Top NBA clips for Monday 13th November 2023

Title Date Upvotes
Poole during TO 2:59pm Mon 13th Nov 2023 3,573
Joel Embiid with an insane no look 360 dolphin dive flop 4:18am Mon 13th Nov 2023 2,865
Chris Paul stares and dives into Mike Conleys knees foul on Conley 10:34pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 2,362
Zion Williamson doesn't look too happy I'm trying my best to buy in right now 11:10am Mon 13th Nov 2023 2,105
Draymond Green and Anthony Edwards chirp at each other with clear audio 11:17pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 1,713
Maxey says screw it and takes the deep contested stepback 3 to ice the game and g… 8:17pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 1,396
DeAndre Ayton's controller battery disconnects in a one-possession game Taurean P… 12:38am Mon 13th Nov 2023 1,165
Anthony Edwards posterizes Saric and gets Td up 10:20pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 949
Apathetic Cheers from the Clippers Crowd as James Harden was introduced to the cr… 5:11pm Mon 13th Nov 2023 826
Tyrese Maxey on his 50 point performance Man this had nothing to do with me This … 8:31pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 824
Duncan Robinson cooks Wemby with a hesitation 8:36pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 528
Tyrese Maxey RISES UP to SWAT AWAY Buddy Hield's fast-break dunk attempt 8:01pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 519
35-year-old Kevin Love owns Wemby in two possessions 9:44am Mon 13th Nov 2023 469
Anthony Edwards calls game against the GSW 6 in a row for the Wolves 11:00pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 465
Anthony Edwards had the Warriors game ready on his calendar 9:23am Mon 13th Nov 2023 461
19-year-old rookie Anthony Edwards and Draymond Green hilariously yelling Yes sir… 4:56pm Mon 13th Nov 2023 369
Duncan Robinson cooks Jeremy Sochan with a pump-fake step-back pump-fake three 9:09pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 276
Jokic splashes a random left-handed shot during shoot-around 3:36pm Mon 13th Nov 2023 249
Anthony Edwards rises up for massive slam 10:25pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 192
Gobert with the block on Kuminga who had murderous intentions 9:23pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 185
Maxey hits the stepback over Bruce Brown to give him 43 on the night 8:13pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 182
James Harden Cuts to Nowhere Leading to a Paul George Turnover 7:54pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 179
Tyrese Maxey gets up for the block on Buddy Hield 8:20pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 175
Pat Bev gives Maxey a cold water bottle bath 8:28pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 156
Obi Toppin posterizes Embiid with the reverse slam 7:43pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 143
Jae'sean Tate steals the inbound to secure the victory against the Nuggets giving… 9:23pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 134
Jalen Green blows by the Nuggets defense and slips it to Alperen Sengun for the s… 9:29pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 132
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander hits a smooth stepback three to give him 31 points and co… 10:21pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 100
Luka forces Valanciunas to make a business decision and nails the 3 8:09pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 96
Tyrese Maxey blocks Tyrese from scoring the 2 on 1 in transition 7:02pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 94
Sengun blocks Jokic leading to a Dillon Brooks And-1 7:28pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 92
Wembanyama hits the turn around fadeaway over Adebayo who doesn't even bother con… 7:49pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 73
SGA puts Beal on skates 8:33pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 72
Kyle Anderson makes a ridiculous circus shot from behind the hoop No basket 9:18pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 65
Steph Curry goes by McDaniels and finishes a tough and-1 on Gobert to close the f… 10:02pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 57
Zion sees his lane nobody dares to get in his way 7:16pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 57
Tyrese Maxey with the ridiculous chasedown block on Buddy Hield 8:04pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 56
Anthony Edwards with a poster on Saric and called for the tech 10:20pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 55
Fred VanVleet's Curryesque 3rd quarter highlight 10:06am Mon 13th Nov 2023 36
Klay Thompson lowlights vs Timberwolves 12:50pm Mon 13th Nov 2023 32
Beautiful offense as every Pelican passes up a good look for a better one leading… 7:48pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 29
Kyle Anderson makes a ridiculous circus shot from out of bounds No basket 9:17pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 2
The chasedown block by Tyrese Maxey With Replay 7:01pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 2
Gobert with the block on Looney who had murderous intentions 9:21pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 2
Chris Paul dives into Mike Conley Foul was called on Mike Conley 11:29pm Sun 12th Nov 2023 1