Top NBA clips for Tuesday 30th April 2019

Title Date Upvotes
Jimmy Butler on his 30pt game/Post-Game Interview: "I told my team that I had to … 10:33pm Mon 29th Apr 2019 1,469
Joel Embiid finds Jimmy Butler for the three (Butler has 28pts) 10:21pm Mon 29th Apr 2019 767
Jimmy Butler drains the three on Danny Green and gets the foul 9:00pm Mon 29th Apr 2019 382
Malik Beasley puts fourth a playoff Shaqtin' a Fool submission 11:37pm Mon 29th Apr 2019 313
[Stephen A. Smith] Jokic is a “big tub a’ lard,” and will lead the Nuggets … 10:37am Tue 30th Apr 2019 312
Brett Brown on Butler's game - "This was James Butler - that was the adult in the… 11:08pm Mon 29th Apr 2019 304
Brett Brown on Joel Embiid: You go into our locker room pregame and he’s hooked… 11:06pm Mon 29th Apr 2019 270
Zach Collins rejects Will Barton at the rim 12:46am Tue 30th Apr 2019 184
Jokic post game presser: "i just like to hang out with the guys" 4:43am Tue 30th Apr 2019 178
Kawhi sinks a triple in Monroe's face to get the game back within 4 9:34pm Mon 29th Apr 2019 102
Jimmy 'James' Butler Post-Game Interview: "I put in a lot of work last night and … 11:43pm Mon 29th Apr 2019 74
Kawhi’s Gravity 3:20pm Tue 30th Apr 2019 71
Kyle Lowry denied by Jimmy Butler 8:06pm Mon 29th Apr 2019 60
Kyle Lowry seemed a little off last night 8:20am Tue 30th Apr 2019 56
Kawhi finishes a gorgeous shot through contact 9:49pm Mon 29th Apr 2019 56
As Stacey King would say, Jimmy Buckets gets big on Siakam for the bucket 10:23pm Mon 29th Apr 2019 51
Kawhi's got broad shoulders 10:19pm Mon 29th Apr 2019 51
Kawhi Leonard banks it in plus the foul late - TNT 10:19pm Mon 29th Apr 2019 37
Jimmy Butler finishes the tough shot with the contact from Siakam for the and one 10:13pm Mon 29th Apr 2019 33
[Wob] Kyle Lowry intentionally trying to nutmeg Tobias Harris on the last possess… 11:19pm Mon 29th Apr 2019 30
Jimmy responds to Coach Brett Brown calling him James Butler 1:02am Tue 30th Apr 2019 19
Kawhi beasts through three defenders for the And-1 play 10:11pm Mon 29th Apr 2019 14
Jokic with the help defense 11:26pm Mon 29th Apr 2019 12
Dame/Kanter Presser: "Our communication wasn't good enough... some of our coverag… 4:41am Tue 30th Apr 2019 12
Gasol called for the foul on Butler 10:23pm Mon 29th Apr 2019 12
Philly with the stifling defense leads to an Ennis three 8:53pm Mon 29th Apr 2019 12
Joel Gets a big tongue tied during the post-game presser 4:03am Tue 30th Apr 2019 11
Kyle Lowry loses his handle & Danny Green misses the game tying three 10:28pm Mon 29th Apr 2019 11
"My name isn't James it literally is Jimmy" 4:05am Tue 30th Apr 2019 7