NBA clips with Embiid

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Counsins and Embiid engage in an ass-slapping competition Mon 26th Dec 2016 10:56pm 32,592
Joel Embiid gets introduced, spits out a mouthful of water Fri 13th Jan 2017 7:20pm 9,032
Olajuwon overlayed on Embiid highlightHighlight Tue 8th Nov 2016 2:35pm 8,206
Paul Pierce on Embiid: "Im tired of getting a little taste of him. I want the who… Thu 19th Oct 2017 10:09am 7,887
Embiid had never seen a Boban before. Tue 18th Oct 2016 3:18pm 5,816
Embiid with the long range. Wed 11th Oct 2017 8:39pm 5,682
Donovan Mitchell commits the tech after Embiid swats his layup Mon 20th Nov 2017 9:13pm 5,376
Embiid Game Icing Block - TSN Wed 18th Jan 2017 9:34pm 4,881
KD reacts to Embiid scoring 70 70 He had 70 Shit the skill level is insane the co… Mon 22nd Jan 2024 11:58pm 4,762
Embiid blocks LeBron! - CSN Sat 5th Nov 2016 7:22pm 4,240
Joel Embiid SLAMS over Nene on the first possession of the game Fri 27th Jan 2017 8:15pm 4,003
Embiid opens the game with a casual three Sat 29th Oct 2016 12:44pm 3,594
Joel Embiid scores the first basket of his NBA career! Tue 4th Oct 2016 7:41pm 3,505
Embiid yanks Mitchell Ronbinson's legs while he's midair Flagrant 1 Thu 25th Apr 2024 8:06pm 3,368
Joel Embiid plays like a 7-foot guard Sat 6th Apr 2024 9:34pm 3,359
Joel Embiid's sexual reaction to getting a top 3 pick Tue 16th May 2017 8:55pm 3,247
76ers fan spots Joel Embiid training in the streets of Philadelphia at night Tue 3rd Oct 2017 1:02am 3,152
Joel Embiid with the legendary post-game interview feat. Kevin Hart and Ben Simmo… Thu 16th Nov 2017 1:03am 3,074
Joel Embiid with an insane no look 360 dolphin dive flop Mon 13th Nov 2023 4:18am 2,865
Vote Joel Embiid for all star so he can "date this girl" (Post game interview) Sat 31st Dec 2016 12:04am 2,856
Embiid fakes the shoes out of Deandre Jordan and slams it! Mon 13th Nov 2017 11:29pm 2,602
Ben Simmons with a ridiculous wrap-around pass to Embiid Sat 28th Oct 2017 9:05pm 2,552
Joel Embiid with the big transition finish Mon 16th Jan 2017 5:25pm 2,400
Joel Embiid with the emphatic rejection on Zeller! Fri 13th Jan 2017 8:47pm 2,202
Joel Embiid with the MONSTER self-alley-oop but he comes down injured Sat 20th Apr 2024 7:27pm 2,175
Charania Joel Embiid didn't enter the injury report I'm told until fifteen minute… Mon 29th Jan 2024 10:39am 2,091
Embiid's first NBA dunk! (credit to /u/FeversMirrors) Sat 8th Oct 2016 7:53pm 2,036
Injury Kuminga falls on Embiid's knee fighting for the loose ball and Embiid who'… Wed 31st Jan 2024 12:22am 2,018
Nikola Jokic on Embiid He's a great player If you're a basketball soccer horse ra… Sun 28th Jan 2024 12:24pm 2,017
Joel Embiid on what he said to Nikola Jokic after the game I just told him hes th… Tue 16th Jan 2024 10:14pm 1,993
Joel Embiid elbows Brunson in the face Sun 28th Apr 2024 2:41pm 1,851
Joel Embiid working on his jumper Thu 6th Jul 2017 10:16am 1,809
Embiid footwork Mon 7th Nov 2016 8:55pm 1,776
Joel Embiid kicks chair after being told by medical staff he won't be allowed to … Wed 23rd Nov 2016 9:59pm 1,770
An unstoppable Embiid meets an immovable Sengun Tue 16th Jan 2024 8:23am 1,704
Joel "THE PROCESS" Embiid Tue 1st Nov 2016 7:50pm 1,673
Madison Square Garden starts the game off with fuck Embiid chants roaring at tipo… Tue 30th Apr 2024 7:13pm 1,663
Embiid with the monster swat. Wed 11th Oct 2017 8:11pm 1,576
Kuzma tries throwing it down on Embiid! - ESPN Wed 15th Nov 2017 11:36pm 1,557
Embiid, a man of the people, at the NFL Draft in Philly last night. Fri 28th Apr 2017 10:03am 1,544
SC6 Joel Embiid on if hes worried his trolling is poking the bear a little bit : … Tue 21st Nov 2017 8:15pm 1,541
Paul Pogba makes the tough jumper over Joel Embiid Mon 17th Jul 2017 1:58pm 1,516
Joel Embiid hits the shot and-1 and the suck it celebration comes out Tue 16th Jan 2024 9:43pm 1,514
Embiid blocks James Harden at the rim and gets the bucket on the other end Fri 27th Jan 2017 9:47pm 1,503
Embiid goes over 40 points with the nice moves on Julius Randle Thu 16th Nov 2017 12:48am 1,482
Embiid falls down gets mad he doesn't get the call and then yanks Mitchell Robins… Thu 25th Apr 2024 8:08pm 1,470
Embiid blocks Dwight Sat 29th Oct 2016 1:21pm 1,457
Bill Simmons says he is done with comparing Embiid to Jokic Jokic plays Jokic com… Mon 29th Jan 2024 6:32pm 1,437
Embiid was asked what prompted his off the backboard dunk I like to challenge mys… Sat 20th Jan 2024 12:42am 1,389
Embiid tries to draw fouls on 2 plays refs dont call it and the Raptors score 2 e… Fri 22nd Dec 2023 7:52pm 1,386
Joel Embiid throws it off the backboard to himself and throws it down Fri 19th Jan 2024 8:05pm 1,362
Joel Embiid got to meet his biggest fan tonight Mon 30th Jan 2017 7:33pm 1,343
Embiid with a beautiful euro-step around Brook Lopez Wed 15th Nov 2017 11:59pm 1,296
Joel Embiid: "He can't guard me!" Thu 27th Oct 2016 11:11am 1,271
Embiid flops to draw Adebayo's second early foul Wed 17th Apr 2024 7:42pm 1,266
Jaylen Brown tries to dunk on Embiid, gets rejected. Tue 4th Oct 2016 7:47pm 1,263
Embiid I'd rather be a football player than a basketball player That's how much I… Tue 30th Jan 2024 10:09am 1,243
Embiid with the best dunk of his young career vs Boston Fri 6th Jan 2017 9:56pm 1,206
Madison Square Garden blows up with loud Fuck Embiid chants after his foul on Mit… Sat 20th Apr 2024 9:07pm 1,188
Joel Embiid with his best Eddy Gordo impression after contesting a loose ball fro… Tue 16th Jan 2024 3:27pm 1,183
Real Tweet, Fake Tweet - Joel Embiid Edition Thu 12th Oct 2017 12:58pm 1,149
TJ McConnell to Joel Embiid for the slam! - CSN Wed 25th Oct 2017 7:37pm 1,134
Embiid Elbows Nurkic and receives a flagrant one foul for it Sat 4th Nov 2023 2:24pm 1,087
Joel Embiid inadvertently steps on Josh Hart Sun 28th Apr 2024 2:59pm 1,075
All Star Break Joel Embiid to Kyle Lowry: That's my future point guard Wed 10th May 2017 4:09pm 1,060
Joel Embiid showing off his dance moves after the win Thu 12th Jan 2017 12:21am 1,035
Embiid steps out to guard shooter, then showcases speed in transition Sat 14th Jan 2017 11:13am 1,020
Embiid takes out OG Anunoby with an interesting screen Thu 25th Apr 2024 10:13pm 1,013
Embiid smacks Jalen Brunson in the face and gets a flagrant Tue 30th Apr 2024 9:47pm 1,009
NBCSWarriors Draymond &amp KD showing love to Embiid after the game. Sat 11th Nov 2017 11:12pm 1,002
Embiid with a nasty euro-step around Jokic to put Philly up 2 Tue 16th Jan 2024 9:39pm 979
Embiid and Simmons spotted with a shady Colangelo Fri 3rd Mar 2017 10:12pm 974
Tom Thibodeau on how Jalen Brunson was officiated tonight I'll send my clips in l… Thu 25th Apr 2024 11:04pm 959
Joel Embiid mocks Lonzo Ball's jumpshot before the game Wed 25th Oct 2017 7:36pm 951
Embiid I told Draymond I'm gonna kick his ass Fri 10th Nov 2017 5:18pm 938
Embiid 3 demoralizes Rockets Assistant Wed 25th Oct 2017 9:21pm 937
Side angle of Joel Embiid stepping on Josh Hart's leg Sun 28th Apr 2024 3:07pm 929
Brett Brown taking no chances with a slippery floor as Embiid slips twice - CSN Mon 23rd Oct 2017 9:16pm 919
Joel Embiid banks in the jumper, gets the and-1 and says "They can't fucking guar… Thu 12th Oct 2017 9:17am 916
Ben Simmons behind the back pass to Joel Embiid for the 3 Mon 23rd Oct 2017 7:44pm 914
Embiid's reaction to seeing Wemby before the game Mon 22nd Jan 2024 8:25pm 903
Embiid with three missed dunks and a flagrant foul in win against the Pacers Sat 4th Nov 2017 1:51pm 903
James Harden Postgame on Joel Embiid : "He's probably the most skilled big man we… Sat 28th Jan 2017 1:35am 897
Gregg Popovich on Wemby taking on Joel Embiid We're gonna hammer his ass Mon 22nd Jan 2024 6:47pm 894
Embiid draws a foul and tells the Heat to take Whiteside out Fri 13th Oct 2017 10:25pm 882
Joel Embiid casts his vote for Rookie of the Year Mon 13th Mar 2017 12:12am 847
Joel Embiid gets the steal and takes it the length of the floor to get to 70 on t… Mon 22nd Jan 2024 9:30pm 845
Montrezl Harell is asked who is harder to guard - Giannis Embiid or Jokic His ans… Wed 1st Nov 2023 7:15am 844
CJ McCollum, Joel Embiid &amp Dirk Nowitzki working out together Thu 3rd Aug 2017 3:33am 841
Embiid on playing with Okafor: "I thought we had a bad defensive game. I'm the ty… Sat 17th Dec 2016 3:13pm 829
Embiid scores 17 straight points for the Sixers Fri 22nd Dec 2023 9:02pm 828
The Denver Crowd chants Where's Embiid at Sat 27th Jan 2024 5:58pm 822
Joel Embiid murders Michael Kidd Gilchrist Fri 13th Jan 2017 7:53pm 818
'Where's Embiid at' chants return as Embiid acknowledges the crowd with a wave an… Sat 27th Jan 2024 8:10pm 810
Evan Turner on his former teammate Paul George PG has a history of not showing up… Wed 8th May 2024 4:53pm 797
Embiid loses his guy and then throws down the nasty dunk! Wed 18th Jan 2017 9:06pm 796
Joel Embiid attempts to posterize Porzingis, gets blocked by the rim Wed 11th Jan 2017 9:10pm 769
Holmgren dribbles up the floor then pulls up over Embiid for three Sun 26th Nov 2023 9:10am 767
Jalen Brunson angrily confronts Embiid about the elbow to the face What's that for Sun 28th Apr 2024 2:48pm 765
Embiidquence: Pokes ball away, blocks ball, puts ball back, ties player up Tue 1st Nov 2016 8:23pm 760
Embiid opens the scoring against the Warriors with a nice dunk Sat 18th Nov 2017 7:43pm 743
Nicolas Batum In the 1st half I was trying to get Embiid the ball too much I had … Wed 17th Apr 2024 9:52pm 741
Embiid bricks the game-tying shot and the Knicks win Mon 22nd Apr 2024 10:13pm 740
Anthony Edwards tried to annihilate Embiid with this failed dunk attempt Wed 20th Dec 2023 8:03pm 725
Ant Edwards on Embiid I dont like all the fouls he gets but I love the game of ba… Thu 21st Dec 2023 2:28pm 715
Jeff Green argues a foul call with Brent Haskill Jeff Green claims Embiid swung a… Mon 15th Jan 2024 2:10pm 696
Embiid and Hakeem Overlay Mon 21st Aug 2017 3:06pm 680
Joel Embiid refuses to talk in French after Game 2 Wed 24th Apr 2024 12:12pm 670
Joel Embiid misses a point blank layup late in Game 4 Sun 28th Apr 2024 3:48pm 655
Ben Simmons with the monstrous putback on a rimmed out Embiid 3! Sat 28th Oct 2017 10:39pm 650
Embiid getting clamped up by Tarik Black. Gets the block and steal on consecutive… Thu 26th Oct 2017 1:00pm 648
Embiid On the MVP Race That convo has been toxic for a while but I'll be honest t… Fri 5th Apr 2024 11:37am 636
Joel Embiid playing tennis last night at 25th &amp Pine in Philadelphia with fans Tue 3rd Oct 2017 7:48pm 633
Embiid hits Isaiah Hartenstein in the mid-section and gets called for the offensi… Thu 25th Apr 2024 8:12pm 632
Embiid takes on Jokic 1-on-1 and hits the 3 over him to give him 39 on the night Tue 16th Jan 2024 9:48pm 625
SVG kickstarts his podcasting career by going on a 3-minute rant about Embiid Tue 16th Jan 2024 9:26pm 623
Joel Embiid laser to TJ McConnell for the 3 Tue 31st Oct 2017 1:19pm 621
Embiid euro-steps on Noah, draws the foul, and finishes Thu 12th Jan 2017 1:59pm 615
OG Anunoby yams it over Embiid and gets the and 1 Thu 2nd May 2024 11:27pm 614
Simmons is in Embiid's spot, so Embiid gives him a little push to remind him wher… Wed 11th Oct 2017 9:47pm 597
Embiid blocks Booker at the rim, pumps crowd up Sat 19th Nov 2016 8:43pm 592
Joel Embiid passes on a wide open middy drives and gets denied by Precious Achuiwa Sun 28th Apr 2024 3:48pm 587
Fuck Embiid chants erupt inside Wells Fargo Center from visiting Knicks fans jess… Sun 28th Apr 2024 7:21pm 582
Al Horford hits a 3 over the Embiid contest and blows a kiss Wed 15th Nov 2023 9:50pm 581
Embiid with the monster block on a Jarell Martin posterization attempt Wed 23rd Nov 2016 7:44pm 576
A flailing Embiid nails Mitchell Robinson in the groin Thu 25th Apr 2024 8:45pm 558
Joel Embiid casually shooting corner threes with ease Sun 6th Mar 2016 2:35pm 552
Former 76ers coach Doc Rivers on the Nuggets being 'the team' in the West Jokic j… Fri 29th Dec 2023 4:07pm 544
Joel "The Process" Embiid 4/4 Shooting From Three vs. Cavaliers Sun 6th Nov 2016 12:31am 540
Joel Embiid heaves in an UNBELIEVABLE three-pointer to put the Sixers up 5 at the… Sat 4th Nov 2023 2:57pm 526
Embiid fouls out DeAndre Jordan, walks up to taunting Clips fan and says: "Guess … Tue 14th Nov 2017 1:20am 525
Embiid down in pain after Kuminga lands on his knee late in the game Wed 31st Jan 2024 12:23am 507
Joel Embiid hits an unbelievable reverse shot over his shoulder to give him 24 fi… Mon 22nd Jan 2024 7:41pm 504
s Embiid gives up the wideopen mid-range shot and gets blocked while driving to t… Sun 28th Apr 2024 3:54pm 503
Every field goal from Joel Embiid's 29 point 3rd quarter yesterday Tue 7th Nov 2023 5:57pm 483
Embiid gets rebound over four Cavs and is fouled through the process - CSN Sun 27th Nov 2016 1:47pm 480
Embiid blocks John Wall leading to Ben Simmons layup Wed 18th Oct 2017 8:30pm 472
Daryl Morey on Stan Van Gundy's Embiid rant on TNT That was like an Adam Corolla … Sun 21st Jan 2024 8:38pm 471
Embiid steals the ball, runs the floor then slams it! - CSN Tue 27th Dec 2016 12:44am 470
Embiid scary fall Sat 18th Nov 2017 9:02pm 460
Joel Embiid practices shots from out of bounds so he can bump and harass an usher… Sun 5th May 2024 1:13am 459
Maxey secures 2nd 50-point game of the season joining Chamberlain Iverson and Emb… Fri 2nd Feb 2024 12:44am 456
Embiid fakes out both Jokic and the camera guy and takes it to the rim for the sl… Fri 30th Dec 2016 11:14pm 453
Embiid is called goaltending blocking Harden's shot, falls onto Harden. Wed 25th Oct 2017 9:28pm 450
Embiid gets the steal and sends Chet flying on the drive to the rim Tue 2nd Apr 2024 10:01pm 446
Joel Embiid gets brutally fouled driving to the rim Wed 20th Dec 2023 8:03pm 440
Joel "The Process" Embiid running the fast break Fri 14th Oct 2016 9:54am 411
Embiid draws a foul Fri 19th Jan 2024 8:43pm 404
Joel Embiid feeds a fast break behind-the-back pass to Kyle Lowry who immediately… Sat 6th Apr 2024 9:18pm 390
Looks like Joel Embiid is having some fun with PSG's Javier Pastore in Qatar. Sat 26th Mar 2016 11:40am 384
Embiid comments post game after the Game 2 loss in MSG We're gonna win this serie… Mon 22nd Apr 2024 10:55pm 382
Embiid gets up, blocks Delly to end the 3rd quarter. Mon 16th Jan 2017 5:29pm 378
Embiid denies the alley-oop, saves the ball and transition 3! Thu 12th Jan 2017 11:16am 376
Nene rejects Embiid Triple Attempt - ESPN Fri 27th Jan 2017 10:39pm 371
Wemby simply moves his arm around Embiid to make the lay up Tue 23rd Jan 2024 3:57am 368
Embiid starts off the game with an emphatic poster on Johnson Fri 6th Jan 2017 8:40pm 368
Brunson picks Embiid pocket and lays in it then Hartenstein blocks Embiid leading… Fri 5th Jan 2024 10:25pm 356
Embiid looking like Hakeem(Courtesy of /u/Splash2ndCousin) Wed 26th Oct 2016 10:49pm 355
Tim Legler Which of the guysyou buy into more in a big spot to deliverthan Jalen … Sat 3rd Feb 2024 12:39pm 352
HIGHLIGHTS All the best moments from Joel Embiid's clutch overtime great transiti… Tue 30th Apr 2024 10:44pm 346
Embiid rejects Anthony Davis with force Mon 27th Nov 2023 7:59pm 343
Defense s Game 1 Joel Embiid stats while guarded by Mitchell Robinson for 19 minu… Sun 21st Apr 2024 9:22am 343
Embiid has trouble with water bottle Thu 6th Oct 2016 11:54pm 338
Joel Embiid plays point guard and then shimmies into a gorgeous backwards assist Mon 22nd Jan 2024 8:41pm 335
Joel Embiid elbows Mitchell Robinson in the face during his drive to the rim scor… Tue 30th Apr 2024 8:13pm 333
JJ Redick on Embiid's foul baiting He times it perfectly He's too smart and he's … Sat 20th Jan 2024 12:26pm 320
Joel Embiid drills back-to-back 3's Fri 27th Jan 2017 10:14pm 315
Knicks fans take over Wells Fargo Center with Fuck Embiid chants Sun 28th Apr 2024 4:32pm 311
Joel Embiid with a powerful self-alley-oop dunk but then gets injured and appears… Sat 20th Apr 2024 7:35pm 307
Embiid almost got a ball at the HR derby (h/t:_marcusd2_) Mon 10th Jul 2017 9:51pm 304
Embiid and former 76ers Head Coach Brett Brown share a hug following his 70 point… Mon 22nd Jan 2024 9:37pm 295
Embiid beats the double team to find Batum giving him 11 assists and 0 turnovers Mon 27th Nov 2023 8:35pm 294
Joel Embiid reminding us to Trust the Process - ESPN Tue 16th May 2017 8:44pm 292
Joel Embiid misses the 1 on 1 game winner Wed 22nd Nov 2023 12:15am 286
Joel Embiid Puts Justin Anderson on Blast Thu 27th Apr 2017 9:43am 280
Joel Embiid crosses himself up Fri 10th Nov 2017 12:35am 272
Joel Embiid POSTERIZES Drew Eubanks drawing the foul He celebrates by faking out … Sat 4th Nov 2023 2:40pm 271
The Knicks fans chant Fuck Embiid in MSG as Joel Embiid gets a technical after ge… Mon 22nd Apr 2024 8:31pm 261
Embiid on his conditioning Thu 16th Nov 2017 1:04am 261
Josh Hart on if he was surprised that Joel Embiid's foul on Mitchell Robinson was… Thu 25th Apr 2024 11:21pm 259
Embiid and Donte DiVincenzo get into it after Embiid's flagrant foul on Mitchell … Thu 25th Apr 2024 9:06pm 257
Embiid with the perfect feed to Oubre for an and-one Wed 17th Apr 2024 9:36pm 254
Willie Reed flagrant on Embiid Mon 13th Nov 2017 11:16pm 248
Nick Nurse on whether Joel Embiid's flagrant-1 foul on Mitchell Robinson might ha… Thu 25th Apr 2024 10:42pm 245
Embiid puts the sauce on Bogut Thu 16th Nov 2017 12:25am 245
On court audio from Embiid grabbing Mitchell Robinson and getting into it with th… Fri 26th Apr 2024 2:18am 242
FURKSANITY Furkan Korkmaz with the steal amp the and one off an Embiid pass Thu 2nd Nov 2023 8:58pm 237
Embiid with the forceful denial at the rim Sat 6th Apr 2024 9:37pm 233
Embiid recovers after a turnover for the vicious block on Klay Thompson Sat 11th Nov 2017 9:21pm 233
Draymond Green and Joel Embiid exchanging words Sat 18th Nov 2017 9:03pm 231
Joel Embiid deep 3 at the Staples Center Sun 12th Mar 2017 4:58pm 229
Joel Embiid with the big block on JJ Redicks lay up attempt Thu 5th Oct 2017 2:12pm 228
Embiid to Bayless to McConnell to Redick to Embiid to Covington for the 3 (x-/r/s… Thu 2nd Nov 2017 2:18pm 225
Craig Porter Jr takes it right into Embiid to give the Cavs the lead in OT Tue 21st Nov 2023 11:09pm 223
Embiid goes between his own legs for the assist to Maxey Mon 27th Nov 2023 10:02pm 223
Joel Embiid locks down John Wall Fri 14th Oct 2016 9:55am 223
Joel Embiid dives into bench for loose ball, teammates don't make any attempt to … Mon 14th Nov 2016 8:56pm 221
Joel Embiid makes a mess of the fast break shushes his home crowd Sun 18th Dec 2016 11:44pm 221
Embiid banks in a clutch 3 Thu 12th Jan 2017 8:51am 221
MPJ's Podcast Excluding himself Jokic names the Top 5 players in the world right … Thu 28th Dec 2023 6:28pm 219
Joel Embiid charges into Robinson Thu 25th Apr 2024 8:35pm 218
Embiid: They gotta learn at an early age... S*** ain't easy man #TheProcess Fri 28th Jul 2017 9:46pm 214
OG Anunoby gets a clean block on Joel Embiid Tue 30th Apr 2024 7:53pm 207
Joel Embiid is wearing a brace on his left knee and hearing MVP chants from the S… Tue 2nd Apr 2024 6:46pm 203
Joel Embiid BULLIES Wemby in the post and throws down the dunk with force Mon 22nd Jan 2024 8:29pm 197
Just Joel Embiid playing some "Point-Center"... Fri 25th Aug 2017 12:21pm 197
Embiid hits Suns fan sitting courtside with blocked shot Sat 19th Nov 2016 8:58pm 194
s OG Anunoby's powerful dunk on Joel Embiid and Josh Hart clutch 3-pointer in Gam… Fri 3rd May 2024 8:06am 193
Joel Embiid with a huge and-1 to put the Sixers up 4 in OT but Tyrese Maxey is hu… Tue 30th Apr 2024 9:46pm 191
Nikola Jokic on Joel Embiid I was just asking him how he is If you're a basketbal… Sat 27th Jan 2024 8:45pm 189
Embiid slowly and casually works the ISO on Gobert Wed 20th Dec 2023 9:39pm 188
Jalen Brunson and Joel Embiid exchange some gestures after Jalen Brunson got a sh… Thu 25th Apr 2024 10:15pm 188
Embiid steps back with the shot clock running down to tie his career high of 59 p… Mon 22nd Jan 2024 8:59pm 187
Joel Embiid drives and hits the layup to break the Sixers Single Game scoring rec… Mon 22nd Jan 2024 9:29pm 186
Kyle Lowry low fives Joel Embiid so hard it hurts Thu 4th Apr 2024 8:36pm 186
LeBron James professes his love for the Joel "The Process" Embiid Sun 6th Nov 2016 8:31am 186
Josh Hart on Joel Embiid's flagrant 1 foul on Mitchell Robinson Happy Mitch didn'… Thu 25th Apr 2024 11:18pm 182
Embiid, Capela and Hernangomez playing soccer Fri 2nd Jun 2017 5:18pm 182
Embiid hits the spinning midrange Sat 6th Apr 2024 9:19pm 176
Embiid hits the fadeaway to put the 76ers up 6 with 40s left and talks smack back Wed 8th Nov 2023 9:20pm 175
Joel Embiid is back on the floor for the start of the 2nd half Sat 20th Apr 2024 7:51pm 175
Joel Embiid calls the Celtics the best team in the league Wed 15th Nov 2023 11:27pm 174
Full highlight of Joel Embiid in action in Denver's court tonight Sat 27th Jan 2024 8:27pm 174
Embiid continues to wince through the game with his sore knee Tue 30th Jan 2024 11:02pm 172
Embiid gets the steal and finds Oubre with the beautiful one-handed bounce pass Sat 20th Apr 2024 8:15pm 170
Joel Embiid secures the rebound off D'Angelo Russell's missed FT to secure his 6t… Mon 27th Nov 2023 8:53pm 167
Embiid riding a Carousel at the Sixers Youth Foundation Gala Wednesday night Thu 18th Jan 2024 10:53am 164
Steph Curry with a wild reverse layup over Embiid Tue 30th Jan 2024 10:39pm 164
Joel Embiid throws it down with the left hand with authority Mon 23rd Oct 2017 7:53pm 161
Full highlights from Joel Embiids career-high 70 point performance vs the Spurs Mon 22nd Jan 2024 10:06pm 160
Joel Embiid with an electric and-one late in the 4th Wed 17th Apr 2024 9:33pm 160
Joel Embiid &amp Willie Reed kerfuffle Mon 13th Nov 2017 11:21pm 159
Alfred Joel Horford defending Joel Embiid in multiple possessions two nights ago Fri 17th Nov 2023 12:27pm 158
DeAndre Hunter is called for a foul on Embiid and then gets a tech for arguing Fri 17th Nov 2023 9:02pm 158
Lowlight Joel Embiid tries to sell the foul but fails called for a travel with a … Mon 22nd Apr 2024 8:10pm 156
Saric outlet pass to Embiid! - NBCSP Sat 18th Nov 2017 8:37pm 154
Embiid's Goaltend on Harden. Risks it ALL Wed 25th Oct 2017 9:38pm 153
Simmons with the nasty bounce pass to Joel Embiid for the And 1 Wed 15th Nov 2017 11:41pm 151
Inside The NBA: Embiid dances on torn meniscus Mon 13th Feb 2017 9:28pm 150
Beautiful on-ball and off-ball movement between Embiid and Maxey ends up in a no … Mon 30th Oct 2023 3:04pm 149
Embiid hits a filthy Step Back jumper Mon 11th Dec 2023 7:43pm 149
Precious Achiuwa enters the game and stops Embiid and Maxey on back-to-back posse… Thu 25th Apr 2024 8:54pm 147
Joel Embiid with the AND-1 (shortly after killing a cameraman) Wed 11th Oct 2017 8:11pm 147
Joel Embiid with the rim rocking put back slam! Sun 12th Nov 2017 11:45am 147
Embiid on the Knicks fans taking over Wells Fargo Arena Disappointing It pisses m… Sun 28th Apr 2024 5:37pm 145
Obi Toppin posterizes Embiid with the reverse slam Sun 12th Nov 2023 7:43pm 143
Embiid doing his best Kobe impression in practice Mon 17th Jul 2017 5:36pm 142
Embiid misses the free throw that wouldve given him 50 his only miss on the night… Wed 20th Dec 2023 9:50pm 138
The Speed of Embiid Sat 28th Oct 2017 9:29pm 136
The Sixers run the same Maxey-Embiid PnR action 3 times in a row leading to 3 str… Fri 22nd Dec 2023 8:45pm 134
Embiid returning to the bench gets a not-so-friendly welcome by the Denver fans Sat 27th Jan 2024 7:54pm 134
Celtics defense send a trap on Maxey up top then on Embiid in the corner score an… Wed 15th Nov 2023 9:39pm 128
Joel Embiid and Nicolas Batum full postgame interview on the court after the 76er… Wed 17th Apr 2024 9:58pm 124
Joel Embiid hits the stepback 3 at the end of the shot clock Sat 4th Nov 2023 2:56pm 123
Sixers ownership and Michael Rubin spent enough money to feed 50 families for a y… Thu 2nd May 2024 11:54pm 122
s Joel Embiid pulls up and ties the game Tue 2nd Apr 2024 9:48pm 121
Saric to Simmons to Embiid - NBCSP Sat 18th Nov 2017 8:55pm 121
Joel Embiid scores high off the glass with the left hand Mon 7th Nov 2016 9:07pm 120
Embiid gets stuffed by the rim Covington makes the triple Fri 3rd Nov 2017 9:23pm 117
Jaden McDaniels attacks Embiid at the rim Wed 20th Dec 2023 7:59pm 114
Josh Hart takes striking blow from Joel Embiid Mon 22nd Apr 2024 8:44pm 114
Sergio with the rip and the wizardry to Embiid for the dunk! Mon 26th Dec 2016 11:34pm 114
Every jumper Joel Embiid made last night against the Nuggets Wed 17th Jan 2024 2:08pm 111
Embiid no look pass to secure the triple-double vs the Bulls Tue 2nd Jan 2024 9:45pm 110
A Fuck Embiid chant breaks out post-game in Wells Fargo Arena Sun 28th Apr 2024 4:40pm 110
Knicks back-to-back lockdown defense in the clutch leads to Precious block on Emb… Sun 28th Apr 2024 9:25pm 110
Embiid gets his first bucket since the injury Tue 2nd Apr 2024 7:46pm 109
Joel Embiid Mix Sun 28th Apr 2024 4:23pm 108
Embiid stuffs DeMarre Carroll Wed 14th Dec 2016 8:23pm 107
Closeup of Joel Embiid with the tip block on Pascal Siakam Thu 2nd Nov 2023 8:41pm 105
Joel Embiid throws it down! Fri 23rd Dec 2016 11:02pm 105
Maxey to Embiid I got you Wed 1st May 2024 6:41am 103
Joel Embiid throws a 34 court dime to Kelly Oubre for the strong fast break finish Sat 20th Apr 2024 8:16pm 102
Embiid loses the ball on the game-tying bucket and the Bulls win Mon 18th Dec 2023 9:28pm 100
Embiid secures his 12th straight 30pt10reb game the most since the NBAABA merger … Wed 20th Dec 2023 8:57pm 100
Joel Embiid with three 3s in a span of 1 minute Fri 26th Apr 2024 9:40am 98
Joel Embiid with a game winning steal and gets to the line Tue 2nd Apr 2024 10:02pm 97
Embiid and Chet going at each other to start the game Sun 26th Nov 2023 5:16am 96
Joel Embiid drills ANOTHER THREE to give him a playoff career-high 41 points Thu 25th Apr 2024 9:53pm 96
Embiid stuffs Faried at the rim Mon 5th Dec 2016 8:41pm 96
Players Tribune followed Markelle Fultz around for media day (feat. Embiid, Simmo… Thu 28th Sep 2017 1:49pm 96
Same position, a few plays later, different outcome. Embiid shows his BBIQ by get… Tue 14th Nov 2017 9:49am 96
Donte DiVincenzo cuts in for a monster jam and Embiid makes a business decision w… Thu 25th Apr 2024 9:01pm 95
Joel Embiid hits a three over a tiny looking Kevin Love Sat 8th Oct 2016 10:16pm 95
Joel Embiid scores 29 points in the third quarter on 100 shooting Mon 6th Nov 2023 11:10pm 93
Joel Embiid making his 70 points official Tue 23rd Jan 2024 1:01am 91
After Embiid said his conditioning was at 69%, Jalen Rose called in unprofessiona… Wed 22nd Nov 2017 7:13pm 91
Embiid defensive highlights from OT Wed 1st May 2024 7:52am 90
Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons practicing together pre-game Sat 7th Jan 2017 1:27am 90
Embiid with his NINTH turnover and OG Anunoby takes it all the way for the slam Tue 30th Apr 2024 9:31pm 89
Embiid nice put back dunk Sat 11th Nov 2017 10:09pm 89
Embiid Yes we did call for a timeout Everybody on the floor was trying to call a … Mon 22nd Apr 2024 11:06pm 86
Embiid aggressive play compilation vs Knicks Game 3 Fri 26th Apr 2024 9:37am 86
Embiid shows off his post moves Sat 23rd Jul 2016 12:42pm 86
Embiid gets the and-1 and pulls out the crotch chop Sun 29th Oct 2023 9:22pm 85
Nene throws it down over Joel Embiid, Embiid immediately hits a 3 Fri 27th Jan 2017 9:04pm 85
Embiid stomps in place after the Robinson closeout and complains to the ref after… Thu 25th Apr 2024 8:53pm 84
Joel Embiid hits Hartenstein with the too small after scoring on him Embiid has 3… Thu 2nd May 2024 10:46pm 84
Joel Embiid trying to put on a glove for ants Tue 11th Jul 2017 1:47pm 83
Joel Embiid pivots at the top of the key, cant find anyone open, then drains the … Mon 13th Nov 2017 11:40pm 83
Joel Embiid dancing onstage at the Meek Mill concert Sat 11th Feb 2017 12:54am 82
Joel Embiid with the behind the head assist Thu 2nd Nov 2023 8:53pm 80
Embiid blocks OG out of nowhere Thu 2nd May 2024 9:57pm 79
Joel Embiid hits Maxey with a ridiculous bounce pass for the easy layup Mon 22nd Apr 2024 8:34pm 77
Joel Embiid pump fakes and throws it down Mon 23rd Oct 2017 8:51pm 76
Daniel Gafford blocks Joel Embiid 3 times Mon 6th Nov 2023 7:24pm 75
Joel Embiid receives a technical for a vicious shove on Donte DiVincenzo Mon 22nd Apr 2024 8:29pm 75
Embiid hits his 4th three to cap off Sixers 9-12 shooting from beyond the arc in … Thu 25th Apr 2024 9:38pm 75
Joel Embiid turns it over for the 8th time tonight leading to a Deuce McBride buc… Tue 30th Apr 2024 9:15pm 75
Mysterious Object ejected from Joel Embiid's mouth Thu 2nd May 2024 11:23pm 75
Lebron steals and slams it home plus the foul from Embiid Sat 5th Nov 2016 8:34pm 73
Joel Embiid with a behind the back bounce pass to Roco who hits the corner 3 Fri 17th Nov 2023 8:08pm 72
Joel Embiid with a large windmill dunk Mon 13th Jun 2016 2:06pm 72
Tyrese Maxey Honestly 4th quarter came Joel Embiid asked me if I could finish the… Sat 4th Nov 2023 7:24pm 71
Joel Embiid lets Jimmy Butler shoot back to back 3s Wed 17th Apr 2024 8:58pm 71
Back from the dead Embiid dishes a dime to Oubre for the dunk Sat 20th Apr 2024 8:16pm 70
Embiid continues to get Fck Embiid chants as he shoots the free throws Tue 30th Apr 2024 7:29pm 70
Embiid baits Hartenstein into his FIFTH foul of the 3rd quarter alone Sun 28th Apr 2024 3:07pm 68
Joel Embiid tells Nikola Joki youre the best in the world after their masterful b… Tue 16th Jan 2024 10:19pm 67
s Joel Embiid gets stripped 9th TOV and OG dunks at the other end Tyrese Maxey re… Tue 30th Apr 2024 9:33pm 67
Joel Embiid's Foot Locker spot Fri 17th Feb 2017 8:52pm 67
Embiid backs Jordan up then puts up a smooth hook for two. Tue 14th Nov 2017 12:04am 67
Embiid finds Covington as he cuts for the layup - ESPN Wed 15th Nov 2017 10:48pm 67
From Thinking Basketballs latest video After Cade starts off 4-4 with Embiid play… Sun 19th Nov 2023 8:16pm 66
Joel Embiid blocks Hartenstein at the rim to stop the bleeding which leads to a M… Tue 30th Apr 2024 8:28pm 66
Joel Embiid with a spin move and a slam Sun 29th Oct 2023 8:43pm 65
Embiid blows by Vucevic, gets the And-1 Sat 3rd Dec 2016 12:50pm 65
Embiid steals the ball and throws a long distance bounce pass to Harris for the d… Sun 28th Apr 2024 1:18pm 61
USA Basketball Grant Hill presents Joel Embiid his 11 Team USA jersey Wed 17th Apr 2024 12:35pm 60
Embiid dunks it Ben Simmons likes what he sees Sat 7th Jan 2017 12:53am 60
Joel Embiid highlights vs the Denver Nuggets 11624 Wed 17th Jan 2024 2:27pm 59
Embiid hits Nico Batum for his 5th three Wed 17th Apr 2024 9:16pm 59
Injury Kelly Oubre Jr accidentally hits Embiid in the eye during Game 1 Tue 23rd Apr 2024 4:35pm 59
Joel Embiid is so excited that he cursed on live TV Thu 2nd Nov 2017 9:53am 59
Tony Brothers calls a foul on Draymond Green Green grabs the shoulder of Embiid a… Tue 30th Jan 2024 10:13pm 58
Embiid spikes it away as he blocks Keita Bates Diop Sat 4th Nov 2023 2:28pm 57
Embiid drains possibly the slowest ever step back 3 Fri 17th Nov 2023 7:58pm 57
Kuzma goes back at Embiid and this time gets the nice hook to drop Thu 16th Nov 2017 12:39am 57
Joe Ingles manhandles Embiid and sends him to the line Fri 19th Jan 2024 8:59pm 56
Lowlight Flagrant foul by Embiid Sat 4th Nov 2023 2:21pm 55
Sergio Rodrguez no look to Joel Embiid and he finishes through traffic. Sun 8th Jan 2017 1:03pm 55
Joel Embiid with the pump fake, jab step, euro step floater Thu 16th Nov 2017 12:19pm 55
Embiid spins around Jrue for the dunk Wed 8th Nov 2023 7:22pm 53
Joel Embiid scores on a smooth Eurostep past Nikola Jokic Tue 16th Jan 2024 10:16pm 53
Embiid hits his second three of the third quarter Thu 2nd May 2024 10:29pm 53
OG Anunoby sees the open lane cocks it back and throws it down over Embiid Thu 2nd May 2024 11:27pm 53
Joel Embiid says "F*ck LaVar Ball" as he tries to avoid rain on his way home from… Tue 4th Jul 2017 10:35pm 53
Camara gets the block and Sharpe finishes an INSANE circus shot around Embiid Sun 29th Oct 2023 9:25pm 52
Joel Embiid with the hammer and two mild crotch chop Tue 7th Nov 2023 10:27am 51
Embiid self-nutmegs on the handoff to Maxey Wed 6th Dec 2023 8:27pm 51
s A chaotic sequence leads to a layup by OG Anunoby Embiid with his 7th turnover … Tue 30th Apr 2024 9:19pm 51
Joel Embiid shows off his footwork with the pretty turnaround jumper Mon 22nd Apr 2024 9:12pm 50
Jonathan Isaac gets the offensive rebound and slams it on top of Embiid Fri 19th Jan 2024 8:01pm 49
Embiid got some with him Tue 11th Jul 2017 2:27am 49
Tyrese Maxey showing how to reject a screen to carve out space in a defense first… Sat 20th Apr 2024 8:23pm 48
s Isaian Hartenstein with a clutch block on Tyrese Maxey OG Anunoby knocks down t… Tue 23rd Apr 2024 9:47am 47
Embiid drains the spinning midrange jumper Sun 28th Apr 2024 1:45pm 46
Joel Embiid wildin out at the Meek Mill concert Sat 11th Feb 2017 12:16am 46
Bilal Coulibaly picks Embiid's pocket and rises for the easy dunk with replay Wed 6th Dec 2023 7:38pm 44
Joel Embiid signals for a flop by Rudy Gobert to refs Wed 20th Dec 2023 10:41pm 44
Wojnarowski The 76ers are planning on Embiid returning this season and playing as… Tue 6th Feb 2024 7:57pm 44
Embiid hits his SECOND STRAIGHT THREE to give the Sixers a 7-point lead Thu 2nd May 2024 10:29pm 43
Willie Cauley-Stein with two clutch blocks against Joel Embiid Fri 10th Nov 2017 12:34am 43
Joel Embiid lets out a scream while shooting free throws Tue 7th Nov 2023 9:28am 42
Embiid throws a tantrum after a no call Thu 25th Apr 2024 9:03pm 42
Embiid doesn't let Gradey get the shot off Thu 2nd Nov 2023 7:58pm 41
Alley-oop to Embiid Tue 1st Nov 2016 7:53pm 41
Jordan Poole unintentionally helped Joel Embiid score this fluke off a half-court… Mon 11th Dec 2023 9:51pm 39
Jalen Brunson gets smacked in the face by Joel Embiid during his drive to the rim… Tue 30th Apr 2024 9:52pm 38
Joel Embiid off the backboard dunk today Thu 29th Jun 2017 2:18pm 38
Joel Embiid highlights vs the Raptors Sun 29th Oct 2023 11:01am 37
Embiid gets DJ to leave his feet, goes around him for the slam, stares down Blak… Mon 13th Nov 2017 11:39pm 37
Pat Bev hits the floate with 5 seconds left in the third quarter Payton Pritchard… Wed 8th Nov 2023 8:50pm 35
Joel Embiid drills his THIRD THREE of the 3rd quarter and is now 33 on three-poin… Thu 25th Apr 2024 9:29pm 35
Joel Embiid pump-fakes his way to a jumper and falls ht upatchworky Sun 29th Oct 2023 9:21pm 33
11624 Embiid See you in two weeks Sat 27th Jan 2024 11:26pm 33
Embiid with the pump fake and monster slam Mon 18th Dec 2023 8:47pm 32
Embiid blocks Harden and finishes on the other end Fri 27th Jan 2017 10:35pm 31
Zach Lowe says Joel Embiid doesnt have the mentality that guys like Giannis and M… Sun 28th Jan 2024 1:34am 28
Embiid finds Maxey for a late triple Mon 22nd Apr 2024 10:03pm 28
Joel Embiid makes a THUNDER jam on Naz Reid and strikes a pose afterwards Wed 20th Dec 2023 8:54pm 27
Embiid ends the first half drawing a foul and the Orlando crowd cant believe it Fri 19th Jan 2024 8:49pm 27
Joel Embiid now 44 from three in the 3rd quarter as he beats the shot clock Thu 25th Apr 2024 9:39pm 27
Joel Embiid reads the floor then calls his his own number for an effortless two Sun 29th Oct 2023 8:15pm 25
Compilation of fouls that brought Joel Embiid to the line Sat 11th Nov 2023 2:20pm 25
Embiid gets fouled by Nikola Vucevic Mon 18th Dec 2023 9:19pm 25
Tom Thibodeau when asked about Joel Embiid's antics in Game 3 Which one Sat 27th Apr 2024 2:58pm 24
Joel Embiid NEW CAREER-HIGH 70 PTS amp 18 REB vs Spurs FULL s Mon 22nd Jan 2024 9:39pm 20
Embiid with a critical and-one to cut the lead to 2 Mon 22nd Apr 2024 9:53pm 20
Knicks fans start an Embiid chant after the game today Sun 28th Apr 2024 10:41pm 20
Proving that Ball is Life, Joel Embiid Gets A Shot Off Before Saying Goodbye to N… Thu 23rd Feb 2017 1:06pm 20
Joel Embiid with the ridiculous transition euro past Nikola Jokic Tue 16th Jan 2024 9:40pm 19
OG Anunoby throws down the breakaway slam off of yet another Embiid turnover Tue 30th Apr 2024 9:28pm 19
Fuck Embiid chants return to Wells Fargo arena Thu 2nd May 2024 11:55pm 19
Embiid blocks Devin Booker Sat 19th Nov 2016 8:43pm 19
SBNation Why Joel Embiid should win Rookie of the Year Wed 12th Apr 2017 12:43pm 19
Joel Embiid tells his teammates "They can't f---ing guard me!" Wed 11th Oct 2017 9:13pm 18
Embiid somehow puts his slip behind him and still scores Fri 5th Jan 2024 9:19pm 17
Joel Embiid hits Tobias Harris' knee Mon 29th Apr 2024 11:02am 17
Embiid with the through the legs dunk in shootaround! Wed 26th Oct 2016 9:34pm 17
Joel Embiids reaction to the Eagles game-winning field goal Sun 24th Sep 2017 6:22pm 17
Fultz to Embiid for the slam Sat 21st Oct 2017 1:45am 17
Joel Embiid gives his game jersey to a young fan Thu 16th Nov 2017 3:20pm 17
Not to be outdone by Anthony Edwards Joel Embiid lobs the ball off the backboard … Fri 19th Jan 2024 8:08pm 16
Embiid flops while on free throw Wed 17th Apr 2024 8:56pm 16
Joel Embiid shows off his dance moves with the Sixers cheerleaders Wed 11th Jan 2017 11:55pm 15
Embiid with the gentle hip thrust to pass the ball back at the ref Sat 20th Apr 2024 8:42pm 14
Joel Embiid backhands Hartenstein in the face and gives him a bleeding nose Thu 2nd May 2024 11:18pm 13
Joel Embiid makes the AMAZING pass to a cutting Kelly Oubre who throws down the s… Mon 22nd Jan 2024 8:43pm 12
LEAKED Audio Of Joel Embiid Trying To Fight The Knicks Donte Dont do that sht Emb… Fri 26th Apr 2024 2:01am 12
Jaylen Browns foul grabbing Max Strus ankle side-by-side with Joel Embiids foul p… Mon 13th May 2024 8:36pm 12
Joel Embiid starts the game with an emphatic poster on Brown! - CSN Fri 6th Jan 2017 8:27pm 12
The Joel Embiid trolling that more than likely led to that flagrant foul Mon 13th Nov 2017 11:51pm 12
Embiid with the beautiful spin and finish Thu 16th Nov 2017 12:25am 12
Joel Embiids first basket is DELICIOUS! Thu 27th Oct 2016 5:25am 11
Joel Embiid huge back to back blocks Wed 18th Jan 2017 9:36pm 11
Joel Embiid gets LIT at Meek Mill Concert Sat 11th Feb 2017 12:29am 11
Kuzma very nearly ends Embiid's life Wed 15th Nov 2017 11:37pm 11
Embiid just blocked Zeller. Fri 13th Jan 2017 8:30pm 10
Joel Embiid is told Lowry is his next PG (LOUD) Fri 17th Feb 2017 6:42am 10
Zach Lowe says Joel Embiid doesnt have the mentality that Giannis or Michael Jord… Sat 27th Jan 2024 6:06pm 9
Chris Vernon rant about Embiids injury Sun 4th Feb 2024 4:18pm 9
s Joel Embiid clutch steal on Josh Diddy and gets to the line Tue 2nd Apr 2024 9:58pm 9
OG Anunoby throws down the breakaway slam off of yet another Embiid turnover Tue 30th Apr 2024 9:32pm 9
Steven Adams and Joel Embiid engage in a little wrestling match in the Sixers-Thu… Wed 26th Oct 2016 10:21pm 9
Kevin Seraphin posterizes Joel Embiid Sat 12th Nov 2016 1:58pm 9
Dean Wade with a very dangerous play on Joel Embiid in transition that only resul… Wed 22nd Nov 2023 12:56pm 7
Embiid trips Brunson and then Kyle Lowry flops over his sprawling body and gets a… Sun 28th Apr 2024 1:26pm 7
Tim "Joel Embiid" Hardaway Jr. banks in the clutch 3 Sat 14th Jan 2017 2:47am 7
Joel Embiid reacts to the 76ers acquiring the #1 overall pick Sun 18th Jun 2017 2:29am 7
barstoolsports EXPOSE HER #TrustTheProcess JoelEmbiid Sun 25th Jun 2017 4:26pm 7
Embiid shoves a mid-air OG Anunoby Thu 2nd May 2024 9:31pm 6
Joel Embiid gets upset at the doctor and tries to kick it Mon 6th May 2024 9:12am 6
Joel Embiid (22 points, 6 rebounds, 4 blocks, 4 threes) vs Lebron James (25 point… Sun 6th Nov 2016 11:52pm 6
LMAO! Joel Embiid falls over bad while celebrating Robert Covington's game winner Tue 3rd Jan 2017 10:09pm 6
Joel Embiid dirty play compilation Thu 25th Apr 2024 11:09pm 5
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Some beautiful basketball from Joel Embiid Thu 25th Apr 2024 8:27pm 4
Joel Embiid dirty play compilation Thu 25th Apr 2024 11:24pm 4
Joel Embiid shows off his jumpshot in warmup Sun 16th Oct 2016 4:33am 4
Joel "Hakeem Olajuwon" Embiid Tue 8th Nov 2016 2:05pm 4
Embiid with the vicious block on a dunk attempt Wed 23rd Nov 2016 7:44pm 4
Joel Embiid emphatically rejects Cody Zellers dunk attempt Fri 13th Jan 2017 8:44pm 4
Joel Embiid and Justin Anderson have some words for each other Embiid walks away … Fri 10th Nov 2017 4:11am 4
Joel Embiid trolling Willie Reed Mon 13th Nov 2017 11:51pm 4
Alfred Joel Horford locking up his son Joel Embiid in multiple possessions two ni… Fri 17th Nov 2023 12:13pm 3
The Lowe Post Zach Lowe Giannis wouldnt let that happen MJ Michael Jordan wouldnt… Sat 27th Jan 2024 6:14pm 3
Embiid fights through contact for the tough and-one Tue 30th Apr 2024 8:49pm 3
Embiid Olajuwon. Tue 8th Nov 2016 1:42pm 3
Derrick Rose Hits the Floater Over Embiid Wed 11th Jan 2017 8:07pm 3
Reed throws down Embiid for the flagrant 1. Mon 13th Nov 2017 11:16pm 3
Embiid get fouled in win over Clippers: "He can't fucking guard me" Tue 14th Nov 2017 11:30pm 3
Embiid elbows Giannis in the stomach during transition for the flagrant foul Sat 2nd Dec 2023 2:51pm 2
Joel Embiid hits the jab step three over Jokic Tue 16th Jan 2024 9:48pm 2
Wheres Embiid at chant breaks out at Ball Arena Sat 27th Jan 2024 6:34pm 2
Embiid falls down while going for a layup and the refs call a foul on the play Mon 22nd Apr 2024 9:11pm 2
Joel Embiid gets upset that the referees call a foul on the play where he pushes … Thu 2nd May 2024 9:55pm 2
Embiid challenging an ushe at MSG to guard him Sun 5th May 2024 2:16am 2
Embiid clutch rejection on Melo + keeps ball inbounds Thu 12th Jan 2017 4:14pm 2
Joel Embiid was lit at Meek Mills concert (Streamable Link) Sat 11th Feb 2017 8:40am 2
Joel Embiid shoots 3 and steal the ball Thu 5th Oct 2017 1:39pm 2
Embiid letting everyone know he's only at 69% Thu 16th Nov 2017 1:17am 2
Joel Embiid reads the floor then calls his own number for an effortless two Sun 29th Oct 2023 8:13pm 1
Flagrant foul on Nurki by Embiid Sat 4th Nov 2023 2:20pm 1
Embiid posterizes Coby White Mon 18th Dec 2023 8:35pm 1
Embiid makes the tricky turnaround to add to the misery of the Bulls Tue 2nd Jan 2024 7:47pm 1
Joe Ingles and Goga Bitadze absolutely brutalize Joel Embiid Wed 24th Jan 2024 4:04pm 1
Legler Tell me which of these guys do you buy into more in a big spot to absolute… Sat 3rd Feb 2024 1:46pm 1
Embiid with an elegant spinning and falling midrange Sat 6th Apr 2024 9:18pm 1
Embiid throws it down off the backboard and injures himself and has to go out of … Sat 20th Apr 2024 7:27pm 1
Embiid throws if off the backboard for a spectacular dunk then comes down holding… Sat 20th Apr 2024 7:27pm 1
Josh Hart falls to the ground after a small shove by Embiid refs review and nothi… Mon 22nd Apr 2024 7:55pm 1
Knicks fans congregate in Wells Fargo and politely Gregorian chant Fick Embiid Sun 28th Apr 2024 5:05pm 1
Fat Joe My fist stinks a little cause Joel Embiid walked by and gave me a dap My … Tue 30th Apr 2024 8:30pm 1
Fat Joe My fist stinks a little cause Joel Embiid walked by and gave me a dap My … Tue 30th Apr 2024 8:30pm 1
Embiid gets postered Thu 2nd May 2024 11:27pm 1
OG Anunoby detonates over Joel Embiid Thu 2nd May 2024 11:27pm 1
DiVincenzo blocks Embiid who throws an elbow after Fri 3rd May 2024 9:52am 1
Embiid messing with usher at MSG Sun 5th May 2024 9:55am 1
Joel Embiid hits the dagger over Jayson Tatum then chirps at the Boston bench Wed 8th Nov 2023 9:20pm 0
Embiid showtime dime Sun 19th Nov 2023 11:35pm 0
Bogdanovi rambunctiously throws Embiid to the ground but is not called for a foul Sat 9th Dec 2023 12:32pm 0
Rudy Gobert gets brutally fouled as Embiid drives to the rim Thu 21st Dec 2023 1:42pm 0
Joel Embiid possessions vs DPOY favorite Rudy Gobert Thu 21st Dec 2023 6:31pm 0
Alperen Sengun blocks Embiid Sixers announcers explain why it the no call is wron… Mon 15th Jan 2024 2:55pm 0
Joe Ingles and Goga Bitadze absolutely brutalize Joel Embiid Wed 24th Jan 2024 4:06pm 0
Joe Ingles and Goga Bitadze absolutely brutalize Joel Embiid Wed 24th Jan 2024 4:09pm 0
Interesting fact Joel Embiid traveled on his 70th point shot Sat 27th Jan 2024 3:34am 0
Ramona on if Embiid is scared of Denver He said 'don't even put me on the injury … Tue 30th Jan 2024 8:30am 0
Bam Adebayo grabs Embiid's bicep to pick up a second early foul Thu 18th Apr 2024 12:40pm 0
Miles McBride 6'1'' 190lbs runs over Joel Embiid 7'0'' 290lbs on a screen Mon 22nd Apr 2024 10:00pm 0
Nick Nurse calls for a timeout before the inbound pass Maxey is grabbed and pulle… Mon 22nd Apr 2024 10:23pm 0
Embiid 127kg falls over as McBride 6 ft 88kg tries to fight through the screen Tue 23rd Apr 2024 5:15pm 0
Embiid catches fire from beyond the arc for his 5th three of the night and a new … Thu 25th Apr 2024 9:55pm 0
Joel Embiid Dirty Play compilation Thu 25th Apr 2024 11:35pm 0
Mitchell Robinson leaving the arena in a walking boot on the opposite leg that Em… Fri 26th Apr 2024 12:03am 0
Embiid I didnt mean to hurt anybody In those situations I got to protect myself b… Fri 26th Apr 2024 12:39am 0
Joel Embiid with the MASSIVE REJECTION on Hartenstein's dunk attempt Tue 30th Apr 2024 8:17pm 0
Joel Embiid and 76ers staff harassing MSG security guard Sun 5th May 2024 3:29am 0
Embiid goes down. Sat 18th Nov 2017 9:03pm 0