NBA clips with Harden

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Kawhi hits the clutch 3 for the lead and then comes back and blocks Harden Mon 6th Mar 2017 10:50pm 16,369
Harden finds an open Kawhi for three but also decides to contest Kawhi's shot Wed 20th Mar 2024 11:53pm 14,542
Harden Lays On top Of Carter-Williams, Carter-Williams Called for 6th - CSN Fri 3rd Feb 2017 10:51pm 9,531
Chris Broussard asks if James Harden is developmentally disabled Tue 31st Oct 2023 3:41pm 6,604
Luka Doncic decides to hit a stepback triple in James Harden's face Wed 24th Apr 2024 12:41am 5,959
Harden with his best 3-point celebration yet Wed 21st Dec 2016 11:15pm 4,574
Steph Curry steals the ball, lobs it up to James Harden who throws it down. Sun 15th Feb 2015 8:57pm 4,529
James Harden breaks Ricky Rubio's Ankles Mon 23rd Feb 2015 10:03pm 4,093
Harden and Howard _()_/ Tue 23rd Feb 2016 10:29pm 3,966
Draymond Green kicks James Harden in late-game situation TNT Fri 2nd Dec 2016 1:56am 3,940
James Harden goes coast to coast for the game-winner! Mon 20th Mar 2017 10:27pm 3,865
James Harden gives the game ball to a 100-year old Rockets fan Wed 18th Jan 2017 10:37pm 3,256
Refs miss blatant Harden foul, Grizzlies take matters into their own hands Sat 24th Dec 2016 9:44am 3,065
Tim Duncan with the game winning block against James Harden Fri 10th Apr 2015 10:43pm 3,047
Harden hits the step-back dagger over Exum Sat 19th Nov 2016 7:34pm 2,803
Harden gets caught napping Wed 16th Mar 2016 10:21pm 2,754
As Harden brings the ball up the floor late in the 4th quarter Reggie Miller says… Thu 16th Nov 2023 11:22am 2,651
Jimmy Butler blocks James Harden. Mon 5th Jan 2015 8:38pm 2,513
Harden hits the full court shot after the buzzer Mon 25th May 2015 10:15pm 2,453
James Harden tries to draw a foul on Matt Barnes Mon 11th May 2015 12:15pm 2,284
Gordon Hayward blocks James Harden Wed 8th Mar 2017 10:20pm 2,217
Broussard Apologies for using the R word to describe Harden full clip Tue 31st Oct 2023 4:59pm 2,097
Paul George declined to answer a question regarding how to help James Harden brea… Thu 4th Apr 2024 4:11pm 2,063
Harden gets the triple to fall along with the foul with 6 secs left Sat 18th Nov 2023 1:07am 2,043
James Harden's transition to point guard is going well. Mon 3rd Oct 2016 2:05am 2,002
Kings commentators on Harden Wed 13th Apr 2016 9:57pm 1,899
The James Harden Collection Wed 20th Apr 2016 6:22am 1,837
James Harden sends Anthony Davis back to Kentucky with this Eurostep Fri 16th Dec 2016 10:20pm 1,793
What is Harden even trying to do here Sun 8th Nov 2015 1:04am 1,666
Harden misses the chance to win the game Thu 21st May 2015 11:36pm 1,647
James Harden airballs a step back 3 and then like a bad roommate has his shot evi… Sun 12th Nov 2023 5:24pm 1,609
James Harden jumps into Yao Ming's arms like a little kid Fri 3rd Feb 2017 9:37pm 1,594
Harden with great defense on Speights Tue 19th Apr 2016 1:25am 1,588
James Harden and Russell Westbrook officially reunited And it feels so good Tue 31st Oct 2023 9:25pm 1,543
Jeff Teague says James Harden is the 3rd best SG ever over DWade James Harden whe… Tue 5th Mar 2024 2:08pm 1,540
Embiid blocks James Harden at the rim and gets the bucket on the other end Fri 27th Jan 2017 9:47pm 1,503
James Harden on Westbrook and KD Sat 11th Feb 2017 2:15pm 1,447
Ridiculous one-on-one defense from PJ Tucker on Harden Sun 22nd Mar 2015 3:32am 1,386
Harden euro-steps around D-Rose Wed 2nd Nov 2016 8:03pm 1,384
James Harden blocks Kyrie Irving Sun 12th Mar 2017 10:54pm 1,370
James Harden plays defense on Deron Williams Tue 27th Dec 2016 11:07pm 1,341
Harden shows off his handles on the bench Wed 16th Nov 2016 8:28pm 1,333
Jason Garrett is very excited to sit next to James Harden Fri 24th Apr 2015 9:58pm 1,290
James Harden's reaction to Kawhi's bucket in the clutch Wed 20th Dec 2023 11:10pm 1,278
James Harden finds a sky high Westbrook for the lob and the jam Thu 4th Apr 2024 11:57pm 1,241
James Harden is delighted by the presence of Bol Bol and respectfully drains a 3 Fri 5th Jan 2024 4:50pm 1,162
Brandon Armstrong with the Harden Euro Step Fri 17th Feb 2017 8:27pm 1,150
Isiah Thomas says the Clippers' window is closed because Chris Paul can't elevate… Wed 22nd Mar 2017 10:37am 1,143
Harden Fri 4th Dec 2015 11:20pm 1,133
Jalen Green channels the spirit of James Harden and absolutely breaks ankles and … Thu 14th Mar 2024 9:46pm 1,032
James Harden hits the game winner against the Suns Fri 23rd Jan 2015 11:33pm 1,019
Podcast P Show Alperen engn on his moment with James Harden When playing the Clip… Mon 27th Nov 2023 3:03pm 1,008
Tim Duncan rejects James Harden for his 3,000th career blocked shot. Sat 27th Feb 2016 8:31pm 1,002
James Harden puts the rockets up 3 late, Cooks. Fri 27th Feb 2015 10:35pm 984
Harden and Pop having a chat Tue 7th Mar 2017 2:21pm 975
Zion with the putback in the clutch after stripping it off Harden Sat 25th Nov 2023 12:59am 958
Podcast P Paul George on his conversation with Harden in the 4th quarter I looked… Tue 30th Apr 2024 4:00pm 955
Giannis Hits a Dagger 3 Then Gets Revenge for Harden's Shimmy From Their Last Mee… Mon 23rd Jan 2017 10:37pm 943
Justin Jackson If James Harden and Kyrie Irving do not get hurt they low-key swee… Wed 14th Feb 2024 1:13pm 940
Harden hits a pissed off 3 and stares down Bogut after a signature Bogut foul Wed 28th Dec 2016 12:15am 937
Harden not impressed with reporter's bizarre question Wed 2nd Nov 2016 5:48pm 936
Kerr implies he will play Westbrook, Durant and Harden together Sat 18th Feb 2017 4:10pm 924
Rockets' bench reaction to Harden's game winner Fri 22nd Apr 2016 12:39am 913
Harden and LeBron get tangled up Sun 1st Mar 2015 6:27pm 900
James Harden crossover and dunk Thu 31st Mar 2016 8:41pm 899
Harden challenges Draymond Green and gets BLOCKED at the rim Fri 20th Jan 2017 10:37pm 899
James Harden Postgame on Joel Embiid : "He's probably the most skilled big man we… Sat 28th Jan 2017 1:35am 897
Harden feeling it now! Sun 8th Nov 2015 1:22am 890
James Harden drops a long range bomb to beat the buzzer! Sun 24th Apr 2016 4:15pm 887
Harden with the BIG SLAM Fri 22nd Apr 2016 12:10am 870
Harden tries to draw a foul, gets a talking to from the ref Thu 28th May 2015 2:11pm 869
Harden getting jiggy with Iggy Thu 21st Apr 2016 10:19pm 848
James Harden his the 3 plus one and screams into the camera Mon 18th Dec 2023 9:13pm 833
Apathetic Cheers from the Clippers Crowd as James Harden was introduced to the cr… Mon 13th Nov 2023 5:11pm 826
James Harden throws a cross court bullet pass right at the face of Paul George's … Sun 7th Apr 2024 12:22am 811
Ian Clark layup vs James Harden stepback Fri 22nd Apr 2016 12:26am 810
Harden calls bank and hits the ridiculous 4-point play late in the 4th Mon 5th Feb 2024 9:51pm 777
James Harden making a good defensive play Sun 3rd Apr 2016 6:17pm 761
Chef Harden cooks up George Hill with the ridiculous step-back jumper Mon 23rd Mar 2015 9:36pm 739
James Harden Stepdaddy over Curry - ESPN Thu 21st May 2015 10:08pm 734
NBA Chinese New Year commercial featuring Harden, Lin, Curry, and Davis Wed 11th Jan 2017 6:23pm 732
James Harden puts Austin Rivers in a spin cycle with a step-back to end the 3rd q… Sun 17th May 2015 7:24pm 730
James Harden: "F**K!" Tue 19th May 2015 11:57pm 726
Russell Westbrook James Harden make each other's cases for MVP and predict that t… Sat 18th Feb 2017 12:30pm 710
Harden tries to capitalize on the Whiteside switch Sun 1st Nov 2015 8:33pm 696
Harden gives Luka a big ol slap on the booty Wed 20th Dec 2023 11:22pm 655
Harrison Barnes vs. intense D by Harden Mon 18th Apr 2016 10:53pm 634
Windhorst Brunson he doesnt have the reputation of Harden or Trae Young but hes a… Mon 1st Apr 2024 12:01pm 632
Harden with the 3 and Stare down with Green Fri 22nd Apr 2016 4:09am 609
James Harden finds a backdoor Russell Westbrook fot a huge lob to extend the lead… Sun 21st Apr 2024 4:42pm 602
James Harden reacts proportionately to contact Sat 19th Mar 2016 8:28pm 601
Harden with the accidental 3 Sun 19th Feb 2017 10:40pm 586
James Harden blocks Matthews' three before throwing it at him and out of bounds t… Wed 6th Apr 2016 9:59pm 583
James Harden playing too much defense Tue 16th Aug 2016 6:02pm 576
James Harden with a Shaqtin moment Thu 7th Jan 2016 9:19pm 573
Harden comes up with a huge block on Ibaka Mon 2nd Nov 2015 8:14pm 559
Giannis steals it from Harden and throws down a powerful jam Sun 19th Feb 2017 8:36pm 553
James Harden explodes to the bucket for the clutch and-one Sun 1st Mar 2015 6:04pm 542
James Harden vs. 76ers first quarter scoring highlights. 23 points, 8/8 shooting. Mon 14th Nov 2016 8:47pm 540
Harden hits the Knicks with a 3 and a beautiful shimmy Sat 31st Dec 2016 9:06pm 534
Harden and Russ each express their love for this Kawhi Euro step Wed 20th Dec 2023 11:13pm 518
Harden airballs the game-tying 3 Sun 12th Nov 2023 6:02pm 492
Adidas What if creativity was removed from Basketball JHarden13 shows us why Bask… Thu 17th Nov 2016 11:27am 484
Harden fakes a pass and turns it into a layup in midair! Tue 13th Dec 2016 1:55pm 479
Mavs announcer Brian Dameris eviscerates James Harden Fri 10th Nov 2023 10:31pm 476
Derozan's jumper over Harden to put the Raps up 3 Mon 30th Mar 2015 10:02pm 460
Klay Thompson with the great defense and block on a driving Harden Thu 21st May 2015 11:14pm 449
Stephen Curry picks up 2 fouls in 4 seconds guarding James Harden Fri 2nd Dec 2016 2:28pm 448
Harden alley oop to Capela (bonus yell included) Sun 27th Nov 2016 11:18pm 444
Faried tries to apologize, Harden and Jones not having it Sun 8th Mar 2015 5:50pm 441
Matt Barnes enrolls in some extracurricular activities, invites Harden to join him Sun 15th Mar 2015 4:28pm 437
Harden makes Millsap bite for three different fakes then finds the wide open Brew… Wed 15th Apr 2015 9:31pm 431
Tyrese Maxey pays homage to James Harden using his signature celebration after hi… Sat 4th Nov 2023 4:35pm 428
James Harden step back jumper on Jimmy Butler (Credit to /u/-MarcusD-) Wed 4th Feb 2015 9:03pm 426
James Harden with the elusive hop-gather-stepback dribble... Wed 7th Dec 2016 10:51pm 425
Harden bulldozes Jokic Mon 20th Mar 2017 9:43pm 424
Harden Throws a Between The Legs Dime for the Harrell Poster Fri 30th Dec 2016 10:52pm 408
Payton Pritchard holds for the late clock iso then drills the James Harden stepba… Mon 13th May 2024 8:54pm 395
James Harden hits his career-high ninth three and 53rd point of the night! Sat 31st Dec 2016 10:31pm 394
Dwight ignores Harden, goes to the post himself, travels, and throws an airball Thu 28th Apr 2016 1:22am 393
SB Nation Why nobody can stop James Harden this season Sun 18th Dec 2016 4:25pm 393
James Harden with a clutch pull up trey. Sun 5th Apr 2015 3:38pm 390
Kyrie picks Harden's pocket and returns it for the AND1 layup Wed 1st May 2024 11:34pm 389
Dirk gets the clutch defensive play on Harden! Thu 7th Apr 2016 12:03am 381
Harden thought Dwight was still using Stickum Tue 22nd Mar 2016 10:45pm 380
The Dallas Mavericks cannot believe that Jason Kidd's challenge was unsuccessful … Fri 3rd May 2024 10:55pm 375
Mavs Assistant coach trying to take away the pass for Harden's game winner Sat 25th Apr 2015 11:18am 368
James Harden Cooking Effortlessly Drills 3 Over Klay Thompson - ESPN Thu 21st May 2015 10:11pm 364
Adorable moment between James Harden and Jaden McDaniels lovingly hooking arms fo… Tue 13th Feb 2024 7:27am 361
Harden lobs to Russ who gets a technical for slapping the backboard Sat 3rd Feb 2024 2:16am 354
Harden can't believe it after he gets called for a blatant offensive foul on the … Fri 1st Dec 2023 12:28am 351
James Hardens gives a shoe to a fan after beating the Clippers Mon 18th May 2015 7:46am 343
After getting fouled, Harden flails his arms and elbows Zipser in the head Fri 3rd Feb 2017 10:29pm 340
Harden slices through the Trailblazer's defense for a smooth layup Sun 27th Nov 2016 11:21pm 337
Harden inadvertently strikes Jonas Jerebko across the face Wed 25th Jan 2017 10:19pm 325
James Harden with the absolutely disgusting mid-air pass fake leading to an easy … Thu 22nd Dec 2016 2:06am 300
James Harden punishes the Cavs for switching Tristan Thompson onto him Mon 13th Mar 2017 8:00pm 298
Harden and Ariza hug it out after Harden steals Ariza's transition bucket Fri 27th Mar 2015 10:43pm 296
KJ Mcdaniels throws down a mean dunk from the Harden no-look pass Wed 9th Mar 2016 8:27pm 290
Kobe blocks Harden after a Lakers turnover Fri 18th Dec 2015 12:56am 289
Crazy last minute of BOS HOU. Clutch Harden, Clutch Bradley, Harden elbowing Sma… Mon 5th Dec 2016 10:36pm 287
Russell Westbrook flies sky high above the rim to detonate the alley oop from Har… Sat 30th Dec 2023 4:38pm 278
Harden eurostep from the 3-point line Sat 31st Dec 2016 12:17am 277
Harden's 4th quarter heroics continue as he hits another floater Sun 28th Apr 2024 6:16pm 274
Harden connects with a half court alley-oop to Capela Sun 20th Nov 2016 1:41pm 269
Harden with another great 3 point celebration Sat 25th Feb 2017 11:07pm 269
Harden hits the 23rd 3pointer of the game to tie the NBA reg season record! Fri 16th Dec 2016 10:12pm 260
Harden showcasing excellent defense again by putting Maxey in a headlock mid play Mon 25th Mar 2024 6:52am 257
James Harden with the chasedown block Sun 2nd Oct 2016 9:42pm 257
James Harden puts the handles on Trevor Booker. Tue 13th Dec 2016 1:35am 257
James Harden draws a foul on the 3 pt attempt Steve Ballmer does a Birdman rub an… Sun 21st Apr 2024 4:34pm 255
Mavs announcer goes off on James Harden Fri 10th Nov 2023 10:48pm 250
James Harden Drains A Dagger 3-pointer Sun 8th Jan 2017 8:42pm 247
James Harden tries to walk the dog kicks the ball turns it over and fouls to give… Tue 28th Nov 2023 12:28am 246
The James Harden - Russell Westbrook connection is still going after 15 years Sun 21st Apr 2024 4:46pm 243
Wes Johnson steals the ball from Harden and goes for the and 1 Thu 20th Nov 2014 12:02am 241
Charles cracking one of the funniest Harden jokes I've heard. Fri 18th Dec 2015 4:11am 238
Harden caps off a great performance with a 3 to beat the shot clock Mon 25th May 2015 11:43pm 237
Harden Gets Questionable And 1 Call - CSN Fri 3rd Feb 2017 10:58pm 231
Harden gets down hill and steps around Thompson for the easy two Sun 12th Mar 2017 11:20pm 230
James Harden scores 18 straight points for the Clippers Mon 18th Dec 2023 10:13pm 227
James Harden hits his eighth three from deep to tie his personal best! Sat 31st Dec 2016 9:36pm 212
Harden hits a late 3 followed by a nice shimmy Mon 2nd Jan 2017 10:17pm 211
Ty Lue asked if he saw a moment tonight where he could've used Harden Yeah I saw … Thu 2nd Nov 2023 1:34am 210
Context of Harden's I'm not a system player I'm a system quote Sounds like he's p… Thu 2nd Nov 2023 6:28pm 208
James Harden Spins, Steps Back and Drills the Shot Over Thompson - ESPN Tue 19th May 2015 11:12pm 202
James Harden hits 5 huge floaters in the 4th quarter featuring Paul George's mass… Sun 28th Apr 2024 7:18pm 200
James Harden earns $30k for the Sager Foundation in 10 seconds #SagerStrong Sun 19th Feb 2017 9:34pm 200
Russell Westbrook celebrating James Harden cooking in the 4th quarter Mon 18th Dec 2023 9:16pm 195
James Harden with a filthy stepback 3 over Elijah Millsap! Wed 15th Apr 2015 9:17pm 194
Harden's final 8 points vs. Thunder (featuring Clay Bennett) Mon 6th Apr 2015 12:37pm 193
Andrew Wiggins steps around James Harden and slams it down Wed 11th Jan 2017 8:43pm 192
James Harden with the chasedown block Tue 24th Jan 2017 1:18pm 191
James Harden back at it again with the lockdown defense Tue 19th Apr 2016 1:06am 190
Harden gets blocked and tries to flop as Derrick Jones Jr gets the dunk in transi… Wed 1st May 2024 10:32pm 189
Lefty "contact exaggerators" go at it as Harden and Manu get into it Mon 6th Mar 2017 9:37pm 189
Sixers fans welcome Harden back to Philly with deafening boos Wed 27th Mar 2024 8:17pm 186
Blake Griffin crosses up James Harden and lobs the ball to Deandre Jordan Sun 8th Nov 2015 12:45am 184
Steph Curry goes past Harden once again gets the layup Fri 1st Dec 2023 12:31am 183
James Harden Steal and No Look Pass to Jones - TNT Tue 28th Apr 2015 10:50pm 183
James Harden Cuts to Nowhere Leading to a Paul George Turnover Sun 12th Nov 2023 7:54pm 179
Barnes fouls Harden way beyond the 3-pt line Mon 18th Apr 2016 10:57pm 178
James Harden lays on top of Michael Carter Williams and Williams gets the foul ca… Fri 3rd Feb 2017 11:08pm 177
James Harden throws up a desperation three with 2 defenders on him and beats the … Thu 9th Feb 2017 8:47pm 176
James Harden with the deep cross-court pass to Nets' announcer Ian Eagle Wed 8th Nov 2023 11:17pm 175
James Harden after the Clippers 6th straight loss I keep reiterating that I didnt… Wed 15th Nov 2023 11:05am 170
James Harden steals the ball and hits the 3 giving him 17 points in the first qua… Wed 29th Nov 2023 11:13pm 167
Smart play from James Harden here Kyrie hits the free throw Coffey grabs the ball… Mon 29th Apr 2024 1:35pm 165
James Harden hits a stepback 3 over Luka to put the Clippers up by 31 over the Ma… Sun 28th Apr 2024 4:41pm 164
James Harden makes a deep three to give the Rockets the lead Sun 6th Mar 2016 9:08pm 162
James Harden seemingly calls out Brian Dameris the Mavs reporter who called him '… Thu 4th Jan 2024 12:28am 161
Harden dissolves the Ottoman Empire and hits the step-back! Wed 9th Dec 2015 8:00pm 154
LaMarcus Aldridge meets James Harden at the rim Thu 12th Mar 2015 12:43am 153
Harden elevates for the smooth finish on the transition oop Sun 25th Jan 2015 11:14pm 152
Jeremy Evans Rejects James Harden Sat 14th Nov 2015 9:07pm 150
James Harden crosses Courtney Lee and buries the clutch dagger three Wed 13th Jan 2016 3:04am 148
James Harden reaction after Paul George hit the game winner Sun 7th Apr 2024 7:21pm 143
Harden picks up his dribble well outside the 3 point line and glides to the rim f… Sat 31st Dec 2016 3:34pm 143
James Harden hits a deep 3 to cap off a strong first quarter Sun 21st Apr 2024 4:12pm 142
Harden times the jump over the double team to sling the no-look pass to the corne… Mon 5th Feb 2024 5:42am 141
Harden gets the and-1 to put the Clippers up 5 with 120 left full play with repla… Sun 28th Apr 2024 6:15pm 141
Harden sits hill down Sun 27th Mar 2016 7:50pm 140
James Harden game winner against the Rockets - Courtside view from the game Sat 18th Nov 2023 1:48am 136
Luka Doncic with a clutch step-back 3 in James Harden's face Multiple broadcasts … Wed 24th Apr 2024 8:31am 134
James Harden makes Victor Wembanyama dance and scores the floater Mon 20th Nov 2023 8:18pm 133
James Harden attacks the rim to make a clutch layup late in the 4th quarter then … Sat 2nd Dec 2023 6:29pm 133
Maxey drives almost to the FT line and then pulls out the vintage Harden stepback… Thu 4th Apr 2024 8:08pm 133
Derrick Jones Jr called for a shooting foul on Harden review is deemed inconclusi… Fri 3rd May 2024 10:55pm 132
Harden "defends" Blake Griffin, Howard blocks the shot Thu 7th May 2015 12:10am 132
Lebron, Durant, Harden, Future Discuss Top 5 Rappers &amp whether you need a Defi… Thu 15th Dec 2016 4:49pm 130
Since the series is now over a look back at what Brian Dameris said about James H… Sat 4th May 2024 1:45am 126
Harden and Westbrook frustrated with each other after leaving Kyrie open for a cl… Wed 24th Apr 2024 12:41am 125
Harden nutmegs a bounce pass to Zubac Mon 6th Nov 2023 7:46pm 124
The Clippers attempt to play offense Harden attempts to play defense and Reggie J… Tue 28th Nov 2023 1:48am 124
Blocked by Leonard recovered by Leonard ahead to George Harden the lob to Zu Oh h… Mon 1st Jan 2024 11:37pm 122
James Harden plays defense on Greg Monroe Wed 18th Jan 2017 9:43pm 122
James Harden Steps Back and Drills shot over Thompson Again - ESPN Tue 19th May 2015 11:18pm 121
James Harden asks Victor Wembanyama if he can have this dance replay Wed 22nd Nov 2023 8:29pm 120
James Harden pushes Steven Adams into a Montrezl Harrell poster Fri 9th Dec 2016 9:06pm 118
Westbrook lets out a PRIMAL ROAR as he flies high to complete the alley-oop from … Fri 26th Jan 2024 11:27pm 115
James Harden hits a step back three in Draymond's face Mon 25th May 2015 9:28pm 114
Harden rips the ball from Gasol and Capela finishes the play with a Eurostep! Sat 4th Mar 2017 9:35pm 114
s James Harden hits 3 straight three pointers in a minute Harden reeled off 21 po… Fri 1st Mar 2024 11:49pm 113
Haliburton Catches Harden Asleep on the Inbounds for the Walker Three Tue 26th Mar 2024 3:59pm 111
Nets fans chant Daryl Morey while Harden is at the line Wed 8th Nov 2023 10:01pm 109
James Harden Dirty Stepback over Jrue Holiday to Put Rockets up Three - Root Mon 25th Jan 2016 10:28pm 108
James Harden drives hard to the basket and cuts the lead down to 27 Sun 17th Mar 2024 11:36pm 107
James Harden systematically knocks the ball into the air to himself in the corner… Sun 12th Nov 2023 5:55pm 105
VIDEO: Steph Curry on learning he was an All-Star starter and the three-man race … Thu 19th Jan 2017 9:09pm 105
Harden lobs it to Howard to bring the Rockets within 1 Thu 21st May 2015 11:33pm 103
James Harden with the nifty behind-the-back pass Thu 22nd Dec 2016 12:56am 103
James Harden's defensive system on display as DiVincenzo grabs the rebound and re… Mon 6th Nov 2023 9:48pm 101
Harden hits the three plus the harm and chills on a seat afterwards Sun 4th Feb 2024 8:16pm 100
Harden lowers his shoulder and sends Luka flying Thu 2nd May 2024 12:04am 100
Harden gets fouled, pushes Barnes and Griffin. Fri 15th May 2015 12:24am 100
Harden's late 3: "Alright it's Harden time" Mon 5th Dec 2016 10:20pm 100
Reporter Youve played with so many teams the last couple years youve played with … Tue 7th Nov 2023 3:40am 96
Brooklyn fans chanting 'Daryl Morey' at Harden Wed 8th Nov 2023 8:15pm 96
James Harden threads the needle for a dime to Kawhi plus the foul Sun 3rd Mar 2024 5:59pm 96
KD blocks Harden, leads to Iggy slam! Thu 1st Dec 2016 11:04pm 96
James Harden hits a 3 near the end of the 3rd quarter but Aaron Gordon hits a buz… Tue 14th Nov 2023 11:54pm 95
James Harden speaks on Blake Griffin retiring Sat 20th Apr 2024 12:49pm 95
All 8 of James Harden's steals against the Jazz Thu 24th Mar 2016 2:25pm 94
Harden Beats Kawhi Off The Dribble For The Layup Tue 20th Dec 2016 9:48pm 94
Harden Eurosteps past Winslow for an easy layup Tue 2nd Feb 2016 9:36pm 93
Steph Curry gets past Mann and Harden for the layup Fri 1st Dec 2023 12:19am 92
James Harden shakes Cory Joseph with a mean crossover and hits the step-back J Sat 26th Mar 2016 2:45pm 92
Harden draws a foul with the vintage leg kick on a 3 point attempt Wed 24th Apr 2024 12:20am 90
Harden Half time buzzer beater (.3 left) Tue 12th May 2015 10:48pm 90
Kyrie posts up and scores on Harden Sun 12th Mar 2017 9:37pm 90
Clippers force the turnover followed by James Harden behind the back pass to Kawh… Thu 7th Dec 2023 2:55am 89
Harden passes between his legs to Ariza for threeza Thu 23rd Feb 2017 10:12pm 89
Harden is fouled on the three point attempt Wed 24th Apr 2024 1:32am 87
Dillon Brooks turns a steal on James Harden into a layup A couple plays later Dil… Fri 17th Nov 2023 10:56pm 84
Randy Foye steals it, spins round Harden, and hits Will Barton for the alley-oop! Fri 13th Nov 2015 11:22pm 84
Me doing the move James Harden dribble with Socks on my hands and blindfolded. I … Thu 17th Nov 2016 7:01pm 84
James Harden with a wide open 3 Fri 24th Nov 2023 11:21pm 83
Derrick Jones Jr blocks Harden and throws a mean two hand dunk Wed 1st May 2024 10:32pm 83
Harden D-Mo The JET Mon 29th Feb 2016 10:32pm 83
James Harden and PJ Tucker arrive in LA ahead of tonight's game against Orlando a… Tue 31st Oct 2023 9:19pm 82
Cooking 101: James Harden, after hitting filthy step back 3 over Aminu Tue 28th Apr 2015 10:53pm 82
James Harden catches Marcus Smart with an elbow Mon 5th Dec 2016 10:24pm 82
Zubac with the nice finish from Harden's perfect pass out of the double Tue 2nd Jan 2024 1:29am 80
Harden dances into the stepback over Hernangomez Tue 21st Mar 2017 1:28am 80
Caught of a glimpse of James Harden's upcoming Adidas commercial Thu 23rd Mar 2017 9:59pm 80
Rookie Brandin Podziemski draws the offensive foul from James Harden after the ba… Fri 1st Dec 2023 12:26am 79
James Harden with back to back to back buckets late in the 4th quarter to give th… Sun 28th Apr 2024 6:09pm 79
Luka Doncic's attempts of defending James Harden in the 4th quarter of Game 4 Mon 29th Apr 2024 3:36pm 79
James Harden flying in for the steal Fri 3rd May 2024 11:02pm 79
Kyrie defense vs Harden and PG in Game 6 Sat 4th May 2024 11:47am 79
Westbrook misses a three pointer over James Harden late in the fourth quarter Thu 5th Jan 2017 10:25pm 79
Harden off the glass to Davis for the reverse slam! Sun 19th Feb 2017 10:43pm 78
James Harden kicks his leg out and draws a shooting foul on a three-pointer on Kl… Sun 21st Apr 2024 4:34pm 77
Clippers' ball movement leads to an open 3 from James Harden - now 44 from 3 Sun 21st Apr 2024 4:33pm 76
James Harden caps the Rockets incredible 44 point 1st quarter Mon 25th May 2015 9:36pm 75
Harden dunks off a postup Mon 25th May 2015 10:36pm 75
Kawhi Leonard trails the James Harden miss and lays it in plus the contact Mon 1st Jan 2024 11:29pm 74
James Harden plays great defense against Kawhi Leonard Thu 21st Mar 2024 12:28am 74
No help at the nail Harden gets by Exum to his left and hits the floater Help at … Sun 21st Apr 2024 4:16pm 74
James Harden runs past Raptors defense for the dunk Mon 30th Mar 2015 9:54pm 74
Harden with the behind the back pass to Dwight for the clutch slam Tue 29th Dec 2015 10:28pm 74
Harden lobs it to Dekker for the reverse jam! - ESPN Fri 27th Jan 2017 8:57pm 74
Harden Lobs it to Russ for the sexy finish Fri 26th Jan 2024 8:22pm 73
James Harden with the back to back 3's and Shimmy Shake Wed 18th Jan 2017 11:54pm 71
Kawhi Leonard strips Jimmy Butler and Harden throws an outlet to Kawhi for the jam Sun 4th Feb 2024 8:08pm 70
James Harden does his dance and then hits a heavily contested three at the buzzer Mon 29th Feb 2016 10:00pm 70
Dekker with the euro step + Harden's bench reaction Thu 23rd Feb 2017 9:22pm 70
Dwight Howard with a two-handed flush on a no look pass by James Harden. Wed 8th Apr 2015 9:38pm 69
Harden to Nene for the buzzer beater dunk Wed 15th Mar 2017 10:01pm 69
Paul George finds Harden for a wide open three Harden refuses to shoot it side st… Thu 9th Nov 2023 1:24am 68
Harden blocks Draymond Green and throws the ball off him Mon 25th May 2015 9:26pm 68
Kawhi makes the lay up and Harden feels the power Wed 20th Dec 2023 11:20pm 66
At the end of the day James no one cares We want to see what you do in the postse… Thu 4th Jan 2024 6:07pm 66
Russell Westbrook recovers to get back and block Harden! Fri 29th Jan 2016 8:30pm 66
Charania In a unique moment Monday sources told me Josh Harris amp Steve Balmer t… Tue 31st Oct 2023 12:20pm 65
In the lane Zu is dunking Ivica Zubac with the thunderous slam in transition with… Mon 18th Dec 2023 8:09pm 65
James Harden beats the buzzer with a corner three to finish the half Mon 12th Feb 2024 11:37pm 65
Russell Westbrook dunks James Harden's alley-oop pass in Game 1 vs the Mavericks … Mon 22nd Apr 2024 7:33am 65
Green caught looking the wrong way as Harden sinks a 3 Mon 25th May 2015 11:19pm 65
Harden -&gt Capela Wed 23rd Dec 2015 7:34pm 64
Ivica Zubac explaining the James Hardens training camp for the bigs and young pla… Mon 15th Jan 2024 5:01pm 63
Luka Doni re-enters the game with a roar from the crowd and Harden hits a tough t… Fri 26th Apr 2024 8:49pm 63
J-Dub hits the step-back jumper over Harden Tue 16th Jan 2024 10:56pm 62
Ish Smith gets Harden turned around on the step back and hits the jumper! Wed 9th Mar 2016 9:21pm 62
Harden hits the step back dagger against the Celtics Sat 12th Mar 2016 2:33am 60
Boogie swats Harden Thu 23rd Feb 2017 8:55pm 60
Harden hits another stepback 3 to give him 20 points in the first half Tue 26th Dec 2023 11:35pm 59
James Harden puts some sauce on the bounce pass to a trailing Theis for the lay in Tue 23rd Jan 2024 10:56pm 59
Harden goes for the buzzer beater Sun 26th Apr 2015 9:49pm 59
Danny Green stops two James Harden fast breaks in a row Sat 27th Feb 2016 8:56pm 59
James Harden gets hit with the flagrant foul after he makes contact with Jonas Je… Thu 26th Jan 2017 12:06am 59
James Harden dances around the Pacer defense Sun 27th Mar 2016 8:04pm 57
James Harden scores his 13000th career point Mon 27th Feb 2017 10:22pm 57
Harden with the layup to end the 3rd Tue 19th May 2015 10:58pm 56
James Harden can see into the future Sun 18th Dec 2016 1:41am 56
Harden hits a tough off balance runner for his 18th point of the 1st quarter Mon 6th Mar 2017 9:05pm 56
Clippers go back to Harden in the corner for the tie and like an unreliable roomm… Sun 12th Nov 2023 6:02pm 54
Wallace picks Harden's pocket then finishes on the other end Tue 16th Jan 2024 10:48pm 54
After seemingly injuring his ankle on a Kyle Lowry attempt to draw a charge to en… Tue 2nd Jan 2024 12:02am 53
Harden locks down Reaves Sun 7th Jan 2024 10:28pm 53
Harden hits an absurd stepback for a 4-point play over two defenders Mon 5th Feb 2024 3:15pm 53
Curry Drills Clutch 3 and Harden Answers on the Other End - ESPN Thu 21st May 2015 11:20pm 53
James Harden gets Danny Green stumbling then gets hype! - NBATV Tue 20th Dec 2016 9:37pm 53
Harden turns it over, then redeems himself getting back on defense and getting th… Sun 22nd Jan 2017 2:10am 53
James Harden nails the DEEP 3 Mon 6th Nov 2023 9:25pm 52
The Heat floundering around the paint leads to a great strip from Harden Tue 2nd Jan 2024 1:33am 52
James Harden tosses a no-look alley-oop pass to Clint Capela Mon 27th Feb 2017 11:30pm 52
Strange Technical Foul on Harden vs The Warriors Fri 20th Jan 2017 9:00pm 51
During the 2nd half of Rockets-Spurs, Harden shot 2/6 with Kawhi (also had a stea… Tue 7th Mar 2017 2:48am 51
The James Harden-Ivica Zubac connection results in a dunk and the Clippers take t… Sat 18th Nov 2023 1:01am 49
Jamal Crawford banking a 3 over Harden Mon 4th May 2015 11:42pm 49
James Harden hits a deep three at the end of a shot clock Sun 3rd Apr 2016 4:12pm 48
Marc Gasol drains incredibly difficult turnaround jumper over Harden Mon 23rd Jan 2017 11:50am 48
James Harden teaching defense to kids Fri 12th Feb 2016 3:53pm 47
James Harden blocked, in the paint, again. This time by Gordon Hayward Wed 8th Mar 2017 10:33pm 46
Harden amp Russ with good ball movement to find Zubac for an easy dunk Wed 8th Nov 2023 7:50pm 45
Harden gets away with the same blatant foul twice in a minute Mikal Bridges tells… Wed 8th Nov 2023 8:58pm 45
Harden drills a clutch stepback 3 over Aminu! Wed 29th Apr 2015 12:47am 44
Harden crossing up Garrett Temple for 3 Wed 9th Dec 2015 11:17pm 44
Harden throwns a perfect inbounds pass but Paul George loses it off his face Wed 8th Nov 2023 9:44pm 43
James Harden shows that he still has it as he hits his patented stepback for a fo… Tue 26th Dec 2023 11:28pm 43
With the Clippers elimination Brian Dameris is vindicated for his message to Jame… Sat 4th May 2024 12:31am 43
James Harden side step, fakes out J.J. Redick, and scores. Wed 11th Feb 2015 11:39pm 43
James Harden dancing on Snapchat Wed 14th Dec 2016 1:39pm 43
Curry calls for round 2 with Harden on the switch and drills another 3 Thu 30th Nov 2023 10:39pm 42
Harden puts the handles on Griffin &amp finds Anderson for the Deep 3 Thu 2nd Mar 2017 6:19pm 42
Aaron Holiday hits a corner 3 gets the steal on a Paul George pass then blows by … Fri 17th Nov 2023 11:35pm 41
The Clippers get the steal and Harden sends to to Plumlee for the alley-oop dunk … Sun 28th Apr 2024 5:51pm 41
Unreal Harden pocket pass to a Harrell slam Thu 17th Nov 2016 11:42pm 41
Harden no-look lob to Capela and one Fri 18th Nov 2016 12:03am 41
Harden scores his first points as a Clipper with a tough contested middy from the… Mon 6th Nov 2023 8:20pm 40
Harden with the stepback 3 Mon 6th Nov 2023 8:22pm 40
Griffin drops James Harden Mon 4th May 2015 10:54pm 40
Harrell nearly beats the buzzer after a full court pass from Harden Wed 18th Jan 2017 9:51pm 40
Harden slams it with authority Wed 27th May 2015 10:07pm 39
Curry gives Harden the quick in-and-out and pulls from 3 Thu 30th Nov 2023 10:38pm 38
James Harden drives down the lane for his first dunk as a Clipper Tue 12th Dec 2023 12:08am 36
Harden catches Trae Young stumbling and sinks the three Mon 5th Feb 2024 8:09pm 36
Harden's steal leads to a ridiculous and-one by Brewer Mon 30th Mar 2015 9:29pm 36
James Harden throws it Ian Eagle on the fastbreak Wed 8th Nov 2023 8:17pm 35
James Harden when asked about trying to find his fit on the team I'm just tryna w… Thu 9th Nov 2023 12:33am 35
James Harden cooks Wemby Again Wed 22nd Nov 2023 9:06pm 35
Harden whips out his signature move and knocks down a three Sun 7th Apr 2024 4:24pm 35
In a crucial clutch possession with the game tied Luka Doncic offers zero resista… Sun 28th Apr 2024 8:30pm 35
James Harden Dribble Penetration and Wraparound Pass - ESPN Thu 21st May 2015 11:08pm 35
Harden crosses Waiters Fri 29th Jan 2016 10:40pm 35
Harden oop to Capella Thu 23rd Feb 2017 8:30pm 35
Harden cooking with back to back stepbacks Wed 8th Nov 2023 8:18pm 34
Tony Parker eurosteps James Harden Wed 27th Jan 2016 9:36pm 34
Suns allow Harden to stroll in for the easy dunk Tue 27th Dec 2016 12:09am 34
James Harden hits the catch and shoot 3 without dribbling Wed 8th Nov 2023 9:26pm 33
Paul George turns back the clock and goes SOARING OVER CALIFORNIA to flush down t… Wed 10th Jan 2024 11:34pm 33
James Harden with the step-back J to end the third quarter - ESPN Fri 27th Jan 2017 10:04pm 33
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Dennis Smith Jr patiently picks the ball out of Harden's hands and Nets get the A… Wed 8th Nov 2023 9:28pm 31
Harden relocates for the catch amp shoot 3 his second of the first quarter He's p… Fri 10th Nov 2023 9:06pm 31
Theis with the Block on the alley oop attempt Harden with the pass down court to … Wed 10th Jan 2024 11:29pm 31
Jones dunks off a Harden airball at the end of the 3rd Mon 25th May 2015 11:04pm 31
Salah "The Tunisian Tower" Mejri elevates to block Harden Thu 7th Apr 2016 12:41am 31
Embiid blocks Harden and finishes on the other end Fri 27th Jan 2017 10:35pm 31
James Harden gets bumped on the three gets into the refs face because of the no-c… Sun 7th Apr 2024 5:10pm 30
James Harden beats the halftime buzzer Fri 8th May 2015 11:54pm 30
Harden with the block on Jason Terry Mon 23rd Jan 2017 9:21pm 30
Harden crosses up Lonnie Walker IV and hits the stepback 3 Wed 8th Nov 2023 8:18pm 29
James Harden collapses the defense and swings the ball to Kawhi Leonard in the le… Wed 20th Mar 2024 11:45pm 29
Lebron shuts Harden down on the perimeter Sun 1st Mar 2015 6:52pm 29
Harden hyped before game Sat 23rd Jan 2016 2:10am 29
Harden with another smooth midrange bucket Mon 6th Nov 2023 8:34pm 28
Harden dances on Curry and drains the step-back three Thu 30th Nov 2023 10:22pm 28
Harden with the nasty cross and oop to Trez Thu 23rd Feb 2017 9:01pm 28
James Harden game winner (plus Dwight Howard's reaction) Fri 22nd Apr 2016 12:32am 27
James Harden challenges Stephen A Smith to a 3 point contest Tue 14th Feb 2017 4:40pm 27
Harden turns the ball over Daniel Theis gets the block and Harden makes up for it… Wed 10th Jan 2024 11:17pm 25
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Murray Probably James Harden's strongest comments Clearly pushing back on narrati… Thu 2nd Nov 2023 6:14pm 22
Freddy V hits the corner three as Harden fights Cam Whitmore for position under t… Wed 6th Mar 2024 9:51pm 22
Harden RIDICULOUS 3 pointer AND 1 Sat 11th Mar 2017 1:58am 22
Harden pushes it in transition off the steal and hooks a pass to Kawhi who has al… Wed 8th Nov 2023 7:59pm 21
Dennis Smith Jr strips Harden and dimes up Dayron Sharpe who gets the and-1 Wed 8th Nov 2023 9:26pm 21
James Harden's potential game-winner misses badly Sun 29th Nov 2015 9:58pm 21
James Harden killer crossover on Lance Thomas Sat 31st Dec 2016 10:57pm 21
James Harden shoots before the whistle and makes a 3 but Ben Taylor waives the ma… Sun 28th Apr 2024 4:22pm 20
James Harden puts the moves on Dorian Finney-Smith and hits the stepback midrange… Wed 8th Nov 2023 8:19pm 19
Lillard 3 blocked by Beverley, leads to Harden touchdown pass to an Ariza finish Thu 17th Nov 2016 11:54pm 19
James Harden fast break dunk Tue 21st Apr 2015 9:57pm 18
Harden takes a hard fall, drains the buzzer beating triple less than a minute lat… Sun 19th Mar 2017 4:21am 18
Batum swats Harden's layup off the backboard Wed 27th Mar 2024 9:46pm 17
GOAT James Harden Impression Sun 19th Feb 2017 12:35am 17
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Harden lobs it to Capela at tip-off! - ESPN Wed 9th Nov 2016 9:57pm 16
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Norm Powell's previous comments about Harden's game and also knowing Westbrook Tue 31st Oct 2023 8:31am 15
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Harden puts the exclamation on his 45 point game. Mon 25th May 2015 11:43pm 15
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James Harden after the Clippers 6th straight loss I keep reiterating that I didnt… Wed 15th Nov 2023 11:38am 14
James Harden Stepback Jumper Over Klay Thompson - ESPN Tue 19th May 2015 10:21pm 14
James Harden runs Danny Green down on his way to the basket Sat 2nd Jan 2016 9:27pm 14
James Harden steals the ball nicely and Dwight hits a nice hook shot Fri 15th Jan 2016 10:42pm 14
James Harden with the dagger in Evan Turner's grill. Sat 12th Mar 2016 9:56am 14
Harden with the smooth euro step on David Lee Thu 10th Nov 2016 12:59am 14
Harden gets Steven Adams saddled up for Montrezl Harrell's poster. Sat 10th Dec 2016 3:37pm 14
Harden with a nice move on Anthony Davis! Fri 16th Dec 2016 8:48pm 14
Marc Gasol blatantly yells at the ref, then proceeds to intentionally foul Harden… Sun 22nd Jan 2017 7:29am 14
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White Harden hits a hugeee 3 over Black Luka Wed 24th Apr 2024 12:47am 13
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Chris Broussard calls James Harden a slur on live television Tue 31st Oct 2023 3:45pm 12
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A James Harden-Ivica Zubac pick-and-roll results in Brandon Ingram getting put on… Sat 25th Nov 2023 12:01am 5
James Harden with his nasty patented stepback three to give the LA Clippers the l… Thu 7th Dec 2023 12:13am 5
James Harden crosses up Danny Green Thu 10th Nov 2016 1:07am 5
Harden half-court lob to Capela! Sun 20th Nov 2016 8:12am 5
James Harden makes a clutch block on Demar DeRozan to help seal the game! Sun 8th Jan 2017 8:46pm 5
James Harden blocks Demar DeRozan Sun 8th Jan 2017 8:50pm 5
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James Harden Unstoppable s at Pelican 2015-03-25 Thu 26th Mar 2015 6:06pm 4
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James Harden proves that his bounce his still there with this blow-by and dunk Tue 12th Dec 2023 12:01am 3
James Harden 7-18 FG 4-9 3 PT 9 Reb 6 Ast 3 Stl 1 Blk Fri 22nd Dec 2023 6:15pm 3
Kawhi Leonard strips Jimmy Butler and Harden throws an outlet to Kawhi for the jam Sun 4th Feb 2024 7:56pm 3
Aldridge gets some revenge for Lebron's... Harden's in pain. Wed 11th Mar 2015 11:45pm 3
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James Harden the all-time leader in four-point plays makes one to give the Clippe… Sat 18th Nov 2023 1:07am 2
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Hardens Nasty Crossover on CP3 that Never Counted. Sat 3rd Oct 2015 2:43pm 2
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James Harden end to end Fri 20th Jan 2017 9:02pm 2
Harden goes for a Piggyback and gives MCW his 6th foul Sat 4th Feb 2017 12:06am 2
Harden passed between his legs to Ariza for threeza Thu 23rd Feb 2017 10:11pm 2
James Harden once again sleeping on defense Thu 9th Mar 2017 1:15pm 2
Harden and Russ using good ball movement to find Zubac for an easy dunk Wed 8th Nov 2023 7:48pm 1
James Harden cooks Wemby again Wed 22nd Nov 2023 9:03pm 1
Curry gives Harden the quick in-and-out and pulls from 3 Thu 30th Nov 2023 10:36pm 1
Harden with a blatant charge on Podziemski on the inbounds Fri 1st Dec 2023 12:18am 1
Paul George hit the gamewinning stepback 3 at almost the same spot as Harden's Ha… Sun 3rd Dec 2023 12:20pm 1
Sixers fans welcome Harden back to Philly with deafening boos Wed 27th Mar 2024 8:16pm 1
Kyrie defense vs Harden and PG Sat 4th May 2024 11:45am 1
Eye Opening James Harden Edit video credit 01sosa on TikTok Sun 12th Nov 2023 12:45am 0
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