NBA clips with game winning

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Lebron James game winning three! - TNT Wed 25th Apr 2018 9:44pm 29,825
Tyson Chandler game winning block Spectrum SportsNet Sun 11th Nov 2018 11:57pm 10,363
Damian Lillard with the DEEP game winning three Sun 14th Jan 2024 9:54pm 7,884
Anthony Davis hits the game winning three. Fri 6th Feb 2015 10:45pm 7,126
LeBron hits a game winning three Sun 10th May 2015 6:06pm 6,774
Gary Harris game winning 3 at the buzzer Fri 2nd Feb 2018 12:57am 6,131
Nikola Jokic with the game winning touchdown Sat 2nd Feb 2019 11:31pm 4,748
Chimezie Metu, a career 24% three point shooter burries the game winning 3 at the… Thu 30th Dec 2021 12:56am 4,591
Kevin Durant hits the game winning three pointer! Wed 3rd Feb 2016 10:18pm 4,103
Patrick Beverley mocks Westbrooks shooting ability after he misses a potential ga… Sat 23rd Nov 2019 2:17am 4,068
Playoff Rondo casually walks off after his game winning inbounds pass Mon 21st Sep 2020 8:17am 3,940
Michael Jordan gets fouled on game winning dunk but makes it anyways Thu 19th Mar 2020 6:00pm 3,820
Anthony Davis says "Kobe!" after hitting game winning shot Sun 20th Sep 2020 11:13pm 3,772
Marcus Smart misses the game winning floater and the Kings stop the Celtics streak Sun 17th Nov 2019 5:58pm 3,643
Kuzma sinks the game winning corner three with .6 seconds left! Wed 8th Dec 2021 9:57pm 3,478
Cole Anthony tries to distract Desmond Bane as he shoots the game winning free th… Fri 18th Feb 2022 10:05pm 3,330
Isaac Okoro hits the game winning layup with 0.3 seconds left Sat 12th Dec 2020 9:30pm 3,173
Tim Duncan with the game winning block against James Harden Fri 10th Apr 2015 10:43pm 3,047
Kyle Lowry in game winning assist: "I got a 712 guy on me, but I just waited and … Thu 3rd Sep 2020 9:36pm 2,811
NBA's epic slo mo on court angle of Paul George's game winning floater against th… Sat 23rd Feb 2019 1:50am 2,807
Goran Dragic's potential game winning three is a wedgie Sun 6th Sep 2020 6:06pm 2,563
LeBron James steps out of bounds during the game winning layup attempt Fri 12th Jan 2018 9:30pm 2,251
Kristaps Porzingis hits a game winning three but it's waved off. Wed 11th Nov 2015 9:31pm 2,168
Marquese Chriss game winning block on Taurean Prince Tue 2nd Jan 2018 11:28pm 2,167
New Cavalier Alec Burk's game winning slam dunk against the Nets Mon 3rd Dec 2018 10:02pm 2,044
Curry postgame on LeBron's game winning shot: "All time great players make great … Thu 20th May 2021 1:49am 1,902
Jae Crowder game winning shot for the Celtics. Tue 14th Apr 2015 9:59pm 1,890
Steph on his game winning shot against OKC in 2016: "That was probably one of the… Sun 19th Jan 2020 1:36pm 1,817
D-Wade &amp Udonis Haslem crying laughing reminiscing on the Heatles: "You or Bro… Sun 5th Apr 2020 5:12pm 1,775
Wemby gets the game saving block and then Sochan misses the game winning heave on… Sun 7th Jan 2024 3:31pm 1,602
DeMarcus Cousins called for offensive foul (6th Foul) on the game winning layup. Tue 1st Nov 2016 10:49pm 1,597
Trae Young wraparound pass to the corner for Dejounte Murray's eventual game winn… Fri 10th Nov 2023 12:18am 1,570
Avery Bradley rejects Gordon Hayward's potential game winning shot attempt Sat 8th Jul 2017 12:55pm 1,547
Nikola Jokic: I think Russ fell asleep on the last game winning play, just let Ga… Fri 2nd Feb 2018 1:14am 1,518
Archie Goodwin game winning SLAM Thu 13th Oct 2016 12:13am 1,497
OC Made another BIG commercial, Paul Georges game winning floater Wed 27th Feb 2019 7:15pm 1,453
Kawhi Presser: "That's something i never experienced before.. Game 7 game winning… Sun 12th May 2019 10:41pm 1,398
The Boban game winning 3 rims out, Timberwolves win the game Thu 17th Dec 2020 11:19pm 1,185
Butler with the game winning block against Booker Mon 14th Nov 2022 9:53pm 1,122
Deandre Ayton with the game winning flush Wed 23rd Jun 2021 12:06am 1,099
Patrick Beverley bumps D'Antoni after securing the game winning rebound. Fri 9th Dec 2016 10:47pm 1,074
Romeo Langford hits the game winning 3 pointer for the Boston Celtics Mon 4th Oct 2021 9:56pm 1,009
Side by side comparison: Paul Pierce's waved off buzzer beater from Game 6 this s… Mon 18th May 2015 10:16am 948
Kyrie hits game winning 3 in the Celtics first open scrimmage Tue 25th Sep 2018 6:41pm 929
Manu Ginobili gets the game winning block on James Harden to win Game 5 in 2017 p… Sun 28th Jul 2019 11:39am 922
Harden hits the game winning 3 in OT over two Warriors Fri 27th Nov 2020 12:20pm 921
Slow-mo replay of Dinwiddie's game winning block on Dame Sat 9th Mar 2024 12:54am 912
KAT hits the game winning floater with 5 seconds to go Sat 18th Nov 2023 9:32pm 873
Jrue Holiday on the game winning steal and alley-oop Giannis was screaming for it… Sun 18th Jul 2021 1:04am 842
KCP hits the INSANE game winning three in 2OT! Mon 9th Jan 2017 12:00am 811
Steve Kerr talks about what actually happened in the Bulls huddle, before his gam… Sun 6th Sep 2015 10:47am 810
Dennis Schroder hits the game winning 3 against the Knicks Mon 16th Jan 2017 3:25pm 748
PJ Washingtons game winning layup caps off Mavs win over the Warriors Fri 5th Apr 2024 11:15pm 722
Wesley Matthews with the game winning 3 Tue 17th Jan 2017 10:28pm 700
Brandon Knight blows wide open game winning layup in OT vs Nets Tue 24th Aug 2021 8:46am 654
Kobe hits the game winning shot at the buzzer to give the Lakers a 3-1 lead again… Fri 4th Dec 2020 9:15am 629
Derrick Rose game winning shot against the Cavaliers Wed 22nd Aug 2018 7:22am 623
Blake Griffin game winning shot Sun 26th Nov 2017 12:21am 607
Russell Westbrook misses game winning three pointer. Fri 11th Nov 2016 10:38pm 592
Harden pushes off and bricks the potential game winning 3 Wed 10th Apr 2019 12:52am 550
Julius Randle blocks John Wall's potential game winning lay up in overtime Thu 26th Oct 2017 1:18am 540
John Wall game winning shot vs. Magic Wed 28th Oct 2015 9:42pm 534
Jokic game winning attempt is no good with great defense by PJ Tucker Fri 5th Apr 2024 12:47am 531
Wizards miss two potential game winning shots - TNT Tue 2nd May 2017 10:46pm 531
Dellavedova gets arguably the clutchest offensive rebound of all time (and easily… Mon 9th Nov 2020 7:57pm 514
Ham Last Two Minute report confirms that Tyler Herro traveled on his game winning… Thu 3rd Nov 2022 4:42pm 498
Lowry bricks the game winning shot ABC Mon 10th Jun 2019 11:37pm 495
Raptors after their 3 game winning streak Mon 26th Feb 2024 11:36pm 468
Kyrie Irving's game winning shot vs Warriors in Game 7 of Finals last year alongs… Tue 7th Feb 2017 2:01pm 441
Victor Oladipo hits the game winning lay-up Wed 8th Apr 2015 9:26pm 427
Derrick Rose's post-game interview and alternate angles of his game winning shot Sun 20th Jan 2019 9:44pm 407
Shaq with the game winning fadeaway at the buzzer Wed 8th Apr 2020 2:55pm 401
Tyler Herro hits the massive game winning 3 to put the Kings to bed Wed 2nd Nov 2022 9:58pm 396
Raymond Felton's game winning layup. Sat 11th Apr 2015 12:24am 379
VanVleet misses the game winning 3 Tue 1st May 2018 10:52pm 372
Underrated turning point in the Bucks' postseason run - Jrue Holiday hitting the … Wed 21st Jul 2021 10:24pm 364
Anthony Davis on LeBron's game winning three: "We might need to poke LeBron in hi… Thu 20th May 2021 1:11am 357
Kyrie's game winning 3 pointer over the Raptors Fri 28th Oct 2016 10:19pm 354
After struggling to shoot for most of the game, Donovan Mitchell sinks the game w… Mon 28th Dec 2020 10:40pm 313
Jayson Tatum and the Celtics successfully defend Harrison Barnes game winning sho… Mon 20th Nov 2017 10:52pm 311
Anthony Davis game winning alley oop vs. Hornets Fri 15th Jan 2016 10:36pm 296
Powell's potential game winning three won't fall as we head to 2OT Wed 9th Sep 2020 9:25pm 291
Paul Pierce iso for the game winning shot (Celtics vs. Heat game 3, 2010) Tue 28th Apr 2020 8:33am 288
Melo frustrated after TJ hits game winning shot Wed 11th Jan 2017 11:52pm 282
McMenamin The LA Clippers will tip off their regular season against the Los Angel… Sun 14th Aug 2022 9:41pm 282
Court side view of Jokic's game winning block. Sun 13th Feb 2022 2:45pm 281
The defensive possession right before Bams game winning shot. Bam contests Kyrie … Sun 18th Apr 2021 6:02pm 276
Alex Len game winning block on Jimmy Butler Sat 16th Dec 2017 10:33pm 269
Jayson Tatum blocks Donovan Mitchell's game winning hoist and the game goes into … Wed 2nd Nov 2022 10:08pm 264
KAT Hits the game winning bucket and shows off his stank face to the dismay of St… Fri 20th Jan 2017 1:09am 263
Zach Norvell with the game winning 3 pointer vs the Sacramento Kings! Wed 3rd Jul 2019 6:56pm 255
This kid is never washing his hand after high fiving the man who hit the game win… Fri 25th Nov 2016 8:58pm 240
Rudy Gay air balls the game winning three point attempt and hits Koufos in the he… Tue 1st Nov 2016 10:10pm 224
LAL vs SAS The game winning layup attempt, no commercial. Thu 5th Apr 2018 2:16am 221
Giannis post game breaks down his game winning block on DeAndre Ayton Thu 15th Jul 2021 8:38am 218
Paul George on four-game winning streak, whats changed defensively, says Thunder … Mon 5th Nov 2018 1:58pm 207
B-Ball Paul Reed plays amazing defense in the final seconds of the game and SWATS… Tue 13th Feb 2024 9:06am 202
Is this Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver climbing over the players' bench &amp go… Thu 13th Oct 2016 2:10pm 196
In rookie Bogdan Bogdanovic's 17th game of his NBA career, he drills the game win… Tue 14th Aug 2018 6:59pm 196
Derrick Rose scores 17 fourth quarter points and the game winning shot for the Pi… Mon 9th Dec 2019 11:33pm 192
Porter's game winning shot against the Mavs Sun 20th Nov 2022 10:00pm 192
Brad Stevens game winning play call compared with an old play he used to run at B… Sun 6th May 2018 9:05pm 180
Jeff Malone with possibly the craziest game winning shot ever Wed 6th May 2020 1:55pm 178
Tyreke Evans with the clutch game winning basket over the Raptors. Sun 18th Jan 2015 5:58pm 168
Brook Lopez hits the game winning tip-in! Fri 4th Mar 2016 11:44pm 167
Bam on if he's ever hit a game winning buzzer beater before tonight: "Yeah, high … Sun 18th Apr 2021 11:41pm 164
Nate Robinson nails a game winning 3 and then goes for opposing team Rashad McCan… Sun 24th Jun 2018 2:22am 163
Jokic's game winning attempt goes in and out Wed 8th Dec 2021 10:22pm 163
Greg Monroe finds Troy Daniels for the game winning three Thu 21st Dec 2017 11:22pm 159
Evan Mobley with the game winning block Tue 30th Apr 2024 10:37pm 147
In 1997 WCF Kobe Bryant, 18 year old rookie, airballs 3 game winning/tying shots.… Mon 23rd Mar 2020 12:36am 145
Draymond Snapchat Draymond with the great view of Neymar's game winning penalty k… Sat 20th Aug 2016 8:02pm 144
Anthony Davis misses his first free throw in what would have been the game winnin… Sun 16th Feb 2020 11:33pm 133
Caris LaVert misses the game winning shot Mon 28th Dec 2020 9:47pm 132
SGA gets the game winning steal Tue 23rd Jan 2024 10:25pm 131
New footage of Michael Jordan's game winning shot over Craig Ehlo Tue 20th Mar 2018 9:18am 127
Beal blocks Gary Harris' game winning attempt! Sun 9th Jan 2022 8:30pm 123
Andrew Wiggins hits the deep game winning buzzer beater against OKC Tue 6th Aug 2019 10:41pm 121
Day 103 of goated playoff performances Anthony Davis duels Jokic in the 4th quart… Mon 17th Oct 2022 1:35am 112
Tyrese Haliburton breaks down his thought process on his game winning pass to And… Tue 29th Nov 2022 1:48pm 110
Tyler Ulis with the Suns game winning 3 after IT loses the ball. Sun 5th Mar 2017 7:46pm 108
Kobe Other players can't relate to that sort of stuff To that type of pressure Th… Sun 24th Dec 2023 9:09pm 106
Brook Lopez hits the game winning tip-in to beat Knicks Wed 1st Apr 2015 9:59pm 105
Michael Jordan hits game winning shot right at the buzzer 1997 NBA Finals Game 1 Mon 15th Aug 2022 7:00am 101
Harden has the open lane but passes up the game winning shot (NBA All Star 2020) Sun 16th Feb 2020 11:29pm 98
Joel Embiid with a game winning steal and gets to the line Tue 2nd Apr 2024 10:02pm 97
Baron Davis knocks down the game winning three off the dribble to end the close g… Fri 6th Jul 2018 9:52pm 93
Scottie Barnes misses the game winning floater and the game goes to OT Sun 5th Nov 2023 6:02pm 91
38 Year old Michael Jordan does it again to the Cavs, hitting a game winning shot… Mon 23rd Nov 2020 4:41pm 89
DeMarcus Cousins called for offensive foul (6th Foul) on the game winning layup, … Tue 1st Nov 2016 10:31pm 87
Caruso's broken heart and the Lakers' reaction after Harkless' game winning shot Wed 10th Apr 2019 12:57am 84
Mike Brown on Tyler Herro's game winning shot He traveled Wed 2nd Nov 2022 11:33pm 83
Kareem's game winning hook shot from the free throw line Mon 30th Sep 2019 6:48pm 81
Scottie Barnes with the game winning dunk against the Pacers Thu 23rd Nov 2023 2:50am 79
Tobias Harris hits game winning 3 against Kings Fox Sports NBA Fri 6th Mar 2015 9:35pm 79
Joe Harris bricks the game winning shot Mon 28th Dec 2020 10:04pm 76
Jalen Brunson dishes to Dwight Powell for the game winning dunk! Sun 31st Mar 2019 6:02pm 75
Kris Dunn draws the foul for the game winning free throws Sat 9th Dec 2017 10:24pm 71
Mathurin misses the game winning 3 but gets fouled Mon 8th Jan 2024 9:30pm 70
Damian Lillard hits game winning shot to beat the Warriors in OT Fri 28th Dec 2018 1:47am 67
Kawhi with a clutch game winning bucket against Portland Sun 18th Aug 2019 10:49pm 67
Pacers rookie Andrew Nembhard hits the game winning 3 to beat the Lakers Tue 29th Nov 2022 1:03am 64
Detroit has a 6 game winning streak against Toronto they will try to increase tod… Mon 14th Nov 2022 3:25pm 63
Day 102 of goatee playoff performances Magic Johnson sons the Celtics in Game 4 w… Sat 15th Oct 2022 11:29pm 62
Demarre misses second game winning free throw in a row. Game going to OT! Wed 26th Dec 2018 9:54pm 61
Gilbert Arenas with the coolest game winning buzzer beater ever Sun 11th Aug 2019 1:56pm 59
Minnesota K-Love with a game winning three against the Clippers and Hubie Brown w… Wed 27th May 2020 2:25pm 59
Kobe Bryant hits 3 consecutive clutch shots including game winning shot and stop … Tue 30th Aug 2022 1:05pm 59
Poole can't get the game winning three over LeBron Fri 1st Mar 2024 12:50am 57
Lamar Patterson hits the DEEP game winning 3 in the D-League Sun 8th Jan 2017 1:00am 56
Kevin Durant air ball the game winning shot in game 7 against Milwaukee Sun 4th Sep 2022 10:12pm 56
Fred VanVleet with the game winning and-one! Fri 7th Jul 2017 7:52pm 54
Draymond's game winning attempt from another angle Tue 9th Feb 2021 12:13pm 52
One of the tensest and craziest 20 seconds in NBA history The end of game 7 Nugge… Fri 2nd Sep 2022 2:17pm 51
Dennis Schroders game winning jumper doesn't go in so the game goes to Overtime Sun 4th Sep 2022 10:28am 51
Day 7 of Best 2022 Playoff Performances Joel Embiid with 3313 and the game winnin… Mon 3rd Oct 2022 9:11am 51
Luka Doncic is 03 for game winning shots to start the season Sat 29th Oct 2022 11:48pm 49
PG gets the game winning block on Garland on the backswing Streamable Mon 8th Apr 2024 1:42am 48
Peja Stojakovic, one of the greatest 3-point shooters of all time, airballs the p… Wed 7th Sep 2016 3:25pm 48
Luka Doncic with the game winning three! Fri 30th Mar 2018 3:07pm 48
LeBron James hits a game winning 3 against the Warriors February 12th, 2014 Fri 20th Mar 2020 11:41pm 48
2005 - Sophomore Dwyane Wade sinks game winning buzzer beater vs Knicks MSG Tue 9th Jun 2020 11:55pm 48
Van Vleet misses the game winning shot Tue 1st May 2018 10:53pm 47
Elfrid Payton goes ISO at the end of regulation, barely misses the game winning t… Mon 30th Jan 2017 10:23pm 46
Dinwiddie hits the game winning layup and avoids coronavirus in the process! Wed 18th Mar 2020 6:46pm 46
Jeremy Lamb Post game interview after game winning triple Fri 5th Apr 2019 9:25pm 45
Tony Parker late game back to back mid-range ice to help snap the Nuggets 7 game … Sat 8th Dec 2018 5:19am 42
Torrey Craig makes a monster block on Vassell's potentially game winning shot Sun 16th May 2021 4:23pm 41
2002 Playoffs Ref waives off Baron Davis' game winning shot and Reggie Miller hit… Fri 2nd Sep 2022 10:40am 40
The Bulls nearly win their sixth title behind Toni Kukoc 30 points on 1113 FG in … Tue 30th Aug 2022 1:46am 39
I Thomas misses another game winning shot attempt with seconds to go in OT! Fri 11th Dec 2015 10:14pm 38
Jamal Murray hits the game winning 3 with less than a second left Fri 9th Dec 2022 9:27am 37
Rondo ices Kemba on a potentially game winning free throw. Tue 26th Jan 2016 2:04am 35
Jokic misses game winning three attempt - ALT Sun 1st Apr 2018 10:36pm 34
Westbrook's insane game winning 3 to beat the Nuggets Sun 9th Apr 2017 7:29pm 32
EuroleagueRudy Fernandez crazy game winning 3 point buzzer beater vs Panathinaikos Thu 28th Mar 2019 5:20pm 32
Kobes insane clutch performance vs the Raptors: 41 points, 11 assists, 3 clutch 3… Tue 24th Mar 2020 2:55pm 31
Joel Embiid misses the game winning 3 in OT! Tue 23rd Oct 2018 10:06pm 30
Did Jerami Grant travel on his game winning shot Sat 5th Nov 2022 12:37am 30
Jarrett Jack hits the game winning jumper vs Warriors Mon 2nd Mar 2015 9:56pm 29
ESPN cuts to commercial on the game winning shot Thu 5th Apr 2018 1:23am 29
Ginobili's game winning block in OT Tue 9th May 2017 10:57pm 28
Luka Doncic's game winning three (courtside view) Thu 15th Apr 2021 5:54am 28
Kobe Bryant's game tying and game winning shot vs Suns 2006 WCFR - Game 4 Thu 18th Aug 2022 11:27am 28
Kongs' De'Aaron Fox with the game winning putback against the Heat Thu 25th Jan 2018 10:29pm 27
Fultz and Paul George both miss game winning looks in a tied game Wed 7th Dec 2022 9:32pm 27
Tobias Harris hits the eventual game winning shot, sinking a triple to put the Si… Sat 18th Jan 2020 10:02pm 26
Eric Bledsoe knocks down the game winning 3 over Damian Lillard in OT! Thu 3rd Nov 2016 1:05am 25
Donovan Mitchell pulls up for the game winning 3 with only 47 minutes in the game Thu 25th Mar 2021 1:38am 24
Raptors fans express how they felt about LeBrons game winning shot. Sun 6th May 2018 8:23pm 23
Another angle of Lowry's incredible pass over Tacko Fall to OG for the game winni… Thu 3rd Sep 2020 11:03pm 22
Warriors choke a 22 point lead Steph Curry decides not to take the last shot and … Sat 2nd Dec 2023 6:51pm 21
Hawks hit three 3s in three possessions to start a game winning 19-2 run Wed 25th Jan 2017 11:44pm 21
Giannis Antetokounmpo 40146 game winning block vs Sixers Thu 11th Aug 2022 10:53pm 21
Tyson Chandler gets the game winning block on Trae Young Hawks vs Lakers 2018 Fri 26th Aug 2022 10:39am 21
Jaylen Brown knocks down the game winning 3 pointer Wed 28th Mar 2018 11:57pm 19
Emotional Kyrie Irving after missing game winning shot was picked up by his entir… Wed 23rd Oct 2019 10:29pm 19
Blake Griffin misses game winning jumper Wed 16th Jan 2019 9:18pm 18
Courtside view of Demar Derozans game winning shot against the Indiana Pacers Fri 31st Dec 2021 6:18pm 17
Jamal Murray calls game with the game winning 3 Fri 9th Dec 2022 12:49am 17
Westbrook nails the game winning three! Fri 22nd Dec 2017 10:38pm 14
Tim Duncan leads the Spurs on a comeback in the 4th quarter culminating in a Sean… Fri 2nd Sep 2022 7:38pm 14
Evan Turner game winning 3 to beat Blazers Fri 23rd Jan 2015 12:22am 13
Bronny James steals ball and hits the game winning layup against his Dads alma ma… Sat 14th Dec 2019 10:26pm 13
Deron Williams hits a game winning three with no time left to beat the Kings! Tue 5th Jan 2016 11:30pm 11
Jaylen Brown blocks Markelle Fultz's potential game winning layup Mon 3rd Jul 2017 9:25pm 11
Courtney Lee misses the game winning layup in Game 2 of the 2009 Finals Wed 25th Jul 2018 5:38pm 11
Jokic seals it with the insane game winning block on OG Sat 12th Feb 2022 9:49pm 11
RJ Barrett misses the game winning shot Wed 31st Mar 2021 11:17pm 10
E'Twaun Moore game winning 3 pointer. Thu 5th Mar 2015 10:43pm 9
LeBron James passes it to himself by throwing it off Giannis for the game winning… Tue 19th Dec 2017 10:26pm 8
Justin Champagnie tips in Fred Vanvleet's game winning shot attempt but it was af… Wed 8th Dec 2021 9:55pm 8
Kyrie Irving.clutch and game winning shots comp Mon 4th Sep 2017 11:34pm 7
Ian Clark airballs wide open potential game winning 3. FeelsBadMan Mon 22nd Jan 2018 10:48pm 7
Siakam with a phenomenal denial on the potential game winning lob Wed 14th Nov 2018 10:00pm 7
Jimmy Butler's game winning buzzer beater against the Nets Wed 28th Dec 2016 10:37pm 6
The best of Ben Simmons during the Sixers current 11-game winning streak. Wed 4th Apr 2018 1:42pm 6
Manu comes up big with the game winning block on Harden during the 2017 playoffs … Mon 27th Aug 2018 4:36pm 6
Denzel Valentine plays perfect defense on Zach Lavines game winning attempt Fri 13th Aug 2021 1:18pm 6
LeBron James with the game winning hook with seconds left in the game Sat 28th Nov 2015 10:04pm 5
CJ McCollum with the game winning rebuttal of Dirk! Tue 7th Feb 2017 11:00pm 5
Buddy Hield Misses the game winning shot. Misses everything Sun 26th Nov 2017 12:20am 5
Patrick Beverley mocks Westbrooks shooting ability after he misses a potential ga… Thu 7th May 2020 10:40am 5
Randle misses the game winning attempt and the Cavs hold on to win the game! Mon 24th Jan 2022 9:27pm 5
Deron Williams hits a game winning 3 against the King in 2OT Tue 5th Jan 2016 11:30pm 4
Westbrook nails the game winning three against the Hawks! Fri 22nd Dec 2017 10:49pm 4
Kawhi Leonard drills a game winning shot on his now Clippers teammate Paul George Mon 23rd Mar 2020 5:40pm 4
Kawhi misses game winning layup, Aldridge misses game winning putback Thu 10th Nov 2016 12:12am 3
Spurs 2-way player Jaron Blossomgame winning alley oop lay-in for the Austin Spurs Tue 14th Nov 2017 2:44pm 3
Young fan calls LeBron's game winning shot vs Pacers before it goes in Thu 26th Apr 2018 5:54pm 3
Derrick Rose game winning shot against the Cavaliers Sat 18th Aug 2018 10:05am 3
Jae'Sean Tate wins the game by hitting the game winning layup Fri 18th Feb 2022 10:32pm 3
James Harden with the game winning buzzer beater! Fri 23rd Jan 2015 11:31pm 2
Archie Goodwin hits the game winning 3 with 0.1 seconds left for the Suns Sun 24th Jan 2016 1:39pm 2
Boban attempts the game winning 3 but rattles in and out Thu 17th Dec 2020 11:20pm 2
Fox hits the game winning three in OT after the Magic force a turnover on the inb… Sat 5th Nov 2022 7:47pm 2
NYK Jalen Brunson grabbing Phi Tyrese Maxey's jersey with no foul called resultin… Tue 23rd Apr 2024 1:12am 1
Jesse Wagstaff gets open for the game winning layup to beat South East Melbourne … Fri 29th Jan 2021 7:33am 1
OC 9 years ago today Westbrook hits the game winning 3 with 01 seconds left Nov 2… Tue 29th Nov 2022 11:28pm 1
Durant misses the game winning fadeaway at the buzzer Thu 9th Nov 2023 2:10am 0
James Harden lunges on Draymond Green on the game winning shot attempt, bricks it Thu 30th Apr 2020 1:17pm 0
Russell Westbrook misses the game winning three Mon 4th May 2020 6:34am 0
RJ Barrett misses game winning shot Wed 31st Mar 2021 11:23pm 0
Early in this past season Giannis missed a game winning shot against the Suns. Bo… Fri 23rd Jul 2021 7:04am 0
Lebron begs for free throws after missing game winning shot Mon 15th Aug 2022 1:25am 0
Golden State double Kawhi at the end of the game forcing Kyle Lowry to attempt a … Fri 19th Aug 2022 6:20pm 0
The Bucks opened the season on a 9-game winning streak and are now 13-5 What's th… Sun 27th Nov 2022 9:56pm 0