NBA clips with Ingles

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Donovan Mitchell answering a question about dealing with critics such as Shaq: "T… Sun 28th Feb 2021 10:20am 26,283
Full sequence leading to Ingles elbowing Jarrett Allen's face (Replay included) Wed 12th Jan 2022 9:25pm 8,889
Eric Paschall defends Jingling Joe because no one on the Rockets dares to, Ingles… Fri 29th Oct 2021 10:07am 8,880
Jordan Clarkson gets presented with his 6MOTY Trophy from Ingles on Inside the NBA Mon 24th May 2021 7:35pm 6,365
Joe Ingles blows a kiss to Pistons fans after sealing the win (Slow-mo) Mon 14th Jan 2019 11:28pm 5,982
Joe Ingles straight up called Blake Griffin a flopper to his face Mon 14th Jan 2019 9:46pm 5,646
Joe Ingles laughs at Donovan Mitchell getting hit in the nuts Sat 26th Oct 2019 10:53pm 5,145
Joe Ingles gets asked CLB or Donda: I don't know what that means. Sat 16th Oct 2021 4:03pm 5,009
Ingles drills his 3rd straight 3 and gets in PG's face Mon 23rd Apr 2018 11:50pm 4,689
Last year, Joe Ingles gave a legally blind young fan special eyewear that would a… Thu 15th Mar 2018 10:07pm 4,367
Joe Ingles on Jordan Clarkson winning the Sixth Man of the Year Award: He stole i… Mon 24th May 2021 7:51pm 4,190
Super Athletic Driving Layup by Joe Ingles Sun 7th Feb 2021 5:51pm 3,295
Joe Ingles drains the 3 to pass Stockton on the all-time made 3's list in Jazz hi… Fri 29th Jan 2021 10:26pm 3,143
Joe Ingles roasts Shaq for his terrible Australian accent Tue 24th Apr 2018 1:33am 2,984
Joe Ingles dunks on Brook Lopez! Sun 8th Apr 2018 7:33pm 2,960
HIGHLIGHT Joe Ingles catches the ball at his face and utilizes no wasted motion a… Fri 11th Jun 2021 11:19am 2,805
Joe Ingles is letting everyone know about his poster last night. Mon 9th Apr 2018 1:30pm 2,787
Dellavedova punches the ball ahead to Ingles who lays it in to put the finishing … Tue 13th Jul 2021 5:53am 2,752
Ingles tells Nurkic "I'm shooting it" before draining a 3 in his face Wed 26th Dec 2018 4:19pm 2,744
Joe Ingles drills the silky smooth open three after Kawhi misses the easy putback Fri 11th Jun 2021 12:51am 2,744
Joe Ingles with the dirty jab step 3 on PG13 Thu 10th Jun 2021 11:31pm 2,630
Donovan Mitchell throws the 92 foot pass to Joe Ingles for the easy layup Sun 8th Apr 2018 7:41pm 2,582
Joe Ingles stumps two all stars in one possession. Tue 5th Dec 2017 9:09pm 2,552
Dillon Brooks secretly reading what's on Joe Ingles' wristband. Sun 23rd May 2021 11:25pm 2,502
Joe Ingles hits a 3 in Paul Georges face then forces him into a turnover on the o… Thu 30th Apr 2020 5:01pm 2,458
Luka finishes the half strong with a bomb over Ingles Wed 14th Nov 2018 9:38pm 2,442
An emotional Patty Mills and Joe Ingles embrace after winning their long awaited … Sat 7th Aug 2021 9:07am 2,247
Joe Ingles explodes to the rim and finishes over Dwight Sat 10th Feb 2018 1:01pm 2,094
Donovan Mitchell goes behind the back and rifles a pass to Ingles for 3! Sun 8th Apr 2018 7:46pm 2,037
Giannis with a veteran move holding Ingles' leg to prevent a stop on Maker's unco… Mon 7th Jan 2019 9:55pm 2,023
Joe Ingles obliterating the rim on a fast break Mon 12th Feb 2018 9:34pm 2,011
Joe Ingles rejects the screen, breaks Kent Bazemore's ankles, and hits the 3 Sat 23rd Jan 2021 10:55pm 1,965
Wendell Carter Jr receives a technical for his vicious attack on Joe Ingles Sun 13th Jan 2019 12:23am 1,952
Joe Ingles lobs the pass to the post, but accidentally drains the shot Tue 4th Dec 2018 10:29pm 1,939
Joe Ingles expresses how much Donovan means to him in tear-jerking media day mome… Mon 30th Sep 2019 2:05pm 1,589
NBA Cares Joe Ingles and his wife Renae open up about their 2-year old son Jacob … Tue 2nd Apr 2019 6:48pm 1,579
Joe Ingles beats the third quarter buzzer with a half-court heave - ESPN Sat 20th Oct 2018 12:32am 1,560
Joe Ingles baits Bobby Portis into an offensive foul and calls it himself Fri 29th Mar 2019 11:22pm 1,474
Joe Ingles uses every inch of the glass to get his layup to go in Fri 11th Jun 2021 12:45am 1,400
Paul George crosses Ingles &amp makes the stepback 3 Mon 14th Jun 2021 10:36pm 1,373
Joe Ingles claims he will dunk on Donovan Mitchell in the USA-Australia game Sun 18th Aug 2019 8:06pm 1,339
Ingles flops to draw a charge and laughs about it with the Heat bench Mon 23rd Dec 2019 9:50pm 1,309
Hayward and Ingles connect on a STRONG alley-oop Fri 24th Feb 2017 8:42pm 1,282
Joe Ingles dunks a basketball Fri 2nd Mar 2018 11:42pm 1,275
Conley comes up with the nickname BoJo Show for Bojan Bogdanovic and Ingles Wed 2nd Oct 2019 5:24pm 1,179
Joe Ingles throws the alley oop to Donovan Mitchell on the back door cut Sun 2nd Dec 2018 6:28pm 1,104
Joe Ingles is becoming one of the premier trash talkers of the league Sat 21st Oct 2017 11:34pm 1,103
Joe Ingles: Theres gonna be nights when Mike Conley only shoots four shots. Or me… Fri 19th Nov 2021 10:44am 1,099
Joe Ingles living the dunk life Tue 12th Nov 2019 12:53am 1,031
Ingles swats the shot and then swings it to Bogdanovic for a transition 3 Tue 31st Dec 2019 9:55am 962
Gobert with his 1st Assist to Ingles - Chemistry Issues Ensue Tue 24th Apr 2018 2:16am 957
Joe Ingles employs his hips to force Cedi Osman into a turnover with close-up rep… Thu 1st Feb 2024 9:10am 922
Donovan Mitchell and Joe Ingles ice the game with back-to-back 3s Tue 24th Apr 2018 1:20am 895
Paul George Shoving Ingles Mon 23rd Apr 2018 10:47pm 866
Joe Ingles waves goodbye after hitting the step back 3 in Lauri Markkanen's face Sun 13th Jan 2019 12:18am 829
Donovan Mitchell, Joe Johnson and Joe Ingles all miss potential game tying threes… Sat 20th Jan 2018 1:06am 784
Joe Ingles casually tosses up a layup. Tue 10th Apr 2018 10:38pm 778
Joe Ingles throws a towel in the face of Jazz Announcer Matt Harpring Wed 7th Mar 2018 9:38pm 777
Bandaged Joe Ingles hits the clutch 3 to put the game away Mon 12th Nov 2018 10:53pm 754
Joe Ingles knocks Russell Westbrook down hits the 3 and trash talks him on the wa… Sat 30th Mar 2024 5:44pm 718
CP3 almost kicks Joe Ingles in head (h/t:cjzero) Sun 30th Apr 2017 6:05pm 652
Joe Ingles is ejected following a flagrant 2 Fri 22nd Oct 2021 10:38pm 640
Rubio on how Ingles held him back Sun 22nd Apr 2018 1:22am 623
Ingles drills the three, then blows kisses to the Charlotte crowd Sat 21st Dec 2019 7:15pm 621
Rudy Gobert channels his inner PG skills and dimes to Ingles for transition 3 Sat 25th Jan 2020 6:39pm 604
Joe Ingles gives his thoughts on Donovan Mitchell's putback dunk Wed 2nd May 2018 11:40pm 600
Charles Barkley: "I have no idea why Ingles picked up a technical there by the re… Tue 24th Apr 2018 1:27am 491
Joe Ingles' post game interview on Inside the NBA Tue 24th Apr 2018 1:41am 491
Ingles and George Trade Threes to End Quarter Wed 25th Apr 2018 10:00pm 481
Joe Ingles Injury Sun 30th Jan 2022 8:57pm 455
Joe Ingles hits a clutch three! - TNT Sun 23rd Apr 2017 11:39pm 419
Ingles tells Nurkic hes going to shoot it, proceeds to nail a three in his face Wed 26th Dec 2018 3:51am 411
Joe Ingles loses Tatum and drills the deep 3 to cap off a 20 point first half Fri 9th Nov 2018 10:37pm 405
Ingles gets Beal backpedalling and hits the step-back 3 Mon 18th Mar 2019 8:33pm 396
Joe Ingles weaves it through to Derrick Favors for a wicked slam Sat 2nd Mar 2019 9:54pm 393
Joe Ingles slaps PG upside the head on the flyby and apologises Mon 11th Mar 2019 9:42pm 385
Tucker swats Ingles in the face - Flagrant 1 Sun 6th May 2018 8:59pm 374
Joe Ingles living the dunk life Thu 14th Mar 2019 10:59pm 372
Joe Ingles throws the alley-oop to Donovan Mitchell Sat 17th Mar 2018 10:33pm 353
Josh Richardson flops big on Joe Ingles Fri 29th Jan 2021 11:04pm 342
Joe Ingles drops Bazemore with the crossover, then drops the 3 for good measure Sat 23rd Jan 2021 10:57pm 341
Utah ball-movement leads to Ingles three - TNT Tue 24th Apr 2018 12:30am 339
Joe Ingles Dagger NBATV Mon 14th Jan 2019 11:23pm 324
Joe Ingles hustles back and gets an amazing chase down block on Kelly Oubre. Sat 23rd Jan 2021 10:33pm 317
Joe Ingles Game Winner AT lakers Wed 28th Dec 2016 1:01am 299
Joe Ingles destroys the rim with a vicious slam! Sun 6th May 2018 9:49pm 290
Joe Ingles with the great pass to Bogut for the slam! Sun 1st Sep 2019 4:07am 290
Ingles Drains the 3 from the Mitchell feed Sun 22nd Apr 2018 12:16am 282
Paolo splits a pass between 4 defenders to set up an Ingles three Sat 30th Mar 2024 7:38pm 275
KCP loses Joe Ingles with the crossover and hits the gorgeous scoop shot and LeBr… Sun 7th Apr 2019 11:50pm 266
Joe Ingles "lobs" it to Rudy Gobert Mon 25th Mar 2019 10:52pm 243
Joe Ingles hits his 500th career 3 pointer and gets his bells jingled by Dillon B… Fri 2nd Nov 2018 9:33pm 241
Jazz players priceless reactions to Ingles dunk Mon 9th Apr 2018 10:01pm 239
Joe Ingles shakes Paul George and drains the clutch three Sat 23rd Feb 2019 12:02am 239
Ingles Jingles a 3 over Harden Wed 2nd May 2018 9:39pm 237
Donovan Mitchell throws the difficult pass to Joe Ingles who barley beats the buz… Thu 24th Jan 2019 12:22am 233
Murray drills the deadly stepback over Ingles Mon 17th Aug 2020 4:15pm 230
Joe Ingles drills a three just before the half - ESPN Sat 20th Apr 2019 11:50pm 229
Ingles says goodnight in Australian Fri 16th Mar 2018 12:41am 226
Joe Ingles with a beautiful bounce pass to Hayward for the clutch OT dunk Tue 2nd Feb 2016 10:33am 224
Malik Monk puts Joe Ingles on Skates Mon 17th Jan 2022 11:22pm 224
Joe Ingles Soars for the Block Tue 16th Feb 2021 12:01am 215
Ingles borrows from PG's playbook with a steal and then a 3 Tue 24th Apr 2018 12:43am 214
Joe Ingles with anUnbelievable Release Sat 27th Feb 2021 10:38pm 214
Jalen Suggs nutmegs DLo Ingles hits the 3 Sat 4th Nov 2023 7:32pm 212
Campazzo freezes Joe Ingles with the cross and takes it in for the easy layup Fri 7th May 2021 9:16pm 208
Ingles and Gobert connect on a dagger alley-oop Wed 12th Feb 2020 11:21pm 205
Chuck loves Ingles, Shaq calls Rubio a flopper Tue 24th Apr 2018 12:00am 203
Joe Ingles can't find anyone on the inbounds pass, so he throws a lob to Hayward Thu 19th Mar 2015 1:05am 197
Reporter tried to ask Joe Ingles a question on Haywards departure, Ingles replies… Sun 8th Apr 2018 10:25pm 197
Joe Ingles calls Blake Griffin a flopper Mon 14th Jan 2019 11:15pm 197
Joe Ingles intercepts Millsap's lob to Jokic and sets up another Rudy slam Fri 1st Mar 2019 12:04am 196
Joe Ingles sinks the corner three and asserts territorial dominance with the Clip… Wed 27th Feb 2019 11:59pm 188
Joe Ingles hits the back court 3 after the buzzer SSN Fri 11th Jan 2019 10:41pm 186
The Orlando Magic bench goes CRAZY after this Joe Ingles athletic fastbreak Fri 23rd Feb 2024 4:52pm 185
"... think you were shooting better than Steph Curry at one stage." "Aw, that's e… Mon 7th Aug 2017 2:00am 185
Joe Ingles fakes a recovering Kevin Durant from beyond the 3pt line and drains it! Sat 20th Oct 2018 1:18am 182
Crowd Erupts as Rubio slings it to Ingles for 3 Sat 21st Apr 2018 11:10pm 171
Joe Ingles reaches, Chris Paul teaches - ESPN Sat 29th Apr 2017 1:13am 170
A JaVale McGee block on Ingles leads to a Curry three Sat 6th May 2017 10:24pm 154
Joe Ingles drills back-to-back 3 pointers late in the 4th to help lead the Jazz t… Sun 15th Jan 2017 3:50am 148
Reggie Jackson dances on Ingles and lays it in to give the Clippers the lead Sat 19th Jun 2021 12:10am 148
Ingles opens the game with a 3 from the logo Fri 4th May 2018 10:44pm 141
Joe Ingles blows kisses to Pistons fans after game-icing 3 Mon 14th Jan 2019 11:28pm 141
Joe Ingles with the steal and long-range assist while sitting on the floor. Wed 21st Dec 2016 10:12pm 137
Dillon Brooks goes flying trying to block an Ingles 3, gets called for his 3rd fo… Wed 26th May 2021 11:30pm 134
Joe Ingles to Rudy Gobert for the double-hand slam Thu 28th Feb 2019 11:30pm 129
Okongwu blocks Joe Ingles twice in one play Thu 9th Nov 2023 10:08pm 122
Harden maneuvers around O'Neal, Crowder, AND Ingles and drains the 3! Tue 23rd Apr 2019 12:28am 122
Ingles get slapped by Melo but still gets whistled for the foul Wed 25th Apr 2018 10:06pm 115
Anthony Morrow breaks Ingles' ankles and drills the three Mon 23rd Nov 2015 11:08pm 114
Ingles gets the steal and spins the pass to Burks to put the nail in the coffin Fri 1st Dec 2017 11:45pm 110
KD drops in a three right over Ingles, then decides to pull up from way downtown … Wed 13th Feb 2019 1:00am 110
Niang and Royce O'neale jingling Joe Ingles about his age Thu 20th May 2021 1:03pm 104
Gordon Hayward throws down the alley-oop from Joe Ingles Wed 9th Nov 2016 7:51pm 103
Miles Plumlee ejected for Flagrant-2 foul on Joe Ingles Fri 5th Feb 2016 10:49pm 102
Ingles lobs it to Gobert for the high flying alley oop! Mon 2nd Oct 2017 10:19pm 100
Jaylen Brown casually picks Joe Ingles' pocket and throws down the fast break dunk Fri 15th Dec 2017 7:57pm 97
Dragan Bender with great defensive play on Ingles Thu 26th Oct 2017 11:36am 92
Joe Ingles draws the offensive foul on Harden Sat 22nd Feb 2020 11:01pm 90
Aminu freezes Ingles like a deer in the headlights Fri 23rd Feb 2018 9:33pm 88
Embiid nearly chucks the ball at Ingles but changes his mind mid-throw Thu 1st Aug 2019 1:05pm 86
Joe Ingles trying to talk to Paul George at the free throw line Mon 14th Jun 2021 5:54pm 85
James Harden steals it from Ingles but Rubio steals it back for a Crowder alley-o… Sat 20th Apr 2019 10:52pm 80
Joe Ingles called for flagrant 1 Fri 18th Jan 2019 10:12pm 78
Joe Ingles flops to draw a loose ball foul by hip checking Terance Mann during a … Thu 17th Jun 2021 4:50pm 77
Christian Wood gets his hand slapped by Joe Ingles then gets rocked by a screen Sat 4th Nov 2023 7:43pm 75
Joe Ingles four point play ignites Utah crowd! - ESPN2 Fri 21st Apr 2017 10:55pm 71
Ingles gives the Jazz fanbase blue balls Sun 19th Jul 2020 1:42pm 70
Ingles is so fast, the buzzer never has a chance Wed 16th Jan 2019 11:43pm 69
Cole Anthony inspired by Joe Ingles brainstorms a nickname for his bench unit dur… Fri 24th Nov 2023 8:56pm 68
Donovan Mitchell with the Ben Simmons-like assist to Joe Ingles Sun 8th Apr 2018 7:46pm 63
Joe Ingles 34 Points 8 threes vs Wizards - 2020-2021 Sat 24th Sep 2022 11:58pm 63
Andrew Wiggins fights through Rudy Gorbert's screen to block Joe Ingles' 3-point … Wed 11th Dec 2019 9:32pm 61
Harden gets Ingles to bite on the crossover and blows by him for an and-1 Sun 9th Feb 2020 7:52pm 61
Joe Ingles sets up Gordon Hayward with the alleyoop. Tue 10th Jan 2017 10:09pm 60
Joe Ingles half court lob to Jeff Green for the dunk! Mon 11th Nov 2019 11:22pm 58
Joe Ingles reveals the first Jazz 6MOTY. Mon 24th May 2021 7:46pm 57
Joe Ingles manhandles Embiid and sends him to the line Fri 19th Jan 2024 8:59pm 56
Joe Ingles Hands The Sixth Man Of The Year Award to Jordan Clarkson. Mon 24th May 2021 7:50pm 56
Bandaged Joe Ingles hits the clutch 3 to put the game away Mon 12th Nov 2018 10:30pm 49
Eric Gordon makes Joe Ingles kneel for him Thu 18th Apr 2019 12:49am 45
Jock Landale's block leads to a transition 3 for Joe Ingles! Sun 1st Sep 2019 3:35am 45
Andrew Wiggins spins pass J.Ingles into the paint for an easy lay-up over Rudy Go… Wed 20th Nov 2019 8:53pm 44
Zubac botches the lob pass from Kawhi, Ingles hits a triple on the other end Sat 12th Jun 2021 10:34pm 44
Doug McDermott Flies by Ingles for the Big Slam Mon 26th Nov 2018 11:38pm 43
Murray drives past Ingles on the iso and finishes past Gobert Tue 25th Aug 2020 8:44pm 43
Joe Ingles with the nifty double-clutch wraparound pass to Gobert for the jam Tue 2nd Feb 2016 4:54pm 42
Joe Ingles gets the steal and feeds it to Gobert for the 2 handed flush Thu 17th Jun 2021 12:32am 42
Joe Ingles runs the fastbreak and lobs it to Exum for the oop! Tue 11th Apr 2017 12:03am 41
Ingles to Gobert is a thing Tue 9th Apr 2019 11:16pm 41
Ky Bowman crosses Joe Ingles and finishes over Jeff Green Fri 22nd Nov 2019 10:52pm 41
Joe Ingles with the side-step finger roll Sun 15th Apr 2018 8:02pm 37
Joe Ingles has Bradley Beal stumbling Sat 17th Oct 2020 3:43am 37
I'm looking for more plays like Joe Ingles does here. Pointing to the open pass i… Mon 30th Nov 2020 11:32am 37
Joe Ingles puts Brook Lopez on a poster! Sun 8th Apr 2018 7:33pm 36
Joe Ingles shoots over Paul George Sun 15th Apr 2018 10:24pm 36
Rubio says that Ingles missed a wide open layup "because he didn't want me to get… Sun 22nd Apr 2018 1:24am 35
Joe Ingles with a clean stepback triple and Gobert rejects Capela at the rim - ES… Sat 20th Apr 2019 10:53pm 35
Ingles loses the Defence with the nice pass fake and finishes the and-1 Sat 8th Feb 2020 12:55am 32
Joe Ingles did what Thu 1st Feb 2024 12:07am 30
Joe Ingles with the alley-oop to Donovan Mitchell Sat 23rd Feb 2019 10:22pm 28
Joe Ingles riles up Magic bench on the fast break Thu 22nd Feb 2024 11:00pm 27
Im Shooting it - Joe Ingles right before sinking the three over Nurkic Wed 26th Dec 2018 1:24am 25
Joe Ingles with the alley-oop pass for Aron Baynes Sat 24th Aug 2019 12:38am 24
Why did the Bucks sign Joe Ingles to a 65M contract Wed 7th Sep 2022 4:45am 24
Magic defensive activity leads to Joe Ingles transition 3 extends Magic lead to 25 Sun 14th Apr 2024 3:13pm 23
Joe Ingles casually dunking it Fri 30th Mar 2018 11:19pm 23
Joe Ingles hits the clutch triple with 21.6 seconds left to put the Jazz up three! Wed 28th Dec 2016 1:01am 22
Joe Ingles hangs in the air to beat the buzzer Mon 26th Nov 2018 9:52pm 20
Joe Ingles hits a 3/4 court shot (after the whistle) Mon 16th Sep 2019 2:57pm 17
The Los Angeles Clippers forget about Joe Ingles and they leave him for a wide-op… Fri 11th Jun 2021 12:51am 16
Joe Ingles unknowingly hits a lucky shot in warmups Mon 26th Nov 2018 8:27pm 15
Joe Ingles waves goodbye to Lauri Markkanen after hitting the step back 3 in his … Sun 13th Jan 2019 12:14am 15
Epic Joe Ingles commercial Thu 14th Mar 2019 11:22am 13
Joe Ingles gets rewarded with a call on an egregious flop Sat 22nd Feb 2020 11:01pm 13
PG does Ingles nasty with the crossover and drains the 3 Tue 24th Apr 2018 1:05am 12
Joe Ingles is ejected for a flagrant 2 Fri 22nd Oct 2021 10:39pm 12
Joe Ingles viciously rams his elbow into Harden's neck Sun 21st Apr 2019 10:51am 11
The rebuild of the Utah Jazz started with the Joe Ingles trade Tue 6th Sep 2022 10:56pm 10
Karl-Anthony Towns blocks J.Ingles and wedges the ball onto the top of the backbo… Mon 18th Nov 2019 10:42pm 9
Joe Ingles Is Ejected For Two Technicals And A Dirty Elbow To Jarret Allen Wed 12th Jan 2022 11:11pm 9
Ingles runs over Cousins and no foul is called either way Wed 3rd Jan 2018 10:56pm 7
Joe Ingles with the dunk and the staredown Fri 2nd Mar 2018 11:42pm 7
Donovan Mitchell finds Joe Ingles in the corner after behind-the-back dribble - S… Sun 8th Apr 2018 7:46pm 5
Things get testy between Carmelo and Ingles after a hard foul Sat 1st Feb 2020 10:53pm 5
Bandaged Joe Ingles hits the clutch 3 to put the game away Mon 12th Nov 2018 10:50pm 4
Joe Ingles pregame shot and celebration Mon 26th Nov 2018 10:11pm 4
Um, what is refereeing? Ingles travels, smacks Biggie in the head and nothing is … Wed 3rd Jan 2018 10:28pm 3
Rudy Gobert channels his inner PG skills and dimes in transition to Ingles for 3 Sat 25th Jan 2020 6:36pm 3
Anthony Edwards looks off Joe Ingles and then drops the dime to Dlo Sat 26th Dec 2020 9:59pm 3
Paul George 'defensive intensity' leads to wide open Joe Ingles 3. Tue 5th Dec 2017 9:49pm 2
Joe Ingles to a trash-talking kid: "Are you out here sitting courtside with your … Thu 21st Mar 2019 12:51am 2
Joe Ingles attempts to oop the ball to hinself Mon 20th Jul 2020 10:05am 2
The Clippers play lockdown defence on the crunch time possession but Joe Ingles s… Fri 11th Jun 2021 12:53am 2
Joe Ingles and Goga Bitadze absolutely brutalize Joel Embiid Wed 24th Jan 2024 4:04pm 1
Joe Ingles riles up Magic bench with the fast break Thu 22nd Feb 2024 10:57pm 1
Joe Ingles forgets hes defending Paul George, as PG hits the 3. Mon 14th Jun 2021 6:16am 1
Joe Ingles and Goga Bitadze absolutely brutalize Joel Embiid Wed 24th Jan 2024 4:06pm 0
Joe Ingles and Goga Bitadze absolutely brutalize Joel Embiid Wed 24th Jan 2024 4:09pm 0
why does Joe Ingles likes to hip check Wed 14th Jul 2021 8:48am 0