NBA clips with Cavs

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JR Smith runs out the clock while the Cavs arent up. Thu 31st May 2018 11:28pm 37,819
Childish Gambino and The Other Cavs Sun 6th May 2018 10:31am 21,885
LeBron on Wade joining the Cavs: "It's like when you start school, you walk into … Wed 27th Sep 2017 12:19pm 21,083
Cavs sick new intro video Fri 9th Dec 2016 7:45pm 16,368
LeBron James gets a standing ovation from the Cleveland crowd as this may be his … Fri 8th Jun 2018 11:21pm 16,260
Ty Lue on the Cavs intricate handshakes: "I wish we could remember some of our de… Wed 10th May 2017 3:10pm 14,287
Shannon Sharpe on the Cavs' win: "I learned last night that only Genghis Khan has… Wed 4th Apr 2018 11:03am 14,082
Cavs Fan Checks Wind After Ian Clark Airball Sat 10th Jun 2017 1:31pm 13,561
President Obama on Cavs coming back down 3-1: "By knocking off the Warriors they … Fri 11th Nov 2016 4:59pm 13,058
ESPN crew not happy about no call at end of GSW/Cavs game Mon 25th Dec 2017 5:36pm 11,927
Coach LeBron yells at his teammates as the Cavs are down big against the Raptors Thu 11th Jan 2018 8:59pm 11,189
Isaiah Thomas's Cavs Tribute Video Thu 8th Feb 2018 5:26pm 11,068
Larry Nance Senior says he called the Cavs and asked them to give his retired '22… Wed 14th Feb 2018 11:15am 10,589
Isaiah Thomas: "I'm like the Cavs .. I'm about to get swept" Tue 5th Jun 2018 12:42am 9,013
Kyrie Irving Clutch Triple Gives Cavs 3pt Lead - ABC Sun 19th Jun 2016 10:33pm 8,533
The Lakers looking depressed as hell as they lose to the Cavs Mon 14th Jan 2019 12:17am 6,614
Trevor Booker sneaks into the Cavs huddle Wed 25th Oct 2017 8:15pm 6,132
LeBron when asked about Cavs possibly slipping to the 6th seed during their curre… Thu 8th Mar 2018 10:10am 6,038
Avery Bradley beats the Cavs Fri 5th Feb 2016 10:09pm 5,299
Lebron visibly upset on the Cavs bench Fri 8th Jun 2018 10:49pm 5,003
You said the Cavs... Tue 5th Jun 2018 7:19pm 4,955
Crazy sequence by the Cavs and Warriors Sun 25th Dec 2016 2:57pm 4,812
Lebron's kick on Iguodala during the final Cavs possession Thu 8th Jun 2017 12:27am 4,736
Chuck goes in on the Cavs for coming at Kevin Love "To try to blame that guy beca… Thu 25th Jan 2018 7:59pm 4,720
Joel Embiid explains the 76er's loss to the Cavs: Like Tristan said before the be… Sat 24th Nov 2018 12:04am 4,173
Cavs' DJ playing God's Plan during the 4th quarter last night Tue 8th May 2018 4:27pm 4,118
Cavs coach JB Bickerstaff on sports gambling Some of the sports gamblers were sen… Wed 20th Mar 2024 9:06pm 4,093
Insane J.R. Smith oop + great Cavs bench reaction Sun 22nd Feb 2015 2:55pm 4,045
Draymond Green says Cavs suck while possibly being drunk Fri 19th Jun 2015 2:03pm 3,763
Cavs players arrive in suits.... with their own personal touch Thu 31st May 2018 7:00pm 3,660
Good defense by the Cavs leads to a Lebron monster dunk Mon 2nd Jan 2017 7:30pm 3,504
Lebron from waaay downtown with the 3 to put the Cavs up 119-111 with 40 seconds … Sun 25th Mar 2018 3:21pm 3,490
Dwight Howard on facing the Cavs tonight: "We can't let them win. This is our hom… Wed 15th Nov 2017 9:21am 3,444
Larry Nance Jr. looking pretty excited to be on the Cavs..Hawks player: "You goin… Sat 10th Feb 2018 11:47am 3,382
Cavs make 9 passes in 15 seconds Sun 17th Apr 2016 5:09pm 3,220
Cavs fans chant "Russell Westbrook" as KD shoots FTs Fri 9th Jun 2017 11:09pm 2,991
"He's 37 now God dang. We played him too many minutes. We need him, though." Ty … Mon 21st May 2018 11:50pm 2,986
The Cavs run the same Channing Frye cut play 4 straight times until it stops work… Wed 31st Jan 2018 10:16pm 2,930
Ok Cavs fans you know what to do... Tue 22nd Aug 2017 9:33pm 2,799
Reporter told Ty Lue 'Welcome back' after the Cavs' close win. Lue: "Man, motherf… Fri 6th Apr 2018 8:33am 2,795
Cavs mob Delly as he recieves his Championship ring Wed 21st Dec 2016 7:16pm 2,788
Kobe breaking down the Cavs offense Fri 9th Jun 2017 8:25pm 2,621
Cavs first look without Lebron James Mon 2nd Jul 2018 5:15pm 2,536
LeBron seals the game with a deep 2 to propel the Cavs to their 11th straight win Sat 2nd Dec 2017 9:52pm 2,519
Richard Jefferson spots LeBron's wife on the red-eye to the Cavs game Sun 20th May 2018 1:28pm 2,396
Cavs announcers in shambles Sat 8th Apr 2017 8:46am 2,385
Cavs big screen exposes Kelly Oubres shoe untying Thu 22nd Feb 2018 10:02pm 2,293
Isaiah Thomas has no clue what he's doing in the Cavs pregame handshake line Wed 27th Dec 2017 2:53pm 2,222
Knicks fan to Cavs team in subway: "KP gonna get yall tonight" Mon 13th Nov 2017 1:47pm 2,179
Blake with a spin move leaving the Cavs wondering what just happened Thu 25th Oct 2018 7:56pm 2,114
LeBron intentionally misses as the Cavs try to tie the game to no avail Fri 6th Apr 2018 9:37pm 2,058
The Cavs forgot to defend on Durant Thu 1st Jun 2017 9:55pm 2,048
Embiid Post Game: "Tristan said at the Beg. of the season that the (Cavs) still r… Fri 23rd Nov 2018 10:53pm 2,025
The Cavs run onto the court to celebrate the Finals victory Sun 19th Jun 2016 10:38pm 1,957
"And we'll take a timeout... Fans even tired of booing, here in Cleveland..." (Ca… Sat 3rd Feb 2018 10:00pm 1,941
Cavs Reporter Slips Up Sat 28th Jan 2017 12:02am 1,911
Raptors Starters realizing The East actually Runs Through The Cavs. Mon 11th Mar 2019 10:21pm 1,910
Kawhi makes a joke about Lowry's absence vs the Cavs Sun 2nd Dec 2018 10:18am 1,788
LeBron on Luke Walton after the Lakers win over the Cavs in March: "Since Luke to… Wed 4th Jul 2018 9:40pm 1,780
Lue answers who will start for Cavs tonight: "Jose, Cedi, JR, LeBron, Tristan" Fri 9th Feb 2018 11:38am 1,772
The Cavs bench clears out after loss without shaking hands, again Mon 30th Oct 2017 2:15am 1,768
Beautiful ball movement by the Cavs bench leads to a wide-open 3 Tue 13th Feb 2018 10:07pm 1,752
Lebron going super saiyan as the Cavs win game 2 Sun 7th Jun 2015 11:19pm 1,681
IT's oldest son got on him everyday before the trade about getting traded to Cavs… Fri 8th Sep 2017 10:12am 1,664
Kyrie Irving - Not My Cavs Parody of Eminem's Stan Fri 18th Aug 2017 5:05am 1,649
Kevin Love on Draymond Green saying he wants to annihilate the Cavs: "He's one of… Sat 27th May 2017 4:29pm 1,625
Draymond shows respect to the Cavs in the postgame press conference Tue 13th Jun 2017 2:33pm 1,608
Kyrie responds to question about how Lebron has a parental role on the Cavs Sat 22nd Jul 2017 10:47am 1,591
Korver with back-to-back-to-back 3's in 60 seconds to give the Cavs the lead Wed 6th Dec 2017 10:06pm 1,583
In my reality the Cavs are up 1-0, and here's the footage to prove it Sun 3rd Jun 2018 2:42pm 1,540
Jeff Van Gundy: "The Cavs eye roll each other more than a couple in a bad marriag… Wed 16th May 2018 2:59am 1,461
Cavs mob Delly as he receives his Championship ring Wed 21st Dec 2016 11:32pm 1,455
Donovan Mitchell with the clutch lay-up vs the Cavs Sat 30th Dec 2017 10:21pm 1,419
Cavs do the Mannequin Challenge at The White House Thu 10th Nov 2016 8:03pm 1,411
IT reunited with Cavs Sun 11th Mar 2018 9:46pm 1,357
Josh Hart hits the dagger in front of the Cavs bench and checks out Donovan Mitch… Sun 3rd Mar 2024 9:23pm 1,343
Isaiah Thomas first bucket for the Cavs Tue 2nd Jan 2018 7:32pm 1,339
Lebron and the Cavs get hyped after Perkins shoots, and "makes", a three Thu 14th May 2015 10:25pm 1,330
LeBron misses the layup to put the Cavs up late in the fourth Mon 6th Feb 2017 9:43pm 1,314
KYRIE IS A STONE COLD KILLER TONIGHT! Hits his ELEVENTH 3 to give the Cavs the le… Wed 28th Jan 2015 9:24pm 1,261
Charles roasts Shaq on the amount of points he scored playing for the Celtics and… Wed 17th Apr 2019 5:05am 1,246
Curry on the Cavs: "They're a very talented team. They have 2 top-class players i… Mon 5th Jun 2017 2:22pm 1,201
Cavs with some amazing ball movement that results in a Kyrie triple Fri 3rd Mar 2017 8:00pm 1,071
RJ Snapchat Richard Jefferson hazes rookie Kay Felder by making him dress up like… Wed 15th Feb 2017 5:34pm 1,064
Delly dives into the stands and TAKES OUT Cavs play-by-play announcer Fri 14th Dec 2018 8:23pm 1,060
Cavs execute their take on the infamous Lakers play out of a timeout Fri 6th Jan 2017 10:02pm 1,038
JR hits 11 straight points for the Cavs in the 3rd Sun 13th Mar 2016 5:36pm 1,030
If you thought the Cavs Warriors game was intense, then you must have missed the … Sun 25th Dec 2016 8:54pm 1,029
Due to technical difficulties ESPN's first two minutes of Magic-Cavs Game 1 aired… Sat 20th Apr 2024 3:07pm 997
LeBron's close friend Shannon Sharpe reveals that the Cavs are ready do a POWER M… Mon 29th Jan 2018 4:41pm 991
Ty Lue on what the Cavs should do with the extra money from Goodyear: "Give it to… Mon 15th May 2017 4:32pm 981
LeBron James kid introduces Lebron at Kings-Cavs game Wed 9th Mar 2016 10:39pm 957
Jae Crowder bricks a wide-open three so badly that Cavs announcer Austin Carr can… Fri 26th Jan 2018 9:24pm 928
Let's check in on the Cavs-Warriors game... Mon 15th Jan 2018 8:58pm 880
JR Smith hits a 3 at the end of OT to put the Cavs up Sun 2nd Apr 2017 8:43pm 877
President Obama Congratulates the Cavs- "That's right I said World Champion and C… Thu 10th Nov 2016 5:21pm 856
Darius Garland doesn't miss twice and Cavs enter celebration mode Sun 5th May 2024 3:26pm 853
JVG's thoughts on the way the media has covered the recent Cavs' drama: "If we co… Sat 27th Jan 2018 11:05pm 850
OC In light of how the Cavs are trapping Victor Oladipo, here are some examples o… Sat 21st Apr 2018 6:45pm 850
LeBron James barely acknowledges Dan Gilbert after Cavs win Sun 27th May 2018 11:09pm 835
UNDRAFTED Fred Van Vleet goes for 22-4-4(6-8 from 3PT) vs Cavs Highlights Thu 11th Jan 2018 11:35pm 833
Guy holds beer for couple during Kiss Cam at Cavs-Hawks game.... proceeds to chug… Thu 30th Nov 2017 8:54pm 829
Stephen Curry loses the Cavs on defense and drills another triple to force a time… Sun 3rd Jun 2018 10:09pm 826
Danny Green shooing away the Cavs mascot Moondog with his karate moves Sat 9th Mar 2019 10:09am 814
Cavs with some creative ball movement Wed 31st Jan 2018 10:17pm 793
Isaiah Thomas warms up before Cavs-Wiz game Sat 4th Nov 2017 10:42am 787
Shaq &amp Chuck's theory on why the Cavs always lose in New Orleans Mon 23rd Jan 2017 11:02pm 760
Analysis of terrible Cavs' team defending by ESPN crew Sat 3rd Feb 2018 10:12pm 753
Derrick Rose crosses over his son at Cavs practice Tue 10th Oct 2017 6:33pm 752
LeBron drops a huge 3 to put the Cavs up 1 Sun 24th May 2015 11:25pm 746
4 Cavs watch DeRozan in transition as FVV drills the three Thu 11th Jan 2018 8:44pm 734
Tyrese Haliburton LeBron was my favorite player growing up I was a Cavs fan then … Fri 8th Dec 2023 6:50pm 730
Uncut footage of LeBron finding out the Cavs had a timeout left RohanNadkarni Mon 4th Jun 2018 1:58am 712
Cavs attempting to team bond while in Orlando. Wade: "This is called teamwork. We… Tue 6th Feb 2018 10:14am 710
'I gotta get these guys back in's nothing that I haven't seen before, … Wed 24th Jan 2018 1:23am 686
Check out Kyrie's reaction when it was mentioned the Cavs were going out to Oakla… Fri 26th May 2017 1:30pm 677
Cavs defense breaks up with Karl Anthony-Towns and leaves him alone on Valentine'… Tue 14th Feb 2017 8:32pm 672
LeBron James, JR Smith, George Hill, and Jordan Clarkson get shots up ahead of th… Sun 27th May 2018 10:56am 662
Crazy defensive sequence by the Cavs Mon 12th Jun 2017 9:18pm 654
LeBron's superstition: he likes all Cavs media members to stand in the same place… Fri 30th Mar 2018 12:42pm 651
Kevin Love throws a perfect full court pass to Cedi Osman as the Cavs build a 19 … Mon 11th Mar 2019 9:32pm 651
LeBron on Cavs' mindset last year when they got down 3 - 1: "Until the casket dro… Mon 12th Jun 2017 10:15am 624
KD's clutch 3 vs the Cavs was a duplicate of one he had missed earlier in the gam… Sun 16th Jul 2017 12:18pm 621
The Cavs mascots try some kinky shit during a timeout Tue 28th Nov 2017 8:02pm 609
Cavs fan tries to distract Curry, proceeds to be mocked by Iguodala Tue 19th Jan 2016 1:41am 607
Mozgov hits his first 3 pointer with the Cavs Sun 8th Nov 2015 4:15pm 601
Reporter alluding to the Cavs sweep, asks Kawhi how his experience will help the … Fri 12th Apr 2019 2:49pm 600
Simmons splits the Cavs defense and throws it down Thu 1st Mar 2018 10:33pm 598
Luka Doncic 18 pts in 1st quarter vs Cavs Sat 2nd Feb 2019 8:17pm 598
Instagram Story LeBron takes roll call at Cavs mini camp Wed 21st Sep 2016 1:03pm 591
The Cavs at a Future concert, looking the opposite of 'stressed out' Sat 27th May 2017 10:48pm 567
Curry on win over Cavs: "It is a regular season game... but you send messages and… Wed 18th Jan 2017 3:58pm 562
LeBron James, Cavs accept ESPY award, clown each other onstage Wed 13th Jul 2016 11:29pm 553
LeBron on if hes played his last game for the Cavs: "I have no idea at this point… Sat 9th Jun 2018 12:43am 553
Pacers' Nate McMillan on blowout win to force Game 7 vs. LeBron James &amp Cavs: … Fri 27th Apr 2018 11:07pm 517
Celtics vs Cavs Infinity War Hype Trailer Sat 12th May 2018 3:15am 517
The Cavs are not a fan of KD Thu 18th Jan 2018 7:27pm 505
Stephen Curry grabs the offensive rebound over 3 Cavs players Fri 2nd Jun 2017 1:44am 500
Tyrese Haliburton hits 3 clutch threes in a row and chirps with Cavs fans Sat 28th Oct 2023 10:26pm 498
Agness Cavs suited up, again. (Black) Sun 22nd Apr 2018 6:41pm 491
Fan reveals Warriors jersey under Cavs shirt Tue 23rd May 2017 11:35pm 490
Enes Kanter and Walt Frazier react to the Cavs comeback Mon 13th Nov 2017 10:02pm 488
Tristan Thompson helps the Cavs burn 1:08 off the clock with 3 offensive rebounds… Thu 24th Mar 2016 9:06am 487
Lebron James and the Cavs dance it off after Ohio State pick-six Sat 26th Nov 2016 1:51pm 486
BballBreakdown Why Cavs players are upset at Lebron holding the ball Thu 25th Jan 2018 10:05pm 481
Embiid gets rebound over four Cavs and is fouled through the process - CSN Sun 27th Nov 2016 1:47pm 480
Cavs locker room celebration after winning the eastern conference Sun 27th May 2018 11:29pm 441
Lebron with a free path to the basket and dunks it, giving the Cavs a 6 point lea… Wed 20th May 2015 11:05pm 439
Jos Caledern's Cavs/Bulls postgame interview Sat 17th Mar 2018 11:19pm 433
Cavs with a beautiful possession which ends with a JR Smith 3 Wed 3rd May 2017 7:13pm 424
Bill Walton asking Kevin Love why he always gets the blame when the Cavs lose Sat 17th Feb 2018 10:53pm 417
LeBron NEVER forgets roasts former Cavs Smush Parker, Carlos Boozer and Ricky Da… Fri 23rd Jun 2017 2:13am 415
James Jones aka the GOAT hits another three and the Cavs bench goes wild Fri 11th Dec 2015 9:18pm 411
Cavs, suited up for Game 1 against Boston Sun 13th May 2018 1:49pm 411
Russell Westbrook details the differences between OKC's previous game against the… Wed 14th Feb 2018 1:22am 410
Tony Parker with a series of fakes amongst 3 Cavs defenders Thu 14th Jan 2016 9:13pm 406
Cavs up 30 in New York. The disrespect level at an all time high. Wed 7th Dec 2016 10:34pm 400
Cavs forget to play defense, Curry lays in the dagger Tue 16th Jun 2015 11:44pm 395
Brian Windhorst on The Jump: "The question with the Cavs is if they will make Isa… Tue 23rd Jan 2018 2:16am 392
Cavs are back at Delly's "stomping ground", LeBron has too much energy, and we se… Wed 1st Jun 2016 12:51am 391
Cedi Osman on Cavs mini-camp in CA: "From Day 1, LeBron, Kevin Love, RJ, everybod… Tue 26th Sep 2017 10:32am 382
Cavs hit 4 threes in a row to extend the blowout lead in the 3rd Sun 13th Mar 2016 5:39pm 381
Iguodala w/ back to back strips on Lebron &amp Kyrie. Stares down the Cavs bench. Fri 3rd Jun 2016 7:44pm 380
LeBron only got 1 question in his interview that wasn't about the Frank-Phil stuf… Mon 13th Nov 2017 11:07am 375
Richard Jefferson seems a little shook at the thought of possibly not making the … Wed 4th Oct 2017 12:49pm 371
Max Strus hits 4 straight threes in the fourth quarter to pull the Cavs back into… Tue 27th Feb 2024 9:25pm 365
Scuffle at the end of Cavs/Heat game Sat 4th Mar 2017 10:31pm 365
Sundiata Gaines hits the game winner against the #1 seeded Cavs while he was on a… Fri 24th Aug 2018 8:18pm 364
Austin Reaves dribbles through the Cavs defense and then lobs it up top for Jaxso… Sat 25th Nov 2023 8:41pm 339
Cavs Set NBA Finals Record For Triples in 3rd - ABC Fri 9th Jun 2017 11:23pm 335
Cavs fans head for the exits as the Celtics have a dominant 4th quarter Sat 11th May 2024 10:51pm 333
Former Spurs' guard Nando De Colo accomplishes what Jokic can't and draws a shoot… Fri 29th Mar 2024 8:13am 332
Cavs Rookie Cedi Osman w/ Lebron-esque chase down block Mon 4th Sep 2017 3:46pm 323
Cavs make fun of Channing Frye's "personal habits" on those long road trips Mon 11th Dec 2017 12:15pm 320
The Cavs commit an 8 second violation Sun 14th Jun 2015 9:16pm 307
James Harden punishes the Cavs for switching Tristan Thompson onto him Mon 13th Mar 2017 8:00pm 298
Clippers beat reporter Law Murray shows why the Cavs court has the most dangerous… Mon 29th Jan 2024 7:15pm 295
Boban posts up Sexton and dunks on three Cavs Tue 12th Mar 2019 7:42pm 294
King James gets to the bucket and puts the Cavs up 3 with 12 seconds to go Sun 24th May 2015 11:30pm 289
Stephen Curry with the tough 4-point play against the Cavs! Fri 5th Apr 2019 11:56pm 288
Cavs coach J B Bickerstaff says the Magic fouled to create turnovers last nightle… Fri 23rd Feb 2024 2:05pm 286
Richard Jefferson visits LeBron in the Cavs locker room to make dinner plans Sun 4th Mar 2018 12:01am 283
Korver takes Bullock to the hoop and the Cavs get hyped! Sun 28th Jan 2018 8:19pm 282
Jayson Tatums shot foul call overturned as Cavs win Tue 5th Mar 2024 10:01pm 272
The Cavs toy with the Bulls with a 5 point posession Mon 4th Dec 2017 8:49pm 272
Dean Wade with another 3 to give the Cavs the lead He has 18 points in the 4th an… Tue 5th Mar 2024 9:42pm 266
Kyrie puts the Cavs up 119-116 with 53 seconds left Thu 29th Dec 2016 10:39pm 259
The Thunder absolutely having their way with the Cavs in the paint. Sat 20th Jan 2018 5:52pm 259
Hey can I steal you for a solo pic that I can send my mom - Jarrett Allen as the … Wed 10th Jan 2024 5:29pm 253
Windhorst: "Sources told me that the most important thing to Dwyane is what role … Mon 25th Sep 2017 9:27am 251
LeBron with gorgeous fade ties it 104-104, scored last 13 Cavs points in the 4th Sun 2nd Apr 2017 8:39pm 243
Golliver Raptors coach Dwane Casey, down 3-0 to Cavs: "Sunday's game is about pri… Fri 5th May 2017 10:19pm 243
Mitchell crosses up Brown and gets to the rim to put the Cavs up 16 Thu 9th May 2024 9:07pm 231
The Hawks bench goes on a 21-2 run against the Cavs to take a 106-87 lead in the … Sat 8th Apr 2017 12:28am 225
Craig Porter Jr takes it right into Embiid to give the Cavs the lead in OT Tue 21st Nov 2023 11:09pm 223
Every Cavs offense play in the 4th quarter (after 9min mark) in Game 3. Sat 21st Apr 2018 10:20am 221
RJ Snapchat Cavs cheer on Bucks to win so they won't have to attend practice tomo… Thu 27th Apr 2017 11:48pm 217
Cavs roll out a highlight reel for Lebron Mon 13th May 2024 7:36pm 216
What Simmons thinks of the Cavs' D... Tue 6th Feb 2018 10:10pm 215
Derrick Williams hits 3 at 3rd-quarter horn from 35 to give Cavs a 77-73 lead Mon 27th Feb 2017 8:59pm 214
Cavs twitter account posted this video of Shump and JR playing 1v1 Tue 6th Jun 2017 6:02pm 213
Cavs celebrating in the Locker room part 2 Sun 27th May 2018 11:53pm 212
Kelly Olynyk sneaks behind the Cavs defense for the alley-oop. Sun 12th Apr 2015 4:19pm 205
Kobe shares his opinion on Cavs resting Lebron. Mon 27th Mar 2017 2:51pm 205
B-Ball Paul Reed plays amazing defense in the final seconds of the game and SWATS… Tue 13th Feb 2024 9:06am 202
Writing on the Wall for Cavs defenders on a fast break Sat 25th Mar 2017 10:21pm 201
Windhorst on Cavs-Kemba trade FULL CONTEXT. Wed 7th Feb 2018 1:19pm 201
Windhorst: "Let's say Boston gets Kawhi and LeBron doesn't feel great about the L… Sat 16th Jun 2018 10:45am 201
Isaiah Thomas joins in on the Cavs half time show. Has some moves. Mon 15th Jan 2018 9:39pm 200
Cavs fail to run a set offense, culprit becomes obvious on rewind Mon 7th Jan 2019 2:11am 196
Crazy ending sequence between the Hawks and Cavs as Isaiah Taylor misses two free… Sun 5th Nov 2017 5:55pm 194
The Cavs move the ball beautifully, leading to a LeBron SLAM Sat 17th Dec 2016 9:07pm 191
The Rockets DENY the Cavs' unstoppable "UCLA Seal" play Mon 13th Mar 2017 10:15pm 191
Former Cavs assistant Damon Jones finally speaks out about JR Smith throwing soup… Tue 19th Mar 2019 1:32pm 185
Michael Beasley suffers left knee injury against the Cavs Mon 27th Feb 2017 7:53pm 181
The Cavs arrive wearing black suits. Tue 15th May 2018 7:06pm 180
LeBron finding out the Cavs had a timeout left Mon 4th Jun 2018 3:42am 180
Lebron James puts an exclamation point on the Cavs' comeback Wed 4th Nov 2015 10:31pm 178
Aaron Gordon with a crazy alley oop dunk against the Cavs Fri 18th Mar 2016 8:31pm 173
Cavs locker room after game 2 Tue 7th Jun 2016 6:33am 171
Cavs go nuts after making 18 3's in the first half Thu 5th May 2016 9:42am 170
Windhorst: "The Cavs have had discussions about George Hill. The Kings are talkin… Mon 22nd Jan 2018 5:37pm 169
s Jayson Tatum postgame interview on the court after Game 3 vs the Cavs with repl… Sat 11th May 2024 11:11pm 165
All 4 posters in Warriors/Cavs game Sun 25th Dec 2016 5:44pm 163
LeBron breaks down the plays that got Korver huge 3s late to help the Cavs even t… Mon 23rd Apr 2018 12:19am 161
X-post from r/Cavs Player introductions not shown on ABC last night Wed 10th Jun 2015 6:46pm 160
DeMar DeRozan gives inspirational speech in the pre-game huddle before the Raptor… Fri 6th Apr 2018 3:26pm 159
Former Cavs GM David Griffin on the BKN pick: "In the absence of LeBron that's th… Tue 29th Aug 2017 10:25pm 158
Dean Wade hits back to back big 3s as he leads the Cavs on comeback vs the Celtic… Tue 5th Mar 2024 9:36pm 153
The Cavs brought back Isaiah Thomas for their halftime performance Sat 19th May 2018 10:12pm 152
Reggie Jackson and Andre Drummond celerate after win over Cavs Tue 27th Dec 2016 6:48am 151
Blake Griffin's nasty putback jam over the Cavs on DeAndre Jordan's freethrow att… Sat 18th Mar 2017 9:43pm 150
Cavs score 5 points in 8.2 seconds with style Tue 13th Jan 2015 10:56pm 149
John Wall causes confusion with the Cavs' D, slams it home - TNT Mon 6th Feb 2017 7:32pm 148
Donovan Mitchell with a no-look behind the back pass to George Niang who hits fro… Wed 17th Jan 2024 8:34pm 147
Channing Frye was micd up for the Cavs - Warriors game yesterday Thu 6th Dec 2018 2:09pm 147
Draymond Green says LeBron denying Warriors-Cavs rivalry is 'bullcrap' Sat 28th Jan 2017 5:49pm 145
RJ's Snapchat How the Cavs stay ready during their long break off the court Wed 11th May 2016 11:38am 140
Cavs make a toast to their new teammates with Dwyane Wade Wine Sat 30th Sep 2017 11:44pm 138
LeBron on if he saw Dan Gilberts tweets on the Cavs making their 4th straight Fin… Sat 2nd Jun 2018 5:21pm 136
Alan Anderson hits a last-second three against the Cavs Thu 1st Dec 2016 11:16pm 133
"What kind of question is that, man" Ty Lue when asked if he knows what he's goi… Wed 23rd May 2018 11:25pm 132
Sexton Post-game On-court Interview as Collin scores career 29 points, thanks his… Sun 25th Nov 2018 10:18am 131
Cavs' great ball movement leads to a Delly three Fri 4th Mar 2016 9:05pm 125
Down 36 points the Cavs commit their second turnover in the last 30 seconds and t… Sun 24th Mar 2024 7:53pm 123
Kyrie Irving with a goaltended layup to set Cavs' franchise record of 75pts in a … Thu 25th May 2017 9:44pm 123
Jayson Tatum Debut vs Cavs - 14 Points 10 Rebounds Tue 17th Oct 2017 11:33pm 123
Allie Clifton (Cavs sideline reporter and Road Trippin' host) talks about her int… Wed 30th Aug 2017 12:15pm 121
Zach Lowe meticulously breaks down Cavs ATO play Thu 15th Feb 2024 1:26pm 119
The Cavs get rolling and J.R. clears LeBron for take-off Thu 18th Feb 2016 9:40pm 117
Caris LeVert hits the gutsy 3 to take the lead part of the Cavs' 15-0 run in the … Wed 27th Dec 2023 11:04pm 115
Donovan Mitchell with a deep 3 in Jonathan Isaac face to give him his 50th point … Fri 3rd May 2024 9:42pm 113
Shaun Livingston Undercuts Kyrie Irving On A Three Point Shot. 2:43 remaining in … Sat 10th Jun 2017 4:08pm 113
Jakob "Jak Jak Jak" Poeltl can't be contained vs. the Cavs Fri 12th Jan 2018 8:48am 112
DeRozan reads the Cavs defense and slams it down - ESPN Thu 3rd May 2018 6:40pm 111
Former Cavs coach JB Bickerstaff praises Luka Doncic for playing through pain Thi… Tue 18th Jun 2024 2:23pm 103
Kyrie and one feat. Cavs superfan Sat 2nd Jan 2016 7:58pm 103
Charles Barkley on Raptors losing to Cavs: "It got to be psychological" Fri 4th May 2018 12:54am 103
Actual Lance Stephenson highlights. 17 points on 8/15 shooting vs the Cavs Tue 8th Mar 2016 12:22am 102
Bam intercepts the Cavs pass and throws a nasty bounce dime to Jovic in transition Sun 24th Mar 2024 8:08pm 100
Cedi Osman after scoring season high 10 points for the Cavs Wed 20th Dec 2017 3:18pm 100
Terry Rozier weaves through the Cavs' smothering defense and scores Wed 16th May 2018 8:05pm 100
Ty Lue drops the mic on a Cavs reporter who forgets about LeBron's double digit s… Tue 10th Apr 2018 1:27pm 96
Shot clock turned off with 22 secs left after an offensive rebound, forcing the C… Wed 21st Nov 2018 11:03pm 95
Cavs onslaught continues with LBJ alley oop to Derrick Willams Tue 14th Mar 2017 7:46pm 92
Booker hits a jumpshot and the Cavs are given 2 points Tue 13th Mar 2018 11:45pm 92
Kyrie Irving talking about Cavs' deadly 1-2-3 punch Fri 6th Jan 2017 10:46pm 91
The Cavs came back from a 3-1 deficit two years from this day. To commemorate thi… Tue 19th Jun 2018 9:54am 91
Jordan Clarkson on what he's learned about LeBron since he's been on the Cavs Wed 28th Feb 2018 1:19am 90
Video Dru Smith is out for the season because of a hole in Cavs court Spo said It… Fri 24th Nov 2023 5:00pm 89
Cavs execute on a slick OOB play Tue 26th May 2015 10:39pm 89
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