NBA clips with handles

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Shaq asks a tough question and Donovan Mitchell handles it with ease Fri 22nd Jan 2021 12:53am 5,883
Harden shows off his handles then lobs it to DeAndre Sat 13th Mar 2021 8:15pm 4,027
Kemba Walker shows off his handles before the ridiculous finish Sun 2nd Dec 2018 5:48pm 3,105
Siakam shows off his tight handles with the crossover and finishes the tough and-1 Fri 8th Nov 2019 9:59pm 2,994
Steph Curry on who has the best handles in the league: "Obviously Kyrie is in the… Fri 30th Mar 2018 8:55pm 2,767
TJ McConnell: "I don't necessarily have Kyrie's handles, but guys just don't take… Wed 23rd Jun 2021 10:39am 2,463
Giannis man handles the Suns and the rim for the emphatic slam dunk Mon 12th Jul 2021 5:38am 2,380
Jaylen Brown with ridiculous handles and his ninth three! Sun 21st Mar 2021 5:58pm 2,280
Kyrie Irvings handles appreciation post Wed 25th Jul 2018 5:02am 2,059
Allen Iverson on if he thinks Kyrie has the best handles ever Hell Yeah He got th… Wed 21st Feb 2024 9:41pm 1,661
Prime Chris Paul showing off his signature crossover and ridiculous handles Mon 2nd Nov 2020 10:43am 1,531
Joel Embiid handles the ball with ease, going coast to coast and blowing by White… Thu 9th Dec 2021 7:28pm 1,450
Simmons shows off his handles Mon 2nd Dec 2019 8:47pm 1,442
Kevin Durant on Devin Bookers game after a poor shooting night: Book is an all ar… Tue 3rd Aug 2021 7:49am 1,418
Curry shows off the handles and banks in the insane hook Sun 17th Feb 2019 10:36pm 1,408
OG Anunoby makes the Magic look foolish with his newfound handles, ditching two d… Wed 5th Aug 2020 8:36pm 1,384
Harden shows off his handles on the bench Wed 16th Nov 2016 8:28pm 1,333
Does Kyrie Irving have the best handles of all time Sun 15th Mar 2020 11:19am 1,286
Robert Horry on Hakeem Olajuwon vs Shaq: "Hakeem was better. Shaq was more domina… Thu 10th Jun 2021 10:34am 1,234
Kevin Durant has some incredibly quick footwork and handles for someone who's nea… Thu 5th Nov 2020 1:31pm 1,128
Gobert shows off his handles and mid-range jumper Sun 7th Nov 2021 7:08pm 1,118
Marcus Smart flashes the handles, finds the open man, gets the long rebound, and … Mon 9th Oct 2017 8:10pm 942
John Wall has okay handles Wed 9th Nov 2016 9:09pm 786
Simmons shows off his handles Wed 9th Oct 2019 2:03am 733
Ant Edwards on Embiid I dont like all the fouls he gets but I love the game of ba… Thu 21st Dec 2023 2:28pm 715
Lebron manhandles KAT, forces jump ball Tue 14th Feb 2017 10:11pm 700
Steph Curry handles and throws a behind the back pass Sat 31st Oct 2015 9:27pm 680
Russell Westbrook shows off his handles and then attacks the rim Thu 10th Oct 2019 8:09am 676
Curry with some nice handles, then gets the bounce on the 3-point attempt Wed 5th Jun 2019 10:18pm 642
A young Kyrie dribbles through the entire opposing team with flashy handles durin… Tue 5th May 2020 6:08pm 592
Kyrie shows off his handles, splits the D, and lays it in Fri 13th Mar 2015 12:43am 590
Kyrie goes 1v4 with the ridiculous handles and layup to score 2 of his 20 4th qua… Sat 12th Feb 2022 11:33pm 580
Steph shows off his handles and loses Vucevic for the and-1 Mon 29th Mar 2021 11:42pm 523
Luka destroys Okogie's ankles with smooth handles Sat 12th Jan 2019 3:53pm 507
Kyrie shows off the handles and finishes with the baseline floater Sun 12th Mar 2017 9:26pm 506
Blake Griffin with the nice handles leading to a dunk Wed 25th Nov 2015 11:39pm 495
Darius Garland shows off his handles and finishes the layup around Kessler Edward… Mon 17th Jan 2022 5:03pm 487
Jayson Tatum displays his handles and hits the step back for 38 points. Fri 28th May 2021 10:25pm 447
Dirk on Franz Wagner We're all very excited about his futurehe has a great all-ar… Tue 6th Sep 2022 4:37am 409
Kyrie Irving showcases the handles and hits the turnaround shot Sun 21st Mar 2021 8:07pm 405
Kyrie shows off insane handles Mon 15th Mar 2021 8:43pm 382
20 year-old Kyrie Irving embarrassing the top players with his handles in the lea… Sat 31st Jul 2021 12:33pm 346
Brandon Ingram with nice handles to get to the rim, sends a no look pass behind h… Wed 7th Nov 2018 11:33pm 335
Kawhi gets Saucy with the handles Fri 23rd Nov 2018 9:02pm 334
Kyrie uses the silky smooth handles to beat Thybulle for the layup Wed 14th Apr 2021 7:36pm 332
LeBron shows his handles then gets the layup! - ABC Sun 25th Dec 2016 3:09pm 321
JaVale breaks out the handles and goes coast to coast for the layup Fri 14th May 2021 9:45pm 320
Kyrie with ridiculous handles and a nice finish Wed 3rd May 2017 9:02pm 312
Curry shows off some incredible handles (with replay) Mon 11th Jan 2016 11:59pm 304
LeBron James with an insightful answer on he handles all the constant scrutiny on… Sat 2nd Jun 2018 11:40pm 292
I'll never get tired of watching this clip of Stan Van Gundy's killer handles Mon 3rd Oct 2022 4:54pm 280
6'0 Paul shows off his handles against 7'0 Poeltl, nails the jumper Fri 9th Mar 2018 8:17pm 276
Anthony Bennett is working on his handles and jumpshot Sat 4th Jul 2015 1:41am 264
James Harden puts the handles on Trevor Booker. Tue 13th Dec 2016 1:35am 257
Kyrie Irving shows off his handles and scores a tough layup Sat 13th Feb 2021 10:24pm 257
Victor Wembanyama shows off his handles Sun 20th Nov 2022 2:17pm 255
Ben Simmons gets the steal and uses the sweet handles to find Seth Curry for the 3 Wed 28th Apr 2021 7:28pm 254
Embiid shows off the handles and hits the step-back corner 3 Sun 20th Feb 2022 9:26pm 242
Khris Middleton showing off the handles Wed 9th Oct 2019 9:12pm 238
Markus Howard shows off the silky smooth handles before draining the middy Wed 7th Apr 2021 11:33pm 237
Rodrguez with the fancy handles then passes it to the hot-hand Saric - CSN Sat 12th Nov 2016 8:47pm 235
Harry Giles shows off the handles and crosses TJ with the Behind-the-Back Dribble… Sat 2nd Feb 2019 10:41pm 233
Kyrie shows off his impressive handles on the drive and incredible finish Thu 9th Feb 2017 10:17pm 230
OG Anunoby manhandles Dwight Howard for the loose rebound Wed 20th Dec 2017 11:10pm 224
Bol Bol with the handles Sat 24th Apr 2021 12:26am 222
Russell Westbrook intercepts the alley-oop and then shows off his handles in tran… Wed 19th Apr 2017 9:03pm 221
Luka Doncic with crazy handles and toys around with Draymond Green Sat 28th Dec 2019 10:07pm 218
Bob McAdoo Mixtape -- the precursor to Kevin Durant. A compilation of his great h… Fri 6th Nov 2020 1:54pm 211
Porzingis with the sick handles scores on WCS Sun 4th Dec 2016 9:28pm 210
Giannis showing his improved handles as he fools Malik Monk and then dodges the w… Thu 8th Dec 2022 3:02pm 206
De'Aaron Fox got them some SICK handles to lose Curry Sat 15th Dec 2018 12:07am 204
Wemby showing off the handles and the footwork and the off hand Sat 23rd Mar 2024 11:08pm 189
Ben Simmons with the smooth handles drives in for a clutch 2 Fri 9th Nov 2018 9:54pm 183
Young Blake Griffin showing off his handles vs the Nuggets Sat 31st Aug 2019 2:54am 182
Mitchell on how he handles hostile crowds Sat 28th Apr 2018 2:22am 172
Amick on Trae Youngs relationship with the Hawks org Trae and the way that he han… Tue 6th Dec 2022 2:11pm 171
Grayson Allen with good handles then lobs it to no one in particular Fri 31st Jul 2020 5:12pm 167
Kyrie Irving shows off his handles and hits the midrange shot! Sat 29th Jan 2022 10:21pm 167
Kemba Walker puts on a clinic showing off his moves and handles Sat 13th Jan 2018 6:56pm 157
TNT: Stephs handles + Kat's open lane Tomahawk Monster Mobile view Sun 17th Feb 2019 9:08pm 153
s Norman Powell with an offensive foul and some talk with Luka with a replay Irvi… Fri 26th Apr 2024 10:20pm 152
Kyrie shows off the slick handles and drills the jumper Sat 9th Mar 2019 10:40pm 147
Javale shows off his handles and then turns the ball over Mon 25th Jan 2021 10:05pm 147
Jamal Murray shows off hops and handles at his basketball camp Thu 9th Aug 2018 10:09am 144
Anthony Edwards does a couple of handles and steps back for his 3rd straight 3 po… Tue 20th Apr 2021 10:29pm 140
Curry shows off the handles as he dribbles through the defense for the tough fini… Wed 24th Feb 2021 9:24pm 134
Jamal Murray with the handles and jumper over Capela Tue 13th Nov 2018 11:30pm 133
Kyrie shows off his amazing handles and finishes at the rim Tue 22nd Dec 2020 7:58pm 131
Kemba Walker gets fancy with the handles then nails the triple Wed 17th Jan 2018 8:08pm 128
Donovan Mitchell showing off his handles Sat 3rd Mar 2018 12:23am 126
Tyrese Maxey shows off the handles and hits the dirty stepback Fri 10th Nov 2023 7:55pm 120
Kyrie shows off his insane handles and hits the tough layup Mon 15th Mar 2021 9:16pm 119
Bol shows some amazing handles passing it to Markelle Fultz for his second three … Fri 9th Dec 2022 7:21pm 110
Wiggins mishandles the lob from Tyus Jones but slams it home anyway. Mon 12th Oct 2015 8:13pm 108
Kyrie Irving shows off his handles making Middleton dance..and finishes with a be… Sat 5th Jun 2021 9:07pm 108
Kyrie shows off his handles then sticks the J! - ABC Sun 25th Dec 2016 2:55pm 99
Paul George on how he handles the pressure of an elimination game I think the bea… Fri 3rd May 2024 2:26am 96
Jalen Brunson with the handles and a stepback to open the scoring Thu 17th Oct 2019 10:59pm 90
Ja Morant slices through the defense with the handles and contorts to finish the … Tue 27th Apr 2021 6:27pm 90
Kris Humphries shows Love handles Sat 7th Aug 2021 1:14pm 87
Lou Williams riles up the Clippers' bench with his slick handles Thu 4th Jan 2018 11:49pm 83
Curry shows off the handles as he crosses his way to an easy layup Sat 23rd Dec 2023 10:42pm 82
Irving with the fluidity and handles leads to back to back three's on the inside … Thu 1st Nov 2018 10:20pm 80
Crowd chanting for D.Wade during DLo's postgame interview. DLo handles it with cl… Wed 10th Apr 2019 11:29pm 77
CJ McCollum uses his handles to get an open floater from nothing Fri 26th Mar 2021 10:18pm 72
Kemba Walker shows off his handles and darts between James Johnson and Willied Re… Thu 29th Dec 2016 8:56pm 71
Kyrie shows off the handles and puts back his own miss Fri 19th Feb 2021 12:05am 71
Kendrick Perkins and Siakam have identical handles Sun 18th Oct 2020 5:02am 69
Bones Hyland shows off his smooth handles and range as he hits back to back three… Fri 7th Jan 2022 9:49pm 68
Blake Griffin shows the handles and drives baseline for the crazy up and under la… Sun 29th Oct 2017 12:22am 66
Donovan Mitchell working on his handles Fri 20th Jul 2018 11:55pm 66
Sengun shows the handles against Vucevic and hits a ridiculous spinning fadeaway … Thu 11th Jan 2024 6:25am 65
John Wall shows off his handles, gets to the rim, and lays it in! Mon 6th Feb 2017 8:57pm 64
Crafty handles and a floater by Jamal Crawford, DeAndre dances on the bench Thu 22nd Dec 2016 11:33pm 61
Ben Simmons with sweet handles, sick pass out for the triple. Fri 9th Nov 2018 7:57pm 60
Jamal Crawford uses some nice handles to get rid of Jeremy Lamb and dishes it to … Sun 5th Nov 2017 10:01pm 59
Mason Plumlee decides he's a guard and swiftly loses two defenders with some slic… Thu 3rd Dec 2015 11:32pm 58
Joe Ingles manhandles Embiid and sends him to the line Fri 19th Jan 2024 8:59pm 56
r/nba Can you tell me why my handles and shot/form are trash and how I can improv… Sat 31st Dec 2016 1:51am 56
Westbrook with the mean handles! Tue 5th Feb 2019 8:56pm 56
Blake Griffin with the handles Thu 14th May 2015 11:00pm 55
CJ McCollum has some underrated handles. Here he is doing unspeakable things to D… Wed 1st Jul 2020 2:10pm 55
Jamaal Crawford shows off his handles after the whistle Fri 27th Feb 2015 10:55pm 54
John Wall shows off his handles, gets the steal on the other end and finishes the… Sun 26th Feb 2017 5:55pm 52
Darius Bazley shows off his handles and euro steps around the defense to finish w… Fri 11th Feb 2022 8:14pm 51
Lillard nice handles and finish for the And one Tue 12th Dec 2017 12:32am 50
Celebrity All-Star Game: Ray Allen shows off his handles and hits the fading mid-… Fri 15th Feb 2019 8:48pm 50
Andre Drummond busts out the handles on the fast break Sun 25th Feb 2018 2:46pm 48
Jayson Tatum flashes the slick handles and hits the long 2 over Chriss Tue 27th Mar 2018 9:49am 48
Wes Matthews absolutely man handles Miles Bridges for the putback to tie the game… Tue 11th Jan 2022 6:59pm 48
Kemba Walker shows off his amazing handles and maneuverability on his way to the … Sat 31st Dec 2016 9:31pm 47
Livingston with the handles and behind the back pass to Thompson for three Sat 11th Nov 2017 10:38pm 47
Kyrie with the handles and drains the three early ! | ESPN Fri 3rd May 2019 8:22pm 46
Donovan Mitchell shows off the wingspan handles and passing Thu 30th Nov 2023 7:50pm 44
Interview Coach Ryan Saunders on Luka Doncic: "His size is a major challenge for … Wed 4th Dec 2019 8:24pm 44
Chet Holmgren showing off his handles Wed 1st Nov 2023 8:23pm 42
Harden puts the handles on Griffin &amp finds Anderson for the Deep 3 Thu 2nd Mar 2017 6:19pm 42
DJ Augustin embarrasses Taurean Prince with his handles, sends him to the floor Thu 8th Feb 2018 7:54pm 41
Caruso shows off the saucy handles Fri 26th Jan 2024 12:54am 39
Harden incredible footwork and handles late in the fourth Wed 31st Jan 2018 1:18am 37
Jefferson and Shumpert can't believe Kyrie's handles Mon 1st May 2017 9:17pm 34
Kyrie puts on a handles display and finishes for 2 Thu 27th Oct 2022 9:04pm 34
Garland with the handles and gets the alley oop to Thompson! Sat 26th Oct 2019 8:34pm 33
MaxRappaport Strength - Vision // 3PT shot // handles // frame // intangibles. Lo… Sat 1st Apr 2017 8:51am 32
Derozan working on the Sick handles Offseason. GOT EM! Thu 22nd Aug 2019 5:17am 31
The Asian PROFESSOR-- Sick handles! Thu 24th Mar 2016 1:53am 30
Lamelo Ball uses his handles and size for the tough layup Thu 11th Mar 2021 8:10pm 30
JR Smith with the handles and finish Wed 24th Oct 2018 9:03pm 29
Westbrook tries to show off his sick handles and winds up turning the ball over t… Tue 11th Feb 2020 10:23pm 28
Jeff Teague shows off his handles all the way down the court for the And-1 Thu 29th Oct 2015 9:47pm 27
Coby White with the beautiful handles and finds DeRozan for the layup Sat 23rd Mar 2024 9:30pm 25
Dort shows off his handles and finishes the layup over Markkanen! Sat 15th Jan 2022 9:26pm 24
Tatum with the handles and shoots a 3 over Wiggins With replay Tue 19th Dec 2023 10:48pm 23
CJ Mccollum breaks Avery Bradley down with the sweet handles Tue 5th Mar 2019 10:13pm 23
Zach Randolph shows off his handles drains the step-back fadeaway Fri 30th Dec 2016 1:32am 21
Tobias Harris manhandles Mason Plumlee in a clutch monster block with 1:17 to go … Mon 9th Jan 2017 8:59am 19
Kyrie Irving shows off his handles at Nike Basketball Taiwan Sat 22nd Jul 2017 8:28pm 19
Morant keeps the defense on their toes with his handles and finishes with the cra… Sat 27th Mar 2021 12:22am 18
Kyrie showin off the handles Tue 1st Jun 2021 8:20pm 18
Kosta Koufos showing off the handles in a workout video (h/t:kostakoufos) Fri 4th Aug 2017 5:19pm 17
Kyrie with the smooth handles for the layup Tue 23rd Dec 2014 10:38pm 13
Kid shows off handles at Nuggets halftime show Tue 16th Jan 2018 10:32pm 13
Embiid shows off the nasty handles and runs the fast break to perfection, getting… Sat 12th Feb 2022 9:41pm 13
Which player has better handles Sat 15th Oct 2022 4:36pm 13
KAT has handles Wed 13th Apr 2016 8:43pm 12
Jusuf Nurkic mishandles the pass but smoothly transitions to a run towards the ba… Thu 27th Oct 2022 1:51pm 12
Lebron's reaction to how he handles "physical plays" Sun 22nd May 2016 6:49am 11
Jay Williams shows off his handles going coast to coast and going under his defen… Fri 15th Feb 2019 8:39pm 11
Ray Allen shows off the handles and hits the fadeaway! Fri 15th Feb 2019 8:34pm 10
Jaren Jackson Jr. Shows off the handles, takes Gobert to the rack Fri 2nd Nov 2018 11:52pm 9
Kyrie proving his handles once again Sun 12th Mar 2017 9:58pm 6
Garland with the handles and alley oops to Thompson! Sat 26th Oct 2019 8:30pm 5
Potential draft prospect LaMelo Ball drops defender twice with nasty handles Sun 6th Oct 2019 1:20am 4
Kyrie Irving takes the whole Lakers team to school with the handles Wed 8th Nov 2017 8:27pm 3
Nice handles and a step-back jumper by LeBron Fri 2nd Dec 2016 9:47pm 2
Dancin with the devil- Trae Young shows off his handles (fans perspective) Tue 8th Feb 2022 8:05pm 2
Javale McGee with the sick handles and off the charts lob Sat 16th May 2020 2:56pm 1
Point Draymond with the handles takes it coast to coast and makes sure to taunt t… Thu 21st Mar 2024 8:14pm 0
Lamelo nice handles and big buckets to put the Hornets up late Thu 25th Feb 2021 11:19am 0
Stephen A Smith handles the Donovan Mitchell trade the best way he can Thu 1st Sep 2022 7:16pm 0
Is it crazy that I think Trae Young has better handles than Stephen Curry Sat 8th Oct 2022 2:53pm 0