Top NBA clips for Sunday 21st April 2019

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Ernie gets fed up with Chucks s**t 4:36pm Sun 21st Apr 2019 3,342
Klay: "Think I had a bad game but I didn't have any big game. I told Jonas we wen… 6:46pm Sun 21st Apr 2019 1,936
James Harden's three point attempt gets rejected by O'Neale then a Utah fan mocks… 11:48pm Sat 20th Apr 2019 1,889
Larsen After we finished asking questions tonight, Kyle Korver asked if he could … 2:19am Sun 21st Apr 2019 1,740
James Harden and Chris Paul funny post-game interview, neither can remember Harde… 1:26am Sun 21st Apr 2019 1,290
Hayward nearly 2 hand dunks on Turner but it's called for the offensive foul on B… 2:40pm Sun 21st Apr 2019 882
Donovan Mitchell misses the open three - ESPN 1:20am Sun 21st Apr 2019 553
Andre Iguodala with The One Handed Slam 5:55pm Sun 21st Apr 2019 487
Royce O'Neal with a steal and nasty behind the back dribble then dunks it - ESPN 11:36pm Sat 20th Apr 2019 422
Harden Gets his First Field Goal - ESPN 12:53am Sun 21st Apr 2019 407
PJ Tucker with a clutch rebound on Harden's miss - ESPN 1:16am Sun 21st Apr 2019 334
Rubio Steal + Mitchell Monster Alley-oop + Mitchell 3 and the foul + Harden and C… 10:49pm Sat 20th Apr 2019 308
Jaylen Brown sweeps the Pacers after Tatum's dunk to put Celtics up by 10 3:42pm Sun 21st Apr 2019 299
Kevin Durant on what these early Playoff experiences mean for the Clippers rookie… 7:53pm Sun 21st Apr 2019 244
Klay: We don't want to extend the series longer then we have to.. every game is s… 6:24pm Sun 21st Apr 2019 244
Joe Ingles drills a three just before the half - ESPN 11:50pm Sat 20th Apr 2019 229
Siakam with the blow by on Fronier in the post 7:27pm Sun 21st Apr 2019 211
Bledsoe uses Zaza and Reggie to screen each other and flys in for the dunk ESPN 9:44pm Sat 20th Apr 2019 124
Stan Van Gundy and Jalen Rose clowning Paul Pierce for taking the Bucks before ga… 10:17pm Sat 20th Apr 2019 116
Kitchener, Ontario's Jamal Murray Speaks with TNT's Dennis Scott following his Ga… 8:05pm Sat 20th Apr 2019 109
Donovan Mitchell with a four point play opportunity in the corner then Harden and… 10:49pm Sat 20th Apr 2019 104
Mitchell gets a wide open look and can't make it 1:21am Sun 21st Apr 2019 87
Cojo catches Jayson Tatum's Head on the chase down shooting foul, potentially a f… 3:06pm Sun 21st Apr 2019 84
James Harden steals it from Ingles but Rubio steals it back for a Crowder alley-o… 10:52pm Sat 20th Apr 2019 80
Rivers Loses the Ball While Attempting a Triple - ESPN 12:44am Sun 21st Apr 2019 77
Montage of Klay's 17pt first quarter assault ! s 4:21pm Sun 21st Apr 2019 55
Andre Drummond with a Hard screen on Sterling Brown + A shove as Brown gets up an… 8:38pm Sat 20th Apr 2019 51
Kevin Durant with the deeep three + the harm from Clipper's Gallinari 4:51pm Sun 21st Apr 2019 50
Good, hard, playoff basketball. Rubio fouls Christ Paul on the inbounds play. 12:43am Sun 21st Apr 2019 48
Harden attempts a stepback 3 1:09am Sun 21st Apr 2019 40
Block by Turner! 1:30pm Sun 21st Apr 2019 35
Khris Middleton with two huge threes middle of the third quarter - ESPN 9:52pm Sat 20th Apr 2019 34
Mitchell Clutch Stepback Triple - ESPN 1:12am Sun 21st Apr 2019 32
Klay Thompson reminds us that Strength in Numbers is what wins games 6:27pm Sun 21st Apr 2019 22
Shai with Playoff Rondo fake 5:25pm Sun 21st Apr 2019 21
Joe Ingles viciously rams his elbow into Harden's neck 10:51am Sun 21st Apr 2019 11
Nikola Miroti post game interview 10:41pm Sat 20th Apr 2019 10