NBA clips with midrange

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Joel Embiid fades along the baseline and knocks down the heavily contested 20 foo… Mon 20th Dec 2021 10:04pm 6,030
Chris Paul with a magical pass fake and smooth midrange Sun 13th Jun 2021 10:06pm 5,939
Harden waves off the double team while defending Giannis 1 on 1 and Giannis force… Tue 15th Jun 2021 11:31pm 4,488
Russell Westbrook says his eyes lit up whenever Gobert and the Jazz dared him to … Sun 23rd Feb 2020 12:37am 3,878
Chris Paul hits a 360 noscope midrange shot Tue 30th Nov 2021 11:31pm 3,374
Kyrie fakes out LeBron and hits the midrange Fri 19th Feb 2021 12:47am 2,802
DeMar DeRozan spins on Fournier and hits the silky smooth midrange Thu 2nd Dec 2021 9:56pm 2,542
Vintage Melo with the midrange Tue 19th Nov 2019 8:33pm 2,384
Marv Albert does it again. Calling a clear midrange a 3 pointer. Fri 28th Feb 2020 12:10am 2,348
Markelle Fultz shooting midranges Sat 24th Feb 2018 3:20pm 2,018
Luka loses his man with some amazing footwork then shoots the midrange J! Mon 4th Jan 2021 8:40pm 1,511
Steph invites Osman and Allen to a dance before drilling the midrange Mon 15th Feb 2021 11:01pm 1,429
Magic Johnson working on his midrange. Sun 11th Jun 2017 6:29pm 1,418
Chris Paul hits 8 straight midrange jumpers as part of his incredible 37 point pe… Mon 14th Jun 2021 4:09pm 1,385
LaMarcus Aldridge hits the ridiculous contested midrange fadeaway over Draymond G… Tue 25th Oct 2016 11:20pm 1,309
AD puts Whiteside in the spin-cycle and splashes the midrange jumper Thu 20th Aug 2020 10:46pm 1,199
Pascal Siakam is currently working on his midrange and 3pt shot Sat 20th Jul 2019 12:52am 1,167
Kawhi Leonard scoffs at future teammate Paul George's defensive attempt and drops… Sat 21st Mar 2020 1:28pm 1,157
Giannis erases CP3s patented midrange shot Thu 8th Jul 2021 9:19pm 1,080
Giannis talks about adding more midrange and fadeaway shots to his game: "I gotta… Mon 24th Feb 2020 3:02pm 1,078
Carmelo Anthony drains a midrange J, strips Curry then stops on a dime and drills… Wed 22nd Nov 2017 8:30pm 1,037
Harden hits the...midrange Sun 21st Mar 2021 7:42pm 866
Deandre Ayton's midrange game Tue 13th Aug 2019 5:58pm 848
Chris Paul hits back to back signature midrange Tue 8th Jun 2021 12:01am 841
Giannis fakes the midrange fadeaway then steps through two defenders for the one … Fri 9th Feb 2024 8:50pm 810
Chris Paul with a magical fake pass and smooth midrange Thu 21st Mar 2024 12:23am 807
KD rejects Trae Young's layup on the fastbreak and races up the court for a quick… Fri 10th Dec 2021 10:06pm 800
Jayson Tatum isos Hield then drains the heavily contested midrange fadeaway Thu 7th Mar 2019 12:21am 764
Lonzo Ball in a behind the scenes clip: "the Pelicans don't really want to pass t… Thu 4th Nov 2021 12:33am 694
Stephen A. Smith: "Im tired of people not appreciating the greatness of James Har… Thu 29th Oct 2020 5:57pm 650
Carmelo Anthony makes it a 1 point game with this midrange. Melo has 13 points th… Sat 22nd Aug 2020 10:29pm 648
Kawhi stops, turns and hits the midrange over LeBron James Wed 23rd Oct 2019 1:08am 645
Giannis shows off some footwork to make space for the fadeaway midrange jumper Sat 20th Mar 2021 11:22pm 615
D'Lo with a between the legs crossover and floats in a midrange jumper Thu 10th Oct 2019 11:25pm 603
Embiid's midrange exhibition vs. the Celtics on Monday Thu 23rd Dec 2021 7:14am 596
Chris Paul runs the floor after getting the steal and nails the midrange shot Sat 13th Feb 2021 5:21pm 582
Bam Adebayo taking over the game, after a dunk and a midrange and-1, he sets up J… Sun 27th Sep 2020 9:49pm 576
Durant is shooting an unprecedented 57 on midrange on 100 more attempts then any … Thu 8th Dec 2022 8:41pm 570
Kemba ditches Ibaka with the crossover and then hits the filthy step-back midrang… Tue 1st Sep 2020 8:07pm 562
CP3 drills the game-tying midrange jumper and Lillard turns it over sending the g… Wed 15th Dec 2021 12:30am 540
Khris Middleton hits the TOUGH and-1 midrange shot on Crowder Sat 17th Jul 2021 11:21pm 538
Joel Embiid on cold shooting: I'm always looking for excuses but the ball is diff… Wed 3rd Nov 2021 10:38pm 530
Jayson Tatum makes Caleb Martin touch earth then drains the tough midrange over h… Sat 27th Apr 2024 8:00pm 508
Harden experiments with the midrange Sun 9th Feb 2020 8:48pm 486
Jaylen Brown heat checks a 3 after hitting the midrange shot over Livingston Thu 16th Nov 2017 9:52pm 482
Lillard with the Kobe-esque midrange fadeaway in the clutch! Sat 1st Feb 2020 1:18am 478
Chris Paul 20 clutch points in the 4th&ampOT, dominant midrange display Tue 7th Jan 2020 10:43pm 465
Devin Booker nails another midrange shot! He has scored the Suns' last 16 and 18 … Sun 20th Jun 2021 5:16pm 460
Kemba Walker leaves Giannis in the dust with the quick crossover then buries the … Wed 30th Oct 2019 10:22pm 446
Joel Embiid shows off his midrange crossover skills Mon 3rd Jan 2022 7:46pm 442
Morris sends McCollum stumbling and hits the midrange Tue 25th May 2021 12:31am 400
DeAaron Fox puts Simmons on skates, hits midrange Tue 9th Feb 2021 11:04pm 382
Westbrook calmly drains the midrange jumper to give him 43 points on the night Fri 24th Jan 2020 10:19pm 363
Kemba Walker ices the game with the midrange jumper Sat 16th Nov 2019 1:03am 348
Brook Lopez hits the midrange jumper on top of Embiid and in the next play Embiid… Fri 18th Nov 2022 8:06pm 325
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar rare young Bucks mixtape (features him dunking on Wilt, excel… Sat 14th Aug 2021 3:24pm 320
Khris Middleton with a circus one hand midrange toss to end the 16-0 Wizards run. Sat 2nd Feb 2019 8:48pm 311
Gradey Dick strokes the midrange jumper with great success and the Raptors take a… Mon 11th Mar 2024 10:10pm 279
Chris Duarte shakes Giannis and scores from midrange Mon 25th Oct 2021 8:07pm 268
Rui Hachimura hits a "hesi jimbo" midrange jumper over Kawhi Leonard Sat 25th Jul 2020 8:56pm 253
Celtics beat the buzzer twice in a row from the midrange with replay Sat 11th May 2024 10:52pm 237
Giannis hits the midrange dagger for 40 pts in the night Sat 18th Nov 2023 10:21pm 232
Wembanyama hits the iso step-back midrange jumper Tue 4th Oct 2022 11:48pm 231
Wiggins calmly ends the quarter from midrange Tue 8th Nov 2016 8:12pm 199
Booker and Paul knock down back-to-back clutch midrange jumpers to put the Suns u… Tue 11th Jan 2022 9:59pm 197
Bobby Portis drains the midrange and is mega hyped as Joe Mazzula calls timeout w… Thu 11th Jan 2024 8:12pm 192
Matisse Thybulle recovers to block Devin Booker's midrange jumper from behind Tue 8th Feb 2022 8:03pm 192
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar hesitates, crosses over, then hits the midrange jumper Sat 7th Nov 2020 8:08pm 189
Keljin Blevins steps back and swishes the midrange over Nnaji Sat 29th May 2021 6:34pm 186
Kawhi Leonard giving Bulls Commentator Stacey King, Michael Jordan flashbacks as … Sun 1st Aug 2021 3:22am 185
CP3 spins around and hits the lethal midrange Fri 11th Jun 2021 11:59pm 183
Embiid hits the spinning midrange Sat 6th Apr 2024 9:19pm 176
McMenamin Russell Westbrook said that he was looking for a 2-for-1 opportunity wh… Sun 23rd Oct 2022 6:47pm 176
D'Lo with a pair of smooth midrange jumpers Thu 10th Oct 2019 11:12pm 169
Kyrie Irving shows off his handles and hits the midrange shot! Sat 29th Jan 2022 10:21pm 167
CP3 collects Wes Matthews ankle before draining the smooth midrange Thu 27th May 2021 10:52pm 166
After the Nuggets went on a mini-run in the 4th quarter, calming presence CP3 slo… Sat 12th Jun 2021 4:46am 164
CP3 with the clutch midrange J! Thu 28th Feb 2019 10:20pm 163
Ref touches Tatum's booty as Theis drains the midrange. Wed 25th Dec 2019 9:18pm 163
Dunn hits the midrange jumper to put the Bulls up 3 with 8 seconds left Sat 15th Dec 2018 10:53pm 158
De'Aaron Fox with the dagger midrange fadeaway Sun 1st Mar 2020 8:39pm 152
KD somehow gets the midrange shot to go while falling down and Mobley draped all … Wed 3rd Apr 2024 11:02pm 141
Jimmy Butler tough fadeaway midrange dagger. Game winning shot Wed 20th Dec 2017 11:17pm 138
Anthony Edwards does his Kobe imitation with the midrange pump-fake Tue 4th Oct 2022 9:36pm 125
Pistons defense forces the Warriors to take a bad midrange as the shot clock expi… Sun 30th Oct 2022 8:05pm 123
JR Smith It's hard to make Lebron look small but the things that Kyrie would doyo… Mon 18th Mar 2024 7:42pm 122
Crowder hits the midrange and the Sun lead is 12 with 1:35 to go Sun 23rd May 2021 6:04pm 121
Butler pulls up from midrange to put the Heat up 4 Fri 2nd Dec 2022 10:14pm 118
Ingram drains back-to-back midrange shots to reach 30 points in the first three q… Sat 26th Oct 2019 9:58pm 116
Wemby with the agile dunk from midrange Fri 10th Nov 2023 8:21pm 112
Zion casually pulls up for a midrange jumper Sun 18th Apr 2021 6:57pm 103
Jalen Green drills the midrange and 1 to give him 30 points in 3 quarters Fri 14th Oct 2022 8:47pm 103
HIGHLIGHT 6'4 Andrew Nembhard grabs 3 offensive rebounds in 1 play gets fouled wh… Fri 26th Apr 2024 10:44pm 102
Jrue puts the dance moves on Blake Griffin and drains the midrange Tue 19th Oct 2021 8:28pm 100
Jokic hits the clutch midrange over Turner Wed 9th Nov 2022 9:27pm 100
AD fakes the handoffs and dribbles into a midrange jumper for 21 points in the fi… Fri 2nd Dec 2022 8:33pm 100
Dr. J drains the clutch midrange over Magic Johnson to put the 76ers up 111-108 w… Sun 5th Sep 2021 12:38pm 95
Brandon Ingram hits Kevin Durant with the crossover drains the midrange and one Wed 19th Oct 2022 11:04pm 94
Aron Baynes beats the 1st quarter buzzer with the midrange jumper Sat 28th Apr 2018 8:33pm 93
Beal breaks Saric's ankles and sinks the midrange jumper Mon 11th Jan 2021 9:05pm 93
Brandon Miller hits an insane midrange fadeaway with the shot clock winding down … Mon 22nd Jan 2024 10:19pm 92
Good Game Random Player Vol 7 - Michael Doleac shows off his midrange game for 25… Wed 21st Sep 2022 9:15am 92
56 year old Haslem still hitting midrange jumpers in the NBA Wed 10th Nov 2021 11:04pm 89
Anthony Davis is shooting 1141268 outside of the paint this season including 7262… Thu 10th Nov 2022 2:24am 87
Norvel Pelle kicks the ball out of Porzingis's hands freeing him up for the open … Fri 20th Dec 2019 9:04pm 86
Tyrese Maxey wins the jump ball setting up a beautiful stepback midrange from Jam… Mon 24th Oct 2022 9:14pm 83
Kyrie continues the barrage with a midrange J! Wed 17th Apr 2019 9:08pm 82
DeRozan elevates for a midrange jumper to go up 2 Sat 18th Nov 2023 10:25pm 81
Booker makes a vintage midrange for 33 on the night while Derrick Rose answers fo… Fri 24th Nov 2023 7:12pm 80
Kyrie crosses up Delon Wright and sinks the midrange Sat 13th Mar 2021 9:11pm 77
Rockets continue a 16-0 run with a Sengun spin move Jalen Green midrange and a Ke… Sat 26th Nov 2022 9:13pm 76
Torrey Craig makes his defender stumble then hits the midrange jumper Wed 2nd Feb 2022 8:08pm 74
Jamal Murray hits the midrange jumper over KAT Holiday follows it up with a corne… Fri 10th May 2024 10:17pm 72
Luka fakes out two defenders and drills the fadeaway midrange! Mon 11th Feb 2019 8:39pm 72
Draymond Green hit a very rare midrange jumper in his carreer Sun 25th Jul 2021 6:53am 72
Luka puts the moves on Jabari for the midrange bank shot Sun 31st Mar 2024 8:01pm 71
Giannis hits nothing but air on the midrange Wed 17th Mar 2021 8:31pm 70
Dwight Howard prevents Ben Simmons midrange shot from counting Sun 21st Mar 2021 9:46pm 70
James Harden unleashes the midrange on his way to 16 points in the 4th quarter Thu 20th Oct 2022 10:19pm 70
John Wall goes behind the back to get himself open for the midrange bucket Thu 20th Oct 2022 11:56pm 70
Clippers defense shuts down the Lakers for a possession to force a contested midr… Fri 21st Oct 2022 12:25am 69
James Harden continues to deploy the midrange attack Sat 22nd Oct 2022 6:32pm 67
Kyrie taking over in crunch time as he gets all net on the midrange pull up Tue 19th Mar 2024 10:19pm 66
James Harden makes the clutch midrange as the shot clock expires to give the Sixe… Thu 20th Oct 2022 9:45pm 65
Chris Paul drains the midrange with Jeff Green in his face Mon 31st Aug 2020 11:20pm 64
Bontemps When asked about making a career-high 7 midrange shots tonight Harden sa… Fri 21st Oct 2022 12:46am 64
Bob McAdoo (6'9 1974 MVP) crosses over and spins into a midrange jumper Fri 6th Nov 2020 1:27pm 63
Last season Luka took 7.2% of his shots from midrange and made 39%, this season h… Fri 19th Mar 2021 11:50am 62
Luka makes Jerami Grant stumble and drills the midrange! Wed 8th Jan 2020 9:11pm 61
Glenn Robinson III loses Kawhi with the jab step and drains the midrange Sat 11th Jan 2020 12:07am 61
Giannis keep his pivot foot down and drains the midrange jumper Mon 8th Feb 2021 10:43pm 60
Kyrie sends Pritchard stumbling and drills the midrange Sat 22nd May 2021 9:59pm 57
Jrue Holiday sheds Exum and hits the midrange off glass Sat 27th Oct 2018 7:54pm 54
Jalen Brunson hits the midrange jumper and Stephon Marbury loves it Mon 6th May 2024 9:57pm 50
Dejounte Murray comes up huge again with a midrange to tie the game Sat 3rd Feb 2024 9:54pm 49
Embiid drains the spinning midrange jumper Sun 28th Apr 2024 1:45pm 46
Kyrie celebrating after Tatum midrange jumper - TNT Sat 28th Apr 2018 8:26pm 45
DLo toys around with Jaylen Brown before hitting a stepback midrange Fri 15th Nov 2019 11:07pm 44
Damian Lillard dances around with Ja Morant and drains the midrange despite good … Wed 12th Feb 2020 10:01pm 41
Harden D's up Giannis causing him to hit the side of the backboard for a shot clo… Thu 20th Oct 2022 10:45pm 41
Sixers defense guarding Jalen Brunson full-court Lowry sagging off of Hart to sho… Sat 20th Apr 2024 7:07pm 39
Lebron misses from midrange to send it to OT Thu 13th Feb 2020 12:35am 37
Kyrie crosses up PJ Tucker and hits the tough contested midrange Sat 12th Feb 2022 11:37pm 37
Ant throws the ball away steals it right back and hits the midrange jumper Sat 20th Apr 2024 3:58pm 35
Which center in the 90s was the best midrange shooter Sat 20th Aug 2022 5:10am 35
Tyus Jones puts Marvin Bagley into the spin cycle and drains the midrange Sat 21st Dec 2019 10:02pm 33
Day 17 Forgotten Playoff Performances - Rip Hamilton puts on a midrange clinic en… Wed 17th Aug 2022 11:00am 33
Which small forward in the 90s was the best midrange shooter Thu 29th Sep 2022 7:33pm 32
Ingram hits the tough midrange jumper to put the Pelicans up 21 against the Clipp… Fri 24th Nov 2023 11:01pm 31
Which power forward in the 90s was the best midrange shooter Sat 24th Sep 2022 8:42pm 31
Harden with another smooth midrange bucket Mon 6th Nov 2023 8:34pm 28
Tobias Harris passes on the 3 to pull up for the midrange Mon 31st Oct 2022 7:27pm 25
Steph Curry hits the clutch midrange to take the lead with 5.6 seconds left, plus… Thu 17th Feb 2022 12:34am 22
Harden pushes it in transition off the steal and hooks a pass to Kawhi who has al… Wed 8th Nov 2023 7:59pm 21
Hayward drains a midrange to make it a 2 point game Thu 12th Dec 2019 10:37pm 21
James Harden puts the moves on Dorian Finney-Smith and hits the stepback midrange… Wed 8th Nov 2023 8:19pm 19
KD showcases his sweet midrange game in several consecutive possessions in the th… Fri 18th Jun 2021 4:53am 19
Hawks rookie DeAndre Hunter drains the midrange jumper with LeBron James on him Sun 17th Nov 2019 11:37pm 18
Kevin Durant hits the midrange shot to give him 30 for the game Mon 31st Oct 2022 9:51pm 18
In terms of midrange shooting rank these four point guards for me Mon 3rd Oct 2022 10:35pm 13
While improving in shooting from other parts of the floor like the 3pt shot amp m… Tue 1st Nov 2022 5:22pm 13
Siakams play in the midrange 8th highest in the league Thu 3rd Nov 2022 12:21am 12
Harden bricks the open midrange Dennis Smith Jr finds Dayron Sharpe with the behi… Wed 8th Nov 2023 9:30pm 11
Jalen Brunson hits the midrange J for his 37th point of the night Thu 2nd May 2024 11:23pm 8
Kobe Bryant dominated the midrange and hit unassisted jumpers at a historic rate … Wed 24th Aug 2022 5:53pm 8
Top 5 midrange shooters Sat 26th Nov 2022 4:39am 7
Westbrook hits the top of the backboard from midrange Fri 21st Jan 2022 7:34pm 6
Who are the top 5 midrange shooters in nba history Fri 14th Oct 2022 7:33pm 6
Vintage Melo shows of his moves to hit the midrange jumper Wed 21st Apr 2021 12:28am 5
All-time all midrange team Mon 26th Sep 2022 11:29am 5
Clip request KD makes Schofield jump as he shakes and bakes then finishes over 2 … Mon 28th Nov 2022 9:17pm 5
Jaylen Brown somehow hits nothing but net on the midrange jump shot in traffic co… Thu 14th Mar 2024 9:22pm 4
Underrated unstoppable midrange shooters Sat 13th Aug 2022 10:50am 4
Wemby with the agile dunk from midrange Fri 10th Nov 2023 8:18pm 3
(Sound On) Chris Paul yells "layup" right before shooting his signature midrange … Sun 10th Nov 2019 12:13pm 3
Kent Bazemore tries to bring the Lakers back within 38 points but hits nothing bu… Sat 15th Jan 2022 11:10pm 3
What specific era visually had the best balance of 3'smidrange and offensedefense Sat 8th Oct 2022 1:33pm 3
Under the Radar: Malachi Flynn does his best Kyrie impression on a stumbling Cody… Tue 15th Dec 2020 8:21am 2
Durant is shooting an unprecedented 57 on midrange on 100 more attempts then any … Thu 8th Dec 2022 5:24pm 2
Embiid with an elegant spinning and falling midrange Sat 6th Apr 2024 9:18pm 1
Ingram drains back-to-back midrange shots to reach 30 points in the first three q… Sat 26th Oct 2019 9:57pm 1
Porzingis gets the ball in the post guarded by Reggie Jackson, can't move him and… Sat 29th May 2021 12:00am 1
Westbrook misses a contested midrange early in the shot clock amp late in the 4th… Sun 23rd Oct 2022 6:01pm 1
Kevin Porter Jr makes Westbrook fall but cant finish the midrange jumper Thu 12th Dec 2019 10:42am 0
Kyrie hits a beautiful midrange jumper, Westbrook responds with one of his own! Sun 3rd Jan 2021 7:55pm 0
Chris Broussard "Kevin Durants problem right now is that he doesn't shoot enough … Thu 6th May 2021 4:03pm 0
PG13 with the midrange Wed 2nd Jun 2021 10:32pm 0
What does Book do better than Mal on offense other than midrange shots Thu 11th Aug 2022 6:12pm 0
How many midrange shots and three point shots a game would Prime MJ take in today… Fri 7th Oct 2022 9:26pm 0
Edwards III Cade Cunningham is on a heater and its no coincidence that him averag… Wed 2nd Nov 2022 9:05am 0
Has anyone noticed that Giannis' midrange game seems to have declinedis slumping Tue 8th Nov 2022 8:13pm 0
Who are the top 5 midrange shooters right now Sat 12th Nov 2022 1:25am 0