Top NBA clips for Sunday 2nd January 2022

Title Date Upvotes
Demar does it again! knocking down the tough contest corner triple to win at the … 9:41pm Sat 1st Jan 2022 39,090
Saddiq Bey follows Demar with the crazy corner triple to give the Pistons a 1 poi… 9:51pm Sat 1st Jan 2022 3,133
Iguodala redeems himself with the dagger three to put the Warriors up 7 with 38.8… 11:24pm Sat 1st Jan 2022 2,649
Kyle Kuzma on DeMar DeRozan answering his clutch 3 with a game-winner: Brad hit m… 10:29am Sun 2nd Jan 2022 2,442
Facu Behind the Back Dribble then Behind the Back Dime to Aaron Gordon 9:18pm Sat 1st Jan 2022 2,306
Klay drains 24 straight 3s from the corner 7:13pm Sat 1st Jan 2022 2,117
Giannis Antetokounmpo on his health and safety protocols guide for Thanasis: Watc… 11:43am Sun 2nd Jan 2022 2,007
Curry comes off the screen and drills the clutch triple to push the Warriors lead… 11:20pm Sat 1st Jan 2022 1,792
Evan Mobley goes straight through Myles Turner on his way to the hoop 6:21pm Sun 2nd Jan 2022 1,394
Kevin Durant on loss to shorthanded Clippers: "We didn't deserve to win this game… 11:56pm Sat 1st Jan 2022 1,073
Jokic Behind the Back then Alley Oop to Bol Bol 10:17pm Sat 1st Jan 2022 1,008
Kuzma knocks down the deep triple to give the Wizards a 2 point lead with 3.3 left 9:39pm Sat 1st Jan 2022 944
Stephen Curry breaks his own all-time record of consecutive games with a made thr… 9:40pm Sat 1st Jan 2022 741
Terance Mann uses the corner three exploit and drills the huge triple to put the … 9:56pm Sat 1st Jan 2022 735
Kevin Durant says that when Patty Mills fouled out, the Clippers were yelling tha… 11:12am Sun 2nd Jan 2022 533
Slater Andre Iguodala gives his impressions of Klay Thompsonss scrimmage the othe… 12:09am Sun 2nd Jan 2022 481
Lance Stephenson makes his first Pacers bucket since the 2017-2018 season 6:38pm Sun 2nd Jan 2022 383
Interim Clippers Coach Brian Shaw: "Ty is a basketball savant when it comes to hi… 11:08pm Sat 1st Jan 2022 291
Bol Bol Jump Pass Dime to Jokic 10:15pm Sat 1st Jan 2022 239
Campazzo with the nutmeg dime to JaMychal Green who throws it down! 8:49pm Sat 1st Jan 2022 194
Iguodala with the pretty spin move, then flies in for the powerful putback slam 3:18am Sun 2nd Jan 2022 161
A double covered Saddiq Bey wins it for the Pistons in OT 9:56pm Sat 1st Jan 2022 124
Terance Mann describing how he set up his teammates for his clutch three against … 4:24am Sun 2nd Jan 2022 88
Facu Campazzo annihilates KPJ and throws a beautiful dime to Gordon 9:16pm Sat 1st Jan 2022 30
Prime Westbrook and the OKC fans were a perfect match together 7:36pm Sat 1st Jan 2022 16
What NBA players that use this move Slow "delayed" between the legs dribble. 4:24pm Sun 2nd Jan 2022 10
Warriors announcers apologize to Campazzo and Rivers on air 9:41pm Sat 1st Jan 2022 8
DeMar game winner POV from court level! 10:08pm Sat 1st Jan 2022 6
LaVine gets the friendly bounce at the buzzer to cap off his 26 point half 8:16pm Sat 1st Jan 2022 4
Klay Thompson knocks down 24 straight threes at shootaround 8:21pm Sat 1st Jan 2022 2
Stephen Curry hits a three in his 158th straight game, breaking his own all-time … 9:38pm Sat 1st Jan 2022 1