NBA clips with Griffin

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Blake Griffin has the ball knocked away mid-dunk but finishes with the reverse la… 12:58am Sat 17th Jan 2015 489
Blake Griffin giving his trainer a little something. 12:42am Fri 23rd Jan 2015 3,070
Blake Griffin gets the block, fights for the rebound, Chris Paul throws a long pa… 12:56am Tue 27th Jan 2015 477
Blake Griffin: "He hit me!" 6:21pm Sun 15th Mar 2015 630
Blake Griffin drives and jams it over Lou Amundson. 9:09pm Wed 25th Mar 2015 42
Blake Griffin throws down Austin River's missed floater 1:36pm Wed 8th Apr 2015 210
Griffin speaking some nasty to Koufos 1:11am Sun 12th Apr 2015 7
Blake Griffin attacks the rim, featuring Steve Ballmer 12:26am Mon 20th Apr 2015 108
CP3 with a perfect assist to Griffin for the dunk 12:35am Mon 20th Apr 2015 824
Blake Griffin with the spin and dunk! 12:44am Mon 20th Apr 2015 6
Blake Griffin spin cycle and nasty dunk. 12:46am Mon 20th Apr 2015 5
Aron Baynes had a rough game. Getting dropped by Matt Barnes, and posterized by B… 1:23am Mon 20th Apr 2015 199
Griffin with the eurostep and dunk 11:02pm Wed 22nd Apr 2015 153
Crawford throws an alley oop to Griffin from the 3 point line 11:20pm Wed 22nd Apr 2015 40
Blake Griffin Monster Slam in OT - TNT 1:38am Thu 23rd Apr 2015 49
Blake Griffin's costly 4th Quarter turnover 4:50am Thu 23rd Apr 2015 499
Kawhi Leonard throws down the massive alley-oop over Blake Griffin 10:41pm Fri 24th Apr 2015 2,434
Griffin getting a dunk in early on the fast break 11:05pm Tue 28th Apr 2015 34
Blake Griffin Ally Oop to DeAndre Jordan - TNT 11:15pm Tue 28th Apr 2015 23
Blake Griffin travels- OH ME OH MY 1:03am Wed 29th Apr 2015 441
Blake Griffin makes Deandre Jordan slam it from the rafters 1:31am Wed 29th Apr 2015 87
Tim Duncan block on Blake Griffin 1:34am Wed 29th Apr 2015 2,292
Tim Duncan Rejects Blake Griffin - TNT 2:20am Wed 29th Apr 2015 3
Blake Griffin Drops the Hammer - TNT 9:55pm Sat 2nd May 2015 24
Danny Green Rejects Blake Griffin - TNT 10:36pm Sat 2nd May 2015 77
Griffin drops James Harden 10:54pm Mon 4th May 2015 40
Blake Griffin with the casual 3 pt hook shot that doesn't count 12:14am Tue 5th May 2015 677
Blake "Rajon Rondo" Griffin 3:36am Tue 5th May 2015 177
Blake Griffin dunks over the spectating Houston Rockets 9:52pm Wed 6th May 2015 74
Harden "defends" Blake Griffin, Howard blocks the shot 12:10am Thu 7th May 2015 132
Blake Griffin casually dunks it after the whistle 9:32pm Sun 10th May 2015 318
Chris Paul throws a look away, off the backboard pass to Blake Griffin 10:12pm Tue 12th May 2015 1,138
Blake Griffin Posting Up Jones and finishing with the Spin Layup - TNT 12:11am Wed 13th May 2015 65
Blake Griffin Monster Fast Break Slam - ESPN 11:00pm Thu 14th May 2015 55
Blake Griffin with the handles 11:00pm Thu 14th May 2015 55
Blake Griffin Spins and Throws Down the Hammer - ESPN 11:46pm Thu 14th May 2015 43
Harden gets fouled, pushes Barnes and Griffin. 12:24am Fri 15th May 2015 100
Griffin takes in a fast break, turns his back to the basket and tossess it in 12:28am Fri 15th May 2015 931
Griffin gets the ball stolen then hustles down the court and gets the chasedown b… 12:40am Fri 15th May 2015 107
Josh Smith REJECTS Blake Griffin - ESPN 1:18am Fri 15th May 2015 253
Blake Griffin mistakes Big Baby Davis for DeAndre Jordan, lobs it up for the Alle… 5:36pm Sun 17th May 2015 634
Boogie Cousins alley oop to Griffin, followed by put back by Drummond 11:59pm Thu 13th Aug 2015 228
A rare sight: A Blake Griffin fadeaway 3:08am Tue 3rd Nov 2015 26
Ezeli denies a huge Blake Griffin dunk (clear replay in comments) 10:53pm Wed 4th Nov 2015 0
Blake Griffin crosses up James Harden and lobs the ball to Deandre Jordan 12:45am Sun 8th Nov 2015 184
Blake Griffin between the legs to avoid the defenders and dunks it 12:51am Sun 8th Nov 2015 615
Blake Griffin splits the double team by going between his legs and JAMS IT 12:53am Sun 8th Nov 2015 4
Blake Griffin recieves his second technical foul 11:49pm Thu 12th Nov 2015 475
Blake Griffin breaks two sets of ankles on his way to the basket 4:16pm Sat 14th Nov 2015 674
Blake Griffin is ridiculous 11:34pm Wed 25th Nov 2015 721
Blake Griffin with the nice handles leading to a dunk 11:39pm Wed 25th Nov 2015 495
KG throws it down over Blake Griffin 9:42pm Mon 7th Dec 2015 8,927
Old man Kevin Garnett posterizes Blake Griffin, talks some smack afterwards! 11:15pm Mon 7th Dec 2015 2
Blake Griffin gets ejected for a Flagrant 2 9:47pm Thu 10th Dec 2015 54
Blake Griffin "Flagrant 2" on Taj Gibson 9:49pm Thu 10th Dec 2015 5
Blake Griffin hits a reverse dunk over 3 Pistons 10:49am Tue 15th Dec 2015 165
Blake Griffin soars over the Bucks 11:45pm Wed 16th Dec 2015 525
Chris Paul with the nice assist to Blake Griffin 12:17am Tue 22nd Dec 2015 15
Public Service Announcement: The National Association of Rims against Blake Griff… 12:33pm Sun 3rd Jan 2016 546
Cavs GM David Griffin says he did not speak to Lebron before firing of Blatt and … 6:11pm Fri 22nd Jan 2016 41
Blake Griffin shows off his acting chops in Broad City 12:18pm Thu 31st Mar 2016 703
Blake Griffin scores his first points since December in the most Blake Griffin wa… 4:29pm Sun 3rd Apr 2016 2,335
Blake Griffin posterizes Plumlee 10:51pm Sun 17th Apr 2016 273
Big Jam by Griffin - TNT 12:52am Thu 21st Apr 2016 262
Blake Griffin disregards Harkless and throws it down! 12:52am Thu 21st Apr 2016 7
Blake Griffin fakes out Raul Neto 7:37am Fri 23rd Sep 2016 382
Blake Griffin picking up Austin Rivers garbage to slam it back down 12:04am Wed 5th Oct 2016 59
Blake Griffin throws his shoe at Cory Joseph 11:45pm Wed 5th Oct 2016 4,858
Kevin Garnett teaching Blake Griffin some post moves 9:52pm Wed 12th Oct 2016 2
Blake Griffin with the crafty moves + Lob to DeAndre 6:50pm Tue 8th Nov 2016 6
Blake Griffin Eurosteps Around Karl Anthony Towns for the Dunk 12:11pm Sun 13th Nov 2016 588
Blake Griffin lookin like CP3 12:45pm Sun 13th Nov 2016 438
Luc Mbah a Moute collared, Griffin stares down ref after being shoved 12:46am Thu 17th Nov 2016 45
Blake Griffin posterizes Robin Lopez 11:38pm Sat 19th Nov 2016 684
Funny possession between Kyle Lowry and Blake Griffin 4:32am Tue 22nd Nov 2016 12
Blake Griffin in new Monstars/SpaceJam commercial 9:04pm Thu 1st Dec 2016 60
Moute cuts and Griffin rewards him 9:48pm Thu 1st Dec 2016 27
Blake Griffin vs Goran Dragic, no foul called 11:04pm Fri 16th Dec 2016 50
Blake Griffin gets Richaun Holmed Schooled 8:04pm Tue 24th Jan 2017 2
Blake Griffin gets Holme schooled! 8:11pm Tue 24th Jan 2017 916
Blake Griffin shows the Sixers he's still Blake Griffin 8:28pm Tue 24th Jan 2017 58
Nik Stauskas and Blake Griffin play dodgeball 9:39pm Tue 24th Jan 2017 298
This is an absolutely remarkable dime by Blake Griffin to J.J. Redick. 9:29pm Wed 1st Feb 2017 2,752
Blake Griffin explodes to the hoop and throws it down 9:47pm Wed 1st Feb 2017 25
Blake Griffin with the fancy assist 9:49pm Wed 1st Feb 2017 14
Blake Griffin bringing tricks out of his bag with a between the legs pass! 10:13pm Wed 1st Feb 2017 46
Blake Griffin takes it coast-to-coast, spins, and llays it in 10:34pm Wed 1st Feb 2017 2
Blake Griffin takes it coast-to-coast, spins, and lays it in 10:36pm Wed 1st Feb 2017 21
Blake Griffin throws it down over Kevon Looney 11:43pm Thu 2nd Feb 2017 543
Griffin with the ferocious dunk! 11:45pm Thu 2nd Feb 2017 9
Blake Griffin with the MONSTER slam! 11:45pm Thu 2nd Feb 2017 5
Blake Griffin posterizes Kevon Looney! - TNT 11:45pm Thu 2nd Feb 2017 12
Blake Griffin behind the back pass to Raymond Felton for 3 2:23pm Sun 5th Feb 2017 75
Blake Griffin sends it up to DeAndre Jordan in transition for the slam 4:22pm Sun 5th Feb 2017 51
Horford denies Blake Griffin, which leads to IT sending it over to Smart for the … 4:25pm Sun 5th Feb 2017 54
Blake Griffin poster on Miles Plumlee 5:34pm Sat 11th Feb 2017 1,654
Blake Griffin soars for a massive putback dunk 11:14pm Sun 26th Feb 2017 115
David Griffin jokingly says he offered 1st Round picks to get rid of Richard Jeff… 10:46pm Mon 27th Feb 2017 171
Blake Griffin Flagrant 1 for elbowing Capela in the neck 4:13am Thu 2nd Mar 2017 67
Harden puts the handles on Griffin &amp finds Anderson for the Deep 3 6:19pm Thu 2nd Mar 2017 42
Ricky Rubio BULLIES Blake Griffin 9:48pm Wed 8th Mar 2017 2,031
Blake Griffin misses and the Clippers lose 1:26am Thu 16th Mar 2017 177
Blake Griffin's nasty putback jam over the Cavs on DeAndre Jordan's freethrow att… 9:43pm Sat 18th Mar 2017 150
Blake Griffin goes to set a screen, so JJ Barea hits him in the face 10:12pm Thu 23rd Mar 2017 1,451
JJ Barea ejected after punching Blake Griffin 10:13pm Thu 23rd Mar 2017 3
Blake Griffin on being traded 12:06am Mon 27th Mar 2017 1,009
Blake Griffin starts the game by scoring his 10,000th career point 3:51pm Sat 1st Apr 2017 138
Blake Griffin fakes Gordon Hayward then drives past and slams it down! - TNT 11:05pm Tue 18th Apr 2017 3
Blake Griffin getting it done on both ends! 11:11pm Tue 18th Apr 2017 130
Blake Griffin help defense stopping the Gortat Dunk. Follows with a coast to coas… 3:56pm Mon 3rd Jul 2017 7
Blake Griffin being Blake Griffin 10:31am Thu 27th Jul 2017 2
(2014) Blake Griffin "inadvertently" spills water on Warriors fan after fouling o… 8:13pm Wed 2nd Aug 2017 1,583
Former Cavs GM David Griffin on the BKN pick: "In the absence of LeBron that's th… 10:25pm Tue 29th Aug 2017 158
Blake Griffin and Vince Carter go 1 on 1, smiles all around. 1:30am Fri 13th Oct 2017 1,035
Blake Griffin on the Clippers: "To be completely honest, we havent had success" 5:48pm Thu 19th Oct 2017 121
Blake Griffin posterizes Julius Randle 11:14pm Thu 19th Oct 2017 2,246
Blake Griffin stepback 3 to end the half 11:44pm Sat 21st Oct 2017 103
Blake Griffin does a little dance 12:38am Sun 22nd Oct 2017 202
Blake Griffin ends Rudy Gobert's life with the nasty poster dunk 10:55pm Tue 24th Oct 2017 8,832
Gobert dunks on Griffin after the sweet feed by Favors 11:39pm Tue 24th Oct 2017 97
Blake Griffin fakes, drives and JAMS! 12:15am Fri 27th Oct 2017 143
Blake Griffin wins the game with the buzzer beater 3 pointer 12:35am Fri 27th Oct 2017 10,690
Blake Griffin shows the handles and drives baseline for the crazy up and under la… 12:22am Sun 29th Oct 2017 66
Blake Griffin blows by Gasol and dunks it over Brandan Wright! 5:50pm Sat 4th Nov 2017 44
Griffin maneuvering to the basket 3:35am Sun 5th Nov 2017 26
Blake Griffin throws it down before Willie Reed chases down a steal and hits a ri… 4:44pm Sun 5th Nov 2017 278
Blake Griffin slam dunk and 1. 5:05pm Sun 5th Nov 2017 13
Jerami Grant says "Gimme dat shit" as he blocks the living shit out of Blake Grif… 12:51am Sat 11th Nov 2017 1,147
DeAndre Jordan gives Blake Griffin some words of encouragement 10:59pm Mon 13th Nov 2017 1,089
Embiid gets DJ to leave his feet, goes around him for the slam, stares down Blak… 11:39pm Mon 13th Nov 2017 37
Blake Griffin: "Gimme dat s**t! Gimme dat s**t!" 11:47pm Sat 25th Nov 2017 53
Blake Griffin answers Heald's three pointer with a mid-range jumper with 3.5 seco… 12:17am Sun 26th Nov 2017 10
Buddy Hield ties the game with a three pointer over Griffin! 12:18am Sun 26th Nov 2017 155
Blake Griffin game winning shot 12:21am Sun 26th Nov 2017 607
Blake Griffin leaves the game after Rivers sits on his knee 1:02am Tue 28th Nov 2017 1,133
Donovan Mitchell cannot hide his smile as he becomes the first rookie to score 40… 11:22pm Fri 1st Dec 2017 12,748
Vince Carter Expects Handshake from Blake Griffin 3:17pm Tue 5th Dec 2017 46
2 years ago today, a 39 year old Kevin Garnett posters Blake Griffin on the fast … 7:59pm Thu 7th Dec 2017 704
Blake Griffin tries to use the force on Star Wars night to block Van Vleet's Three 12:43am Tue 12th Dec 2017 45
Lou Williams leaves Blake Griffin hanging. DeAndre saves the day. 12:40am Wed 27th Dec 2017 80
Lou Williams leaves Blake Griffin hanging. DeAndre saves the day. 9:44am Wed 27th Dec 2017 119
Blake Griffin takes flight for the And-1 Jam 11:02pm Tue 2nd Jan 2018 100
Kyle Kuzma quickly apologises to Blake Griffin after a hard foul on a fast break … 9:44am Wed 3rd Jan 2018 148
Blake and Adams get tangled, Griffin takes it to the ground and sucker punches Ad… 1:28am Fri 5th Jan 2018 3
Blake Griffin down after catching an elbow to the head 4:07pm Sat 6th Jan 2018 1,392
Blake Griffin nailed in the face by JaVale McGee's elbow 4:15pm Sat 6th Jan 2018 9
Blake Griffin's mentor encouraging him to not limit himself 1:02pm Wed 10th Jan 2018 39
Karl Anthony Towns reacts to supposed Clippers trade offer for Blake Griffin on T… 2:00am Sat 13th Jan 2018 173
Chris Paul calls Blake Griffin a b*tch after Blake complains about a call 11:52pm Mon 15th Jan 2018 10
Wallace with the steal, Griffin the and one, Ballmer avoids the heart attack 12:14am Tue 16th Jan 2018 56
Mike D'Antoni to Blake Griffin: "That's bull shit! ... Fuck you!" 12:58am Tue 16th Jan 2018 2,537
Griffin, after a wardrobe malfunction, pegs Gordon with the ball from out of boun… 1:06am Tue 16th Jan 2018 204
Rivers talks shit to Ariza from the bench, Griffin comes over to back Rivers up, … 1:10am Tue 16th Jan 2018 1,049
Short clip of Rivers jawing with Ariza from out of bounds, Griffin being ejected. 1:10am Tue 16th Jan 2018 340
[FIXED] Griffin, after a wardrobe malfunction, pegs Gordon with the ball from out… 1:26am Tue 16th Jan 2018 1,474
Video of Blake Griffin running into Mike D'antoni 3:17am Tue 16th Jan 2018 505
Blake Griffin on what he said to Mike D'Antoni and Trevor Ariza 3:28am Tue 16th Jan 2018 1,143
Cool DeRozan Draft Vlog including Curry, Harden and Griffin 4:08pm Thu 18th Jan 2018 459
Blake Griffin two crucial turnovers on consecutive possessions 1:02am Tue 23rd Jan 2018 288
Blake Griffin being a D and throwing a fast ball at the ref 1:07am Thu 25th Jan 2018 322
Gasol blocks Milos and Dillon Brooks finishes the tough layup over Blake Griffin … 9:28pm Fri 26th Jan 2018 6
Blake Griffin hit the dagger 3 at the end of the shot-clock 6:21pm Sun 28th Jan 2018 264
Jimmy Kimmel's segment with Blake Griffin from 2011 especially relevant in light … 7:05pm Mon 29th Jan 2018 14
Blake Griffin told about being traded during a stand-up set in 2016 7:39pm Mon 29th Jan 2018 6
DeAndre Jordans reaction to the Blake Griffin trade 9:34pm Mon 29th Jan 2018 15
Giannis asked about the Blake Griffin trade from LA to Detroit: "He gotta get a j… 1:05am Tue 30th Jan 2018 3,410
Blake Griffin Im incredibly excited, I love this fanbase already. The energy with… 9:13am Wed 31st Jan 2018 2,561
Blake Griffin found out he was being traded via Twitter 7:07pm Wed 31st Jan 2018 405
Blake Griffin introduced 7:14pm Thu 1st Feb 2018 194
Blake Griffin first points as a Piston 7:15pm Thu 1st Feb 2018 1,231
Blake Griffin breaks Jarell Martin's ankles 7:22pm Thu 1st Feb 2018 141
Griffin lob to Drummond 7:54pm Thu 1st Feb 2018 941
Griffin to Drummond lob 7:55pm Thu 1st Feb 2018 33
Blake Griffin gets ambushed post game by Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson 9:31pm Thu 1st Feb 2018 2,659
Blake Griffin's arrival in Detroit has Pistons owner Tom Gores feeling some kind … 9:33pm Thu 1st Feb 2018 1,237
Blake Griffin didn't start the 2nd half because he didn't have his jersey 9:46pm Thu 1st Feb 2018 349
Slow-mo footage of Blake Griffin getting baptized by his new teammates. 10:19pm Thu 1st Feb 2018 13
Blake Griffin learns about Andre Drummond's taste in music 10:19am Fri 2nd Feb 2018 2,086
Blake Griffin's first dunk as a Piston! 8:36pm Sat 3rd Feb 2018 455
Bam Adebayo with excellent defence on Blake Griffin 8:45pm Sat 3rd Feb 2018 27
via Pistons Blake Griffin Rap 2:05pm Mon 5th Feb 2018 111
Griffin half court oop to Drummond 7:58pm Mon 5th Feb 2018 2,565
Blake Griffin makes incredible bucket (that sadly didn't count) 8:23pm Mon 5th Feb 2018 606
Blake Griffin sizes up rookie Jarrett Allen, hits the step back 3 late in the 4th 2:16am Thu 8th Feb 2018 134
Double technical on Avery Bradley and Blake Griffin 7:27pm Fri 9th Feb 2018 614
Blake Griffin immediately walks off court following loss to Clippers. 9:18pm Fri 9th Feb 2018 1,128
Blake Griffin to Avery Bradley: You grabbed by d*ck! 8:17pm Sat 10th Feb 2018 24
Blake Griffin (seemingly accidentally) throws the ball against the back of Dennis… 4:50pm Sun 11th Feb 2018 1,914
Blake Griffin receives a technical foul for throwing ball at Dennis Schrder's head 4:50pm Sun 11th Feb 2018 8
Mirotic plays great defense against Blake Griffin in the post 10:52pm Mon 12th Feb 2018 42
Toronto's young star Jakob Poeltl get into Griffin's head, results in technical a… 9:42pm Mon 26th Feb 2018 1,348
Larry Nance posterizes Blake Griffin after the whistle 8:08pm Mon 5th Mar 2018 10
Larry Nance posterizes Blake Griffin after the whistle 8:12pm Mon 5th Mar 2018 15
Blake Griffin hits the clutch and-1 with 10 seconds left. 10:26pm Wed 7th Mar 2018 142
Blake Griffin sends it to OT with the spin move 10:32pm Wed 7th Mar 2018 893
Blake Griffin drains the 3 to tie the game in OT! 10:45pm Wed 7th Mar 2018 246
Carter doing his best Griffin impersonation... and its spot on! 9:47am Tue 20th Mar 2018 5,052
James Harden blocks snatches the ball right out of Blake Griffin's paws 9:26pm Thu 22nd Mar 2018 184
Blake Griffin Injured James Harden Copying The ZaZa Pachulia' Closeout Move - Str… 9:36pm Thu 22nd Mar 2018 8
Blake "Zaza" Griffin flagrant foul on James Harden 9:36pm Thu 22nd Mar 2018 2
Blake Griffin closes out on James Harden and gets foot under the jumping motion, … 10:03pm Thu 22nd Mar 2018 115
Julius Randle takes on Blake Griffin and ABSOLUTELY dunks on him! 7:43pm Mon 26th Mar 2018 5
David Griffin on Kawhi's trade request: "Until they have a conversation with Kawh… 10:32pm Sat 16th Jun 2018 4,073
David Griffin on the Mavs: "They're going to want to be a player in (max) Free Ag… 8:32pm Fri 22nd Jun 2018 2,760
Never forget that a 39 year old Kevin Garnett dunked on Blake Griffin. 1:24pm Thu 5th Jul 2018 1,312
D.Griffin on Raps/Spurs trade: "This is almost a no lose situation for Tor... DD … 12:54pm Thu 19th Jul 2018 512
Former superstar Blake Griffin meets future superstar Buddy Hield late into the 4… 12:38am Fri 20th Jul 2018 178
NBA: You might notice some familiar faces react to Blake Griffins MONSTER SLAMS a… 10:51pm Thu 26th Jul 2018 27
Blake Griffin watches his old dunkfest: Makes me feel old 2:11pm Wed 1st Aug 2018 837
Blake Griffin trains with handball legend Timbo Gonzalez 8:47pm Sun 5th Aug 2018 10
Blake Griffin trains with Track &amp Field champ Carmelita Jeter 1:22am Tue 7th Aug 2018 9
Corey Brewer BOOMED Blake Griffin 10:07pm Sun 19th Aug 2018 39
Buddy Hield takes Blake Griffin on a dance with 15 seconds left in a close game 10:21pm Sun 19th Aug 2018 166
Khris Humphries denied Blake Griffin 1:18am Sun 26th Aug 2018 26
Blake Griffin makes a Clippers joke 1:12am Wed 29th Aug 2018 810
Blake Griffin been working on his Steph Curry moves this summer. 1:40pm Wed 29th Aug 2018 369
Blake Griffin sacrifices Kendrick Perkins for the Soul Stone 3:40pm Mon 3rd Sep 2018 312
David Griffin on the Rockets' additions: "I don't like the fit of their pieces fo… 12:28pm Thu 27th Sep 2018 322
Blake Griffin shows off his handle 11:38pm Sat 20th Oct 2018 54
Blake Griffin puts Embiid on a poster! 8:10pm Tue 23rd Oct 2018 3,829
Blacke Griffin and-one to tie it with 2 seconds remaining 9:59pm Tue 23rd Oct 2018 4,411
Blake Griffin's game-winning layup tonight came off the same play that Dwane Case… 10:51pm Tue 23rd Oct 2018 12
JJ Redick graciously congratulated ex-teammate Blake Griffin on the win and caree… 11:51pm Tue 23rd Oct 2018 324
Blake Griffin does a spin move and no one on the Cavaliers seems to care 10:36pm Thu 25th Oct 2018 19
Former Cavs GM David Griffin speaks on Tyronn Lue's Dismissal (Starts at 1:09) -N… 8:17pm Sun 28th Oct 2018 30
Blake Griffin throws the ball away down 3 late in the game 10:03pm Tue 30th Oct 2018 1,053
Spencer Dinwiddie clutch contest on Griffin game-winner attempt, Drummond rips hi… 10:26pm Wed 31st Oct 2018 176
Shaquille O' Neal enters the cage with UFC fighters, Forrest Griffin and Claudinh… 11:17am Tue 6th Nov 2018 956
Blake Griffin spins to the basket for a circus shot and gets the foul 9:16pm Fri 9th Nov 2018 182
Blake Griffin dirty shoulder into Malik Monk gets him ejected - FSSE 5:37pm Sun 11th Nov 2018 3,152
Blake Griffin for three plus the Harden Head Snap 8:23pm Wed 14th Nov 2018 1
Blake Griffin blocks Kawhi's dunk 8:55pm Wed 14th Nov 2018 35
OG Anunoby locks down Blake Griffin to prevent the go-ahead shot 9:57pm Wed 14th Nov 2018 28
Kevin Durant watches Steph Curry put up his college career high 44 points against… 3:15pm Sat 17th Nov 2018 335
Blake Griffin climbs Clint Capela for the putback jam 8:35pm Wed 21st Nov 2018 1,418
Blake Griffin morphs into Ray Allen in the 4th quarter. Hits 5 straight 3's &amp … 12:10pm Thu 22nd Nov 2018 3,245
Blake Griffin hits the deep triple with 2 seconds remaining 9:29pm Fri 23rd Nov 2018 6,415
Blake Griffin obliterates Clint Capela in OT, by the help of James Harden and his… 11:59pm Fri 23rd Nov 2018 415
Blake Griffin knocks down Capela, proceeds to erase him from the entire possession 1:51am Sat 24th Nov 2018 7
Blake Griffin blows by Durant and puts Jones on a poster 1:59pm Sun 2nd Dec 2018 683
Blake Griffin runs the fastbreak and slams it on Giannis 8:42pm Mon 17th Dec 2018 0
Blake Griffin runs the break and finishes it with a powerful dunk 8:52pm Mon 17th Dec 2018 52
Minnesota fan gets ejected after barking at Blake Griffin - FSN 10:51pm Wed 19th Dec 2018 80
Fan gets ejected after words are exchanged with Blake Griffin 11:34pm Wed 19th Dec 2018 27
Blake Griffin argues with ref by showing him a replay from team tablet 8:51pm Fri 28th Dec 2018 12,784
Blake Griffin gets his face flattened by Giannis' shoulder 9:01pm Tue 1st Jan 2019 207
David Griffin: He Joel Embiid doesn't have a go to move, thats why he shoots fall… 7:52pm Sat 5th Jan 2019 1,432
Blake Griffin stalks Bertans 9:17pm Mon 7th Jan 2019 70
Drummond with the great outlet pass to Griffin who splits the double team for the… 11:12pm Wed 9th Jan 2019 1
Doc Rivers on Blake Griffin's legacy: "He's the one who individually started the … 2:22pm Sat 12th Jan 2019 119
Early this morning, Steve Ballmer wanted to say 'Hello' to Blake Griffin in his f… 5:23pm Sat 12th Jan 2019 3
Blake Griffin with a stepback triple in the corner for his 42nd point of the game… 5:38pm Sat 12th Jan 2019 1,136
Blake Griffin decides not to dunk it but Pat Beverley has words for Griffin anywa… 6:04pm Sat 12th Jan 2019 2,486
Blake Griffin addresses not shaking Steve Ballmers hand pre-game: "Soon as i'm do… 6:56pm Sat 12th Jan 2019 1,787
Blake Griffin on his legacy with the Clippers - Each year, you build that foundat… 7:01pm Sat 12th Jan 2019 101
Steve Balmer wasn't the only one who Blake Griffin refused to shake hands with. 12:43am Sun 13th Jan 2019 139
Blake Griffins tribute video brought back so many memories 4:12am Sun 13th Jan 2019 11
Joe Ingles straight up called Blake Griffin a flopper to his face 9:46pm Mon 14th Jan 2019 5,646
Blake Griffin on a busted play drills the 3 pointer plus the foul - AT&ampTSN 11:15pm Mon 14th Jan 2019 35
Joe Ingles calls Blake Griffin a flopper 11:15pm Mon 14th Jan 2019 197
Blake Griffin misses game winning jumper 9:18pm Wed 16th Jan 2019 18
Blake Griffin with a terrific shot-fake and clutch finish to give Detroit a four … 9:29pm Wed 16th Jan 2019 36
Blake Griffin Switched Up On Us 11:05am Sat 19th Jan 2019 4,580
Blake Griffin very seriously talking about how unfocused the Pistons are down the… 11:22pm Wed 23rd Jan 2019 6,401
Reggie Jackson picks a terrible time to video bomb Blake Griffins interview 11:22pm Wed 23rd Jan 2019 21
Went to my first game in a while tonight and caught one of the best dunks Ive eve… 1:47am Sat 26th Jan 2019 66
Reggie Jackson feeding Blake Griffin in the post 10:12pm Thu 31st Jan 2019 1
Reggie Jackson feeding Blake Griffin 10:41pm Thu 31st Jan 2019 2
Blake Griffin &amp Reggie Jackson try their hand at imitating Jackie Moon 9:41am Fri 1st Feb 2019 115
Ex Cavaliers GM David Griffin on if LeBron was the "real GM" 12:39am Thu 7th Feb 2019 43
Griffin undercuts Hayward after dunk 8:35pm Wed 13th Feb 2019 88
David Griffin: "As much as we talk about the big sexy deals, the deal The Clipper… 12:08am Sat 16th Feb 2019 883
Blake Griffin's tongue slips during the interview 2:22pm Sat 16th Feb 2019 2,267
Griffin gets smacked on the head with ball after dunk 8:56pm Sun 17th Feb 2019 384
Kyle Lowry lobs it up to Blake Griffin for the slam - TBS 8:57pm Sun 17th Feb 2019 176
Kristine Leahy and Blake Griffin face off in "Toast Battle" segment on Fair Game.… 12:54am Tue 19th Feb 2019 486
Trae Young steps back and hits the deep 3 over Blake Griffin 8:42pm Fri 22nd Feb 2019 191
Blake Griffin ejected after saying something to HaWks bench 9:21pm Fri 22nd Feb 2019 331
Blake Griffin spins on Thaddeus Young and then splashes the 3 10:13pm Mon 25th Feb 2019 68
Bojan Bogdanovich was assessed a technical after this scuffle with Blake Griffin 10:16pm Mon 25th Feb 2019 0
Blake Griffin with the flashy between the legs to a step back 3 7:19pm Sat 2nd Mar 2019 515
Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond sing John Legend on the team flight 1:52pm Sun 3rd Mar 2019 46
Blake Griffin ridiculous behind the backboard circus shot but it doesnt count 8:43pm Sun 3rd Mar 2019 2,662
Blake Griffin fakes everyone out of the building for a corner three 8:08pm Fri 15th Mar 2019 18,171
Blake Griffin with the profanity after a foul 8:46am Sat 16th Mar 2019 515
Blake Griffin misses both free throws to keep it interesting with a 3 point lead 6:26pm Sun 17th Mar 2019 3
Blake Griffin converts a... I guess it's a layup 11:28pm Sat 23rd Mar 2019 417
Nikola Jokic blows past Blake Griffin and throws a brutal dunk down on Andre Drum… 4:50am Thu 28th Mar 2019 55
David Griffin talking about what he would want in an AD trade 5:14pm Fri 12th Apr 2019 29
David Griffin answers if New Orleans should have traded off Jrue and other good p… 5:35pm Fri 12th Apr 2019 39
After Game 3 blowout loss to Bucks, Pistons' Blake Griffin defends Andre Drummond… 11:29pm Sat 20th Apr 2019 2,082
Blake Griffin hammers one home for 2! - TNT 8:28pm Mon 22nd Apr 2019 147
Blake Griffin Chanting with the crowd: Ref You Suck 9:59pm Mon 22nd Apr 2019 10
Two snipers find Blake Griffin as he battles Brown for a rebound 10:21pm Mon 22nd Apr 2019 605
Blake Griffin exits the game to a standing ovation and MVP chants in Detroit 10:35pm Mon 22nd Apr 2019 6,197
Blake Griffin chanting refs you suck along with the crowd 10:46pm Mon 22nd Apr 2019 18
Blake Griffin post game presser 12:55am Tue 23rd Apr 2019 23
Blake Griffin tries to trip Bledsoe 11:04am Tue 23rd Apr 2019 296
Blake Griffin chanting quietly with the fans "Refs, you suck" 6:36am Wed 24th Apr 2019 159
Alvin Gentry and David Griffin share a moment. 6:19pm Wed 15th May 2019 70
David Griffin on AD Trade "Rob Pelinka was incredibly forthright throughout the p… 3:14pm Wed 10th Jul 2019 489
Andre Miller takes out Blake Griffin 9:06pm Sun 14th Jul 2019 157
Blake Griffin demonstrates the ridiculousness of post game interviews with Jimmy … 9:25pm Wed 17th Jul 2019 16,192
Blake Griffin on free agency and how he found out that Kawhi signed with the Clip… 9:57am Thu 18th Jul 2019 254
Stephen A Smith absolutely loses it when Max Kellerman says Blake Griffin is bett… 1:29pm Thu 18th Jul 2019 733
Blake Griffin 2015 Round 1 highlights vs the Spurs 8:33am Thu 25th Jul 2019 42
Rookie Blake Griffin learns not to mess with Andre Miller 3:16pm Mon 29th Jul 2019 322
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Blake Griffin showing off the NBA COVID disinfecting protocol 10:27pm Fri 4th Dec 2020 616
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Blake Griffin on stress, NBA safety protocols and not testing players for weed 7:49pm Wed 9th Dec 2020 10
Thomas Bryant wants all the smoke, Blake Griffin laughs at him 9:52pm Thu 17th Dec 2020 2,418
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2 minute compilation of Eric Reid being shocked at how washed up Blake Griffin ha… 5:13pm Tue 19th Jan 2021 2,964
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Blake Griffin gets sauced by Ben McLemore, and then falls asleep and puts his han… 7:58pm Fri 22nd Jan 2021 120
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Blake Griffin gets up high and slams in the monstrous dunk 8:54pm Sun 21st Mar 2021 35
Rockets Analyst Calvin Murphys reaction to the 20 game losing streak being broken… 2:17am Tue 23rd Mar 2021 201
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Harden with the oop to Blake Griffin, who throws it down against his former team 9:20pm Fri 26th Mar 2021 3,419
Blake Griffin with the sweet look-away dime to Tyler Johnson for three. 8:09pm Mon 29th Mar 2021 6
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Nets ball movement results in a Blake Griffin open dunk 9:25pm Tue 15th Jun 2021 19
Harden with a pretty no-look on the ISO to Griffin who drills the three 10:08pm Sat 19th Jun 2021 104
Blake Griffin baits P.J. Tucker for the 6th foul 11:44pm Sat 19th Jun 2021 182
Black Griffin and KD foul Jrue Holliday at the end of regulation. No fouls called. 8:26am Sun 20th Jun 2021 23
Blake Griffin follows circus shot with circus flip. 6:36am Sun 8th Aug 2021 29
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Blake Griffin pays homage to Ben Simmons and passes up the wide open dunk which e… 9:11pm Tue 19th Oct 2021 6,754
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s Blake Griffin fakes Wendell Carter for the dunk 2:14pm Sat 20th Nov 2021 104
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19 Year old Paolo Banchero hits the jumpshot in Blake Griffin's face 9:01pm Sat 22nd Oct 2022 47
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