NBA clips with Luka Doncic

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Luka Doncic hits the game-winning three point shot at the buzzer Sun 23rd Aug 2020 6:35pm 83,546
Luka Doncic hits the step back 3 over LeBron and the Mavericks go up by 21 Sun 1st Dec 2019 6:08pm 20,554
Luka Doncic on Kobe Heckling on the sideline: He was talking Slovenian. He was ta… Mon 30th Dec 2019 12:42am 14,678
Luka Doncic driving against Pat Beverly again "TOO F**KING LITTLE" Wed 26th May 2021 12:59am 12,966
Luka Doncic asks Mo Wagner "who the f*ck are you" and mocks him Sat 15th Jan 2022 11:40pm 12,226
Luka Doncic sees his twin Sun 3rd Feb 2019 12:29pm 12,035
Luka Doncic goes on an 11-0 run to against the Rockets Sat 8th Dec 2018 8:30pm 11,480
Luka Doncic on joining Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson and Russell Westbrook as th… Sun 2nd May 2021 8:52am 10,719
Luka Doncic On Morris, "I Don't Want To Talk To Him. He's Just Saying A Lot Of Ba… Wed 26th Aug 2020 12:38am 10,179
Damian Lillard on Luka Doncic I mean hes arguably the MVP of the league right now… Sat 18th Jan 2020 11:18am 9,431
Luka Doncic On Marcus Morris, "You Know What I Think... I Don't Want To Deal With… Sun 30th Aug 2020 6:45pm 8,759
Luka Doncic goes behind the back twice to Willie Cauley-Stein! Sun 17th Jan 2021 4:39pm 8,167
Highlight Luka Doncic fakes out everyone on the court for the easy three Thu 29th Jul 2021 9:33am 7,537
Luka Doncic rips his jersey in frustration after missing 5th FT of the night Fri 10th Jan 2020 10:58pm 7,495
Luka Doncic pulls up and beats the buzzer from just inside half court! Wed 28th Nov 2018 9:12pm 7,225
Luka Doncic called BOUNCE on this trick shot Sat 17th Feb 2024 1:35pm 6,997
Luka Doncics reaction to surpassing Michael Jordan for longest 20-5-5 streak sinc… Mon 9th Dec 2019 10:59am 6,330
LeBron: "The game is in great hands with guys like Zion, Ja Morant, Luka Doncic, … Sun 1st Mar 2020 11:01pm 6,273
Michael Jordan shows love to Luka Doncic and Karl-Anthony Towns Sun 20th Feb 2022 10:06pm 5,891
Luka Doncic throws it down on Morris Tue 25th May 2021 10:48pm 5,863
LeBron James to Luka Doncic post-game: "Keep going, you fucking bad mf. Sat 2nd Nov 2019 1:29am 5,791
Paul George on Luka Doncic: He's good. Hes got an advantage over most rookies. He… Mon 31st Dec 2018 12:46pm 5,250
Hes a great player battled every minute he was out there on the floor, didnt bac… Sun 30th Aug 2020 7:18pm 5,202
Luka Doncic making sure the fan behind him got him drilling a three from the bench Thu 4th Apr 2019 4:53pm 5,104
Luka Doncic responds to Porzigis ejection: KP had my back... I dont think it was … Tue 18th Aug 2020 12:27am 4,975
Luka Doncic flies into Andrew Wiggins to draw the 3PT foul Sat 6th Feb 2021 10:21pm 4,779
Blake Griffin attempts to follow up Luka Doncic's introduction to the Mexican cro… Thu 12th Dec 2019 10:42pm 4,542
Luka Doncic crosses over and throws down a HUGE slam with three defenders around … Wed 28th Nov 2018 8:31pm 4,484
Seth Curry behind the back bounce pass to Luka Doncic for the dunk Thu 26th Dec 2019 8:39pm 4,424
Luka Doncic Picks Up His 5th Foul of the Game + 10th Tech of the Season Within th… Sun 6th Feb 2022 7:33pm 4,190
Dirk looked like a proud dad coaching and mentoring Luka Doncic at his first All-… Sun 7th Mar 2021 10:43am 4,161
Luka Doncic blocks James Harden's stepback 3 Sun 10th Mar 2019 9:15pm 4,134
Luka Doncic Step Back on James Harden Mon 11th Feb 2019 8:19pm 4,125
Joe Harris breaks Luka Doncic's ankles Mon 4th Mar 2019 7:47pm 4,119
Luka Doncic hits the clutch step back triple Fri 25th Oct 2019 10:33pm 3,954
Luka Doncic with the steal and the three to end the half Thu 20th Jan 2022 8:35pm 3,829
Luka Doncic hits an insane buzzer beater bank shot 3 to end the half Fri 4th Jan 2019 9:17pm 3,621
Luka Doncic with a bad pass, and then he cannot stop laughing about it Sun 24th Nov 2019 5:18pm 3,614
Luka Doncic looking disappointed on the bench as the Hornets blow out the Maveric… Wed 30th Dec 2020 10:52pm 3,588
Mavs assistant coach Darrell Armstrong saw a boy holding a sign saying he'd been … Thu 2nd Jan 2020 8:15pm 3,543
Luka Doncic throws down a hammer to give the Mavericks a 1 point lead late in the… Fri 15th Mar 2019 12:53am 3,498
Luka Doncic on his Game 4 buzzer-beater vs. Clippers: One of the best feelings Iv… Sun 23rd Aug 2020 7:11pm 3,488
Luka Doncic: "There were so many famous people at courtside. I was checking all o… Sun 16th Feb 2020 11:57pm 3,336
Luka Doncic puts on masterclass in his Olympic debut 48 points on 18 29 FG agains… Mon 26th Jul 2021 11:44am 3,304
Luka Doncic puts the Venezuelan defender on skates and lays it in. Sat 3rd Jul 2021 10:40am 3,277
Luka Doncic with a behind-the-back bank shot fadeaway Sat 29th Sep 2018 9:30pm 3,174
Dallas Mavericks Celebrate Luka Doncics Game-Winner In The Locker Room Sun 23rd Aug 2020 7:04pm 3,078
Mark Cuban on what convinced the Mavs to go all-in to get Luka Doncic at the 2018… Wed 24th Feb 2021 11:39am 2,963
A courtside fan is heckling Luka Doncic and turns out to be Kobe Bryant Sun 29th Dec 2019 11:50pm 2,907
Anthony Edwards impressive defense vs Luka Doncic Thu 17th Dec 2020 9:22pm 2,902
Shannon Sharpe on Luka: "If Luka Doncic was African American, he'd be the Rave of… Mon 10th Aug 2020 1:36pm 2,864
LeBron James hits the step back 3 over Luka Doncic in OT Sat 2nd Nov 2019 12:17am 2,854
Luka Doncic gets the wide open dunk after the Lakers are slow to rotate Sun 1st Dec 2019 5:31pm 2,841
Luka Doncic gets ejected for the first time in his career Sat 19th Jan 2019 8:52pm 2,781
Announcer: "What is it like to be unstoppable as a player" Luka Doncic: "Who is u… Sat 3rd Apr 2021 10:28am 2,673
Luka Doncic tough shots Sun 29th Sep 2019 9:23am 2,667
Reporter If you have time which team is the one you watch Luka Doncic I watched a… Tue 6th Sep 2022 7:54am 2,640
Luka Doncic goes behind-the-back to split the defenders and leaves a pass for Dwi… Sun 13th Jan 2019 7:41pm 2,631
Luka Doncic vs France 47 Points on 655592 shooting splits 7 rebounds 5 assists an… Wed 7th Sep 2022 1:09pm 2,590
Luka Doncic Gets Triple Double With Behind Back Dish To Dwight Powell Sat 15th Jan 2022 12:12am 2,556
Luka Doncic with the deep clutch triple late vs. New Orleans - NBATV Fri 28th Dec 2018 10:24pm 2,471
Luka Doncic on Game 2 win over Clippers to even series: It was great. Im in a way… Thu 20th Aug 2020 12:39am 2,421
Luka Doncic hits the deep three to reach 10k points Mon 25th Dec 2023 11:07pm 2,360
Al-Farouq Aminu puts Luka Doncic on a poster Sun 23rd Dec 2018 9:22pm 2,307
Luka Doncic twists his left ankle and limps to the locker room Fri 21st Aug 2020 11:00pm 2,281
Luka Doncic with a 4-point play over Tucker Sun 24th Nov 2019 3:46pm 2,275
Real Madrid just released this really nice montage of a young Luka Doncic pre-NBA… Fri 11th Jan 2019 10:07am 2,247
Luka Doncic delivers his first assist to Dirk Nowitzki Wed 16th Jan 2019 9:07pm 2,182
Luka Doncic being adorable as always while being introduced Sun 7th Mar 2021 8:22pm 2,129
OG Anunoby crosses over Luka Doncic and slams it in Sat 23rd Oct 2021 8:04pm 2,127
Luka Doncic does a Larry Bird move in-transition, but gets fouled Sun 3rd Feb 2019 8:44am 2,097
Luka Doncic contorts for the and-one to break the tie late in the 4th Sun 10th Feb 2019 5:46pm 2,068
Luka Doncic vs LA Clippers (43pts/17rbs/13ast) - Game 4, 2020 Playoffs Sat 19th Dec 2020 12:40pm 1,835
After getting blown out by the Hornets, Luka Doncic comes back to the court to pr… Wed 30th Dec 2020 11:21pm 1,783
Luka Doncic is one of us Fri 18th Dec 2020 1:54pm 1,761
Luka Doncic hits a tough fadeaway over Jrue Holiday with the shot clock winding d… Fri 28th Dec 2018 9:41pm 1,717
Luka Doncic with the no look alley-oop for Dwight Powell! Sat 7th Dec 2019 2:46pm 1,712
Luka Doncic drains two consecutive stepback threes Sat 2nd Feb 2019 8:10pm 1,621
Luka Doncic refuses to pass the ball to Kristaps Porzingis Sat 19th Oct 2019 8:49am 1,614
Clip of Luka Doncic in slo-mo. Sat 23rd Jun 2018 10:02am 1,611
Luka Doncic with the fake out and over the shoulder pass Sat 29th Jan 2022 7:37pm 1,593
Schmitz Walk-off game-winner from Luka Doncic, who finished with 24 PTS (7-for-12… Fri 30th Mar 2018 3:01pm 1,583
Luka Doncic with a no-look pass to Dorian Finney-Smith in transition Wed 20th Nov 2019 8:08pm 1,576
Luka Doncic loses Hart and steps back for 3 SSN Mon 7th Jan 2019 10:07pm 1,553
Came for Luka Doncic but stayed for Cory Higgins Fri 18th May 2018 3:22pm 1,508
Trae Young defeats Luka Doncic in the 2019 Skills Competition Semis - TNT Sat 16th Feb 2019 8:29pm 1,465
Alex Caruso swats away the ball from Luka Doncic and gets love from LeBron and La… Sat 11th Jan 2020 12:27am 1,393
Scottie Pippen on comparing Luka Doncic to Michael Jordan: "He got six titles yet" Tue 10th Dec 2019 5:19pm 1,382
Kobe playfully heckling Luka Doncic on the sideline, takes a picture of Gianna an… Tue 28th Jan 2020 1:28am 1,282
Luka Doncic after a 401011 performance in 31 minutes We just can't fuck around an… Wed 6th Dec 2023 11:00pm 1,256
Luka Doncic hooks KCP and KCP gets a technical foul. Sun 29th Dec 2019 11:36pm 1,240
DeAndre Jordan pushes Luka Doncic and steals a rebound Fri 2nd Nov 2018 10:17pm 1,239
Luka Doncic hits the deep 3 with 0.8 left on the shot clock Wed 16th Jan 2019 10:12pm 1,236
Luka Doncic dropped James Johnson with the spin, then lays it up for the easy 2 Thu 28th Mar 2019 9:13pm 1,233
A few Luka Doncic plays that are not seen on highlights due to missed shots, whis… Sat 11th Jul 2020 2:23pm 1,222
Luka Doncic calls for the Spain pick amp roll The Suns know what's coming Luka st… Tue 26th Dec 2023 1:30am 1,161
Luka Doncic Playing against Lebron was amazing...he's top 2 player in the whole t… Mon 4th Nov 2019 3:46pm 1,124
Luka Doncic drills the dagger stepback Fri 8th Jan 2021 12:49am 1,123
Nikola Jokic embraces Luka Doncic after the game and gives him a kiss Sat 4th Nov 2023 1:01am 1,109
Luka Doncic with the floater to put the Mavericks up 5 with 11 secs left Sat 8th Aug 2020 11:33pm 1,109
Stephen A. on the Clippers/Mavs series: Luka Doncic is the best player in this se… Wed 26th May 2021 2:54pm 1,100
Kendrick Perkins takes his belt off and starts spanking a chair Thats what Luka D… Sat 11th Nov 2023 1:28am 1,035
Luka Doncic passing/playmaking vs Lakers Sat 2nd Nov 2019 9:42am 1,005
Luka Doncic dances with Kenrich Williams before putting up a beautiful floater ! Fri 25th Oct 2019 10:43pm 991
Luka Doncic with the spin and score to put the Mavs up two Sun 23rd Aug 2020 6:29pm 971
Luka Doncic finished with 28 points in the first-quarter, coming one-point shy of… Thu 10th Feb 2022 9:23pm 966
DeAndre Ayton ties Luka Doncic's tie as he gets ready for the 2018 draft Sat 2nd May 2020 12:34pm 960
Luka Doncic brings up his first career 50 point performance. Thu 10th Feb 2022 11:02pm 956
Luka Doncic is enjoying the game so far Fri 14th Feb 2020 10:26pm 945
Luka Doncic hits a long three over Rivers with the shot clock winding down Sun 24th Nov 2019 5:48pm 937
Trae Young on comparing himself with Luka Doncic: "Not as much as people want it … Tue 3rd Aug 2021 2:16pm 933
Luka Doncic gets by Damian Lillard and throws down a 1 hand slam Sun 27th Oct 2019 7:41pm 894
Luka Doncic vs Milwaukee Bucks (36pts/14rbs/19ast) Sun 6th Dec 2020 8:13am 859
Luka Doncic's first bucket of the preseason Sat 29th Sep 2018 8:48pm 843
Doc Rivers and Luka Doncic chatting post game Sun 30th Aug 2020 6:24pm 826
Luka Doncic meets Salt Bae in Mykonos Sat 21st Aug 2021 3:39pm 824
Luka Doncic finds Green in the corner by nutmegging LeBron Wed 22nd Nov 2023 11:21pm 820
Post Game Thread FIBA Eurobasket Slovenia 4-1 defeats France 3-2 88-82 behind Luk… Wed 7th Sep 2022 1:10pm 810
Great Luka Doncic defense on Kawhi Leonard Fri 26th Oct 2018 10:10pm 789
Luka Doncic with a steal and behind-the-back save while jumping out of bounds Sun 1st Aug 2021 10:36am 786
Jaren Jackson Jr strips Luka Doncic, takes it coast to coast and finishes with a … Mon 19th Nov 2018 8:56pm 781
Luka Doncic badly airballs the free throw Tue 21st Jan 2020 9:00pm 755
Luka Doncic passing vs double-team (20/21 season) Fri 30th Apr 2021 12:21pm 742
Dirk Nowitzki and Luka Doncic play Name that tune Wed 20th Feb 2019 7:13pm 729
Charania After blowout Game 7 loss in West semifinals the Phoenix Suns will host … Mon 15th Aug 2022 7:46pm 724
Luka Doncic and Terance Mann get into it Fri 18th Oct 2019 12:21am 719
() Luka Doncic sprints to the ref and sits on the floor to protest a foul called … Sat 29th May 2021 2:04pm 715
Rick Carlisle On Luka Doncics Performance, "He Sees The Game In 6G. It's Not 5G, … Sun 23rd Aug 2020 7:18pm 713
Wendell Carter Jr. tells Luka Doncic to get that weak shit outta here Mon 12th Nov 2018 9:47pm 712
Rudy Gobert posterizes Luka Doncic Wed 7th Sep 2022 1:03pm 691
Luka Doncic gets two Raptors to bite on his pump fake and finds Seth Curry for 3 Sat 16th Nov 2019 9:14pm 679
Luka Doncic knocks down his first 3 pointer! Sat 29th Sep 2018 9:26pm 663
Post Game Thread Slovenia 3-1 beats Germany 3-1 88 - 80 behind 36 points from Luk… Tue 6th Sep 2022 4:32pm 661
Dirk Nowitzki says Luka Doncic already has eclipsed him as the greatest Maverick … Mon 7th Jun 2021 7:32pm 651
Luka Doncic: Dunk contest 2022 Sat 24th Apr 2021 9:42pm 644
Luka Doncic different types of the stepback move Sun 28th Feb 2021 10:00am 636
Luka Doncic heartbroken after Slovenias tough loss to Australia Sat 7th Aug 2021 8:58am 636
Luka Doncic drives, fakes and hits the fadeaway Thu 17th Oct 2019 11:38pm 634
Luka Doncic shows off his ball handling skills for 3 straight possessions late in… Wed 16th Feb 2022 12:39am 630
Rick Carlisle says Luka Doncic needs to complete his buyout, obtain a letter of c… Thu 5th Jul 2018 2:40pm 622
Luka Doncic Tells Head Coach Rick Carlisle Not To Take Him Out Of The Game Wed 19th Aug 2020 10:58pm 619
Luka Doncic pours in 14 points in the 3rd quarter Fri 21st Dec 2018 12:38am 615
PJ Tucker absolutely annihilates Luka Doncic's ankles! Mon 11th Feb 2019 8:51pm 603
Luka Doncic drains the three as the Mavs are off to a 15-2 start Wed 19th Aug 2020 9:25pm 599
Luka Doncic 18 pts in 1st quarter vs Cavs Sat 2nd Feb 2019 8:17pm 598
Luka Doncic On The Inside Crew, They Should Be Saying, We Got A Chance Thu 20th Aug 2020 12:16am 596
Luka Doncic skies for the rare jam Sun 7th Mar 2021 9:11pm 589
Jason Kidd: "I'm not gonna tell Luka Doncic not to shoot. He can shoot. I'm not g… Fri 23rd Jul 2021 1:10am 585
Kawhi Leonard Lock-down defense on Luka Doncic Mon 7th Jun 2021 1:07am 574
Clips from Stephen Curry and Luka Doncic Secret Summer Workout! Fri 25th Jan 2019 5:01pm 559
Luka Doncic's favorite movie is Mamma Mia, thinks the Earth is flat and doesn't … Tue 10th Jul 2018 3:51pm 547
Austin Rivers gets smothered by Luka Doncic on the layup attempt and gets the bal… Sun 24th Nov 2019 6:08pm 511
Luka Doncic ties the game at 130-130 with 50.0 remaining Sun 23rd Aug 2020 6:27pm 502
Dallas Mavericks Slovenian Rhapsody ft. Luka Doncic Sun 11th Nov 2018 4:07pm 485
Kawhi gets the block on Luka Doncic and he complains its a foul n forgets to guar… Tue 1st Jun 2021 6:17pm 483
Well after the game has ended, Luka Doncic comes back onto the court to thank all… Thu 28th Mar 2019 10:52pm 476
538 Player Projections With the Highest 5 Year Market Values 1 Nikola Jokic 460M … Tue 30th Aug 2022 1:26pm 474
Luka Doncic with a no-look behind the back pass to Maxi Kleber for the three! Tue 15th Feb 2022 9:14pm 461
s Luka Doncic passing vs double-team 202324 Season Sat 17th Feb 2024 11:26am 460
Luka Doncic playmakingpassing vs Suns Tue 26th Dec 2023 9:05am 458
Luka Doncic attempts to dagger Kevin Durant in the clutch! Sun 18th Nov 2018 1:07pm 446
Kristaps Porzingis sheds some light on his relationship with Luka Doncic Thu 22nd Apr 2021 6:06pm 444
NBA Execs on who the best player in the NBA will be in 5 years Giannis Antetokoun… Tue 30th Aug 2022 10:36pm 440
Luka Doncic made sure to let Shaq Harrison know he has 34 points in 3 quarters Tue 7th Jan 2020 11:54am 438
Luka Doncic footwork Sat 18th Jul 2020 9:53am 438
Luka Doncic fuck me Wed 24th Oct 2018 8:59pm 433
Luka Doncic kicks the ball up high after play, laughs with ref Thu 7th Jan 2021 11:11pm 431
Luka Doncic with a step back 3 to give Mavs 70 at the half against the Wiz Tue 6th Nov 2018 9:40pm 429
Luka Doncic scores 40 points in his career playoff debut game, most in NBA history Mon 17th Aug 2020 11:43pm 421
Danilo Gallinari gets the clutch steal on Luka Doncic Tue 31st Dec 2019 10:31pm 416
Callie Caplan A reporter asked Luka Doncic who he thinks will score the most poin… Tue 6th Sep 2022 5:29pm 412
Luka Doncic exchanging words with Matisse Thybulle as the clock runs out Sat 7th Aug 2021 9:37am 410
Luka Doncic to Dwight Powell connections vs Lakers Sun 25th Apr 2021 12:03am 408
Luka Doncic daily crazy shot during practice Wed 15th Jul 2020 5:41pm 406
Luka Doncic on Kris Dunn I didnt do nothing he just mad Im busting his ass Wed 6th Dec 2023 11:08pm 396
Luka Doncic cross-court passing Tue 5th Nov 2019 8:15am 395
An unimpressed Rondo stares down Luka Doncic from the bench Mon 2nd Dec 2019 9:12am 395
Luka Doncic deflects Deandre Ayton's pass and dunks! Fri 14th Dec 2018 12:10am 392
Clippers Patrick Beverley on Nuggets Nikola Jokic after Game 3 win: He presents t… Tue 8th Sep 2020 12:16am 389
Luka Doncic with the skyhook dagger Tue 28th Nov 2023 11:12pm 388
Luka Doncic picks up his second technical in six games for arguing that he did no… Sun 5th Nov 2023 10:43pm 380
Luka Doncic ball fakes Thu 25th Jun 2020 10:41am 380
Luka Doncic with a clutch floater - FSSW Sat 17th Nov 2018 10:53pm 379
Luka Doncic takes part in a We want Dirk chant Mon 1st Apr 2019 10:54pm 377
Gilbert Arenas funny reason on if Luka Doncic could take Slovenia all the way Sun 1st Aug 2021 3:59pm 374
MacMahon UPDATE Luka Doncic checked back in the game after a brief break Theres a… Sun 28th Aug 2022 10:15am 366
Luka Doncic footwork/fundamentals compilation Wed 17th Feb 2021 11:07am 365
Luka Doncic is doubled by Al Horford and Jayson Tatum in the short corner and fir… Sat 24th Nov 2018 9:46pm 362
Luka Doncic behind the back pass splits the defenders Sat 26th Oct 2019 5:56am 357
Luka Doncic with a deep stepback three on Jaylen Brown! Mon 11th Nov 2019 9:13pm 353
Luka Doncic sick behind the back pass vs the Knicks from up above fan seat Fri 9th Feb 2024 12:13am 351
Beautiful Alley-Oop Pass from Luka Doncic Wed 21st Nov 2018 9:24pm 348
Derrick Rose doesn't know Luka Doncic's name in his postgame interview Sun 21st Oct 2018 10:38am 345
In a 24-hour period against Euro basketball stalwarts Germany and France Luka Don… Wed 7th Sep 2022 1:23pm 343
Luka Doncic with the huge block on Justin Hamilton! Sat 29th Sep 2018 9:47pm 340
Luka Doncic pre-game/practice trick shots Fri 16th Apr 2021 6:22pm 331
Luka Doncic hits the long 2 off one foot and gets the and-1 Thu 14th Nov 2019 9:19pm 323
Luka Doncic making a one legged 3 pointer in Euroleague when he was 16 Fri 4th Oct 2019 2:20pm 318
Luka Doncic, staying humble, on the All Star weekend: "It may be a once in a life… Wed 12th Feb 2020 11:12pm 307
Audio of Luka Doncic trash-talking Kris Dunn after both got T'd up Yo what happen… Thu 7th Dec 2023 2:49am 305
Luka Doncic Almost gets Beheaded by Rail Cam Sun 29th Nov 2020 11:34pm 300
Gilbert Arenas breaks down Luka Doncic's game and what makes him tough to guard Sun 4th Apr 2021 11:58am 289
Luka Doncic overhead pass Mon 22nd Feb 2021 12:59pm 282
Luka Doncic with the handle and Tim Hardaway Jr sinks the J Fri 11th Oct 2019 9:01pm 277
Luka Doncic perfectly times the behind the back pass to Marquese Chriss for the l… Thu 27th Jan 2022 12:33am 274
Luka Doncic s Mavs vs Nets - 31 Pts, 13 Rebs, 6 Asts Thu 2nd Jan 2020 11:27pm 273
Luka Doncic does his best Trae Young impression Sun 8th Jul 2018 12:16pm 271
Luka Doncic with yet another semi-circus shot after the whistle Fri 29th Mar 2019 5:29pm 269
During a 2016 Euroleague game the Real Madrid coach at the time Pablo Laso took a… Sat 13th Aug 2022 6:16am 267
Luka Doncic with the ridiculous transition layup Wed 6th Feb 2019 10:41pm 262
Ben Simmons putting the clamps on Luka Doncic (3/9 in the first half) Thu 25th Feb 2021 8:49pm 259
Video of a young Luka Doncic in Italy, where he posted a 54-point triple double a… Mon 18th Sep 2017 11:05pm 255
Luka Doncic DEEP three to beat the clock vs Latvia Tue 12th Sep 2017 4:20pm 244
Luka Doncic puts the moves on Jayson Tatum Mon 11th Nov 2019 9:22pm 233
Julius Randle puts the clamps on Luka Doncic who tries to go 1v1 Sat 17th Apr 2021 1:46am 233
MPJ's Podcast Excluding himself Jokic names the Top 5 players in the world right … Thu 28th Dec 2023 6:28pm 219
Great Luka Doncic defense on LeBron Thu 1st Nov 2018 1:14am 219
Luka Doncic uses his elbow to create space and hits the and1 Thu 24th Dec 2020 5:02pm 219
Luka Doncic with crazy handles and toys around with Draymond Green Sat 28th Dec 2019 10:07pm 218
Luka Doncic comes up with the steal and finds Finney-Smith with a no look pass fo… Tue 8th Feb 2022 10:23pm 215
Luka Doncic putting Jrue Holiday on skates Tue 7th Sep 2021 8:25am 214
Video Luka Doncic vs Ukraine: 14 pts, 10 rbs, 6 asts in 23 minutes. Sat 9th Sep 2017 8:37am 213
Luka Doncic to Dwight Powell connections Wed 8th Jul 2020 10:11am 209
Luka Doncic scores 7 straight points in the last minute againt Timberwolves Fri 11th Jan 2019 11:25pm 202
Tre Mann creates some separation from Luka Doncic and swishes the step back three Wed 2nd Feb 2022 10:10pm 200
Luka Doncic somehow threads the difficult pass to Dwight Powell Tue 2nd Nov 2021 8:29pm 196
Ben Simmons defense vs. James Harden, Caris LeVert, Steph Curry, Kawhi Leonard, L… Tue 2nd Jul 2019 2:41pm 194
Luka Doncic's NASTY stepback triple NOTHING but NET! Sun 28th Oct 2018 8:09pm 190
Luka Doncic throws it down on Millsap and Plumlee to take the lead with 5 seconds… Wed 28th Aug 2019 11:41am 190
Luka Doncic blows by Gary Harris for the clutch layup to put the Mavs up 3 late Wed 30th Oct 2019 1:25am 189
Dorian Finney Smith's block leads to a Luka Doncic dunk on the break Sun 27th Jan 2019 9:10pm 182
MacMahon Luka Doncic just limped off the floor in Munich Germany He was grabbing … Sun 28th Aug 2022 10:11am 180
Luka Doncic hits the one handed three pointer trying to draw the foul Sun 14th Feb 2021 9:20pm 177
Luka Doncic Step Back 3 over Rudy Gobert Wed 7th Sep 2022 1:30pm 164
Luka Doncic hits Dwight Powell with a look away lob for his 15th assist of the ni… Thu 27th Jan 2022 12:26am 163
Patrick Beverly gets the steal from Luka Doncic Tue 25th May 2021 11:43pm 162
Luka Doncic misses the half court buzzer beater, becomes visibly upset Fri 30th Nov 2018 11:41pm 159
Luka Doncic Shows Off His Left Hand, My Left Is One Of The Nicest Lefties Wed 19th Aug 2020 10:37pm 156
Luka Doncic with the amazing pass inside to Powell Mon 11th Feb 2019 9:07pm 155
Luka Doncic Sticks The Landing Sat 2nd Mar 2019 9:56pm 155
Luka Doncic's phone-interview on Inside the NBA after becoming an All-Star Thu 23rd Jan 2020 9:30pm 150
Luka Doncic draws the foul on Danny Green and the Sixers bench erupts Sat 5th Feb 2022 12:59am 149
Luka Doncic and Terance Mann get into an argument Sat 12th Feb 2022 11:06pm 149
Shaq and Charles Barkley thinks Luka Doncic should be an All-Star: Shaq "Doncic s… Fri 11th Jan 2019 5:38am 148
NBA channel casually reminding everyone just how clutch Luka Doncic has been so f… Fri 1st Mar 2019 4:46pm 148
Video of a young Luka Doncic in Italy, where he posted a 54-point triple double a… Wed 19th Sep 2018 12:46pm 142
Luka Doncic drives to the basket and makes a casual no look pass to Trey Burke fo… Tue 8th Feb 2022 9:17pm 141
Luka Doncic fakes the Clippers defense with a pass and makes the layup Sat 22nd May 2021 5:11pm 140
Luka Doncic's passing vs Bulls Mon 18th Jan 2021 10:38am 139
Gary Payton II stays on Luka Doncic until he gets the steal! Sun 27th Feb 2022 9:38pm 138
Luka Doncic playmaking and scoring vs Bucks Tue 24th Nov 2020 9:41am 135
Luka Doncic shows some amazing footwork and scores against a tough german defense… Tue 6th Sep 2022 4:00pm 131
Luka Doncic looking clearly concussed after collision with Dwight Howard. Went on… Sat 2nd Nov 2019 12:20am 127
Luka Doncic practice/pre-game trick shots Sat 9th Oct 2021 2:16pm 126
A message from Luka Doncic and Dwight Powell Mon 16th Mar 2020 7:43pm 125
Luka Doncic Blocks LeBron James Twice at the Rim Fri 1st May 2020 6:45pm 124
Post Game Thread FIBA EuroBasket Slovenia 1-0 beats Lithuania 0-1 92-85 behind 24… Thu 1st Sep 2022 1:25pm 124
Luka Doncic attempts a 360 dunk in the warmup line Mon 19th Nov 2018 8:05pm 123
Luka Doncic on ROY battle with Trae Young The Stepback Mon 24th Jun 2019 4:20pm 123
Luka Doncic draft-day clips (2018) Wed 18th Nov 2020 11:53am 122
Luka Doncic on ball defensive highlights compilation vs LA Clippers, Game 4 Mon 24th Aug 2020 5:48pm 119
Luka Doncic opens the season with a euro step through the Wizards defense Wed 23rd Oct 2019 8:50pm 118
Luka Doncic triple-double (29pts, 13rbs, 10asts) vs Pelicans s Mon 18th Mar 2019 11:22pm 116
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