NBA clips with alley

Title Date Upvotes
Giannis jumps over Tim Hardaway Jr. for the alley-oop Tue 6th Feb 2018 9:06pm 33,077
LeBron defends Jordan Bell's self alley-oop: "Were all men. Stop me from dunking.… Tue 24th Oct 2017 1:47pm 13,647
Superfan travels from Taiwan to watch Vince Carter play. Vince meets him to throw… Fri 9th Feb 2018 10:37pm 8,640
Rondo off the backboard alley oop to Anthony Davis Tue 10th Apr 2018 12:03am 6,289
Willie Cauley-Stein throws down the NASTY one-handed alley-oop Thu 9th Feb 2017 12:39am 5,209
Kyle Anderson with an incredible falling out of bounds 360 no scope alley oop to … Mon 5th Mar 2018 10:22pm 5,081
Lonzo Ball 70-foot alley oop to Kyle Kuzma! - ESPNU Sat 15th Jul 2017 10:17pm 4,477
Mitchell alley-oop to Collins! Fri 16th Feb 2018 10:47pm 4,142
Clippers' beautiful ball movement leads to DeAndre's alley-oop slam Wed 4th Oct 2017 2:00am 4,070
Wembanyama completes the alley-oop mid play without the alley Fri 22nd Dec 2023 12:06am 4,057
Mozgov blocks a KD alley oop on behalf of the rest of the NBA Wed 19th Oct 2016 11:42pm 3,716
The Phoenix Suns use an alley oop to teach the Spurs a lesson: nobody beats them … Thu 8th Feb 2018 12:59am 3,547
Derrick Rose activates jets and throws alley oop to Jeff Green Tue 10th Oct 2017 8:56pm 3,466
A Matt Barnes alley-oop turns into a banked-in 3 Sun 27th Nov 2016 7:44pm 3,265
Lonzo hits the buzzer beater alley oop() Wed 14th Mar 2018 11:43pm 3,242
Boogie connects with AD for the reverse alley oop Tue 14th Mar 2017 9:38pm 3,065
Donovan Mitchell throws down a nasty one handed alley oop Sun 7th Jan 2018 5:00pm 3,046
Lonzo mean mugs the camera after converting the alley oop Tue 12th Dec 2017 10:29pm 2,969
Donovan Mitchell throws down an insane alley oop for his 15th point of the half Thu 30th Nov 2017 11:28pm 2,917
Ref overlayed on top of LeBron's self alley-oop Sun 11th Jun 2017 2:51pm 2,908
Wade strips Thompson and dekes out KD with an alleyoop pass to Green! Mon 15th Jan 2018 9:24pm 2,693
Jaylen Brown skies for the ridiculous, acrobatic and-1 alley oop lay-in Sat 4th Mar 2017 12:33am 2,679
Kawhi Leonard throws down the massive alley-oop over Blake Griffin Fri 24th Apr 2015 10:41pm 2,434
Rajon Rondo finds Rudy Gay for the game-tying, buzzer-beating alley-oop Mon 23rd Nov 2015 9:23pm 2,432
Larry Nance Jr. gets the steal and finishes the incredible alley-oop dunk - FS Oh… Mon 5th Mar 2018 7:56pm 2,395
LeBron on whether to expect more Wade-LeBron alley-oops: "I'm still athletic and … Wed 27th Sep 2017 1:15pm 2,295
Rondo off-the-head alley-oop to Eric Bledsoe during the UK Alumni game Sat 26th Aug 2017 12:13pm 2,189
Alex Caruso post game on his lob to Travis Wear: "I knew Travis is athletic. Peop… Tue 11th Jul 2017 12:59am 2,177
Lonzo Ball throws down the one-handed alley-oop Wed 22nd Nov 2017 11:34pm 2,159
AD destroys Wade on the alley-oop slam Fri 23rd Feb 2018 9:09pm 1,945
Harden nonchalantly throws a 48 foot alley oop to Eric Gordon Sun 3rd Dec 2017 10:53pm 1,780
Giannis with the nasty alley oop dunk Mon 19th Mar 2018 8:06pm 1,729
Dwyane Wade to LeBron James for the alley-oop slam Sun 14th Feb 2016 8:45pm 1,692
Dennis Smith Jr. soars high and gets his first NBA basket off the alley-oop! Wed 18th Oct 2017 8:48pm 1,658
Steven Adams flies high for the alley-oop from Westbrook Sun 7th Jan 2018 9:57pm 1,587
George Hill with 2 alleys, LeBron James with 2 oops Sun 25th Mar 2018 3:19pm 1,580
Ricky Rubio finds Donovan Mitchell on the alley-oop Sat 30th Dec 2017 8:20pm 1,528
Kristaps Porzingis runs the floor and finishes the alley oop at full speed Wed 16th Nov 2016 8:26pm 1,520
Ben Simmons Reverse alley oop dunk Sun 1st Apr 2018 2:48pm 1,471
Curry behind the back to Iguodala who sets up Barbosa for the alley-oop lay-up Wed 10th Feb 2016 12:38am 1,467
Nikola Jokic with an impressive one-handed lob to Faried for the alley-oop Thu 12th Jan 2017 3:55pm 1,464
Wade tosses the familiar alley oop to LeBron Tue 17th Oct 2017 10:29pm 1,382
Wade turns back the clock and finishes the alley-oop from J-Rich Thu 8th Mar 2018 9:59pm 1,332
Spurs run a beautiful alley-oop play for LMA to tie it up with 1.6 seconds Tue 4th Apr 2017 10:54pm 1,323
Hayward and Ingles connect on a STRONG alley-oop Fri 24th Feb 2017 8:42pm 1,282
Donovan Mitchell flies up for the alley-oop from Ricky Rubio! Mon 4th Dec 2017 10:39pm 1,265
Nikola Joki with an outstanding fake-hook-shot-pass to Aaron Gordon for the alley… Sat 2nd Mar 2024 10:53pm 1,246
Marcus "Cobra" Smart hustles leading to a Guerschon Yabusele alley-oop Fri 6th Oct 2017 9:22pm 1,196
Reaves to LeBron alleyoop Thu 2nd Nov 2023 1:03am 1,195
TJ and Simmons connect on a beautiful alley oop Tue 6th Mar 2018 7:32pm 1,175
Curry with the spectacular no-look lob in traffic to Bogut for the alley. Blazers… Fri 8th Jan 2016 11:38pm 1,167
Dragic throws a halfcourt alley oop to Wade- who finishes with the one handed slam Mon 4th Jan 2016 8:25pm 1,159
Nwaba throws down the ridiculous alley-oop over Richard Jefferson Sun 19th Mar 2017 11:17pm 1,132
Russell Westbrook with a ferocious finish on an alley-oop pass by D.J. Augustin. Tue 24th Mar 2015 9:10pm 1,123
Kyle Lowry touch pass/alley oop to Jimmy Butler. Fri 29th Jul 2016 11:04pm 1,098
Rudy Gobert blocks Kevin Durant, leads the break, and throws the alley-oop to Jae… Tue 10th Apr 2018 10:07pm 1,068
Jonathon Simmons comes out of nowhere to finish the alley-oop Sat 10th Dec 2016 9:14pm 1,017
Luka Doncic with a full-court alley-oop pass to Derrick Jones Jr for the dunk wit… Tue 19th Mar 2024 8:18pm 1,011
Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid connect on the alley oop Wed 3rd Jan 2018 8:33pm 968
JR and Lebron connect again for a filthy alley oop Mon 14th Mar 2016 10:47pm 953
Zach LaVine skys in for the alley oop Sat 2nd Jan 2016 10:19pm 860
Lowry and DeRozan connect on a half court alley-oop. Sun 19th Nov 2017 4:07pm 825
Marquese Chriss skies for the alley-oop jam Sun 22nd Jan 2017 7:56pm 823
Kyrie with the steal and fastbreak alley-oop to Kevin Love Wed 21st Jan 2015 8:48pm 822
Lonzo finishes the alley oop from Clarkson Mon 2nd Oct 2017 11:17pm 811
JR makes the steal and alley oops it off the glass for Lebron Wed 27th Jan 2016 8:32pm 797
Looks like the Wade to Lebron alley oops are a bit rusty Wed 11th Oct 2017 1:46pm 782
Bam with the huge alleyoop jam! Sat 24th Feb 2018 9:35pm 771
Jaylen Brown steals the ball and finishes the sick alley oop lay up Mon 15th May 2017 9:52pm 760
Wiggins goes up high to throw down the powerful alley-oop Sat 4th Nov 2017 9:30pm 746
Giannis throws it down off the alley-oop from Middleton and the Knicks call timeo… Tue 5th Dec 2023 9:07pm 713
Jordan Bell gets UP for the alley-oop from Andre Iguodola Wed 25th Oct 2017 11:11pm 698
Giannis THROWS down the alley-oop over two OKC defenders Sun 24th Mar 2024 9:09pm 693
Wade throws a alley oop to Butler Sat 8th Oct 2016 9:12pm 681
JR Smith's steal on the inbound leads to a Lebron James alley oop Thu 5th Feb 2015 9:07pm 676
Ben Simmons with the lob pass to Richaun Holmes for the alley-oop Fri 6th Apr 2018 7:29pm 659
Klay alley oop jam! Sat 27th Jan 2018 9:16pm 657
Brian Scalabrine loses it as Deni Avdija throws up the alley oop to the ref with … Fri 9th Feb 2024 8:04pm 616
s Jamal Murray with a clutch fadeaway mid-range shot and then a beatiful set play… Sun 25th Feb 2024 9:38pm 605
JR Smith almost finishes an insane alley-oop from Lebron Thu 22nd Jan 2015 12:02pm 601
Brook Lopez with a crazy assist for the alley-oop Fri 24th Feb 2017 11:14pm 587
PJ Washington with his first bucket for the Dallas Mavericks - an alley-oop dunk … Sat 10th Feb 2024 3:39pm 579
Mitchell to DSJ alleyoop. Fri 16th Feb 2018 9:40pm 573
LeBron James throws down a monster alley-oop dunk Fri 27th Mar 2015 10:50pm 566
Mt. Whiteside with the alley-oop eruption over Portland's Ivory Towers Sun 20th Dec 2015 3:47pm 556
Spurs with a beautiful out of bounds play leads to a Dewayne Dedmon alley oop dunk Sun 18th Dec 2016 8:58pm 545
IT & LeBron connect on another alleyoop! Mon 15th Jan 2018 9:12pm 540
Donovan Mitchell skies for the alley-oop Thu 15th Mar 2018 10:22pm 515
Russell Westbrook completes his triple-double with a half-court alley-oop pass Fri 15th Jan 2016 8:43pm 509
TT practically jumps over Dunleavy for falling alley-oop layup Thu 14th May 2015 8:38pm 507
Aaron Gordon left-handed alley-oop Tue 23rd Feb 2016 9:43pm 489
Shaqtin' A Fool moment: Bismack Biyombo and Aaron Gordon jump for the same alley-… Wed 30th Nov 2016 12:19pm 472
Gerald Green takes off and finishes the alleyoop! Tue 10th Jan 2017 9:35pm 470
Irving to Mozgov alley oop leads to a poster Tue 26th May 2015 9:26pm 468
Sauce Castillo finishes alley oop from Sergio, causes young fan to lose his mind Sat 19th Nov 2016 9:35pm 461
Anthony Edwards comes flying in for the alley oop from Conley Thu 18th Jan 2024 11:37pm 450
Porzingis slams home a one-handed alley-oop on one end then blocks a shot on the … Mon 30th Oct 2017 9:31pm 445
Harden alley oop to Capela (bonus yell included) Sun 27th Nov 2016 11:18pm 444
LeBron to Tristan Thompson alleyoop. Mon 12th Jun 2017 11:01pm 442
Shumpert dunks on Boozer after an inbound alley oop pass by Irving Sun 8th Feb 2015 4:21pm 441
Tim Duncan throws a lob from behind the 3 point line to Kawhi for the alley oop Mon 2nd Nov 2015 8:21pm 420
Clint Capela gets the clutch and-1 alley oop off the crazy Rockets hustle Thu 9th Nov 2017 10:39pm 414
Whiteside throws down a monstrous one-handed alley-oop from Wade Thu 3rd Dec 2015 8:15pm 412
Hali-to-Obi no look alley from half court Thu 7th Dec 2023 7:16pm 411
Dewayne Dedmon baptizes Justin Anderson on the alley oop Wed 30th Nov 2016 10:45pm 402
Collin Sexton throws a self alley-oop off the floor and finishes with a 360 dunk Wed 27th Dec 2023 8:26am 398
Warriors put the exclamation point on a 10-0 run in OT. Steal, Draymond to Iggy f… Sun 15th Nov 2015 1:01am 392
Kyrie -&gt JR -&gt Lebron for the alley oop slam Wed 27th Jan 2016 8:42pm 378
Embiid denies the alley-oop, saves the ball and transition 3! Thu 12th Jan 2017 11:16am 376
Durant can't finish alley-oop pass from Green Thu 25th Jan 2018 10:52pm 373
s LeBron locks in on defense stops driving Wiggins then blocked Holmgren's alley-… Mon 4th Mar 2024 11:17pm 361
Jabari Bird to Kadeem Allen back to Jabari Bird for the fastbreak alley-oop Mon 9th Oct 2017 9:55pm 354
Iguodala stares down Manu after finishing the alley-oop! Tue 17th Apr 2018 2:20am 354
Joe Ingles throws the alley-oop to Donovan Mitchell Sat 17th Mar 2018 10:33pm 353
Trayce Jackson-Davis doing it allblocks Giannis twice at the rim on one end and t… Wed 6th Mar 2024 11:52pm 352
Rubio and Wiggins connect for the inbounds alley-oop with 0.5 seconds left in the… Mon 14th Mar 2016 11:17pm 349
Montrezl Harrell destroys Felton's layup attempt, then runs the court to finish a… Fri 30th Dec 2016 9:14pm 347
Kyrie throws it to LeBron for the alley-oop off the backboard Sat 8th Oct 2016 8:21pm 341
Russell alley-oop to Mozgov Sat 5th Nov 2016 12:11am 331
Andrew "Spider-Man" Bogut throws down an alley-oop from Curry Wed 7th Dec 2016 4:03pm 318
Oladipo throws down a huge alley oop dunk Fri 20th Oct 2017 8:11pm 305
Klay lob for a Javalley-oop Fri 10th Feb 2017 9:58pm 301
Kuminga gets WAY up for the alley oop slam Thu 7th Dec 2023 12:27am 298
Harden with the halfcourt alley-oop to Gerald Green for his 14th dime of the game! Sun 25th Mar 2018 9:33pm 298
Anthony Davis game winning alley oop vs. Hornets Fri 15th Jan 2016 10:36pm 296
Two wild saves from the Wolves lead to a halfcourt alley-oop from Dunn to Muhammad Thu 26th Jan 2017 8:47pm 293
Anthony Davis blocks Jokic on one end, throws down a monster alley oop from Boogi… Tue 4th Apr 2017 9:20pm 290
Brook Lopez blows the easy alley-oop Thu 14th Dec 2017 9:11pm 289
The greatest dunk ever missed Vince Carter's half-court inbound off the backboard… Wed 20th Mar 2024 2:01pm 285
Klay Thompson through defenders legs leads to alley oop Thu 13th Aug 2015 11:05pm 285
DeRozan throws down the alleyoop off a nice pass from Cory Joseph Tue 22nd Dec 2015 10:12pm 283
Russell Westbrook flies sky high above the rim to detonate the alley oop from Har… Sat 30th Dec 2023 4:38pm 278
Marcus Smart takes the elevator up to finish the alley-oop! Sun 2nd Apr 2017 3:23pm 278
Lebron with a mean pass to JR Smith which then leads to an alleyoop to TT Tue 26th May 2015 10:07pm 270
Kyrie Irving gets the steal, goes behind the back, then hits Al Horford for the a… Wed 1st Nov 2017 8:52pm 270
Harden connects with a half court alley-oop to Capela Sun 20th Nov 2016 1:41pm 269
Rudy Gobert insane reverse alley-oop over Dragan Bender Wed 7th Dec 2016 5:00pm 265
Kyrie Irving alley-oop dunk from a different angle with many replays Luka cannot … Tue 6th Feb 2024 11:30pm 259
Gerald Green somehow converts this alley oop Sun 4th Oct 2015 10:41pm 258
Jokic steals the ball from Ingram runs the break and throws the alley-oop to Mich… Tue 7th Nov 2023 1:34am 255
Jaylen Brown turnovers the ball and 6'2'' Cole Anthony with a one-handed alley oo… Fri 24th Nov 2023 3:52pm 249
Peyton Watson strips the ball finishes the alleyoop Sun 29th Oct 2023 5:22pm 248
Hezonja throwing down off an alley-oop from Elfrid Payton Mon 6th Jul 2015 4:39pm 244
John Collins skies to throw down the big one-handed alley-oop. Wed 31st Jan 2018 8:03pm 236
Aaron Gordon with the reverse dunk on the halfcourt alley-oop Fri 20th Jan 2017 9:25pm 234
Giannis meets Semi at the rim and Jabari dunks the alley oop on the other end. Fri 20th Apr 2018 10:23pm 232
Boogie Cousins alley oop to Griffin, followed by put back by Drummond Thu 13th Aug 2015 11:59pm 228
John Wall to Markieff Morris for the alley-oop on Paul Millsap Sun 16th Apr 2017 2:59pm 226
Dwight Howard shows how healthy he is with a ridiculous alley oop from Jason Terr… Sun 26th Apr 2015 9:37pm 224
Anthony Davis gets up HIGH for the alley oop Sun 14th Feb 2016 9:41pm 223
Isaiah Thomas shows he can still pass with a beautiful alley oop to Zubac Thu 1st Mar 2018 9:37pm 222
Russell Westbrook intercepts the alley-oop and then shows off his handles in tran… Wed 19th Apr 2017 9:03pm 221
Jae Crowder breaks Bojan Bogdanovi ankles leading to the alley-oop dunk by LeBron Fri 8th Dec 2017 8:01pm 220
s Luka with a bullet alley-oop pass on the fastbreak to Derrick Jones Jr for the … Sat 10th Feb 2024 4:07pm 218
Nerlens throws down the nasty alley-oop Tue 7th Mar 2017 9:22pm 218
Zach LaVine nonchalantly soars to a vicious alleyoop Tue 17th Jan 2017 9:26pm 217
Emeka Okafor throws down the alley oop in 2018 Mon 26th Feb 2018 8:25pm 214
Anthony Davis with his massive 6th block of the night on one end and a huge alley… Wed 7th Mar 2018 11:31pm 213
LaMelo throws the alley oop to Miller from beyond halfcourt Sat 18th Nov 2023 6:50pm 210
Terry Rozier connects with Avery Bradley from beyond halfcourt for the alley oop Fri 18th Nov 2016 8:54pm 207
LeBron throws down the alley-oop over Scotty Pippen Jr Wed 27th Mar 2024 8:30pm 205
Kelly Olynyk sneaks behind the Cavs defense for the alley-oop. Sun 12th Apr 2015 4:19pm 205
Keyonte George finds Lauri Markkanen for alley-oop slam Sat 13th Jan 2024 12:14am 202
Christian Braun gets up high for the alleyoop dunk Sun 29th Oct 2023 5:54pm 198
Wemby throws down a huge alleyoop Fri 22nd Mar 2024 9:49pm 196
Steph Curry with a hook alley-oop pass from the 3pt line Tue 1st Dec 2015 4:17am 191
Jamal Crawford with the beautiful alley oop to Jimmy Butler off the tip out from … Thu 15th Feb 2018 11:06pm 191
Cam Whitmore launches it to Jalen Green for an alley-oop dunk and his 11th assist… Tue 6th Feb 2024 7:34pm 183
Richard Jefferson posterizes Kaminsky from a LeBron alley-oop pass Fri 24th Mar 2017 7:47pm 182
LeBron James cuts inside and throws down the two hand alley-oop from AD Sat 6th Apr 2024 5:39pm 181
Porzingis with an unusual but effective alley-oop Sat 11th Jul 2015 5:26pm 181
Donovan Mitchell flies to throw down the Rubio alley-oop! Fri 12th Jan 2018 8:12pm 181
Kyrie to Lebron for the sick alley-oop Mon 5th Dec 2016 7:45pm 178
Hibbert throws up the alley oop but makes the shot instead Wed 18th Jan 2017 9:17pm 178
Josh Jackson blocks Brewer and finishes the alley-oop on the other end Wed 7th Feb 2018 12:44am 177
Derozan with a disgusting one handed alley oop Fri 15th Dec 2017 8:08pm 176
Sixers are really rolling: Noel pokes ball away from 3J McC, Ish Smith throws the… Sat 16th Jan 2016 9:15pm 173
Aaron Gordon with a crazy alley oop dunk against the Cavs Fri 18th Mar 2016 8:31pm 173
NBA Becky Hammon dishes to Rudy Gay for the alley-oop slam pregame! Tue 7th Nov 2017 7:46pm 173
Myles Turner rejects Robert Covington's alley-oop attempt Wed 9th Nov 2016 9:30pm 172
Calm minded Nic Batum 09 sec alley Oop Sun 26th Nov 2023 2:40am 170
Lebron to K Love for the alley oop Wed 20th Jan 2016 8:13pm 170
Javale McGee rejects Donatas Motiejunas and converts the alley-oop on the other e… Sat 8th Apr 2017 11:12pm 169
Kyle Anderson with the half court alley to Dewayne Dedmond Thu 15th Dec 2016 10:11pm 165
Eurobasket: Kristaps Porziis finishes the alley oop! Sun 10th Sep 2017 6:07am 163
DSJ to Collins alleyoop. Fri 16th Feb 2018 9:18pm 163
Jimmy Butler throws it up to D-Wade for the #MarquetteConnection alley oop jam Wed 16th Nov 2016 12:20am 162
Brilliant spurs play capped off with pretty Manu reverse alley oop Mon 27th Mar 2017 9:17pm 162
Back-to-back alley oops for Porzingis Sun 11th Feb 2024 2:37pm 158
Luke Kornet finishes 2 alley-oops blocks 2 shots and gets a steal all within a fe… Mon 4th Dec 2023 8:23pm 151
Julius Randle and Jalen Brunson show off the synergy with the alley-oop after com… Tue 23rd Jan 2024 9:43pm 149
s Nets convert crazy alley oop to end the 3rd Sat 10th Feb 2024 8:11pm 149
Jaylen Brown ignites the crowd with the alley oop slam late in the half to cut th… Thu 3rd May 2018 9:48pm 148
Kyrie hits Lebron from the 3pt line for the alley oop Tue 20th Dec 2016 8:22pm 146
Kenneth Faried skies to block the alley-oop! Sun 1st Nov 2015 7:30pm 144
RJ hits Lebron with the alley oop, reacts hilariously Mon 21st Mar 2016 9:00pm 144
Kyrie Irving gets the steal and finds Jayson Tatum for the alley oop to tie the g… Mon 20th Nov 2017 10:47pm 144
DeAndre Jordan gets way up for an alley oop just like old times Sun 7th Jan 2024 10:02pm 143
A KAT block leads to a Jimmy Butler slam off a Wiggins alley-oop Sun 31st Dec 2017 5:28pm 141
Porzingis is wide open for an inbound alley-oop, but can't grab the short pass Fri 13th Nov 2015 10:02pm 140
Spurs' hit annual alley oop quota last night with this Tim-to-Kawhi monster slam. Sat 31st Oct 2015 3:10pm 137
Brandin with an alley-oop to GP2 as he finishes with an audacious reverse layup Sat 10th Feb 2024 10:36pm 135
Durant throws the alley oop to Westbrook Sun 19th Feb 2017 8:43pm 135
Khris Middleton finds Giannis for the reverse alley-oop to give the Bucks a 10 po… Sat 13th Jan 2024 10:15pm 134
LeBron throws an alley oop to Mozgov from beyond half court Fri 8th May 2015 8:29pm 134
Dillon Brooks catches the 3/4 court pass in midair and throws the alley oop to Iv… Sun 8th Apr 2018 4:51pm 134
Giannis spins and slams it over Sochan Wembanyama self alley-oop on the other end Thu 4th Jan 2024 8:10pm 132
Deandre finishes the alley-oop from Pierce with a reverse slam Sat 14th Nov 2015 4:25pm 131
Bam impossibly makes the alley-oop off the top of the backboard Thu 28th Dec 2023 11:57pm 129
Andre Miller alley-oop to DeMarcus Cousins for the nasty dunk! Wed 11th Mar 2015 9:35pm 128
s Victor Wembanyama with a block on GG Jackson at the one end and a sick alley-oo… Sat 23rd Mar 2024 12:30am 126
Giannis goes HIGH to finish the alley-oop Sat 31st Dec 2016 9:53pm 126
Clint Capela pumped up after alley-oop! Sat 4th Mar 2017 11:40pm 125
Lu Dort blocks Trae Young which leads to the J-Dub alley oop on the other end wit… Mon 6th Nov 2023 10:35pm 122
Russell Westbrook throws down a one-handed alley oop with malicious intentions Mon 16th Feb 2015 12:20am 120
Oladipo SOARS for the alley-oop slam Fri 9th Mar 2018 8:55pm 120
Frank Kaminsky from the three-point line to Dwight Howard for the reverse alley-o… Mon 29th Jan 2018 8:09pm 118
Rudy gay finishes the fast break alley-oop from Rondo Thu 8th Oct 2015 11:35pm 117
Teague no look alley-oop to Taj Sun 1st Oct 2017 11:12am 117
Rubio connects on the half-court alley oop to Wiggins Wed 27th Jan 2016 8:14pm 116
Westbrook lets out a PRIMAL ROAR as he flies high to complete the alley-oop from … Fri 26th Jan 2024 11:27pm 115
Gerald Green gets up for the alley oop from Jonas Jerebko Sat 15th Oct 2016 9:18pm 115
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson throws down the one-handed dunk off of Courtney Lee's all… Sat 5th Aug 2017 12:54pm 115
Zion runs the fast break and finishes the alley oop with power Sat 16th Mar 2024 7:54pm 113
Bismack Biyombo makes spectacular block, leading to spectacular alley-oop Mon 20th Nov 2017 7:54pm 113
Cam Whitmore almost hits his head off the backboard as he finishes the alley oop Fri 22nd Dec 2023 11:56pm 109
Dellavedova with the alley-oop to Lebron on the fast break Thu 11th Jun 2015 10:53pm 107
Middleton throws down the alley-oop from Bledsoe to put an exclamation point on t… Fri 26th Jan 2018 10:25pm 107
KD to JaVale for the alley-oop Sun 4th Jun 2017 8:33pm 106
Marquese Chriss' alley-oop slam hits the back iron, bounces up in the air, and st… Sun 26th Feb 2017 5:50pm 104
Gordon Hayward throws down the alley-oop from Joe Ingles Wed 9th Nov 2016 7:51pm 103
Avery Bradley steal leading to the ferocious alley oop by Andre! Tue 28th Nov 2017 12:35am 103
Draymond inbounds and pushes the ball, leading to a Bogut alley-oop Wed 18th Nov 2015 12:52am 102
Sam Dekker flies for the alley oop Sat 11th Feb 2017 11:42pm 102
Mario Hezonja throws down the half-court alley oop from Shelvin Mack Wed 4th Apr 2018 7:55pm 102
Josh Smith alley oop to Dwight Tue 21st Apr 2015 11:34pm 101
Duncan to Kahwi for a repeat of last night's alley oop Tue 12th Jan 2016 8:20pm 101
Jonathan Isaac blocks Lebron gets a great contest on AD then the Magic take it th… Sun 5th Nov 2023 11:20am 100
Josh Smith with back to back alley oops to Dwight Howard! Fri 27th Mar 2015 11:02pm 100
Dwight Powell falls to his death but completes the alley oop. Worth it. Sun 24th Jan 2016 5:33pm 100
Aaron Gordon gets a clutch steal before finishing the alley-oop! Fri 19th Feb 2016 9:37pm 100
Ingles lobs it to Gobert for the high flying alley oop! Mon 2nd Oct 2017 10:19pm 100
Kyrie comes off the pick and finds Al Horford for the alley oop dunk over Brandon… Mon 30th Oct 2017 8:29pm 100
Beverley with the chase down block off the alleyoop pass Thu 19th Oct 2017 11:28pm 99
Jeremy Sochan alley oops to himself his own miss under the rim for the easy dunk Sat 16th Mar 2024 12:03am 97
Smart stops the wade to butler alley-oop and it ends in a bradley dunk Sun 23rd Apr 2017 8:56pm 97
Jimmy Butler spins and wins with the alley-oop! Fri 1st Jan 2016 10:05pm 96
Naji Marshall with the lob to Trey Murphy for the alley oop jam With Replay Fri 15th Mar 2024 9:56pm 95
Lonzo Ball with the soft touch, this time on the receiving end of a Julius Randle… Mon 20th Nov 2017 1:17am 95
KAT throws an alley oop to Zach Lavine who injures himself on the landing Tue 1st Nov 2016 8:42pm 94
LeBron NASTY one handed alley-oop slam! Sat 11th Mar 2017 8:50pm 94
Luka alleyoop to Lively as the Mavericks set a franchise record 24-0 run vs OKC Sat 2nd Dec 2023 11:19pm 93
Shaun Livingston triggers a Draymond Green to Iguodala fast break alley oop Tue 21st Apr 2015 12:40am 93
Wade with a perfect alley-oop to The Great Wall of Whiteside Mon 28th Mar 2016 8:31pm 92
Cavs onslaught continues with LBJ alley oop to Derrick Willams Tue 14th Mar 2017 7:46pm 92
Kevin Durant with a 3 point play off an alley-oop from Westbrook Fri 2nd Jan 2015 10:19pm 91
Lebron hurts his elbow on an alley-oop from Mo Williams. Fri 13th Nov 2015 8:46pm 91
Patty Mills with the alley, Dewayne Dedmon with the oop! Sun 25th Dec 2016 7:00pm 91
Luka Doncic from halfcourt to Pj Washington for the alley oop Sun 7th Apr 2024 4:48pm 87
Klay Thompson with the fast break alley-oop to Iguodala Sun 7th Jun 2015 9:03pm 87
Aaron Gordon and Jabari Parker trade alley-oops with a Giannis block thrown in fo… Fri 1st Apr 2016 9:00pm 86
Jordan Bell shows off his elevation for the alley-oop Wed 18th Oct 2017 12:57am 86
Rozier to Horford alleyoop. Sun 11th Feb 2018 4:17pm 86
Jokic with the alley oop to Barton Thu 5th Apr 2018 11:36pm 85
Collin Sexton with a 360 alley-oop finish Fri 29th Mar 2024 11:21pm 84
Randy Foye steals it, spins round Harden, and hits Will Barton for the alley-oop! Fri 13th Nov 2015 11:22pm 84
Aaron Gordon with the monster alley! Sat 18th Mar 2017 12:18am 83
s DeAndre Jordan throws down the reverse alley-oop pass by Jamal Murray off a buc… Fri 9th Feb 2024 12:07am 81
Daniel Gafford with a bad pass to Luka that is still reaching its destination wit… Wed 28th Feb 2024 8:43pm 80
Jonathon Simmons throws down the fastbreak alley oop Tue 1st Nov 2016 11:19pm 80
Celtics and Hawks with back to back identical alley oops Wed 7th Feb 2024 8:56pm 79
Some Spectacular ball movement by the Cavs leads to an alley-oop from Mitchell to… Wed 29th Nov 2023 5:19pm 77
Andrew Harrison throws the 55-foot alley-oop to Brandan Wright Thu 12th Oct 2017 4:16am 77
Andre Miller 3/4 court alley oop to Zach LaVine Mon 4th Jan 2016 8:51pm 76
Marcus Smart alley oop to Horford for the slam! Tue 24th Apr 2018 9:21pm 76
Wemby throws in the alleyoop over Jackson for the and-1 Sun 26th Nov 2023 9:17pm 75
Trey Murphy III hits his 4th three of the first half and then finishes the alley-… Sun 10th Mar 2024 6:48pm 75
D'Angelo Russell steals the ball and throws it up for the showtime Reaves alley-o… Sun 31st Mar 2024 7:09pm 75
CJ McCollum with the inbounds alley oop to Al-Farouq Aminu Thu 3rd Dec 2015 10:43pm 75
Ricky Rubio with the alley, Andrew Wiggins with the oop Sun 12th Feb 2017 4:40pm 75
Jalen Green with a high altitude alley-oop dunk thanks to Fred VanVleet Sat 6th Jan 2024 9:51pm 74
Davion - Monk huge alley oop the Kings fan reaction says it all Wed 7th Feb 2024 11:59pm 74
Anthony Edwards throws a perfect lob to Rudy Gobert for an effortless-looking all… Sun 5th Nov 2023 11:29am 73
Nerlens Noel finishing the alley-oop over Smart and Olynyk Fri 6th Jan 2017 8:45pm 73
John Wall's assist for Gortat's one-handed alley-oop Tue 28th Feb 2017 8:20pm 71
Jalen Suggs smacks the alley oop off the glass for an easy 2 on the other end Sun 3rd Mar 2024 9:51pm 70
Pau Gasol and Kawhi Leonard connect on the alley-oop Fri 16th Dec 2016 2:19am 70
Kyrie connects with Jaylen Brown for the clutch long-range alley-oop! Sun 25th Feb 2018 2:34pm 70
Courtside view of Ja Morant's alley-oop dagger and celebration against the New Or… Tue 26th Dec 2023 11:08pm 68
Reggie Jackson alley-oops it to Drummond, who shimmies in celebration Fri 4th Dec 2015 9:23pm 68
Ausar Thompson finishes two back to back alley oops Wed 1st Nov 2023 8:02pm 67
Marquese Chriss with the alley-oop and-1 jam over Porzingis Sat 21st Jan 2017 7:54pm 67
Larry Nance gets the steal and CJ sends it to BI for the huge alley oop slam - BI… Sun 7th Jan 2024 7:02pm 66
Calderon to Porzingis for the alley-oop slam! Mon 7th Dec 2015 9:32pm 66
Nikola Jokic with the insane alley oop to Torrey Craig! Mon 8th Jan 2018 11:24pm 65
Marcus Smart with the smooth no look alley-oop pass Thu 9th Jul 2015 8:25pm 64
Alan Williams GOAT bench reaction after the Bledsoe alley oop Sun 30th Oct 2016 7:35pm 64
Nerlens Noel dunks on Draymond and Javale off the alley oop pass from Barea Tue 21st Mar 2017 9:14pm 64
Draymond steals the ball and lobs it to KD for the alley-oop Mon 8th May 2017 10:39pm 64
Steph Curry throws a sick one-handed pass to Trayce Jackson-Davis for the alley-o… Mon 25th Dec 2023 6:22pm 63
Rudy Gay no look alley-oop to Ben McLemore for the dunk Tue 3rd Mar 2015 9:50pm 63
Aaron Gordon throws down an insane reverse alley-oop Wed 14th Dec 2016 10:05pm 61
Kyrie and LeBron connect for an inbound alley-oop! Fri 23rd Dec 2016 9:16pm 61
Josh Richardson throws down an alley-oop dunk over Kelly Oubre Jr. Wed 11th Oct 2017 9:02pm 61
Jalen Johnson soaring up high for this alley-oop dunk off a bad pass by Trae Youn… Sun 31st Dec 2023 3:52pm 60
Joe Ingles sets up Gordon Hayward with the alleyoop. Tue 10th Jan 2017 10:09pm 60
Javale McGee throws down the huge alley oop slam Fri 2nd Feb 2018 11:03pm 60
Rondo to Anthony Davis for the massive alley-oop! Sun 8th Apr 2018 3:17am 60
Isaiah Thomas finds Amir Johnson for the fast break alley oop Wed 10th May 2017 8:19pm 59
AD with an absurd alley-oop finish Thu 5th Apr 2018 12:43am 58
Anthony Edwards soars for the showtime alley-oop set up by Nickeil-Alexander Walk… Fri 22nd Dec 2023 12:04pm 56
Bam skies for a major throw down on an alley-oop from Herro Wed 31st Jan 2024 9:28pm 56
Jonathan Isaac with the block on Derozan then finished the alley oop on the other… Sat 18th Nov 2023 2:42pm 55
LeBron buries a LeFuckYou3 then gets the steal and throws up the alley for AD to … Sat 23rd Dec 2023 9:36pm 55
Massive alley oop from Herbert Jones to Zion Williamson Thu 22nd Feb 2024 8:59pm 54
A lil PnR action between rookies Brandin Podziemski and Trayce Jackson-Davis lead… Fri 22nd Dec 2023 11:19pm 53
The Tacoma Boys, Thomas and Bradley, connect for a huge alley oop Fri 25th Nov 2016 2:11pm 53
Steve Blake with the half court alley oop to Will Barton! Sat 10th Jan 2015 10:42pm 52
KAT finishes the transition alley-oop from Wiggins Sat 28th Jan 2017 10:06pm 52
John Wall shows off his handles, gets the steal on the other end and finishes the… Sun 26th Feb 2017 5:55pm 52
James Harden tosses a no-look alley-oop pass to Clint Capela Mon 27th Feb 2017 11:30pm 52
LeBron alley-oop from Kevin Love! Mon 15th Jan 2018 8:31pm 52
Giddey touch pass to Dieng alley-oop ht uMaleovex Wed 1st Nov 2023 9:14pm 51
Nic Claxton erases Knox's dunk attempt and sprints end-to-end for the alleyoop Tue 26th Dec 2023 8:03pm 50
Tim Duncan with the (not so) vicious alley-oop finish Sat 3rd Jan 2015 9:57pm 50
Beal with the alleyoop to Satoransky in transition Thu 1st Feb 2018 8:08pm 50
Team West's reaction to the Westbrook Durant alley oop is priceless Sun 19th Feb 2017 8:52pm 49
Wall finds Beal for the alley oop Wed 22nd Mar 2017 10:23pm 49
Spurs go zone with Wemby up top back to back stops with a Wemby reverse alleyoop … Fri 10th Nov 2023 10:07pm 48
Schroder alley oops it to Horford for the slam Wed 20th May 2015 9:18pm 48
McConnell with the deeep alley-oop toss to Noel for the reverse dunk. 76ers are r… Sat 16th Jan 2016 8:46pm 48
Steph pulls Jokic into PnR back to back trips 2x alleyoops Thu 9th Nov 2023 12:39am 47
Mike Conley to James Ennis for the alley-oop Sat 21st Oct 2017 9:40pm 47
John Collins throws down the huge transition alley-oop from Kent Bazemore Mon 13th Nov 2017 9:56pm 47
OJ Mayo gives a shove to an in-the-air Taj Gibson to stop an alley-oop Sat 25th Apr 2015 6:23pm 46
Giannis with a familiar block on a Deandre Ayton alley-oop attempt last night Thu 1st Feb 2024 5:24pm 45
Cade Cunningham finds Jalen Duren for the alley oop dunk Sat 30th Dec 2023 7:37pm 44
Jae Crowder ain't havin none of that alley-oop stuff Thu 23rd Apr 2015 8:41pm 44
Marquese Chriss with the two-handed reverse alley-oop slam Tue 24th Jan 2017 10:44pm 44
Adebayo with the Wham-Slam, thank you Bam on the alley-oop from Tyler Johnson Wed 25th Oct 2017 9:15pm 44
You know what's the Draymond to Jordan Bell alley oop play is called Its called t… Sat 16th Dec 2017 8:01am 44
Russell Westbrook finds KD for the alley-oop lay-up from half-court! Wed 25th Nov 2015 8:34pm 43
Isaiah runs the floor and hits Horford with an alley-oop Tue 2nd May 2017 8:44pm 43
Faried with the NASTY one hand alley-oop JAM Sat 3rd Dec 2016 5:43pm 42
Dwight Powell with the alley-oop dunk! Mon 5th Dec 2016 9:32pm 42
Tristan Thompson's alley-oop dunk rocks the Garden Sat 4th Feb 2017 8:56pm 42
Daniel Gafford blocks Thor blocks Williams and runs to get the alley-oop on the o… Fri 10th Nov 2023 8:20pm 41
Josh Richardson and Hassan Whiteside combine for an alley-oop connection in trans… Sat 21st Apr 2018 4:16pm 41
Jazz with a couple of alley-oops Sat 21st Apr 2018 10:26pm 41
Crawford throws an alley oop to Griffin from the 3 point line Wed 22nd Apr 2015 11:20pm 40
Tim Hardaway Jr. skies to throw down the one handed alley-oop Sat 9th Jan 2016 9:00pm 40
Deandre puts on his moon shoes to finish the alley-oop Fri 26th Feb 2016 11:51pm 39
Malcolm Delaney gets the steal and throws the 3 quarters court alley opp off the … Mon 27th Feb 2017 9:37pm 39
Klay splashes a three on Jordan Bell, then gets an alley oop from him Thu 12th Oct 2017 4:14pm 38
For the second time tonight a Jamal Murray steal leads to an Aaron Gordon alley-o… Thu 8th Feb 2024 11:20pm 37
Dennis Schroder and Tim Hardaway Jr. connect on another ridiculous mid-court alle… Wed 8th Feb 2017 8:38pm 37
Mavericks turn defense into offense with an alley-oop from Kyrie to Gafford Fri 5th Apr 2024 10:30pm 36
Drummond with a nasty block that leads to an off the glass alley-oop from Jennings Sat 24th Jan 2015 8:36pm 36
Kyle Korver draws two defenders leaving Al Horford open for the long distance all… Sun 22nd Feb 2015 5:38pm 36
Jaron Blossomgame-winning alley-oop layup wins it for the Austin Spurs Tue 14th Nov 2017 2:57pm 36
Portis runs the floor and is rewarded with the alley-oop. Sat 11th Jul 2015 8:06pm 35
After resting 5 starters, the Hawks take a 9 point lead on the Cavs with this hal… Fri 7th Apr 2017 8:11pm 35
s Deni Avdija manages to reverse layup an alley oop pass by Tyus and Kyle Kuzma w… Fri 29th Dec 2023 7:24pm 34
HIGHLIGHT Giannis and Khris connect early with an alley oop in their first game t… Sun 24th Mar 2024 7:21pm 34
Nasty alley-oop from Delly to Henson in last night's game vs Orlando Mon 28th Nov 2016 7:38pm 34
Paul George turns back the clock and goes SOARING OVER CALIFORNIA to flush down t… Wed 10th Jan 2024 11:34pm 33
Kristaps Porzingis finishes off the alley-oop Tue 13th Dec 2016 11:23pm 33
Nerlens Noel goes high to throw down the alley oop Tue 11th Apr 2017 10:08pm 33
Dejounte Murray gets up for the alley-oop slam Fri 3rd Nov 2017 10:28pm 33
Sabonis' block leads to an alley-oop! Thu 5th Apr 2018 9:41pm 33
John Collins throws down an alley-oop over Bismack Biyombo Fri 10th Nov 2023 9:44pm 32
Dwight Howard throws it down off the alley-oop for the lead! Wed 25th Jan 2017 10:20pm 32
Theis with the Block on the alley oop attempt Harden with the pass down court to … Wed 10th Jan 2024 11:29pm 31
Luke Kornet with a block on Russ and runs the floor to throw down an alley-oop Sat 27th Jan 2024 7:34pm 31
s Gary Trent Jr gets blocked by the rim and Deni Avdija with an alley-oop pass to… Sat 23rd Mar 2024 10:36pm 31
Luka puts it up for Washington on the alley Sun 7th Apr 2024 4:52pm 31
Otto Porter's alley-oop pass hits the rim Mon 6th Feb 2017 9:47pm 31
Kenneth Faried flies to the rim for the alley-oop jam Sat 4th Nov 2017 10:01pm 31
Wall finds Beal for the alley-oop Flush + Technical Tue 3rd Jan 2017 10:41pm 30
Josh Jackson with the alley oop pass to Derrick Jones Jr Sun 9th Jul 2017 5:09pm 30
Bogut passes up a wide open alley-oop dunk Thu 4th Jun 2015 10:07pm 29
Plumlee disrupts the alley-oop and then throws down at the other end! Thu 12th Nov 2015 12:12am 29
Kyrie hits the crossover to set up Tristan Thompson with the alleyoop! Tue 10th Jan 2017 10:48pm 29
Terrible defensive sequence by the Cavs leads to an easy Capela alley-oop Thu 9th Nov 2017 10:24pm 29
Anthony Davis finishes the alley-oop from ETwaun Moore Wed 4th Apr 2018 9:08pm 29
Thorton alley-oop to Dwight Tue 8th Dec 2015 11:16pm 28
Javale McGee getting it done on both ends: blocks the shot, rewarded with alley-o… Thu 24th Nov 2016 5:09am 28
D-League Skal Labissiere channels his inner T-Mac with the self alley-oop off the… Tue 13th Dec 2016 3:01am 28
Oladipo reverse lay-up to finish the alley-oop Mon 16th Jan 2017 3:01am 28
Elfrid Payton alley oops it to Aaron Gordon for the huge slam Tue 16th Jan 2018 7:31pm 28
Jrue Holiday blocks the alley-oop to Durant and Rondo finds Mirotic for a transit… Sun 8th Apr 2018 3:07pm 28
John Collins throws down the one-handed alley-oop Wed 15th Nov 2017 9:40pm 27
Lou Williams-Deandre Jordan alley oop Wed 13th Dec 2017 7:50pm 27
Ochai Agbaji throws down the alley oop and gets the AND-1 Mon 4th Mar 2024 5:17am 26
Derrick Williams rises high to finish the alley-oop Wed 7th Oct 2015 8:25pm 26
Reggie Jackson alley oops to Drummond Sat 5th Mar 2016 8:14pm 26
Jimmy Butler with the turn around alley oop finish Mon 10th Apr 2017 10:07pm 26
Grizzlies with the alley-oop from 3/4 court Mon 4th Dec 2017 9:55pm 25
Paul George intercepts the pass and then finishes the alley-oop from Glenn Robins… Mon 16th Jan 2017 4:28pm 24
Aaron Gordon with the absolutely disgusting reverse alley Fri 24th Mar 2017 8:33pm 24
Mavs rookie AJ Hammons with a nice alley-oop finish Tue 20th Dec 2016 1:20am 23
Aaron Gordon attempts and fails to do the T-Mac self-alley oop Fri 3rd Feb 2017 10:57pm 23
The Western All Stars celebrate the KD-to-Russ alley opp Sun 19th Feb 2017 8:51pm 23
Lowry lob leading to a JV alley-oop Tue 13th Feb 2018 7:45pm 23
Moses Brown throws down the alley-oop from Scoot Henderson as the Blazers cuts th… Thu 28th Dec 2023 11:39pm 22
Paul George to Ian Mahinmi for the alley-oop slam! Wed 2nd Dec 2015 11:17pm 22
Kyrie and Lebron connect for the alley oop Mon 23rd May 2016 8:47pm 22
Eurobasket: Phillys Korkmaz alley oop Sun 10th Sep 2017 12:23pm 22
Gobert getting up high for the alley-oop Tue 27th Feb 2024 8:30pm 21
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson goes up high to throw down the alley-oop! Fri 13th Nov 2015 10:27pm 21
Jennings feed the PorzinGOD for the alley oop Wed 16th Nov 2016 8:26pm 21
Beautiful pass from CP3 to Gordon for the alley-oop Fri 26th Jan 2018 8:50pm 21
Dennis Schroder throws the half court alley oop to Tim Hardaway Jr. Wed 8th Feb 2017 8:07pm 20
Incredible defense from Daniel Theis results in fast break where Mann finds a soa… Wed 10th Jan 2024 11:29pm 19
Noah Vonleh connects on an over the backboard alley-oop! Thu 31st Dec 2015 11:30pm 19
CP3 to DJ for the alleyoop slam Sat 15th Apr 2017 11:09pm 19
Aaron Gordon with the alley-oop! Sat 24th Mar 2018 7:40pm 19
DeAndre slams home the monster alley-oop! Tue 23rd Dec 2014 10:49pm 18
Rondo's poor alley-oop pass leads to Jabari's transition dunk Fri 16th Dec 2016 3:04am 18
Anthony Davis throws down the huge alley-oop slam Sun 14th Jan 2018 5:06pm 18
John Wall steals the ball and connects with Tomas Satoransky for the alley-oop Mon 15th Jan 2018 4:06pm 18
John Collins gets the steal on one end and the big one-handed alley-oop on the ot… Fri 16th Feb 2018 9:22pm 18
Markieff Morris throws down the alley-oop! Sat 14th Apr 2018 6:34pm 18
Giannis jumps over Tim Hardaway Jr for the alley oop Tue 6th Feb 2018 9:06pm 17
Anthony Edwards pokeway for a Naz Reid steal -gt Jaden McDaniels to Ant alley oop Wed 8th Nov 2023 9:40pm 16
Booker and Metu connect on a slick alley oop Fri 8th Dec 2023 9:58pm 16
s Daniel Gafford with an alley-oop dunk on Isaiah Hartenstein off a lob by Deni A… Sat 6th Jan 2024 9:34pm 16
Isaiah Thomas to Lebron for the reverse alley-oop - Streamable Mon 15th Jan 2018 10:55pm 16
Dayron Sharpe destroys Murrays layup attempt and Finney-Smith smokes the wide ope… Fri 22nd Dec 2023 9:04pm 15
Westbrook hits Roberson for the alley-oop lay-up from the backcourt! Wed 18th Nov 2015 9:39pm 15
THJ goes high to finish the alley-oop Tue 10th Jan 2017 8:06pm 15
Al Horford can't believe the Gerald Green alley-oop. Tue 10th Jan 2017 9:45pm 15
Okaro White finishes the alley oop from Tyler Johnson! Wed 1st Mar 2017 8:30pm 15
Draymond Green alley-oop to Iguodala Mon 12th Jun 2017 11:41pm 15
DeAndre Jordan soars over Bogut and hammers the alley oop Wed 23rd Mar 2016 11:38pm 14
Myles Turner blocks Booker's alley-oop attempt Sat 26th Nov 2016 12:28am 14
John Wall hits Kieff for the alley-oop Mon 13th Mar 2017 10:14pm 14
Eurobasket: Pau Gasol slow-mo alley oop Sun 10th Sep 2017 12:40pm 14
Jeff Green to LeBron James for the left handed alley-hoop Sat 16th Dec 2017 8:12pm 14
Elfrid Payton to Aaron Gordon sick alley-oop reverse jam! Fri 29th Dec 2017 2:25pm 14
AD goes up about 1 foot over the rim for the alley oop and emphatically misses. T… Sat 10th Feb 2018 7:00pm 14
DeAndre Jordan gets way up for an alley oop just like old times Sun 7th Jan 2024 9:54pm 13
Jordan Mcrae ends it with an alley oop to Shump (credit /u/hardknockriffe) Mon 21st Mar 2016 9:40pm 13
Rondo to Wade to Butler alley oop Mon 31st Oct 2016 8:29pm 13
Kyrie with the steal, Kyrie with the alley, LeBron with the oop Mon 30th Jan 2017 10:09pm 13
Jaylen Brown gently guides the alley-oop pass into the basket Mon 27th Feb 2017 9:27pm 13
Deyonta Davis throws down the alley-oop from Wayne Selden one handed Wed 17th Jan 2018 8:46pm 13
John Collins goes all the way up for the alley-oop Wed 31st Jan 2018 8:24pm 13
Kyrie steal, JR alley-oop, LeBron SLAM! Thu 16th Jun 2016 10:54pm 12
Dedmon with a vicious one handed alley-oop Fri 10th Feb 2017 8:22pm 12
Green to Igoudala alley oop 2.0 Mon 12th Jun 2017 11:41pm 12
Khris Middleton with the AND-1 alley oop to put the exclamation point on the win Fri 26th Jan 2018 10:25pm 12
Roberson goes up for the alley-oop, but slips Sat 27th Jan 2018 6:46pm 12
Barton alley oop to Gary Harris Mon 5th Feb 2018 10:13pm 12
Kyle Anderson with the...unique alley-oop pass to Davis Bertans Mon 5th Mar 2018 10:38pm 12
Kyrie alley oops off the glass for Lebron Thu 3rd Nov 2016 9:37pm 11
Marc Gasol with the alley oop to Tony Allen! Wed 30th Nov 2016 8:40pm 11
Just look at TJ and Fultz after #JoelEmbiid massive alley-oop Sat 3rd Mar 2018 10:26am 11
JJ Barea lobs it to Dwight Powell for the one-handed alley oop! Tue 6th Mar 2018 9:18pm 11
Archie Goodwin flies in for the reverse alley-oop off the pass from Gerald Green. Thu 19th Mar 2015 11:09pm 10
Russia ends fastbreak against Belgium with alley-oop to MozGod! Mon 4th Sep 2017 11:14am 10
Giannis with the nasty one handed alley oop dunk Mon 19th Mar 2018 8:05pm 10
Kyrie Irving on the inbounds play alley oop to Iman Shumpert. Sun 8th Feb 2015 4:21pm 9
LeBron with the laser pass to Kevin Love for the alley-oop Sun 4th Jun 2017 9:02pm 9
Ben Simmons throws the alley oop to Embiid, who dunks on Covington Fri 9th Feb 2018 7:32pm 9
Dellavedova to TT alley-oop Fri 8th May 2015 9:02pm 8
Derrick Jones Jr with the NASTY windmill alley-oop in the D-League. Wed 30th Nov 2016 12:26pm 8
Mr Ball sick alley-oop off the back-board back in his heyday Mon 27th Mar 2017 3:17pm 8
Butler one hand alley-oop from Rondo (April 4, 2017) Wed 5th Apr 2017 5:38pm 8
Dennis Smith Jr. throws it up off the backboard to Dwight Powell for the alley oo… Fri 26th Jan 2018 10:48pm 8
Kyle Anderson throws incredible falling out of bounds 360 no scope alley oop to D… Mon 5th Mar 2018 10:25pm 8
Ben Simmons lob pass to Amir Johnson for the alley-oop Fri 6th Apr 2018 7:28pm 8
CP3 crossover + alley-oop to DeAndre Jordan Sat 8th Nov 2014 5:57pm 7
Neal --&gt Oubae for the alley oop Mon 11th Jan 2016 8:51pm 7
OKC shows grit and hustle in a fantastic sequence with a Westbrook dive&gtAdams p… Sun 4th Dec 2016 9:04pm 7
Jaxson Hayes elevates way up high to throw the alley oop down Sat 16th Mar 2024 9:06pm 6
Dwight Powell finishes the alley oop over Cody Zeller Tue 25th Jul 2017 1:06am 6
Jayson Tatum fail alley-op dunk Wed 11th Oct 2017 5:28am 6
Jaylen Brown tries the trendy self alley-oop off the backboard play to start the … Sun 21st Jan 2024 11:24pm 5
Embiid intercepts the alley-oop, beats Brook Lopez for the layup Thu 7th Dec 2017 10:26pm 5
KJ Martin finishes the alley-oop and Gets T'd up for refusing to fall on his face Mon 12th Feb 2024 8:12pm 4
Steven Adams comes flying in to crash home the alley-oop! Wed 3rd Feb 2016 8:57pm 4
Jordan Bell gets UP for the alley-oop Andre Iguodola Wed 25th Oct 2017 11:10pm 4
Khris Middleton finds Giannis for the reverse slam on the alley-oop Thu 7th Dec 2023 5:23pm 3
Magic rookies Payton and Gordon connect for a nice alley-oop play. Fri 3rd Apr 2015 10:57pm 3
Spurs 2-way player Jaron Blossomgame winning alley oop lay-in for the Austin Spurs Tue 14th Nov 2017 2:44pm 3
Avery Bradley steal leading to the ferocious alley oop by Andre! Mon 27th Nov 2017 10:23pm 3
Jeff Green alley-oop, great feed by Wade! Wed 27th Dec 2017 10:58pm 3
s Gary Treny Jr gets blocked by the rim and Deni Avdija with an alley-oop pass to… Sat 23rd Mar 2024 10:34pm 2
Audio Nikola Mirotic to E'Twaun Moore alley oop. Sat 7th Feb 2015 10:50pm 2
Whiteside erases an alley-oop attempt Tue 17th Nov 2015 7:59pm 2
Raymond Felton with the no look alley-oop! Tue 1st Dec 2015 11:02pm 2
The West bench celebrating the KDRuss alley-oop Sun 19th Feb 2017 8:51pm 2
Wall no look alley-oop Tue 19th Dec 2017 7:31pm 2
Josh Jackson chases down Brewer for the block and finishes the alley-oop on the o… Wed 7th Feb 2018 12:34am 2
Fred VanVleet to Jalen Green alley oop dunk Wed 20th Dec 2023 8:29pm 1
Malik Monk with the alley oop dunk of the year candidate Thu 8th Feb 2024 12:05am 1
Zion runs the fast break to finish the alley oop with power Sat 16th Mar 2024 7:52pm 1
Tristan Thompson with the $82m alley-oop finish! Sun 8th Nov 2015 4:07pm 1