NBA clips with Rondo

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Possibly the best video of the Rondo spitting incident Sun 21st Oct 2018 12:17pm 31,083
Rondo game winner at the buzzer TNT Thu 7th Feb 2019 10:33pm 24,663
Rondo hits the behind the backboard circus shot Fri 18th Sep 2020 11:17pm 15,528
Rondo oops it off the backboard for the LeBron slam after the steal Thu 10th Sep 2020 9:44pm 15,371
Rondo "I told myself that if I was to able to get a guy like LeBron, there is no … Tue 13th Oct 2020 2:49am 10,980
Rondo with the cross court inbound pass to LeBron to KCP for three to end the half Fri 22nd Nov 2019 9:12pm 10,076
Rondo willingly picks up Durant to guard and strips him to seal the game Sun 8th Apr 2018 8:14am 9,583
Rondo would be a GREAT NBA head coach when he retires Sat 5th May 2018 8:09am 8,830
Love knocks down another 3 then steals the ball from Sabonis. Rondo throws a full… Sun 6th Feb 2022 8:15pm 7,608
Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo have an interesting way of trolling players at the f… Fri 31st Mar 2017 8:13pm 7,484
Rondo gives Kawhi a scary look after his wild game-tying three attempt Thu 3rd Jun 2021 12:56am 7,336
Rondo on Lonzo: "His IQ at 20 is probably one of the best I've ever seen, the gam… Fri 6th Jul 2018 6:46pm 6,793
Rondo gets one of the most wide open playoff layups of all time. Thu 10th Sep 2020 9:29pm 6,602
Ingram pushes Harden then Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo throw hands, ejected - ESPN Sun 21st Oct 2018 1:01am 6,438
Rondo off the backboard alley oop to Anthony Davis Tue 10th Apr 2018 12:03am 6,289
Rondo comes from the baseline to double Jokic, Jokic spots Rondo and realizes wha… Sun 2nd May 2021 3:30pm 6,220
Fan mistakes Rondo for Chris Paul Fri 3rd Jan 2020 1:01am 5,716
Rondo pretends to shoot a fan with and finger gun and then gets his hand slapped … Fri 22nd Oct 2021 11:59pm 5,041
Jokic gently passes it to Rondo who was out of bounds Wed 6th Mar 2019 11:26pm 4,598
34 year old Rondo lobs it to 34 year old Dwight Howard Fri 18th Sep 2020 10:55pm 4,472
Rajon Rondo guesses Hawks final play, tells Cousins to guard an empty corner. Fri 22nd Jan 2016 3:39am 4,275
Rondo and IT both get ejected Wed 14th Feb 2018 8:49pm 4,132
Klay Thompson on facing the Pelicans: "They're playing real well right now. Jrue … Wed 25th Apr 2018 1:31am 4,055
Playoff Rondo casually walks off after his game winning inbounds pass Mon 21st Sep 2020 8:17am 3,940
Trae Young tries to pull a Rondo, fools nobody. Sat 2nd Feb 2019 9:30pm 3,885
During the 2011 NBA Lockout, a bunch of NBA players got together to hoop. It led … Fri 20th Aug 2021 8:52pm 3,770
Ben Simmons working on his 3-point shot with Los Angeles Clippers guard Rajon Ron… Mon 9th Aug 2021 3:02pm 3,580
Rondo waves goodbye to Westbrook after Westbrook gets ejected Fri 29th Jan 2021 9:09pm 3,400
Rajon Rondo throws the ball in the air and it hits KCP in the head Sun 23rd Feb 2020 5:26pm 3,211
Rondo with a fake ally oop pass to get himself the wide open layup Sun 15th Dec 2019 6:54pm 3,192
Area 21 KG, Pierce, Perk, Big Baby, and Rondo discuss their relationship with Ray… Mon 8th May 2017 10:33pm 3,142
Rondo contests Kuzma's shot attempt by loudly yelling "yeyeyeyeye" Fri 7th May 2021 2:02am 3,090
Rondo Beautiful Behind The Back Assist - TNT Sat 21st Apr 2018 5:23pm 2,983
Rondo gets the steal and LeBron plays dead on the ground after getting fouled Fri 6th Dec 2019 11:22pm 2,836
Rajon Rondo being a good floor general Sat 11th Jan 2020 8:58pm 2,742
The camera pans to Rondo sitting with the fans instead of with his teammates and … Thu 7th Mar 2019 1:00am 2,627
Rajon Rondo breaks down the Lakers' last play leading to an Anthony Davis buzzer-… Mon 21st Sep 2020 9:17am 2,599
Murray with a filthy shot over Rondo as he falls down Thu 24th Sep 2020 11:07pm 2,588
Rajon Rondo with a corner three to cap off a 9-0 New Orleans run! - TNT Wed 18th Apr 2018 12:50am 2,569
Rajon Rondo lobs it to LeBron to end the half after a quick shot by the Thunder Tue 19th Nov 2019 11:42pm 2,491
Rondo with a baseline jam! Fri 11th Dec 2015 12:56am 2,455
Rajon Rondo finds Rudy Gay for the game-tying, buzzer-beating alley-oop Mon 23rd Nov 2015 9:23pm 2,432
Rajon Rondo tries to trip Draymond Green Fri 4th May 2018 10:16pm 2,411
Nets giving Rondo a chance to experience 2010 again Sat 10th Feb 2018 7:39pm 2,308
Westbrook fakes out Patty Mills with the Rondo Sat 12th Jan 2019 10:11pm 2,226
Rondo off-the-head alley-oop to Eric Bledsoe during the UK Alumni game Sat 26th Aug 2017 12:13pm 2,189
Rondo predicts the tip &amp throws the outlet! Wed 1st Apr 2015 9:01pm 2,162
Rondo knocks down the triple then strips Harden and lays it in Tue 8th Sep 2020 11:24pm 2,059
Undisputed Chris Broussard: "I texted with a Clippers executive yesterday and ask… Wed 24th Oct 2018 10:35am 2,037
Rajon Rondo-Chris Paul stare down during LAC/PHO Fri 9th Apr 2021 6:17pm 1,998
Rajon Rondo with some mouth gard magic Wed 23rd Jun 2021 1:19pm 1,954
NBEinstein Miami using Zone Defence, who you're gonna call Zone Busters. How LeBr… Sun 4th Oct 2020 1:12pm 1,815
Rajon Rondo with the mean spin move to get the tough layup to fall Sun 11th Oct 2020 8:33pm 1,813
Rajon Rondo with a mind-boggling pass to Ray Allen Thu 15th Oct 2020 9:59am 1,760
Rondo with the awesome behind the back pass to Belinelli for 3 Sun 6th Dec 2015 9:21pm 1,679
WestBrook is angry with fan (Rondos brother) Sat 12th Sep 2020 10:22pm 1,678
Rajon Rondo with the no-look overhead alley-oop to Kenneth Faried Mon 26th Aug 2019 9:44am 1,650
Stephen A Smith says he was in the Lakers locker room after the Lakers-Wolves gam… Thu 8th Nov 2018 12:14pm 1,578
Playoff Rondo breaks out his signature move then drops it off to Mirotic for the … Thu 19th Apr 2018 9:19pm 1,517
Draymond and Rondo going at it Fri 4th May 2018 8:20pm 1,515
Rondo On Passing Michael Jordan For 10th All-Time In NBA Playoff Assists, "That's… Sat 19th Sep 2020 12:00am 1,501
Rondo initiates a beautiful stretch of ball movement Wed 15th Nov 2017 9:07pm 1,444
Rondo gets fouled by the ref Tue 17th Dec 2019 7:39pm 1,402
Andre Iguodala on Rondo, who he calls one of the smartest players he's been aroun… Sat 28th Apr 2018 2:14pm 1,398
VC's Half-Man/Half-Amazing Reverse Oop over Rondo Wed 2nd Mar 2016 10:02pm 1,391
Rondo tries a sneaky Draymond and gets ejected Fri 22nd Nov 2019 10:02pm 1,385
Draymond has a lot of respect for Rajon Rondo Wed 9th May 2018 1:00am 1,348
Sequence with Rondo's brother escorted out of the game starting with LeBron annoy… Sat 12th Sep 2020 10:35pm 1,344
Rajon Rondo does a behind the back fake, then hits Rudy Gay for a fastbreak dunk. Wed 9th Dec 2015 12:05am 1,315
Rondo drills the three, giving him 19 points on 8/9 shooting in 21 minutes Sun 11th Oct 2020 9:29pm 1,254
Lorenzo Brown breaks an ankle, throws a Rondo fake, and finishes Sat 10th Oct 2015 10:23pm 1,215
Rondo with the 70ft pass on the money to KCP for the and one Sat 11th Jan 2020 8:31pm 1,158
Ben Simmons with the "Rondo-like" fake and drive for 2 Thu 7th Dec 2017 8:56pm 1,157
In a gruesome manner, Dwyane Wade dislocates Rondo's arm during the second round … Mon 29th Jun 2020 3:40pm 1,138
Jabari Parker almost-free-throw dunk following stupid Rondo turnover Sat 17th Dec 2016 1:08pm 1,136
Rajon Rondo goes down Paul Zipser to the rescue. Sun 2nd Apr 2017 8:10pm 1,117
Rondo Trying To Iced Danny Green Fri 16th Apr 2021 9:51pm 1,117
(Shaqtin moment) Rondo passes up an easy buzzer beater layup Fri 9th Mar 2018 9:16pm 1,114
Lebron on Rondo: "When you see yourself in someone on the opposing side thats whe… Tue 25th Sep 2018 2:08pm 1,081
Rondo declines to take a wide open layup down 3 with 12 seconds left in the game,… Sun 28th Oct 2018 12:33am 1,077
Young Rondo with the high flying dunk Wed 30th Aug 2017 9:11am 1,047
Rajon Rondo comes back to Boston as a Laker and hits the game-winner to silence t… Thu 10th Dec 2020 11:57am 1,042
Chris Paul appears to wipe off spit from his face before poking Rondo in the face… Sun 21st Oct 2018 1:34am 969
Pretty passing sequence leads to Rondo-esque layup by Curry Fri 17th Mar 2017 12:11am 884
Rondo takes out the ref Thu 24th Sep 2020 9:31pm 881
OC A test of a "Lakers fan" to see if he could name Alex Caruso, Danny Green, and… Mon 28th Sep 2020 12:07pm 854
Rondo on LeBron: "He's arguably the best player to ever play the game, and it's v… Mon 24th Sep 2018 5:49pm 851
Rajon Rondo throws down a dunk on Ryan Kelly! Wed 20th Jan 2016 11:07pm 846
KAT with a Rondo fake Tue 12th Jan 2016 8:34pm 837
Rondo plays great defense leading to a Lakers stop Thu 23rd Jan 2020 10:07pm 832
Rondo using the ball as a towel to wipe his face before Draymond took the free th… Wed 2nd May 2018 2:42am 806
Rondo throws it up for LeBron for the reverse dunk Tue 17th Dec 2019 7:45pm 797
Ben Simmons spotted working out with Los Angeles Clippers guards Rajon Rondo and … Sat 7th Aug 2021 8:39pm 773
Rondo's pass bonks Russ in the head Thu 14th Oct 2021 10:48pm 765
Rondo Touchdown Pass to Jimmy Butler! Tue 18th Apr 2017 9:05pm 747
A quick flashback to the exact moment Lebron knew he already had the teammate he … Mon 12th Oct 2020 4:48pm 743
Brian Windhorst live reaction to Rajan Rondo signing with the Lakers Mon 2nd Jul 2018 5:39pm 742
Rondo calls the ref a "f*cking p*ssy" after getting ejected Fri 22nd Nov 2019 11:58pm 722
Dwyane Wade pulls down Rajon Rondo resulting in Rondo dislocating his arm Sun 15th Aug 2021 1:59pm 719
Rondo with a Silky Smooth Alley to AD TNT Sat 5th Oct 2019 8:36pm 713
Rondo Airballs a Free Throw Sat 10th Oct 2015 10:58pm 709
Rajon Rondo gets two delay-of-game technicals in a row Mon 29th Feb 2016 11:08pm 691
Cousins and Rondo being Cousins and Rondo Mon 10th May 2021 1:39am 678
Celtics had a chance to trade Rondo for Chris Paul. Both Garnett and Pierce said … Fri 22nd May 2020 1:32am 672
Rondo with the binoculars finds AD open under the basket Fri 18th Sep 2020 11:04pm 653
Playoff Rondo insane personal stretch on 5 straight possessions: 3-pointer, crazy… Fri 25th Sep 2020 1:00am 641
KG, Pierce, Rondo, Perkins and Big Baby on area 21 Mon 8th May 2017 8:51pm 636
Rondo: "When you tear an ACL, your leg gets stiff every once in awhile. I had to … Fri 21st Apr 2017 10:04pm 619
NBA Countdown plus Rondo discusses the Lakers dysfunction. Rondo says if there is… Thu 9th May 2019 8:04pm 604
Rondo seems to try to trip Deron Williams from the sideline Wed 6th Jan 2016 1:17pm 596
Chuck: "Isaiah Thomas should've clocked Rondo's ass last night." Thu 15th Feb 2018 11:42pm 592
Rajon Rondo with a beautiful skip pass to Moore for 3 Sat 25th Nov 2017 9:06pm 580
Troy Williams sends 3 Wolves players into the Shadow Realm with "The Rondo" Wed 19th Dec 2018 3:59am 580
Rajon Rondo announces his retirement on All the smoke podcast Tue 2nd Apr 2024 9:21am 573
Rondo huge offensive tip out in OT Sun 25th Feb 2018 5:44pm 554
Favors rejects Rondo as Utah goes crazy Wed 9th Jun 2021 12:06am 541
Rondo tries to bounce the ball off the back of Shaq's back on the inbounds but ha… Sun 2nd May 2021 12:51am 537
One year ago on "Area 21" Perkins theorized that Big 3 of Cousins, AD and Wall ca… Tue 8th May 2018 11:10pm 534
Rondo drives past Draymond Green for the layup, then draws the charge from Dray, … Tue 25th Dec 2018 10:24pm 530
Rondo with MJ-esque layup Mon 28th Jan 2019 5:37am 508
Rondo with a pretty behind the back pass to Davis Sun 23rd Feb 2020 4:01pm 504
AD throws it down from the Rondo lob and Schroder gets a technical Wed 20th Nov 2019 12:20am 489
Rondo downloads, processes and transmits what he sees on the floor Mon 12th Apr 2021 10:56am 488
Rondo threads the needle to Lebron for the throw down Sat 1st Feb 2020 11:02pm 476
Westbrook with the Rondo-Like move Tue 13th Mar 2018 10:12pm 460
Cousins: The block, Rondo: the lead, Curry: the lob and Cauley-Stein with the Jam! Tue 5th Apr 2016 11:45pm 459
Rondo tries to trip Jae Crowder Fri 21st Apr 2017 9:38pm 448
Rajon Rondo passes up on the open layup Sat 27th Oct 2018 11:03pm 440
Rondo makes it difficult and Fox can't hit the game-winning shot Tue 11th Jan 2022 12:21am 439
Rondo scores his first three as a Cavalier! He records 3 Pts/3 Rebs/3 Asts in 3 m… Fri 7th Jan 2022 10:39pm 433
The Lakers closed their game last night against the Celtics with 4 consecutive cl… Fri 8th Feb 2019 5:49am 425
Rajon Rondo's last play as a Dallas Maverick Wed 22nd Apr 2015 6:22pm 420
Playoff Rondo throws the lob to Cam Reddish Mon 28th Dec 2020 9:29pm 413
Rajon Rondo challenging DPOY Dwight Howard Sat 21st Aug 2021 8:21am 412
Rondo's Houdini assist Mon 30th Aug 2021 9:03pm 406
Rajon Rondo Ejected For Foul on Terry Rozier Tue 9th Nov 2021 12:36am 402
An unimpressed Rondo stares down Luka Doncic from the bench Mon 2nd Dec 2019 9:12am 395
Rajon Rondo destroys Yogi Ferrell with the ball Wed 21st Mar 2018 10:30am 393
Rondo Wide Open Thu 30th Mar 2017 9:02pm 390
Rondo connects with AD off the quick out of bounds alley oop Fri 2nd Oct 2020 10:10pm 383
Collins and Rondo get into it after the loose ball foul Sat 21st Apr 2018 6:17pm 373
Rondo gets T'd up for throwing a towel SSN Fri 25th Jan 2019 12:46am 372
Bucks decide to ignore Rondo, so he calmly backs up and drains the corner 3 Wed 13th Dec 2017 9:03pm 360
Cousins pushed Rondo... no technical Sat 2nd Feb 2019 10:34pm 356
Entire sequence of crazy Pelicans posession ends with a Rondo 3 Wed 18th Apr 2018 12:57am 353
Luke on Rondo: Im trying to get him to go back to old-school, fundamental chest p… Wed 27th Mar 2019 1:38am 352
Rajon Rondo loses 1v1 to young Chicago Bulls fan 4-0 Wed 1st Feb 2017 9:00pm 349
Mike Breen mistakenly calls Rondo Kentavious Caldwell-Pope for the second time to… Tue 6th Oct 2020 11:32pm 349
Rondo forehead oop to Rudy Gay Thu 26th Mar 2020 7:38pm 330
Known sharpshooter Rajon Rondo with his third three (3/4) of the night Fri 2nd Oct 2020 11:01pm 330
Rondo alley oop to LeBron poster on Bertans Fri 29th Nov 2019 11:49pm 329
Rondo draws the defense, hits the behind the back bounce pass to Love. Love beats… Wed 26th Jan 2022 8:47pm 326
Wade with an incredible block leading to an even better Rondo pass Wed 20th Sep 2017 7:38pm 325
Rondo does a Rondo and lays it in Sun 30th May 2021 11:36pm 325
With the game on the line the best shot the Lakers get is a Rondo three from Curr… Tue 17th Dec 2019 9:26pm 324
Cory Joseph with a Rondo-esque ball fake on Humphries Sat 3rd Jan 2015 10:17pm 319
Terance Mann growing up in Massachusetts: Its crazy that Im actually teammates wi… Thu 17th Jun 2021 12:09pm 318
Tony Parker does the Rondo ball fake before dishing it to Pau Gasol for the open … Wed 18th Jan 2017 9:50am 315
Rajon Rondo doing a little coaching in the Chicago Bulls huddle. Wed 26th Apr 2017 9:41pm 308
Davis loses Green and Rondo lobs it to Anthony Davis for the slam! - TNT Sat 28th Apr 2018 10:52pm 303
Tyson Chandler draws imaginary chalk outline around a fallen Rondo Thu 31st Jan 2019 11:39pm 303
Rondo gets the steal and LeBron throws it down on the other end Wed 4th Dec 2019 10:58pm 303
Ben Gordon steals it from Ray Allen, crosses over Rondo, then takes it to Pierce'… Wed 8th Sep 2021 9:18am 302
Rondo on being back in Dallas: "It felt like home, without the boos. But other th… Thu 3rd Mar 2016 11:43pm 301
Rajon Rondo mic'd up Sat 13th Jan 2018 3:18am 297
HIGHLIGHT Rondo with the transition bounce bass to Caruso for the layup Tue 19th Nov 2019 11:31pm 293
Rondo fakes a behind the back and scores Sun 5th Sep 2021 1:29pm 291
Rondo hits the three to put the Cavs up 1! Cavs have been down by as much as 21. Fri 11th Feb 2022 9:19pm 286
Rondo on if he can come back to 2020 playoff form: "I dont think my game's declin… Tue 31st Aug 2021 3:52pm 279
Another example of LeBron's in game IQ Lakers Heat Game 6. LeBron sets up a play … Thu 22nd Oct 2020 6:38pm 275
Bosh pulls a Rondo-esque move after Wade slips Sun 31st Jan 2016 7:36pm 273
Rondo stands motionless as Jahlil Okafor crosses him up Mon 25th Feb 2019 11:59am 272
Rondo does the Rondo fake, then throws the wrap around pass to Lebron for 3 Thu 28th Feb 2019 12:24am 257
Rajon Rondo with his signature fake Wed 18th Nov 2015 10:37pm 247
Six combined offensive rebounds for Danny Green and Rajon Rondo last night, five … Fri 11th Sep 2020 1:50pm 246
Jaxson Hayes blocks Rajon Rondo at the halftime buzzer... so Rondo throws it off … Mon 31st Jan 2022 8:12pm 229
Rondo pass the ball off Robert Covington's back from the inbound pass for an easy… Fri 24th Mar 2017 8:43pm 227
Rondo made sure he got the call with some acting Wed 7th Nov 2018 11:30pm 226
Rajon Rondo throws a difficult pass to Troy Daniels for the layup plus the foul Thu 23rd Jan 2020 10:27pm 226
(After Rondo complains) D'Angelo Russell - "Thats the same bullshit call that's w… Fri 22nd Mar 2019 11:26pm 223
The Clippers use the Kawhi-Rondo pick and roll in crunch time scoring every time … Sat 29th May 2021 4:23pm 223
Rajon Rondo provides commentary as DeMarcus Cousins posts up the smaller Montrezl… Fri 7th May 2021 10:57am 218
Dallas crowd chanting "Rondo Sucks" at the end of the Kings vs Mavericks game. Thu 3rd Mar 2016 10:53pm 217
An amazing Dwyane Wade block leads to an amazing Rajon Rondo pass for the triple … Fri 20th Aug 2021 12:25am 217
Rondo wasnt too happy with the shot selection. Thu 3rd Jun 2021 1:32am 216
Rondo dishes one of the worst inbound passes of all-time Sat 5th Sep 2020 12:08am 214
Nearly four years ago today Chris Paul Rajon Rondo and Brandon Ingram fought each… Tue 11th Oct 2022 7:14am 213
Rajon Rondo uses a fake to embarass Steven Adams and hits the floater over Ibaka Mon 4th Jan 2016 9:02pm 211
Rondos pretty good behind the back pass to Jrue. Fri 22nd Dec 2017 8:26pm 209
Playoff Rondo employs the sack tap method on Luka Wed 26th May 2021 12:06am 207
Rondo tries to make a fool out of Shaq Harrison from the inbounds play but Shaq g… Sat 1st May 2021 11:14pm 206
Rajon Rondo lobs it to Cristiano Felicio to give Chicago their biggest lead - TNT Tue 18th Apr 2017 10:15pm 205
Rondo on AD's offseason: "I think he's been doing like maybe 18 pushups a night" Wed 29th Sep 2021 11:24pm 205
Rajon Rondo putting the ball right onto Dennis Schroders face Wed 11th Aug 2021 7:58pm 203
Rondo with a mid-air behind the back pass Sat 25th Sep 2021 1:10pm 200
Playoff Rondo with 9 points off the bench Sun 11th Oct 2020 8:20pm 198
Westbrook yells "Shit don't lie" as Rondo misses the FT Sun 6th Sep 2020 10:39pm 185
Rondo Finds Davis on a Huge Alley Oop Sat 21st Apr 2018 5:56pm 184
Rondo with an amazing dime for KCP to lay it up Tue 25th Dec 2018 8:53pm 184
LeBron Rondo couldn't even dream about that moment. To be back in the Garden, whe… Fri 8th Feb 2019 12:56am 183
Nice fake by Rondo Sat 21st Nov 2015 7:06pm 181
Rondo drives and gets his first points as a Clipper Sun 4th Apr 2021 5:41pm 181
Blake "Rajon Rondo" Griffin Tue 5th May 2015 3:36am 177
Brian Windhorsts live reaction to the Rajon Rondo signing with the Lakers Mon 2nd Jul 2018 6:03pm 175
Reminiscent of Franklin the turtle, Rondo throws up a slow and steady airball Sat 1st Feb 2020 12:53am 171
James Worthy: "It just seems like there's some type of virus going on with this t… Tue 26th Feb 2019 4:35pm 165
AD with the and 1 on the dime from Rondo Sun 11th Oct 2020 8:44pm 165
Marcus Smart does the Rondo-fake and lays it in Wed 2nd Mar 2016 9:43pm 163
Rajon Rondo hits a game winner at the buzzer against the Celtics Wed 7th Aug 2019 8:52pm 163
Rondo with the clutch, shotclock beating 3 pointer to take the lead in overtime! Wed 14th Jan 2015 12:39am 161
Pierce to Rondo with 0.6 seconds left to tie the game Thu 7th May 2020 9:00pm 157
Rondo with the incredible pass for a ray allen 3 Fri 17th Aug 2018 1:32pm 154
Rondo always does his best work in green Wed 15th Mar 2017 8:44pm 153
Rajon Rondo with the massive lob to Rudy Gay for the massive slam! Sun 27th Dec 2015 9:53pm 151
Video Playoff Rondo yelling at Ibaka and Ibaka yelling back Wed 26th May 2021 4:03am 151
Not a dunk, pass or ball fake, but this play made me a fan of Rondo Wed 30th Aug 2017 8:59pm 149
Rondo Alley-oop to Jimmy Butler Sat 29th Oct 2016 9:08pm 147
Rondo fakes behind the back and swings the ball round Splitter for a beautiful as… Fri 22nd Jan 2016 9:29am 146
Rondo throws a towel while Taj Gibson is taking a free thrown and immediately get… Fri 25th Jan 2019 1:04am 146
Rondo putting on a show in Hollywood! Thu 3rd Jun 2021 12:09am 146
Rondo with the ally oop to James for the and 1 Fri 2nd Oct 2020 10:08pm 145
[UNDISPUTED] "Kawhi needs some help. We've heard about Playoff Rondo and Playoff … Fri 3rd May 2019 2:03pm 143
Rajon Rondo talks about his first season with the Bulls on Area 21 Tue 9th May 2017 12:06pm 142
Isaiah Thomas hits KAT with the Rondo fake and lay in Wed 15th Mar 2017 8:38pm 141
Rondo hits a circus shot Sun 4th Oct 2020 9:21pm 141
Rajon Rondo hustle steal leads to Mcdermott Dunk. Fri 3rd Feb 2017 10:14pm 140
Draymond Green scoffs at idea that both he and Rondo are baiting each other: "It … Fri 4th May 2018 11:14pm 138
Frank Vogel: "To me, it's gonna be important to make sure that we stagger Rondo a… Thu 3rd Oct 2019 11:48pm 137
Compilation of Rajon Rondo's Elite Passing This Season Fri 5th Apr 2019 3:33pm 129
Rondo fakes out Lebron for the bucket Fri 30th Mar 2018 9:56pm 128
AD with the block and Rondo finds Mirotic for 3 with a nice pass Sun 15th Apr 2018 12:00am 127
Rondo nails Klay Wed 2nd May 2018 12:04am 125
Sweet move by Rondo who flips it up and in over Livingston - ESPN Tue 25th Dec 2018 10:02pm 124
Rondo's nice backdoor pass to a cutting Paul George Wed 21st Apr 2021 2:27am 124
Rajon Rondo fumbles the ball in a 2 on 1 fastbreak situation which results to a t… Tue 7th Jan 2020 11:20pm 123
Rajon Rondo with the steal and sick assist in transition Mon 4th Dec 2017 8:31pm 118
Rondo blows by Luka and lays it in to force the timeout Sat 29th May 2021 12:00am 118
Rudy gay finishes the fast break alley-oop from Rondo Thu 8th Oct 2015 11:35pm 117
The Lakers closed their game against the Celtics with 4 straight clutch shots - K… Fri 8th Feb 2019 1:37am 117
Rondo encouraging FVV after a missed FT Sun 4th Nov 2018 10:11pm 116
Rajon Rondo threads the needle between two defenders to get it to KCP Fri 13th Dec 2019 8:30pm 115
Rajon Rondo gets emotional after hearing LeBron and AD missed him last season: "T… Tue 28th Sep 2021 3:30pm 112
Luka sends Rondo back to the locker room and hits the turnaround fadeaway Sun 6th Jun 2021 4:16pm 111
Just noticed this pretty pathetic flop by Rondo from the Kings vs Warriors game Mon 11th Jan 2016 2:28am 109
Rondo closes the half with a trademark long jumper Thu 12th Jan 2017 9:16pm 109
Rajon Rondo's First Laker Interview Fri 6th Jul 2018 4:35pm 108
Rondo with a deep pass to Kuzma Sat 30th Mar 2019 12:06am 107
Rondo can't take his eyes off Luka Doncic Sun 1st Dec 2019 7:00pm 105
DeMarcus Cousins post game interview after HUGE 44/24/10 game. Rondo cools him of… Mon 22nd Jan 2018 11:15pm 104
Frank Vogel reflects on Rondo's 10 assists and provides an update on Kyle Kuzma Wed 20th Nov 2019 1:47am 104
Rondo pulled a JR and caught pulling down Wesley Johnson's shorts Sun 1st Nov 2015 3:22am 101
Simmons freezes Rondo in transition and throws it down, AD cherry picks for the a… Sat 25th Jan 2020 10:28pm 101
William Rondo doing the Dame Wave at Westbrook in Game 5 Tue 15th Sep 2020 12:49am 101
Rondo Alley-Oop to Paul George Tue 20th Apr 2021 11:23pm 101
Rondo explains Playoff Rondo Sat 14th Apr 2018 7:05pm 100
4x NBA All-Star And 2x NBA Champion Rajon Rondo Is Still A Free Agent On Media Day Tue 27th Sep 2022 9:44pm 100
Thomas Bryant attempts to taunt Lonzo Ball by yelling "Rondo" Fri 29th Sep 2017 8:27pm 98
Rondo communicating on defense Wed 2nd May 2018 1:44am 97
DeAndre Hunter collects a pass from Rajon Rondo and ELEVATES to slam home the dun… Mon 18th Jan 2021 3:11pm 96
Rudy Gay finishes the lob from Rondo with a one handed dunk. Wed 20th Jan 2016 11:42pm 94
Rondo serves up a Rondo special for Anthony Davis Fri 2nd Oct 2020 10:00pm 94
Rondo uses the ball to wipe the sweat off his face, presumably to make it slipper… Wed 2nd May 2018 3:44pm 92
LeBron approves trades It improves our team. It creates more space for BI, myself… Fri 8th Feb 2019 1:16am 92
Celtic Rondo Bamboozles the King. Sat 7th Jul 2018 5:22am 91
Rondo trips over his own feet bringing the ball up and almost kicks it out-of-bou… Sat 29th Feb 2020 9:45pm 90
Young Rondo fakes Bynum out his shoes Wed 30th Aug 2017 4:29pm 89
Rajon Rondo freezes the entire Suns defense gets the easy scoop shot Tue 12th Nov 2019 10:44pm 89
Rondo to Butler for the athletic finish plus the foul Tue 18th Apr 2017 9:41pm 87
Playoff Rondo with the nasty pass to Jrue Holiday Sat 28th Apr 2018 11:32pm 87
Rondo gets the block and then finds Reggie Jackson who embarrasses Cauley-Stein w… Sun 30th May 2021 10:12pm 86
Rondo intercepts Paul Pierce's inbound pass to seal the win for the Kings. Sun 17th Jan 2016 1:11am 84
Rondo shuts down Durant to close the half Mon 4th Dec 2017 9:12pm 84
Rondo highkey checking out Luka and likes what he sees Sun 1st Dec 2019 6:25pm 81
Smith By popular request here are some of the best remaining NBA FAs PG D Schrode… Mon 15th Aug 2022 5:18pm 80
Rajon Rondo tying his shoe Nikola Mirotic throws the ball in. Tue 4th Apr 2017 9:33pm 78
Rondo with the perfect pass to Jimmy (credit /u/-MarcusD-) Wed 15th Mar 2017 9:46pm 76
Kyrie puts Boston up but the Lakers come back and Rondo wins it at the buzzer! Thu 7th Feb 2019 10:34pm 75
"It was one of the biggest basketball culture shocks I've ever had." Pierce, KG, … Tue 9th May 2017 12:10am 74
Rajon Rondo switches hands in midair to avoid shotblocker, hits a tough layup Mon 28th Jan 2019 3:38pm 74
Ben Simmons ices the game with a cheeky Rondo-esque inbound play Mon 26th Aug 2019 12:17am 73
Rajon Rondo threads the needle with the ridiculous behind the back pass to Zubac … Tue 11th May 2021 9:03pm 73
Curry dances on Rondo and hits a step back long two Sun 10th Jan 2016 12:51am 70
Russell Westbrook On Altercation With Rondo's Brother, "He Started Talking Crazy … Sat 12th Sep 2020 11:25pm 68
Rondo freezes Jazz defense and buries the 3 Tue 8th Jun 2021 11:19pm 68
Rondo trying to trip Crowder (h/t:kennyducey) Fri 21st Apr 2017 7:53pm 67
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Jose Calderon grabs the rebound, and then immediately has it stolen by Rondo. Sun 20th Mar 2016 9:18pm 56
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