Top NBA clips for Monday 20th May 2019

Title Date Upvotes
Kawhi drops two Bucks defenders and drills the three | SNET 8:03pm Sun 19th May 2019 3,480
Lopez shoves Powell into Bledsoe for his sixth foul - SNET 9:23pm Sun 19th May 2019 2,424
Giannis airballs the free throw | SNET 9:05pm Sun 19th May 2019 1,783
Magic Johnson explains trading D'Angelo Russell because of the "Shaggy P" incident 11:52am Mon 20th May 2019 1,589
Serge’s motivational tactic was to remind Kawhi and Danny of the time OKC came … 12:59am Mon 20th May 2019 1,464
Siakam rejects Lopez then Kawhi hits the layup | SNET 10:03pm Sun 19th May 2019 894
Kawhi gets the steal and open dunk | TNT 10:01pm Sun 19th May 2019 619
Middleton ties the game with 2 seconds left in the 4th | TNT 9:29pm Sun 19th May 2019 512
Giannis fouls out | SNET 9:53pm Sun 19th May 2019 506
Gasol rejects Giannis twice then Kawhi hits the transition three | SNET 8:57pm Sun 19th May 2019 419
Marc Gasol has a wide open layup and throws the ball right to Eric Bledsoe on the… 8:33pm Sun 19th May 2019 356
Lonzo's Father Was Right The Whole Time 2:35pm Mon 20th May 2019 316
Siakam misses the game-winning three | SNET 9:31pm Sun 19th May 2019 225
Tonight's episode of NBA on TNT's Audio Toon: Shaq apologizes to Kenny 11:15pm Sun 19th May 2019 190
Marc Gasol post-game interview: "We need to do whatever it takes to win the next … 10:21pm Sun 19th May 2019 173
Kawhi misses the jumper as we head to 2OT | SNET 9:50pm Sun 19th May 2019 140
Magic asked Stephen A Smith to list Zubac's Clippers stats as justification for t… 6:09pm Mon 20th May 2019 111
Stormin' Norman Presser: "I just try to go out there no matter who the opponent i… 11:22pm Sun 19th May 2019 106
Magic been fined enough already 11:52am Mon 20th May 2019 103
Giannis Locker-room interview: "They changed their match up.. whenever i tried to… 11:11pm Sun 19th May 2019 91
Coach Nurse Presser: "We started with a plan that was really sensible because he … 10:41pm Sun 19th May 2019 90
Controversial Giannis no call on Sportsnet broadcast 8:16pm Sun 19th May 2019 87
Brogdon on Giannis : Giannis the MVP of this league, he has had the best season i… 11:50pm Sun 19th May 2019 87
[NBC Sports NW] Looney falling on Lillard wasn't the first time he was dealing wi… 5:30pm Mon 20th May 2019 76
Danny Green makes his first shot of the night in overtime | TNT 9:37pm Sun 19th May 2019 59
"There’s not much he can do to increase my level of respect for him. I understa… 8:13pm Sun 19th May 2019 54
Drake Chirppin' Giannis from Court Side | TNT 9:13pm Sun 19th May 2019 35
Back 2 Back 2 Back 3s to end the half | TNT 8:13pm Sun 19th May 2019 27
Kawhi palms the ball off the ground 8:43pm Sun 19th May 2019 25
Spicy P goes up against Giannis, drills the shot 8:34pm Sun 19th May 2019 24
Norman Powell on Kawhi’s Performance this postseason. 5:32pm Mon 20th May 2019 19
Bucks commit a backcourt violation | SNET 10:06pm Sun 19th May 2019 18
Bucks turn it over with under 20 seconds in 2OT | TNT 10:06pm Sun 19th May 2019 11
Stephen A. Smith but with a baby filter 7:45pm Mon 20th May 2019 8
Khris Middleton puts back his miss with 2.2 seconds remaining to tie it 96-all - … 9:30pm Sun 19th May 2019 5
The disrespect to Vogel when "saying with all due respect". You can hear the Hell… 4:51pm Mon 20th May 2019 2
Bucks in 6 2:47am Mon 20th May 2019 0