam! 12:18am Sun 24th Apr 2016 887
Russell Westbrook hits Durant with a touchdown pass off the inbounds and he puts … 9:18pm Mon 25th Apr 2016 269
Adams with the loping reverse dunk 9:50pm Mon 2nd May 2016 50
Dragic with the smooth sweet reverse 9:41pm Fri 13th May 2016 69
Kyrie blows past Lowry for the reverse 9:02pm Tue 17th May 2016 63
Lebron breaks away for a ridiculous reverse slam! 9:17pm Thu 19th May 2016 4,199
Steven Adams reverse dunk on Bogut (credit /u/splash2ndcousin) 10:24pm Mon 30th May 2016 244
I never noticed that Lebron had his left hand ready to block Iguodala in case he … 10:57am Tue 2nd Aug 2016 12
CP3 passes it off the backboard to Kobe for the reverse ham! 9:22am Wed 31st Aug 2016 11
Wilson Chandler with a SICK reverse dunk in traffic 9:42pm Mon 3rd Oct 2016 172
Thabo Sefolosha continues his ridiculous shooting this season with the reverse ci… 9:36pm Mon 31st Oct 2016 139
K.J. McDaniels With a reverse lay-in. 7:37pm Tue 1st Nov 2016 35
Kyrie with a crafty reverse finish at the rim 9:43pm Thu 3rd Nov 2016 52
Hassan Whiteside with a double-pump reverse dunk 9:06pm Fri 4th Nov 2016 385
Wade spins on Winslow, goes baseline then gets the and-one reverse layup! - TNT 8:54pm Thu 10th Nov 2016 171
Gallinari puts Baynes on a reverse poster 2:49am Sun 13th Nov 2016 1,330
Justin Holiday with the sweet reverse layup 9:32pm Wed 16th Nov 2016 18
Caboclo breaks down the defense and throws down a big reverse dunk 3:48pm Sun 20th Nov 2016 30
Rondo with the nasty fake, reverse layup! - NBATV 9:48pm Tue 22nd Nov 2016 34
Tim Hardaway Jr. blows by Bender and throws down the reverse dunk 10:52pm Wed 30th Nov 2016 20
Al Horford rejects Cauley-Stein which leads to a Jerebko reverse layup and the le… 10:12pm Fri 2nd Dec 2016 32
Ish Smith finishes the fastbreak with a pretty reverse layup 7:10pm Sun 4th Dec 2016 478
Rudy Gobert insane reverse alley-oop over Dragan Bender 5:00pm Wed 7th Dec 2016 265
Aaron Gordon with the casual reverse 6:15pm Wed 7th Dec 2016 29
LeBron punishes the rim with a reverse 8:27pm Sat 10th Dec 2016 292
Aaron Gordon throws down an insane reverse alley-oop 10:05pm Wed 14th Dec 2016 61
Plumlee with the steal and reverse jam! 10:06pm Thu 15th Dec 2016 45
Julius Randle gets the steal and throws down the reverse jam 9:16pm Fri 16th Dec 2016 17
Kyrie Irving with the ridiculous reverse layup 11:46am Sat 7th Jan 2017 792
Jordan Clarkson goes baseline for the reverse jam 10:45pm Sun 8th Jan 2017 20
Jordan Clarkson with the reverse baseline dunk + D'Angelo Russell being goofy 1:03am Mon 9th Jan 2017 49
Oladipo reverse lay-up to finish the alley-oop 3:01am Mon 16th Jan 2017 28
Dirk in transition turns away Zach Lavine's reverse layup! 5:45am Mon 16th Jan 2017 28
Kyrie with an insane, full-speed reverse through traffic 7:33pm Thu 19th Jan 2017 114
Lebron James with the monster reverse dunk 9:01pm Thu 19th Jan 2017 6
Lebron James throws down a nasty reverse dunk 9:02pm Thu 19th Jan 2017 902
Aaron Gordon with the reverse dunk on the halfcourt alley-oop 9:25pm Fri 20th Jan 2017 234
Brandon Ingram with the nifty reverse layup in transition 2:47am Sat 21st Jan 2017 45
Slam Dekker throws a reverse jam over Marc Gasol! 9:50pm Sat 21st Jan 2017 12
Marquese Chriss with the two-handed reverse alley-oop slam 10:44pm Tue 24th Jan 2017 44
Harden lobs it to Dekker for the reverse jam! - ESPN 8:57pm Fri 27th Jan 2017 74
Derrick Rose blows past Kawhi Leonard and converts the reverse layup! - ABC 4:33pm Sun 12th Feb 2017 350
Will Barton blows by Durant for a nasty reverse slam 11:00pm Mon 13th Feb 2017 191
Malcolm Brogdon lobs it to Jonathon Simmons for the reverse jam! - TNT 9:52pm Fri 17th Feb 2017 251
Glen Robinson III jumps over two people and throws down the between-the-legs reve… 9:53pm Sat 18th Feb 2017 228
Round 2, dunk 2: Glen Robinson III wins the 2017 Dunk Contest with a reverse dunk… 10:25pm Sat 18th Feb 2017 55
LeBron throws down the reverse dunk off the lob 9:19pm Sun 19th Feb 2017 180
DeMar DeRozan lobs it to LeBron James for the reverse throwdown! - TNT 9:31pm Sun 19th Feb 2017 7
Harden off the glass to Davis for the reverse slam! 10:43pm Sun 19th Feb 2017 78
Gordon Hayward pulls a reverse MJ and trash talks himself 3:25am Mon 20th Feb 2017 330
John Wall reverse dunk and the foul 7:43pm Fri 24th Feb 2017 166
Nikola Jokic with the no-look pass, Danilo Gallinari with the reverse dunk 6:08pm Sun 26th Feb 2017 58
Gobert feeds Favors for the reverse flush with the no-look pass 6:43pm Sun 26th Feb 2017 760
Danilo Gallinari with the "sneaky athletic" reverse jam 9:35pm Sat 4th Mar 2017 16
Tim Hardaway tosses a half-court lob, Taurean Prince scores with a smooth reverse… 10:32pm Mon 13th Mar 2017 26
Prince Luc Richard Mbah a Moute with the steal and reverse lay up 10:40pm Mon 13th Mar 2017 11
Boogie connects with AD for the reverse alley oop 9:38pm Tue 14th Mar 2017 3,065
Kawhi with the pretty reverse jam 9:35pm Wed 15th Mar 2017 716
Ersan Ilyasova finds Tim Hardaway Jr. for the reverse slam! - ESPN 8:25pm Wed 22nd Mar 2017 35
Fournier to Aaron Gordon for the quick reverse dunk! 8:28pm Fri 24th Mar 2017 15
Aaron Gordon with the absolutely disgusting reverse alley 8:33pm Fri 24th Mar 2017 24
Brilliant spurs play capped off with pretty Manu reverse alley oop 9:17pm Mon 27th Mar 2017 162
LeBron dribbles left and throws down the baseline reverse jam 8:29pm Thu 30th Mar 2017 73
Jaylen Brown skies for the sweet reverse Dunk over Aaron Gordon 11:10pm Fri 31st Mar 2017 14
Aaron Gordon throws down the ridiculous reverse oop 6:24pm Sat 1st Apr 2017 853
Aaron Gordon with sick reverse 8:16pm Sat 1st Apr 2017 44
Steph Curry crazy no-look reverse layup in traffic 9:48pm Sun 2nd Apr 2017 43
DeRozan spins past his defender and finishes a reverse double clutch through cont… 1:07am Sat 8th Apr 2017 13
Kyrie Irving lobs it to LeBron James for the reverse dunk! 3:55pm Sat 15th Apr 2017 680
John Wall ridiculous reverse layup off the glass! - TNT 2:56pm Sun 16th Apr 2017 162
John Wall explosive first step crossover leads to reverse layup 2:58pm Sun 16th Apr 2017 140
Jonas Valanciunas reverse poster on Maker 8:26pm Thu 20th Apr 2017 56
DeRozan with the And-One reverse layup against Giannis + Replays 3:58pm Sat 22nd Apr 2017 101
Vintage Tony Parker spins in traffic then reverse lays it in! - ESPN 10:18pm Sat 22nd Apr 2017 14
DeMar DeRozan loses Malcolm Brogdon with crafty spin and reverse layup off the gl… 8:25pm Thu 27th Apr 2017 1,124
Smart's ridiculous reverse lay up sparks an offensive outburst ft. Bradley Beal a… 9:03pm Tue 2nd May 2017 647
Ariza with the reverse slam (h/t:nbaplus) 9:22pm Sun 7th May 2017 35
Bradley Beal stunning reverse layup! - ESPN 8:22pm Fri 12th May 2017 54
Markieff Morris spins on Horford then lays in the reverse - TNT 8:25pm Mon 15th May 2017 16
Iman Shumpert with the reverse slam! 9:14pm Tue 23rd May 2017 68
LeBron James reverse layup against Durant 9:59pm Wed 7th Jun 2017 38
Bron blows by KD with a nice lefty reverse 9:59pm Wed 7th Jun 2017 521
NBATV Julian Wright with the reverse slam! 10:43pm Thu 6th Jul 2017 17
Dennis Smith Jr. imitates Aaron Gordon's double pump reverse dunk in warm-up 1:07pm Mon 10th Jul 2017 114
Lonzo Ball crafty reverse layup - ESPN2 10:45pm Thu 13th Jul 2017 242
2002 Rookie Amare Stoudamire (age 20) embarrassed Tim Duncan (age 26) with crosso… 5:23pm Fri 14th Jul 2017 149
Furkan Korkmaz with the casual reverse dunk 12:57am Sat 15th Jul 2017 34
Kyrie with a ridiculous high reverse layup 6:16pm Tue 5th Sep 2017 32
DWade with the nasty reverse baseline jam 8:35pm Fri 6th Oct 2017 169
Ben Simmons puts up the pretty reverse layup 9:50pm Sat 21st Oct 2017 21
Jaylen Brown throws down the thunderous reverse dunk on the fast break 7:54pm Tue 24th Oct 2017 2,817
Kyrie Irving gets passed Giannis and gets a reverse layup! - TNT 8:39pm Thu 26th Oct 2017 8
Kyrie Irving gets passed Giannis and reverses a layup off the glass! - TNT 8:40pm Thu 26th Oct 2017 712
Doug McDermott massive reverse poster and staredown on Josh Jackson 8:53pm Fri 3rd Nov 2017 6
Doug McDermott massive reverse poster and staredown on Josh Jackson 9:10pm Fri 3rd Nov 2017 1,570
Lonzo Ball with the beautiful reverse layup! 11:41pm Fri 3rd Nov 2017 14
Brandon Ingram with the reverse slam 9:53pm Sun 5th Nov 2017 64
Ky floats for the reverse. 10:45pm Wed 8th Nov 2017 36
Ben Simmons nasty reverse oop 12:31am Tue 14th Nov 2017 1,644
Iggy with the reverse over Marcus Smart 8:58pm Thu 16th Nov 2017 256
DeRozan with the reverse jam off the oop from Lowry! - TSN 7:47pm Wed 22nd Nov 2017 593
DeMar DeRozan with a reverse layup 8:58pm Wed 22nd Nov 2017 25
Omer Asik hits the smooth reverse layup 11:34pm Fri 24th Nov 2017 168
Iguodala spins down the baseline and loses Cauley-Stein for the reverse jam 12:09am Tue 28th Nov 2017 92
Ben Simmons reverse dunk putback 9:28pm Thu 30th Nov 2017 3,865
Green recovers and blocks Drummond, Ginobili converts the reverse layup on the ot… 10:43pm Mon 4th Dec 2017 174
Brandon Ingram throws down a reverse dunk 8:34pm Thu 7th Dec 2017 1,282
DeRozan finds OG for the baseline reverse slam 3:56pm Sun 10th Dec 2017 648
Lance Stephenson with some fancy dribbling dimes it to Victor Oladipo for the rev… 6:41pm Sun 10th Dec 2017 2
Lance Stephenson fakes out the Nuggets and finds Victor Oladipo for the reverse j… 6:43pm Sun 10th Dec 2017 317
Sixers rookie Furkan Korkmaz throws down a reverse slam on the break! 8:52pm Sun 10th Dec 2017 189
Ben Simmons drives baseline and reverse jams it - FS 9:16pm Sun 10th Dec 2017 270
Jimmy Butler streaks in for the reverse dunk 11:45pm Tue 12th Dec 2017 51
Jimmy Butler reverse slam - NBCSP 11:52pm Tue 12th Dec 2017 8
Bledsoe with the nice AND-1 reverse layup on Lebron 9:06pm Tue 19th Dec 2017 171
Miles Plumlee with the explosive reverse-dunk! 5:56am Thu 21st Dec 2017 21
Jayson Tatum with the in and out move, finishes with left hand reverse layup 9:59pm Thu 21st Dec 2017 136
Kyle Kuzma with the great footwork and the reverse finish over 2 warriors. 1:24am Sat 23rd Dec 2017 32
Kyrie knifes through the entire Wizards D for the crazy reverse! 7:21pm Mon 25th Dec 2017 131
Elfrid Payton to Aaron Gordon sick alley-oop reverse jam! 2:25pm Fri 29th Dec 2017 14
OG Anunoby gets the steal, and throws down the reverse slam 8:37pm Fri 29th Dec 2017 438
DSJ assist to Salah Mejri for the reverse slam! 7:54pm Sun 31st Dec 2017 20
Gary Harris with the insane reverse layup 9:39pm Wed 3rd Jan 2018 40
Jaylen Brown throws down the beautiful double-clutch reverse dunk on the fastbreak 9:47pm Wed 3rd Jan 2018 1,625
Devin Booker with the insane reverse layup 11:29pm Fri 12th Jan 2018 931
IT to Bron for the reverse slam! 8:41pm Mon 15th Jan 2018 13
IT to Bron for the reverse slam with replays! 8:43pm Mon 15th Jan 2018 45
Isaiah Thomas to Lebron for the reverse alley-oop - Streamable 10:55pm Mon 15th Jan 2018 16
Ben Simmons spins around Tatum and puts up the reverse layup 8:18pm Thu 18th Jan 2018 119
CJ Mccollum lobs to Pat Connaughton for the reverse two hand jam 12:02am Thu 25th Jan 2018 488
Frank Kaminsky from the three-point line to Dwight Howard for the reverse alley-o… 8:09pm Mon 29th Jan 2018 118
Kyrie Irving with an insane reverse layup in traffic! - NBCSB 11:10pm Mon 29th Jan 2018 710
Omer Asik with 2 sweet reverse layups 4:31pm Tue 30th Jan 2018 116
Ben Simmons goes baseline, splits the defense, and throws down a hard reverse sla… 8:39pm Wed 31st Jan 2018 8
Ben Simmons goes baseline, splits the defense, and throws down a hard reverse sla… 8:43pm Wed 31st Jan 2018 2,203
Jae Crowder hits the reverse off balance layup somehow 9:05pm Wed 31st Jan 2018 14
Redick finds Simmons for the reverse lob finish 9:16pm Wed 14th Feb 2018 218
HIGHLIGHT Dennis Smith JR reverse 360 through the legs. 10:01pm Sat 17th Feb 2018 198
LeBron to Westbrook back to LeBron for the reverse slam 9:23pm Sun 18th Feb 2018 2,791
Brandon Ingram reverse dunk on Mike Muscala 9:49pm Mon 26th Feb 2018 489
Kuzma with the really awkward reverse layup 11:29pm Wed 7th Mar 2018 5
Ingram go go gadget arms snatches the rebound, Lonzo hit-ahead pass, Randle split… 10:07am Fri 16th Mar 2018 3
Via Splash2ndCousinT Ferg with a circus reverse layup. 9:57pm Fri 16th Mar 2018 329
Zach Collins tiptoes along the baseline then reverses it off the glass 11:19pm Fri 30th Mar 2018 50
Ben Simmons double pump reverse dunk 2:09pm Sun 1st Apr 2018 1,880
Jrue Holiday with the sick hesi and reverse layup 11:32am Thu 5th Apr 2018 18
CJ with a pretty reverse 11:43pm Wed 11th Apr 2018 41
Horford gets the block on Middleton, and on the other end Rozier reverse lays it … 2:09pm Sun 15th Apr 2018 56
HIGHLIGHT Oladipo gets the steal off Lebron then throws down a reverse slam. 8:35pm Fri 27th Apr 2018 2,351
LeBron James throws down the reverse slam! - TNT 8:50pm Tue 1st May 2018 133
Chuck attempts to go for the reverse jinx "I GUARANTEE Cavs are gonna win game 3" 12:45am Sat 5th May 2018 20
Love block and James reverse slam - ABC 8:54pm Sat 5th May 2018 293
LeBron James incredible reverse slam 9:35pm Sat 19th May 2018 10,884
Rawle Alkins fast break reverse dunk 5:22pm Fri 6th Jul 2018 19
Toni Kukoc saves the ball from going out of bounds then throws a behind the back … 8:57pm Sat 7th Jul 2018 38
Cameron Oliver with a two-handed reverse slam - ESPN 12:13am Sun 8th Jul 2018 28
Bamba reverse dunk off the oop 11:12pm Sun 8th Jul 2018 119
VanVleet puts some english on the reverse layup plus the foul - ESPN 10:04pm Fri 19th Oct 2018 147
Kyrie with the smooth reverse finish! 10:10pm Fri 19th Oct 2018 62
Lance with a nice pass to the cutting Kuzma for the reverse slam Spectrum Sports… 1:09am Sun 21st Oct 2018 82
Kuzma with the reverse throwdown 10:27pm Wed 24th Oct 2018 8
Wade and Bam connect for the reverse slam 7:39pm Tue 30th Oct 2018 112
Mitchell Robinson insane reverse alley oop 10:10pm Fri 2nd Nov 2018 37
Put back and reverse layup Zach Lavine comparison to Michael Jordan 3:14pm Sun 11th Nov 2018 7
Emmanuel Mudiay hits the clutch reverse layup right over Anthony Davis. 10:01pm Fri 23rd Nov 2018 8
Luka to DJ for the reverse alley-oop jam! 10:52pm Sat 24th Nov 2018 214
Harry Giles with the reverse in the open court and the crowd loves it - NBCSBA 9:48pm Sun 25th Nov 2018 55
D'Angelo Russell with a clutch reverse layup with Gasol on him - YES 10:26pm Fri 30th Nov 2018 16
Giannis Antetokounmpo in traffic with the reverse slam - MSG 6:53pm Sat 1st Dec 2018 32
Aaron Gordon with the difficult reverse layup vs. the Nuggets 7:56pm Wed 5th Dec 2018 39
Mo Bamba crosses Rudy Gobert and gets the reverse layup 7:52pm Sat 15th Dec 2018 493
Jokic with a limber reverse layup 8:58pm Sun 16th Dec 2018 202
DeMar DeRozan abuses Jonathan Simmons ankles + reverse layup 8:48pm Wed 19th Dec 2018 2,956
Gallinari finishes off the reverse dunk to an interesting call by Chris Webber 1:06am Fri 21st Dec 2018 29
Demar dribble under his legs, makes the reverse layup 9:11pm Thu 3rd Jan 2019 223
Kemba Walker clutch and-one reverse layup - FSC 10:22pm Sun 6th Jan 2019 21
Wade to Bam for the reverse alley-oop JAM! 9:40pm Tue 8th Jan 2019 66
DeAndre completes the reverse alley oop, Doncic draws the charge and it gets Jord… 10:11pm Wed 9th Jan 2019 38
Demar Derozan went reverse against OKC 9:53pm Thu 10th Jan 2019 990
Karl-Anthony Towns' powerful reverse dunk against the Clippers. 8:11pm Sun 20th Jan 2019 26
Point Gasol pass it to Belinelli for a sweat reverse layup. Frank Jackson finds a… 12:49pm Sun 3rd Feb 2019 25
Nick Wright asks Chris Mannix to compare the Lakers and Celtics young core stats … 7:55pm Wed 6th Feb 2019 49
Dirk throws down a pre-game reverse dunk and welcomes his new teammate THJ by sho… 11:58pm Wed 6th Feb 2019 208
Wayne Selden throws it up for Zach LaVine who skies for the reverse alley oop! 6:17pm Sat 9th Feb 2019 60
Marc Gasol with a tough reverse finger roll 9:23pm Mon 11th Feb 2019 41
FreeDawkins 4th quarter takeover by Marc Gasol - Sky hook, reverse finger roll, n… 11:19am Tue 12th Feb 2019 4,441
Terrence Ross with the nasty reverse dunk 9:04pm Thu 14th Feb 2019 3,466
TNT: Collins Double Clutch for the reverse slam 9:50pm Fri 15th Feb 2019 105
Curry gets up for a reverse dunk to end the game TNT 10:53pm Sun 17th Feb 2019 152
Stephen Curry with the self-lob reverse dunk - TNT 10:53pm Sun 17th Feb 2019 10,154
Steph with the sick reverse slam! 10:53pm Sun 17th Feb 2019 29
Steph Curry reverse oop to himself 10:54pm Sun 17th Feb 2019 92
Trae Young to John Collins for the front-rim reverse alley-oop 9:37pm Wed 27th Feb 2019 192
Beautiful reverse layup by Bogdanovi 9:28pm Thu 28th Feb 2019 69
Antetokounmpo swats Kuzma, then swatted by Muscala and Brandon Ingram puts Miroti… 11:05pm Fri 1st Mar 2019 1,670
Nifty reverse by Jonah Bolden 8:48pm Sat 2nd Mar 2019 176
De'Andre Bembry with the reverse slam in traffic 8:36pm Mon 4th Mar 2019 248
Kyrie Irving goes behind the back and reverse lays it in! - ABC 10:03pm Sat 9th Mar 2019 2,484
Oubre with a double pump reverse slam 11:41pm Wed 13th Mar 2019 52
Embiid with the pretty reverse on one end, the chase-down block on the other, end… 8:01pm Fri 15th Mar 2019 152
Refs reverse the points on Draymond after he got inadvertently slapped after the … 8:52pm Sat 16th Mar 2019 644
Damian Lillard splits through two Spurs and reverse lays it in plus the foul, 21 … 10:11pm Sat 16th Mar 2019 44
Warriors Basketball leads to Looney reverse. 9:08pm Mon 18th Mar 2019 19
Alex Caruso with the fancy reverse layup off the pass from Lebron 11:57pm Sun 24th Mar 2019 127
Nets rookie Rodions Kurucs drives past Siakam for the jam, then drives past Gasol… 7:50pm Wed 3rd Apr 2019 19
Trae Young throws the lob to John Collins who slams home the reverse dunk 9:13pm Wed 3rd Apr 2019 134
Evan Turner finds Jake Layman cutting baseline and he throws down a reverse slam 10:45pm Wed 3rd Apr 2019 40
Harden blows by for a reverse layup 7:37pm Sun 7th Apr 2019 5
Giannis spins for an easy reverse dunk 7:53pm Sun 7th Apr 2019 5
Stephen Curry with some crazy ball-handling on Wilson Chandler then reverse lays … 9:33pm Sun 7th Apr 2019 663
Damian Lillard goes right on the baseline and finishes with the sweet reverse lay… 3:49pm Sun 14th Apr 2019 165
Klay filthy ball fake to reverse layup 12:03am Tue 16th Apr 2019 50
Paul George decides to reverse slam it at the end of a decided game (didn't count… 12:15am Sat 20th Apr 2019 44
Paul Millsap with the sweet reverse finish and the bench loves it 10:39pm Tue 23rd Apr 2019 27
Damian Lillard somehow gets past three defenders and reverses it off the glass to… 3:25pm Wed 24th Apr 2019 322
Gary Harris with the impossible reverse layup - TNT 12:20am Tue 30th Apr 2019 3,941
Gary Harris with the tough reverse to put Nuggets up by 9 12:38am Tue 30th Apr 2019 2
Gary Harris with an acrobatic reverse layup | TNT 12:50am Wed 8th May 2019 125
Kevin Durant out to Stephen Curry and he finishes the reverse layup plus the cont… 11:32pm Wed 8th May 2019 69
Lillard throws it away and Morris hits the reverse layup | ESPN 4:20pm Sun 12th May 2019 50
Kawhi with an insane reverse layup over Embiid | SNET 8:01pm Sun 12th May 2019 315
Malcolm Brogdon cuts the lead to two with the reverse layup, under 40 seconds rem… 9:24pm Sun 19th May 2019 47
Vince Carter does a reverse dunk in a dress shirt and slacks 7:38pm Thu 6th Jun 2019 3,944
Zaire Smith with the Nasty reverse dunk 6:38pm Fri 5th Jul 2019 196
Cavs breakout the reverse elevators for an RJ dunk 7:03pm Sun 7th Jul 2019 13
LeBron blocks Kobe's reverse dunk 10:42pm Sun 14th Jul 2019 250
MVP LeBron explodes past Solomon Jones for the reverse slam - Streamable 3:11pm Thu 25th Jul 2019 3
Jaylen Brown throws through his legs and off the glass for a reverse slam in Team… 10:26pm Fri 9th Aug 2019 21
Paul Georges' crazy acrobatic reverse alley oop finish, with a foul. 11:08pm Wed 14th Aug 2019 2
Jason Kidd no-look alley-oop leads to double-pump reverse slam by Vince Carter 11:09am Thu 22nd Aug 2019 106
Lebron chases down a Kobe reverse dunk 2:54pm Thu 29th Aug 2019 6
Markelle Fultz with the beautiful reverse layup 9:14pm Mon 7th Oct 2019 948
Zion with the scoop and reverse jam 9:46pm Wed 9th Oct 2019 1,934
Steven Adams goes coast to coast and finishes with a euro-step reverse layup 8:40am Fri 11th Oct 2019 9
Kelly Oubre with a reverse dunk in transition 11:15pm Mon 14th Oct 2019 37
Trae Young drives on Mitchell Robinson and makes the nice reverse layup before th… 8:41pm Wed 16th Oct 2019 349
Caris LeVert goes coast to coast and finishes a pretty reverse lay! 8:04pm Fri 18th Oct 2019 5
Brandon Ingram taking Siakam to the rim with the filthy reverse! 9:11pm Tue 22nd Oct 2019 284
Andre Drummond opens the 3rd Q with a pair of lovely driving reverse layups 1:26am Thu 24th Oct 2019 28
Green finds Howard for a reverse jam 10:04pm Sun 27th Oct 2019 70
Kyle Lowry with the reverse layup to finish the first half 8:41pm Mon 28th Oct 2019 1,243
Danuel House slams down the reverse dunk in transition 8:57pm Mon 28th Oct 2019 1
Danuel House slams down the reverse dunk in transition 8:58pm Mon 28th Oct 2019 29
The Bucks broadcast plays a really weird montage of fans eating in reverse 11:03pm Sat 2nd Nov 2019 6,260
The first half of the oddest NBA game this season (Milwaukee vs Minnesota) ends w… 10:07pm Mon 4th Nov 2019 37
Tobias Harris sends the pass to Ben Simmons, who throws down the reverse alley-oo… 8:00pm Tue 12th Nov 2019 17
Bradley Beal with the reverse! 8:52pm Wed 13th Nov 2019 22
JaVale McGee throws down a monster reverse slam while Klay talks to the broadcast… 12:41am Thu 14th Nov 2019 9
Satoransky gets the steal and 6'4 Shaq Harrison puts in the reverse double-clutch… 1:49pm Thu 21st Nov 2019 27
Giannis with the two handed reverse dunk 9:50pm Thu 21st Nov 2019 652
Blake Griffin wanders his way into a reverse layup 9:02pm Fri 22nd Nov 2019 2,955
Westbrook with a beautiful reverse lay-up to cut the deficit down to 5 5:33pm Sun 24th Nov 2019 61
Paschall finds a wide open Robinson under the rim for the reverse flush, Jim Boyl… 11:36pm Wed 27th Nov 2019 32
Anthony Davis hits a tough step back jumper and then gets the steal and finds Car… 11:13pm Sun 8th Dec 2019 429
Kemba Walker strips Turner and hits Jaylen with the behind the head pass for the … 8:39pm Wed 11th Dec 2019 1,221
Rondo throws it up for LeBron for the reverse dunk 7:45pm Tue 17th Dec 2019 797
John Wall looking springy throwing down a reverse dunk 9:37pm Tue 17th Dec 2019 583
Anfernee Simons insane double-clutch reverse layup 12:01am Sun 22nd Dec 2019 297
Simmons finishes an insane acrobatic reverse lay-in off the Harris lob, and then … 8:05pm Mon 23rd Dec 2019 485
Aaron Gordon gets up and throws down the reverse as Magic take 11 point lead late… 9:14pm Fri 27th Dec 2019 217
Isaiah Hartenstein with a big reverse putback jam! 12:30am Sun 29th Dec 2019 35
LeBron lobs it to AD for the reverse, and then gets the steal and dunk 11:01pm Wed 1st Jan 2020 3,529
Michael Porter Jr with a tricky reverse layup and a stepback three on back to bac… 9:00pm Thu 2nd Jan 2020 1,732
Spencer Dinwiddie with the perfect lob from past half court to DeAndre Jordan for… 11:52pm Sat 4th Jan 2020 1
Spencer Dinwiddie with the perfect lob from past half court to DeAndre Jordan for… 12:03am Sun 5th Jan 2020 25
Alex Caruso puts down a reverse dunk 11:07pm Tue 7th Jan 2020 3,769
Ja Morant throws down a mean reverse dunk in transition 9:49pm Fri 10th Jan 2020 511
Furkan Korkmaz throws down a reverse dunk and Sixers announcer Alaa Abdelnaby is … 9:27pm Sat 11th Jan 2020 990
Brandon Ingram with the reverse dunk poster on Rudy Gobert 9:37pm Thu 16th Jan 2020 1,786
Lavine throws down a reverse double pump on the fastbreak 10:06pm Sat 18th Jan 2020 225
Lavine gets the and-1 reverse layup to drop giving the Bulls a 4 point lead with … 10:23pm Sat 18th Jan 2020 96
Suns guard Jalen Lecque throws down a reverse double clutch dunk in the G-League 10:35pm Fri 31st Jan 2020 219
DeMar evades AD with the reverse layup + slow mo replay! 10:53pm Tue 4th Feb 2020 113
Lebron finishes a nifty reverse layup around DeRozan 11:25pm Tue 4th Feb 2020 52
Aaron Gordon skies for the double clutch reverse dunk 9:15pm Thu 6th Feb 2020 33
LeBron hammers home a reverse windmill in transition! 11:58pm Thu 6th Feb 2020 2,162
Westbrook shakes Davis and finishes the reverse layup 12:03am Fri 7th Feb 2020 297
Jordan Mclaughlin's dunk show continues with a one-handed reverse 9:35pm Sat 8th Feb 2020 942
Westbrook drives and finishes the beautiful up-and-under reverse layup 12:00am Wed 12th Feb 2020 1,645
17 years ago today, Kobe did this behind the back reverse dunk. One of the best, … 2:00am Wed 12th Feb 2020 8
Aaron Gordon goes through the legs and reverses for his first dunk (All-Star 2020) 9:56pm Sat 15th Feb 2020 643
Derrick Jones Jr reverse 360 between the legs for his second dunk (All-Star 2020) 10:08pm Sat 15th Feb 2020 3,173
Aaron Gordon reverses over Chance the Rapper (All-Star 2020) 10:10pm Sat 15th Feb 2020 1,576
The classic CP to Russ lob gets reversed 9:21pm Sun 16th Feb 2020 3,977
Gallinari slips past Aldridge and finishes with a reverse slam 7:59pm Sun 23rd Feb 2020 325
Donte DiVincenzo finishes a ridiculous reverse up-and-under layup 9:29pm Tue 25th Feb 2020 530
DeAndre Jordan powers through a reverse dunk off the lob from Dinwiddie 8:44pm Wed 26th Feb 2020 11
Juan Hernangomez with the reverse-Lowry move on Seth Curry then complains about t… 4:40pm Mon 2nd Mar 2020 6
Kevin Durant with an unbelievable, high off the glass reverse layup 1:06pm Wed 25th Mar 2020 56
Desmond Mason throws down a huge reverse alley-oop 9:48am Tue 31st Mar 2020 19
T-Mac drops the defender and makes the reverse layup 6:48am Fri 3rd Apr 2020 25
MJ intelligently avoids the double team, beats Penny for speed, adjusts midair to… 10:14am Tue 7th Apr 2020 11
Luke Kennard weaves through Pelican defenders to get the reverse layup 11:38am Tue 21st Apr 2020 240
Blake Griffin reverse block 10:25am Thu 30th Apr 2020 11
D.Rose with the crazy body control on the reverse layup 4:15pm Sun 3rd May 2020 21
Kobe throws down the filthy double-clutch reverse, helping to seal the win and se… 10:45am Tue 5th May 2020 44
Nick Young makes a crazy 360 reverse layup between two Maverick defenders 5:10pm Tue 5th May 2020 11
Kobe goes up and under for the reverse layup and1 against the Warriors. Look at h… 4:18pm Sat 30th May 2020 400
Damian Lillards reverse layup vs Minnesota 6:26pm Wed 10th Jun 2020 51
Bol Bol 360 reverse windmill dunk 6:23pm Thu 2nd Jul 2020 58
Luguentz Dort blows past Thybulle and completes the acrobatic and-1 reverse layup 2:04pm Sun 26th Jul 2020 568
The Raptors go on the fast break and dance around the Magic to find OG Anunoby a … 9:04pm Wed 5th Aug 2020 836
Porzingis goes reverse over Zubac! 7:06pm Thu 6th Aug 2020 95
Joel Embiid gets by Vucevic for a sick reverse jam 8:55pm Fri 7th Aug 2020 680
Nurk shovels a beautiful pass and Dame finishes with the reverse 1:58pm Sat 8th Aug 2020 79
Clippers announcer Brian Sieman with the amazing reverse jinx to ice Dame Lilliar… 8:06pm Sat 8th Aug 2020 98
Embiid throws down the reverse jam on the Celtics 7:57pm Mon 17th Aug 2020 69
Embiid shows off some fancy footwork with the reverse 7:27pm Wed 19th Aug 2020 118
Trey Burke shakes Kawhi with a mean crossover and finishes the reverse layup 5:17pm Sun 23rd Aug 2020 493
Seth Curry finishes a tough reverse and one, then talks shit to his nemesis, Play… 5:52pm Sun 23rd Aug 2020 3
LeBallerina with a magical reverse layup finish on the fast break 10:18pm Mon 24th Aug 2020 1,588
Dort forgets about the 3 and drives for the beautiful reverse finish 9:29pm Mon 31st Aug 2020 156
Murray hits the reverse layup to give Denver the lead 9:41pm Sun 20th Sep 2020 56
JR Smith's nasty reverse dunk from Pablo Prigioni 11:12am Sat 17th Oct 2020 275
Latrell Sprewell with a gorgeous jab&gtspin&gtreverse finish vs the 1997 Lakers 12:55pm Sun 18th Oct 2020 39
Kobe double pump fake, reverse pivot, fadeaway swish 11:27pm Sun 18th Oct 2020 1,268
Nick Young 360 reverse lay-up 12:57pm Sun 25th Oct 2020 269
Isaac Okoro drives and finishes with the beautiful reverse layup and-1 9:21pm Sat 12th Dec 2020 262
Beautiful feed from Gasol to a reverse layup from KCP Dec 13, 2020 9:04pm Sun 13th Dec 2020 4
Hightlight Talen Horton-Tucker gets by Booker and completes the reverse layup ove… 10:00pm Wed 16th Dec 2020 1,014
Shaq to Kobe for the reverse 7:45pm Sat 19th Dec 2020 1,497
DJ Augustin puts a little English on the ball for the reverse layup 4:30pm Fri 25th Dec 2020 94
Dame lobs to DJJ for the reverse SLAM 12:38am Sun 27th Dec 2020 154
Dame with the insane hanging reverse layup 12:46am Sun 27th Dec 2020 386
HIGHLIGHT DORT hits em with the quick moves and finishes with a reverse lay-up 9:10pm Tue 29th Dec 2020 4
Fred VanVleet draws the foul and finishes with a reverse layup! 8:31pm Thu 31st Dec 2020 30
Steph hits an insane reverse layup late in the 4th 12:24am Sat 9th Jan 2021 4,697
Alternate angle to Curry's sick reverse layup 4:10am Sat 9th Jan 2021 86
Talen Horton-Tucker strips McLemore and runs the court for a reverse layup and th… 9:57pm Sun 10th Jan 2021 232
Montrezl with the reverse put back slam! 8:44pm Tue 12th Jan 2021 476
Jokic puts Wiseman in a blender and finishes with the nice reverse 10:55pm Thu 14th Jan 2021 1,947
Zion soars through the air for the reverse and-1 11:16pm Sun 17th Jan 2021 710
Korkmaz gets the reverse poster on Javonte Green 8:57pm Wed 20th Jan 2021 1,374
Blake Griffin spins in the athletic reverse layup through two Hawks defenders 12:48am Thu 21st Jan 2021 224
A doubled Ben Simmons runs the floor off the inbound to beat the half with a reve… 8:12pm Sun 31st Jan 2021 2,285
kyrie with the DIRTY euro reverse 8:36pm Tue 2nd Feb 2021 930
Curry gets the and-1 with an insane reverse at the rim (w/ replay) 12:22am Wed 3rd Feb 2021 274
Oubre dishes to Steph, who makes the awkward reverse 11:33pm Thu 4th Feb 2021 138
Middleton is in his bag completes the reverse layup 11:18pm Mon 8th Feb 2021 41
Talen Horton-Tucker puts Shai in the spin cycle and finishes with the reverse lay… 10:28am Tue 9th Feb 2021 33
Curry with the acrobatic reverse lay up. 9:06pm Tue 9th Feb 2021 7,887
Embiid with a ridiculously powerful block on Nwaba (foul call was reversed after … 9:43pm Wed 17th Feb 2021 779
Joel Embiid with the reverse spin to get a bucket and an and 1 8:44pm Sun 21st Feb 2021 59
Beal hits the ridiculous reverse lay up. 12:43am Tue 23rd Feb 2021 711
Simmons takes Luka in the post, spins and hits the reverse layup 8:09pm Thu 25th Feb 2021 1,185
Giannis throws down the reverse alley-oop from Holiday! 9:49pm Sat 13th Mar 2021 104
LeBron James with the silky smooth reverse layup 12:14am Wed 17th Mar 2021 311
Simmons reads the pass, steals it and takes it in for the easy reverse slam 10:29pm Tue 23rd Mar 2021 167
Dame lobs to Derrick Jones Jr. open backdoor for the soaring reverse jam 11:43pm Tue 23rd Mar 2021 109
Nifty reverse layup by Terance Mann 9:48pm Wed 24th Mar 2021 44
Derrick Jones Jr. with the 360 reverse layup and the foul 8:05pm Sun 28th Mar 2021 1,605
Baseline View of Jokic feeding Aaron Gordon who finishes with a incredible revers… 12:53am Fri 2nd Apr 2021 347
Jokic to Gordon for the reverse slam! 12:17am Mon 5th Apr 2021 2,401
Anthony Edwards with the reverse layup in transition for his 9th straight point 9:28pm Wed 7th Apr 2021 33
5'10'' Facu Campazzo gets the offensive rebound and feeds Gordon for the reverse … 4:09pm Sun 11th Apr 2021 871
Jordan Nwora contorts his body mid-air for the reverse 9:20pm Sun 11th Apr 2021 53
Powell hits a nice reverse layup 12:19am Wed 21st Apr 2021 28
Norman Powell with some circus magic on the reverse layup 12:20am Wed 21st Apr 2021 52
Paul Bball Paul Reed flies in for the reverse putback slam and Embiid loves it! 9:21pm Mon 26th Apr 2021 907
KAT uncorks a nasty reverse slam on the fastbreak! 10:07pm Tue 27th Apr 2021 830
Jokic spins and finishes with the reverse dunk 10:13pm Wed 28th Apr 2021 1,171
Rondo gets a sneaky steal from behind and lays in the reverse to cut the lead to 3 12:22am Sun 2nd May 2021 31
Rondo hits the reverse layup to cut the lead to 3 with 2:06 left 12:23am Sun 2nd May 2021 4
Steph Curry gets in a little cardio before hitting the reverse layup 9:53pm Mon 3rd May 2021 348
Cam Johnson with a reverse throwdown on Jarrett Allen 9:40pm Tue 4th May 2021 2,041
Brook Lopez gathers a missed shot and finishes it with a strong reverse dunk 9:05pm Fri 7th May 2021 34
Phoenix Suns debuting their reverse box and one defense on Steph Curry last night 11:09pm Wed 12th May 2021 0
Curry finishes the insane reverse + the foul 10:39pm Wed 19th May 2021 1,179
Talen Horton-Tucker hits the difficult reverse layup 4:14pm Sun 23rd May 2021 52
Ayton drives and finishes with the reverse layup on Drummond 12:18am Wed 26th May 2021 130
Trae Young hits tough reverse layup over Julius Randle 9:20pm Wed 26th May 2021 48
Ja throws down the reverse oop 12:40am Thu 27th May 2021 722
Morant's reverse dunk off the alley oop, Clarkson misses, Nieng fouls Ja hard in … 12:50am Thu 27th May 2021 2
Nurkic hits Robert Covington cutting to the basket for the reverse jam 10:51pm Thu 27th May 2021 125
LeBron plays bully ball on Crowder and hits the reverse layup 12:48am Fri 28th May 2021 3,795
Kyrie goes full Uncle Drew, finishes with the reverse 8:14pm Tue 1st Jun 2021 7
John Collins catches the lob from Trae Young then finishes with an acrobatic reve… 8:39pm Wed 2nd Jun 2021 212
KD makes Giannis dance and then finishes it between 2 defenders with the beautifu… 9:28pm Mon 7th Jun 2021 1,769
KD drives to the rim and hits a reverse to give Nets 30 point lead at the end of … 9:29pm Mon 7th Jun 2021 473
KD with the cross &amp reverse lay-up against Giannis to end the 3rd 9:30pm Mon 7th Jun 2021 4
Kevin Durant with the reverse to give him 32 points through 3 quarters 9:32pm Mon 7th Jun 2021 0
Korkmaz tosses it up for Ben Simmons for the reverse slam 9:39pm Sun 20th Jun 2021 134
Sabonis in action with the one handed reverse slam 3:24pm Sat 3rd Jul 2021 350
Holiday with the up and under reverse layup 10:46pm Sat 3rd Jul 2021 687
Highlight Ana Dabovi runs up the court and nails the over-the-head no-look revers… 6:12pm Thu 29th Jul 2021 222
Bol Bol give and go leading to a reverse dunk. 3:15am Mon 9th Aug 2021 21
Nick Young's smooth reverse lay-up (2008) 6:40am Wed 11th Aug 2021 19
Sharife Cooper hesi reverse layup 10:14pm Thu 12th Aug 2021 79
Damian Lillard hits the tough reverse hand layup through traffic, ends the series… 4:31pm Sat 21st Aug 2021 92
Lowry to Bam for the reverse alley-oop 8:27pm Mon 4th Oct 2021 1,408
Kyle Anderson dishes the ball full court to find Ja for a reverse dunk 9:34pm Tue 5th Oct 2021 208
Sterling Brown jams it reverse style on the Utah Jazz! 10:02pm Wed 6th Oct 2021 229
Murray with the steal and Keldon Johnson with the reverse dunk! 3:00pm Thu 21st Oct 2021 83
Cameron Johnson with a nice and-1 reverse layup in transition 2:22am Wed 3rd Nov 2021 1
Cameron Johnson hits the smooth reverse and-1 layup 2:24am Wed 3rd Nov 2021 46
Furkan Korkmaz throws down the reverse jam on the fastbreak! 7:25pm Wed 3rd Nov 2021 176
DeMar DeRozan throws down the reverse dunk 7:38pm Wed 3rd Nov 2021 784
Fred VanVleet gets the reverse layup, Banton gets the steal on the inbound and th… 7:58pm Wed 3rd Nov 2021 946
OG Anunoby reverse dunk on the fast break 8:29pm Fri 5th Nov 2021 842
Scottie Barnes just rips the ball away from Kevin Durant before taking it to the … 4:35pm Sun 7th Nov 2021 10,850
CJ lobs it up to Nance for the reverse jam 10:39pm Sat 20th Nov 2021 158
AD spin around his defender and finishes with the reverse layup! 10:51pm Fri 26th Nov 2021 70
Otto Porter pass lead to Gary Payton II reverse dunk 4:11pm Sun 28th Nov 2021 414
Garland smooth reverse layup to score on Porzingis! 9:09pm Mon 29th Nov 2021 131
Okoro gets the tough reverse layup to fall! 8:36pm Wed 15th Dec 2021 245
Scottie Barnes goes coast to coast, making a tough reverse layup through lots of … 8:08pm Sat 18th Dec 2021 563
Jonathon Kuminga cuts baseline and finishes the up and under reverse layup to ext… 7:18pm Sat 25th Dec 2021 1,321
Kuminga hits the TOUGH reverse layup! 7:18pm Sat 25th Dec 2021 21
Mobley pulls off the smooth one handed reverse layup 7:25pm Thu 30th Dec 2021 2,492
Malik Monk hits the insane reverse layup and-1! 12:31am Sat 1st Jan 2022 1
Poku gets the block but misses the reverse dunk. To make up for it, Poku then get… 8:05pm Sun 2nd Jan 2022 1,364
Embiid with a nifty assist to Thybulle for the reverse slam 8:11pm Fri 7th Jan 2022 922
LaMelo Ball behind the back pass to the plumlee reverse slam! 7:16pm Sat 8th Jan 2022 2,825
LaMelo lobs it up to Plumlee for the reverse slam! 8:29pm Fri 14th Jan 2022 273
Cade throws down the reverse dunk and promptly gets tossed for taunting 2:49pm Sun 16th Jan 2022 3
Aaron Gordon intercepts Rudy Gobert's obvious pass and gets the easy reverse dunk! 9:14pm Sun 16th Jan 2022 161
Miles Bridges hits the athletic baseline reverse layup for his 35th point which t… 3:04pm Mon 17th Jan 2022 396
Beautiful angle of Miles Bridges reverse layup to tie Career High 3:07pm Mon 17th Jan 2022 3
Monk finds LeBron cutting backdoor and LeBron throws down the nasty reverse jam 11:41pm Wed 19th Jan 2022 2,247
Monk throws the alley oop to LeBron who throws down the reverse slam! 11:42pm Wed 19th Jan 2022 4
Lebron throws down the reverse alley oop 11:42pm Wed 19th Jan 2022 8
Malik Monk throws the lob from the logo and LeBron finishes with a reverse slam! 11:42pm Wed 19th Jan 2022 1
Rockets color commentator Ryan Hollins accidentally calls the slumping Armoni Bro… 4:26pm Thu 20th Jan 2022 647
Malik Monk throws the lob to LeBron for the reverse jam again 9:10pm Fri 21st Jan 2022 589
Tatum knocks down the 3 as the shot clock expires. KCP then throws a full court i… 4:35pm Sun 23rd Jan 2022 109
LaMelo lobs it up for Plumlee who finishes with his favorite reverse slam 7:24pm Sun 23rd Jan 2022 60
LaMelo throws a behind the back pass in transition as Plumlee finishes with anoth… 7:31pm Sun 23rd Jan 2022 100